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RJ Newlyn's End of Days

Hello Mr. RJ,

I just finish your story End of Days it reminds me of reading Revolations in the bible and thinking what if? I thought the way you told the story was grand and hope to see more of this story unfold.

Also I wanted to ask you is this the first to a story or is there other parts to it that I have missed. I just recently found this website so I do know if you have put out other parts to this story.


Re: RJ Newlyn's End of Days

Hi. I'm sorry for the long delay in replying - I hadn't been following this forum and have only just come across the comment.

End of Days is a complete story at the moment, although I'd like to develop it somehow. And yes it's meant to be apocalyptic with echoes of Revelations, although developed into something less sure of itself as I was writing. The rest of my writing is fairly similar - seeing how far reality can be bent without losing coherence. I contribute stories with 200-word chapters on the following website: so do come and visit anytime. I've also a novel doing the rounds and a second in preparation.

Thanks very much for your interest