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The Words and Deeds of Men

WOWWIE! I havent read a story that good in sometime! I love the feys and I loved the whole concept with the nameless! And Simeon, well I can tell he's in for a helluva adventure!!!!



Re: The Words and Deeds of Men

Thanks a lot Kyle, I'm really pleased that you enjoyed the story. I was a little concerned that it contained too much history and back story, but the deeper I got into it the more important those elements became. This is really an "origin' story for Simeon, but with far reaching implications for everyone.

I'm glad you liked the Nameless as well. The concept for them was born out of a D&D campaign I was running for some friends in a world I had been working on. The sacrificial nature of how the Nameless created that universe gave a whole new level to the theology of the campaign. Hopefully in the future I can portray the Nameless in greater detail.

As for the Fey, difficult decisions await...

Re: The Words and Deeds of Men

I really liked the story, Aaron. The action definitely slowed down with the tale from the nymph, but it didn't slow the overall pace of the plot, I felt. It told just what it needed to without dragging on, and I also felt like it set an ominous tone for things yet to come. It was well-crafted and well-executed. I never lost interest or felt compelled to check how much longer the story was. I really enjoyed it.

I look forward to the conclusion with bated breath!

Re: The Words and Deeds of Men


I just finished reading parts 1 and 2 of your story. I really liked it!

Looking forward to the next part! Awesome job - great storytelling!

My vote was an "A"!