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Forum Issues

This is to anybody who has any say in how the World of Myth website operates.

Would you PLEASE consider doing something about the bloody adverts when you enter the forum/msg base. Like most people, I have a reasonably good ad-blocker running but the ones that appear when you enter the forum are completely unscathed.

There are 3 of them I think, each one requiring you to click on the ad before you can do anything and they're time staggered, I swear. That third one seems to hide in the bushes for ten to twenty seconds before it sneaks in via the bottom of the screen.

I honestly think that the main reason the forum doesn't get much use is because of these ads.

PLEASE get rid of them or at least, make it possible for a person to opt out of seeing them. Adverts as obnoxious as these bother me so much I'll see the advert "product" in hell before I'd ever, ever use it.