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Hey The World of Myth Fans and Contributors!

I want to thank everybody who thinks I'm doing a good job with Dark Myth so far. But I would like to know from everybody what me and Chris can do better to make everyone happy. Don't hold back and be honest right here on the forum. I want to make everyone happy fans and employees alike.

Best wishes,

Lawrence Alan Russo Jr.
Chairman and CEO
Dark Myth Production Studios
The World of Myth Magazine

Re: Hey The World of Myth Fans and Contributors!

Mr. Russo,

Okay, since no one wants to go first, I will. If you want to make people happy then don't change ****! Leave it the same! I hate it when other companies buyout something that you like and change it, just because you can. I looked at the Dark Myth site today and saw that was changed too! Then I noticed that Mr. Montoya and Mr. Scheerer were no loner apart of things now, WTF! For real! Then in your commentary you're talking about no doing anything with DARK MYTH COMICS! Seriously?! Dark Myth Comics started this whole **** thing, I know because I have been following that long! And to do anything with it is a slap in Dark Myth's face! I would like to hear why Mr. Montoya sold the company.

Okay, that's all I have to say!


Re: Hey The World of Myth Fans and Contributors!

Hey TJ,

You must be our longest lasting fan--I remember you on the forum in our very first issue--thank you for sticking around all these years.

You know, unfortunately, people and things oft times change. Mr. Montoya had his reasons for selling Dark Myth and they were obviously personal reasons. Mr. Russo did in fact ask me if I wanted to stay on as Editor of The World of Myth, but as you may or may not know, I was nearly killed in a serious roll over car accident in early June and am still recoving from my injuries, both emotional and physical. Therefore I did not feel I was ready to return to an active work schedule and so declined his offer.

Mr. Montoya and I had a good run and a lot of fun with Dark Myth and this magazine, but sometimes you just have to move on. I wish to sincerely thank all of the writers, artists and our other contributors, as well as ALL of our many readers, all of whom helped us make The World of Myth the great magazine it is today.

But, 'stuff' happens TJ, so Dave and I are moving on to other things. I am sure Mr. Russo and his team will continue to produce a fantastic magazine--it just may not be exactly The World of Myth you have known for so many years. We appreciate your devotion--it's always nice to have dedicated fans--but give them a chance before you pass judgement, okay? You will still see Dave and myself here and there among the pages of this magazine, so it's not as if we are completely gone--we have just moved on.

Thank you for your reply and keep reading.

Terry D. Scheerer