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Update: On Saturday, September 5th, 2020, the founder, administrator, and head moderator of this forum, Valerie S., went Home to be with the Lord.  Her obituary can be found on https://memorials.demarcofuneralhomes.com/valerie-skrzyniak/4321619/index.php.

This posting is dedicated to the forever memory and honor of Valerie, who was the founder of, and the inspiration for, this Web site.  The Web site will continue to operate in Valerie's remembrance, as requested by her family.  God bless!

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1 Thessalonians 4:15-18

   For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.  For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:  Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord.  Wherefore comfort one another with these words.     

​​​​​​​2 Timothy 4:7-8
For I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing

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Rapture Ready News - August 2021

"Fair Use for Information and Discussion Purposes"

Bennett: Israel will show Iran it made a serious mistake attacking ship
Israel knows with certainty Iran attacked the Mercer Street ship and will respond to it, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Sunday. Bennett’s remarks came after Iran denied involvement in Friday’s bombing off the coast of Oman, a move that the prime minister called “cowardly.” “I determine, with absolute certainty – Iran carried out the attack against the ship,” Bennett stated.

Nearly 2 million households owe $15 billion in back rent as eviction moratorium expires
As many as 1.95 million households across America owed a collective $15 billion in back rent when a nationwide eviction moratorium expired this weekend, according to Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia estimates. That number will reach 2 million by December, according to the report released Friday. In Pennsylvania, about 60,000 renter households will owe $412 million come August.

U.S. Strengthening Space Domain Awareness
As outer space becomes more congested due to the proliferation of satellites and orbital debris, the Space Force is investing in powerful radars and sensors for better situational awareness. “Space is a very dynamic domain right now, there’s a lot happening,” said Chief of Space Operations Gen. John Raymond. Just a couple of years ago, the military was tracking 22,000 objects. That number has now risen to 30,000.

Turkey: Foreign tourists evacuated as wildfires threaten resorts
Tourists have been evacuated from beaches in south-western Turkey, where raging wildfires are now threatening hotels and homes. Turkish Coastguard vessels – assisted by private boats and yachts – were deployed to bring holidaymakers to safety, according to local media. In the city of Bodrum, three five-star hotels were reportedly evacuated.

SolarWinds: Top US prosecutors hit by suspected Russian hack
Nearly 30 top US prosecutors had their office’s email accounts hacked during a major breach last year, the Justice Department says. The attack on users of the software SolarWinds – which the US has blamed on Russia – was the worst-ever cyber-espionage attack on the US government. The department says 27 US attorneys had at least one office computer hacked.

Ship tied to Israeli billionaire attacked off Oman, 2 killed
An oil tanker linked to an Israeli billionaire reportedly came under attack off the coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea, authorities said Friday, an assault that killed two crew members. The attack Thursday night targeted Liberian-flagged oil tanker Mercer Street just northeast of the Omani island of Masirah. The location is over 300 kilometers (185 miles) southeast of Oman’s capital, Muscat.

Deal signed to expand Russian presence in Suez Canal Economic Zone
Yehia Zaki, head of the General Authority for the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZone), announced on Thursday the success of talks with Russia to expand Moscow’s industrial zone within the SCZone. An agreement was signed by Zaki and Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Vasiliy Osmakov in Moscow after two days of negotiations.

Homeless scramble to survive rare cold snap, Brazil
An intense polar blast affecting southern Brazil this week made headlines after more frosts hit the country’s agricultural regions and dozens of cities received rare snow and freezing rain. The situation also made authorities, activists, and religious leaders do what they can to limit suffering on the streets as temperatures in some areas of southern Brazil dropped below freezing.

Walt Disney, Walmart Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine for US Employees, Alter Mask Policy
The Walt Disney Company and Walmart announced a new policy on Friday that will require nearly every employee working for the company in the United States to be vaccinated against the CCP virus.

Family farm banned from city farmers market over refusal to host gay weddings awaits ruling in legal battle
Following a bench trial this week a federal court in Michigan is set to rule in the case of a farm that was banned from a city-run market in East Lansing over its owners’ refusal to allow same-sex couples to hold weddings on their property.

Report: Murders Rise 16% Across Major U.S. Cities in 2021
Murder has increased 16 percent across major U.S. cities during the first half of 2021 when compared to the same period in 2020, and by 42 percent when compared to 2019, according to a Thursday update to the Council on Criminal Justice’s (CCJ) pandemic crime report.

AG Garland: ‘Unlawful’ for Texas to Stop Bussing of Illegal Aliens into U.S.
Attorney General Merrick Garland says it is “dangerous and unlawful” for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) to stop the federal government’s bussing of border crossers and illegal aliens into the interior of the United States.

Great Reset: Britons to Live Off Bug Meat by 2030 to Hit Net-Zero
Burgers made of bugs will replace beef in the British diet within a decade in order to hit the green agenda ‘net zero’ government targets, a Great Reset-style taxpayer-funded review has predicted.

Bacon may disappear in California as pig rules take effect
…At the beginning of next year, California will begin enforcing an animal welfare proposition approved overwhelmingly by voters in 2018 that requires more space for breeding pigs, egg-laying chickens and veal calves. National veal and egg producers are optimistic they can meet the new standards, but only 4% of hog operations now comply with the new rules.

6 Surreal Images Showing Rare Snowfall in Tropical Brazil
Snow has fallen in Brazil, an extremely rare event for the tropical country. Thanks to an intense cold snap, snow or freezing rain fell in at least 43 Brazilian cities on Wednesday and Thursday, according to weather service Climatempo.

Philadelphia region tornado outbreak: 8 twisters confirmed between Pennsylvania and New Jersey
The twister that hit the Bensalem/Trevose area had wind speeds up to 140 mph.

Wildfires destroy entire villages, death toll rises to 4, Turkey
Wildfires that started in southern Turkey on Wednesday and Thursday, July 28 and 29, 2021, have devastated entire villages, claimed at least 4 lives, and forced the evacuation of hotels and dozens of villages.

CDC’s Walensky Shrugs Off Idea That Illegals Are Spreading COVID At The Border, Promises “Guidelines” Someday
The contradictions are pretty amazing here…

Christian CEO fired over views on marriage wins religious discrimination case
A court in Scotland has ruled in favor of a Christian CEO who they said was unjustly fired by the country’s biggest grant-making trust because of his Christian views on marriage.

The Left Has A Pedophilia Problem, And It’s Out In The Open
Like many others, I have fond memories of my childhood. Whether I was marching in an Independence Day Parade, binge-watching the Power Rangers, or making gingerbread men for Christmas with my family, I had the chance to enjoy a childhood that preserved my innocence, an innocence that is unique to children and that, once lost, doesn’t return.

CNN just declared that unvaccinated people should be starved to death
People who refuse to get injected with a “vaccine” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) as demanded by Pedo Joe should not be allowed to enter grocery stores to buy food for their families, says Don Lemon of CNN.

Oops! FDA Accidentally Reveals List of Covid Vaccine Side Effects, Including Myocarditis, Autoimmune Disease & Death
An FDA slideshow presentation regarding Covid vaccines last year accidentally displayed a long list of possible adverse reactions to the vaccine, including myocarditis, seizures and even death.

One Lockdown From Disaster
…the economy’s not really strengthening at all. Rather, the economy and financial markets, handicapped by extreme intervention, are entirely dependent on this monetary stimulus.

China arrests 5 Christians for attending religious gathering in Malaysia where Tim Keller spoke
Communist authorities in China arrested five Christians from a house church in Shanxi Province because they attended a Christian conference in Malaysia last year where Pastors Tim Keller and D.A. Carson were speakers.


Re: Rapture Ready News - August 2021

"Fair Use for Information and Discussion Purposes"

Philadelphia region tornado outbreak: 9 twisters confirmed between Pennsylvania and New Jersey
The National Weather Service confirmed on Sunday that a ninth tornado touched down in the Philadelphia region during severe weather that struck earlier this week.

In Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world, HALF of all new “delta” infections are occurring in “fully vaccinated” people
According to reports, out of any country in the world, Israel is seeing the most compliance with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine push. As a result, Israel is also seeing a “spike” in new cases of the “delta variant” among the fully vaccinated.

Sky News Australia Suspended By YouTube
YouTube has temporarily suspended Sky News Australia from posting on its video platform, issuing a first strike to the popular conservative news channel over “COVID-19 misinformation,” according to a statement.

FDA document admits “covid” PCR test was developed without isolated covid samples for test calibration, effectively admitting it’s testing something else
A document just released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) openly admits that the infamous PCR test for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) was developed not with actual samples of the Chinese Virus, but rather what appears to be genetic material from a common cold virus.

America’s debt bomb set to explode thanks to massive new spending as Democrats, Republicans eye more multi-trillion dollar “stimulus” packages
It wasn’t that long ago that Republicans under then-President George W. Bush were responsible for doubling the size of the national debt within an eight-year period to a whopping $10 trillion.

It Ain’t Over Until Marxist Covid Swings
…After a long year and a half of hoping and praying for the return of better days, mandatory masks are back; restive children about to lose a second year from school; parents hoping in prayer that the next doorbell ring won’t be a visit from the vaxx police, and that life will somehow go back to what the working world was before the “pandemic”.

Converse ‘Sells Out’ to Satan With New Pentagram Shoe
American fashion designer Rick Owens, 59, launched a his version of the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars shoes called Converse x DRKSHDW TurboDrk Chuck 70, which features a Satanic pentagram symbol on the tongue of the shoe hovering above the Converse brand name. As of today, the $170 Converse x DRKSHDW TurboDrk Chuck 70’s have sold out, according to Converse’s website,

MORE CROP FAILURES: Brazil’s corn crops compromised by frost in second bout of unusually cold temperatures this year
Brazil’s corn market can’t seem to catch a break as yet another cold wave has swept the country’s center-south area, subjecting the crops to more unexpected frost and prompting serious doubts about export volumes.

As a ‘Big Pharma’ induced medical catastrophe unfolds across America, radical leftist threatens to ‘treat Republicans like Nazis did the Jews’ and ‘be as murderous as possible’
While Robert W Malone, MD is definitely not a ‘household name’, he should be. The actual inventor of the mRNA injection that big pharma is now mass producing in their attempts to ‘fight Covid’ according to Wikipedia, Dr. Malone is now blowing up the ‘twitter-verse’ with one tweet after another ripping the globalists ‘vaccines are the answer to Covid’ agenda into little bits and pieces.

Bill Maher Rips Woke Mentality Now Driving Olympic Games: “Belongs In Stalin’s Russia”
Several top Olympic officials were recently fired for comments made literally decades ago…

Local government in Philippines declares that unvaccinated people are barred from purchasing FOOD
Human rights abuses are accelerating worldwide, as governments claim dominion over people’s bodies and minds. In the Philippine city of Lapu-Lapu, Mayor Junard “Ahong” Chan signed a terror-inspired executive order that bans the “unvaccinated” from department stores, convenience stores, supermarkets and grocery stores.

Dominion Voting Machines Arrive in Ohio County Costing $6.17 Million Up Front — Machines Include Software to “Evaluate Voter Intent”
The Dominion voting machines arrived in Stark County this week into the Board of Elections. The purchase was very controversial considering the attention the Dominion company received following the suspect 2020 election.

Iran’s nuclear program a central pillar of its ‘Shi’ite revival’ vision
The Islamic Republic is pursuing a highly organized pursuit of its long-term nuclear goals and feels that events are generally moving in its direction, warns Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall, an expert on Iranian strategic issues.


Re: Rapture Ready News - August 2021

"Fair Use for Information and Discussion Purposes"

Incompetence + Arrogance = Woke
Politically-correct ideology is masking and contributing to the widespread failure of our institutions…

Death toll from floods in central China jumps to 302, more than 50 missing
More than 300 people have died in recent flooding in central China, according to official data released Monday, August 2, 2021. The number is more than three times higher than previously reported.

Major explosive event at Stromboli volcano, Italy
A major explosive eruption took place at Stromboli volcano, Italy at 20:09 UTC on August 1, 2021. This is the second larger than usual explosion at the volcano since July 28.

World’s “most powerful” tidal turbine starts generating electricity
The Orbital O2, a 680-ton tidal turbine billed by its makers as the most powerful in the world, has started to generate electricity off the northeastern coast of Scotland. Anchored near Orkney, it has the capacity to meet the annual electricity demand of 2,000 homes for the next 15 years.

America’s Chinese Fentanyl Flood
Watching America’s elites do nothing – or worse even calling for unrestricted engagement with the Chinese regime – one concludes that the Chinese have indeed gotten their money’s worth from America’s ruling class.

Fauci sent “very friendly” emails to Chinese counterpart at the beginning of coronavirus pandemic
The newly uncovered emails sent and received by Dr. Anthony Fauci reveal that the White House chief medical advisor and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has a very cozy relationship with the Chinese Communist Party.

Mississippi farmers say heavy flooding caused them to lose crops
Farmers in northern Mississippi said they lost a number of crops due to heavy flooding in the area. Torrential rains caused the heavy flooding that affected counties in the Mississippi-Yazoo Delta. While officials acknowledged that the inundated farmlands will affect the state’s economy, they assured that Mississippi’s food production will remain unaffected.

Justice Department absurdly declares that mandatory coronavirus vaccinations are somehow LEGAL, claiming the government owns your body
The Department of Justice (DOJ) said public agencies and private businesses are allowed to require COVID-19 vaccines. It made this remark in an opinion paper published online on July 26, adding that federal law does not prohibit mandatory inoculation with COVID-19 vaccines approved for emergency use. The Justice Department‘s opinion came amid a number of public and private entities mandating employees to get vaccinated.

Black supremacy group demands white parents stop sending their kids to college to “make room” for black students… no education for whites
…We’ve seen example after example over the past few years, but the instances are occurring more frequently now as black supremacy groups become more embolden by white liberal apologists.

BRANDED like cattle: In one California city, “fully vaccinated” people now have to wear a visible sticker if they decide to avoid wearing a mask
The city of Montclair in Southern California has decided to “brand” its city employees like cattle based on their Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” status.

TOTAL CONTRADICTION: CDC’s Director Dr. Walenski tells America Covid vaccines are effective, then says the vaccinated can spread Covid and need to wear masks again
Walk it back. Retract it. Memory hole it. Delete it. That’s what the freaks in control of the Covid plandemic do every day with their “advice” and “rules” for functioning in the midst of the not-so-deadly-after-all China Flu.

Meanwhile, communist China is buying up America’s farmland
Increasingly more American farmland is being bought up by non-Americans, including the communist Chinese who are reportedly swiping up as much as they can as quickly as possible.

Record growth of coral cover on Great Barrier Reef provides latest proof that ‘human-caused climate change’ is a hoax
For five decades the Western left has been attempting to convince everyone that modern life is killing the planet and that in order to save it (and ourselves) we must give in to authoritarian, tyrannical control over all aspects of our lives.

Vatican Foundation Bestows Chrislam ‘Man Of Humanity’ Award On Architect Of The Abraham Accords Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed
All through 2019, NTEB chronicled the signing of the Chrislam Covenant known as the Declaration On Human Fraternity that Pope Francis and Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb sealed with a kiss on February 25th of that year. But what we did not know at first was that was only made possible by the efforts of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed of the United Arab Emirates.

Judicial Watch: CDC Coordinated with Facebook On COVID Messaging and ‘Misinformation’; CDC Received Over $3.5 Million in Free Advertising from Social Media Companies
Judicial Watch announced today that it received 2,469 pages of new documents from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which reveal that Facebook coordinated closely with the CDC to control the COVID narrative and “misinformation” and that over $3.5 million in free advertising given to the CDC by social media companies.

Thousands of Pakistanis Line Up for Vaccine After Gov’t Shuts Down Cell Service for Unvaccinated
Footage out of Pakistan purports to show thousands of residents lined up to receive a Covid-19 vaccine after the government in two provinces implemented measures to block cell service for the unvaccinated.


Re: Rapture Ready News - August 2021

"Fair Use for Information and Discussion Purposes"

Israel Revives COVID Restrictions As Cases Soar, Warns Of Possible Lockdown In September
The country reported nearly 4K new cases Monday, the biggest daily jump since the start of the latest wave…

America Is Facing a Simultaneous WW III and Civil War As Biden Plans to Use Foreign Occupation Troops to Subjugate America Coupled With a Chinese Invasion
America has so many simultaneous threats to its existence and the preservation of Republic, that it is impossible to identify the multitude of plots and associated bad actors. However, in this article. an overview will offered which will help the reader understand how close to WW III we truly are. The first part of this article will review seriousness of World War III breaking out

Raging wildfires force more than 10 000 people to evacuate, claim 8 lives in southern Turkey
At least 8 people have been killed and more than 10 000 forced to evacuate as raging wildfires spread through parts of southern Turkey over the past 7 days. Authorities said this is the country’s worst fire crisis in a decade.

Why Americans No Longer Trust The Biden Administration
For government on all levels, lying to the American people is as American as apple pie…

Federal lawsuit claims VAERS reporting system is HIDING actual number of coronavirus vaccine deaths
A federal lawsuit claimed that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is undercounting the actual numbers of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine fatalities.

Increased water tyranny in California threatens critical delta growing region
Drought conditions in the Golden State are worsening to the point that the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) is considering shutting down a pre-1914 water rights provision that allows farmers to divert water within the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta region.

Megadrought brings Great Salt Lake water levels to all-time low… with no end in sight
A megadrought has hit the Great Salt Lake and water levels are at an all-time low, dropping about an inch of its previous record in 1963. Levels could still drop further as the low levels came months earlier than its typical lowest daily water levels.

CDC just admitted that 74% of those infected in Massachusetts covid outbreak were “fully vaccinated”
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a new Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report showing that three out of every four people infected during the recent Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “delta variant” outbreak in Massachusetts had already been “fully vaccinated” with a Fauci Flu “vaccine.”

The coming Delta lockdown is DESIGNED to invoke nationwide protests so they can be exploited as a backdrop for false flag event to blame “anti-vaxxers”
Within the next 12 days, multiple sources have told us, the pretender-in-chief Joe Biden will announce a nationwide lockdown, fraudulently blaming the “delta” variant and “anti-vaxxers” for the overzealous action. The lockdown will have no specific end date, and it is likely to be strongly resisted by red states, while blue states will effectively be turned into medical police states with brutal enforcement of the lockdown measures.

NEW WORLD ORDER: New York City To Mandate Proof Of COVID Vaccination Via Excelsior Pass Or Be Denied Access To Restaurants And Gyms
We told you this was coming, and now it’s here. If you live in New York City and choose not to take the COVID-19 vaccine, you will no longer have access to restaurants or the gym, and soon you will be shut out from grocery shopping, getting gas for your car, all the usual things associated with buying and selling. And if you think that’s bad, wait till they pass Bill A416. Lol, and you thought FEMA Camps were just an Alex Jones conspiracy. Silly you.

Covid Vaccine Protests Spread Through Europe
Covid Vaccine protests spread through Europe to rally against Covid Vaccines and Mandates. Rallies against Covid Vaccine restrictions and mandates continue in France, Germany, Italy and the UK.

** CodeMonkeyZ BOMBSHELL ** Dominion Whistleblower Speaks Out – Releases Admin Password Proving Remote Access
Ron Watkins – CodeMonkeyZ — released several photocopies on Monday released to him from an alleged Dominion Voting Systems employee. The documents prove that Dominion has remote access to their equipment during the elections.

CDC now pushing for nationwide mandatory vaccine tracking database of all Americans, even after admitting the vaccine is failing
If it wasn’t obvious after Democrats used the COVID pandemic to steal President Donald Trump’s reelection they would ride the outbreak into perpetual power and destroy the Bill of Rights, then maybe now, months into the Biden regime, it’s become clearer.

World Bank Planning The End Of The Pandemic In 2025: Wh Reinstated Funds To Wuhan Institute For Gofr Until 2024
“What have these monsters got in store for us? and what do you think would be left of our nations and their sovereignty if we are placed under restrictions until 2025? And now, ask yourselves if this ‘pandemic’ is natural or engineered? And if the latter, to what end? Try and plan a future for yourself and your kids in the face of this and tell me this isn’t about the Great Reset, (that Nopes and Wikipedia say is Conspiracy Theory), to implement a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AND FINANCIAL SYSTEM.”


Re: Rapture Ready News - August 2021

"Fair Use for Information and Discussion Purposes"

‘A Variant Worse Than Delta’: Fauci Dials Fear To 11 As Emerging ‘Lambda’ Strain Appears More Resistant To Vaccine
“…it might be possible that this variant is feasible to cause breakthrough infection…”

Strong earthquake swarm at underwater volcano near Mayotte
A strong long-period earthquake activity (LP) was registered at a newly-discovered underwater volcano near Mayotte starting at 16:33 UTC on July 31, 2021.

Three quarters of new COVID cases are in vaccinated people—CDC study
Once more, dear reader, I put on my hazmat suit and enter the fake world where SARS-Cov2 exists, the Delta Variant exists, the test is meaningful, the case numbers are real, and the vaccine makes sense. These are all lies, as I’ve been proving for the past year, but even within the fake world of those lies, the experts can’t keep their stories straight; they contradict themselves, they expose their own fabrications, and they try to cover up those exposures with new pathetic fabrications.

The Major Difference Between God’s Amazing 7-Color Real Rainbow And The LGBTQ Pride Flag 6-Color Rainbow Counterfeit Will Amaze You
I was reading earlier how Skittles traded in its iconic rainbow packaging for a monochromatic black-and-white design in honor of LGBTQ+ P for Pedophile Pride parade celebrations in London this week.

Farewell To Yet Another Failed Monetary System
The beginning of the end of the current monetary system started exactly 50 years ago. In the next few years the world will experience the end of the end of another failed experiment of unlimited debt creation and fake fiat money…

If You Think Forced Vaccinations Are Bad, Just Wait Until Liberals Here In America Finish Construction On The Chinese-Style Social Credit System
The current media terror campaign to frighten you into submission is well underway and working quite well, so well in fact that most people are not putting the rest of the puzzle pieces together. While the gain of function Wuhan coronavirus does its damage, America is rapidly recreating the Chinese Social Credit System right here within our 50 states. What I am telling you is not something that’s ‘coming soon’, this is something that is happening right now.

CDC propaganda reaches hilarious new low as VETERINARIAN posts scripted warning about her “hospital” being full of covid patients
..the CDC is stooping to new lows, sending out scripted messages about unvaccinated people suddenly filling up hospital beds, dying and begging for a vaccine. As these scripted guilt messages are deployed across social media, the CDC is recruiting Democrat candidates to LIE about COVID statistics and DECEIVE the public about the so-called public health dangers of the “unvaccinated.”

Western governments exploit COVID as an excuse for tyranny as Australia mobilizes troops to enforce virus lockdown
As much as Western leaders love to chastise tyrannical governments like China, North Korea, Cuba and Iran, they seldom pass up a chance to impose their own will on their people when presented the opportunity.

Mass starvation: Biblical droughts on track to destroy U.S. crops, cattle… with unprecedented food shortages and price hikes to follow
Large swaths of the United States are still dry as a bone due to record-breaking drought conditions, and America’s crops and cattle are suffering, as reported by Strange Sounds.

COVID-19 vaccine mandates are medically futile, likely illegal (Part 3)
Mandating an experimental COVID-19 vaccine represents a medically futile, and likely illegal, public-health effort to contain the spread of SARS-CoV-2. It is immoral, and likely illegal, for schools, workplaces, and hospitals to require young and healthy individuals to take an experimental drug that offers no personal benefit, but instead, poses serious health risks. Here’s what you can do to push back against this tide.

Covid mortality risk in children is essentially ZERO, but “scientists” don’t care and still want to mask all the kids
The results of the most comprehensive study to date on the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) have been published in the United Kingdom, revealing that the government’s mask and vaccine guidelines are entirely unscientific.

Baylor Prof Demands Prosecution Of Criticism Of Fauci And Other ‘Scientists’ As Hate Crime
…wants Congress to expand hate crimes to “scientists currently targeted by far-right extremism in the United States.”

Secular Americans less likely than evangelicals to be vaccinated: poll
Americans who are younger and identify as non-religious are less likely to get vaccinated than evangelical Christians, according to a recent report on polling data compiled by Ryan Burge, who says it shows the media “needs to be turning the spotlight a bit away from evangelicals and toward the … young and secular.”


Re: Rapture Ready News - August 2021

"Fair Use for Information and Discussion Purposes"

FDA Reportedly Planning For COVID Vaccine Booster Shot Approval By September
So we have gone from double-masking to triple-jabbing…

In drought-plagued northern Mexico, tens of thousands of cows are starving to death
Two years of extreme drought have turned large stretches of northern Mexico into a boneyard. Between starvation and ranchers forced to prematurely sell or slaughter their livestock, officials say the number of cattle in Sonora has dropped from 1.1 million to about 635,000.

Gantz: Iran 10 weeks away from amassing enough weapons-grade material for nuke
Iran is ten weeks away from acquiring enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear bomb, Defense Minister Benny Gantz said on Wednesday.

SICK: University of Pittsburgh Admits Harvesting Kidneys From Living Babies Murdered in Abortion Procedures
The University of Pittsburgh has admitted, perhaps unwittingly, that they are harvesting organs from children born alive during abortion procedures who are then murdered after the fact.

If the Covid vaccines begin killing millions of adults, they will unleash an ORPHAN HOLOCAUST of homeless kids everywhere
..The scariest part is that most babies, children and preteens have not been injected yet. What happens to all those kids should the Covid vaccine blot clot tsunami all of a sudden take effect for the couple hundred million Americans that had their genes altered to produce trillions of virus-mimicking sticky spike proteins that clog their blood vessels?

Turning flu cases into COVID through manipulation—easy as pie
Since 1988, I’ve been pointing out that relabeling and repackaging disease is standard operating procedure in the field of “pandemic medicine.”And now we have this, from FOX News (7/25/21): “But while cases of COVID-19 soared nationwide, hospitalizations and deaths caused by influenza dropped.”

Hillsong Church Founder Charged With Concealing Homosexual Pedophile Sex Crimes Committed Against 7-Year Old Boy By His Father Frank
For years we’ve been telling you about the uber-sketchy Laodicean Church known as Hillsong Church of Australia, on every level these people are revulsive to anyone who reads and believes their King James Bibles. Worldly, money-hungry, chasing Hollywood and flashing the Illuminati triangles like they invented them, there seemed to be no bottom too low for these people. Until today that is. Welcome to Hellsong, the church of the Devil.

Mexico City sinking at “unstoppable rate” of up to 20 inches a year, study finds
A recent study found that Mexico City is sinking at a rate of up to 20 inches per year. Researchers explained that this unstoppable plunge occurs because the ground on which the city rests is rapidly compacting after being drained of water by decades of groundwater extraction.

U.S., European databases for adverse reactions to COVID jabs are spiking with tens of thousands of cases
Vaccines are inherently dangerous, as long-time readers of our sites have come to understand, but they are even more so when they’re not fully vetted and tested, as the COVID-19 vaccines weren’t.

Former president of Planned Parenthood shifts from killing babies to mass murdering everyone; calls for government-forced injections of experimental spike protein shots that are killing people right now (opinion)
Leana Wen, a baby murderer who used to receive a paycheck from Planned Parenthood as one of its top executives, is back in the news for calling on the government to issue new mandates for Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

Vaccine propaganda BOT FARM catapults Big Pharma lies across social media while those who tell the truth are silenced
Social media algorithms are being used to not only identify and eliminate certain facts and truths, but these AI systems are also being used to promote certain types of propaganda, to brainwash the public into accepting falsehoods as if they are popular messages of truth.

Did a 2015 Movie Predict the Purpose of the JAB? The Vaccine Is Much More Than It Appears To Be!
In February of 2015, Deborah Tavares told me that I really should go see the move, The Kingsman, because there are so many elements present in this movie which show us where so much of our technology is headed. Now I realize that the following technology is related to the Jab. This gets into the arena of predictive programming in which, for some cosmic reason, the satanic globalists must tell humanity, in some form, what is coming. Frequently, it is done through Hollywood.

‘Privacy Company’ Apple Plans To Monitor All US iPhones For Evidence Of Child Porn
While law enforcement is likely to celebrate the new surveillance tool, privacy experts warn that the decision could have unintended consequences…

Supreme Court shown 4D ultrasound images, urged to uphold Mississippi 15-week abortion ban
A nonprofit organization has submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court featuring ultrasound imagery over time to demonstrate how scientific advancements justify overturning the long-standing precedent in American abortion jurisprudence.


Re: Rapture Ready News - August 2021

"Fair Use for Information and Discussion Purposes"

US military experimenting with artificial intelligence that can predict the future
The Department of Defense is testing artificial intelligence programs that could, if fully developed, “see days in advance.”

Extremely heavy rains hit North Korea
Extremely heavy rains hit parts of coastal northeastern North Korea from August 1 to 3, 2021, resulting in widespread damage to homes, infrastructure, and agricultural fields.

Oroville Reservoir at record low level, California shuts down their second-largest hydroelectric plant
The Oroville Reservoir reached a record low level of 195.66 m (641.93 feet) above mean sea level on August 5, 2021, forcing authorities in California to shut down their second-largest hydroelectric plant

US Physicians will now lose their medical license for reporting vaccine injuries and providing informed consent to patients
When physicians receive their medical license, they must pronounce their intellectual devotion and allegiance to the vaccine industry and its myriad of false narratives. Any healthcare professional who dares question “the science” risks losing their medical license. Any doctor who speaks out-of-line against forceful vaccine propaganda could be stripped of their title; their career destroyed; their reputation smeared.

UK government seeks contract for “excess body storage” in preparation for mass extermination event
The Westminster City Council is seeking “temporary body storage services” to prepare for mass extermination events over the next four years. These new facilities are being erected to store bodies in a dignified and respectful manner. Under code 45215000, the UK government is looking to secure contracts for construction work “for buildings relating to health and social services, for crematoriums and public conveniences.”

Pentagon set to make all troops take experimental COVID-19 vaccines despite the injuries that are occurring to younger people, giving another advantage to Russia, China
Russia and China are increasing their strategic and military ties as they watch the hapless, weak and mind-addled Joe Biden falter as president of what once was the most powerful and free nation on earth.

Bill de Blasio threatens to expand “vaccine passport” requirements in New York City: Are grocery stores next?
As all health clubs, restaurants and theaters in New York City prepare to force their patrons to show proof of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” come September, Mayor Bill de Blasio is said to be scheming up an expansion to the new rule that some worry may include grocery stores.

As We Rejoice With Yet Another Soul Saved Through Our Broadcasts, NTEB In The Midst Of Global COVID Chaos Is Experiencing An End Times Harvest
Today I was a little down and a tad discouraged by all the ‘news’ that’s been clogging the airwaves, misinformation and disinformation is everywhere. Today’s topic on the podcast – the possibility of COVID internment camps for the unvaccinated – wasn’t doing much to boost my spirits either. Marshalling my best “…to the FIGHT!!!” and asking God to strengthen me was my preparation for the broadcast, but God did much more than simply strengthen me, he encouraged me with the greatest gift of all – a soul saved on the air!

Florida Will Give Vouchers To Parents, Let Them Send Kids To Private Schools If They Oppose Public School Mask Mandates
The Florida Board of Education determined today that it will provide private school vouchers to parents of students who believe face mask requirements amount to undue “harassment” of children.

Governments hold citizens HOSTAGE, demand vaccine QUOTAS before restoring “freedom”
Around the world, rogue governments are now declaring their own citizens to be hostages under medical tyranny, promising that freedom will be restored if they meet vaccine quotas that require mass injections with experimental gene therapy drugs. (They’re not merely “vaccines.”)

CDC illegally extends eviction moratorium for another two months, despite U.S. Supreme Court ruling it has no such authority
The Biden regime has ruled that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘s (CDC) eviction moratorium, which was recently declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, will be extended through October regardless of what the law says.

Covid hospitalizations among the fully vaccinated spike 10-fold in Israel
The latest data out of Israel completely annihilates the government narrative that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are safe and effective.

UK dials down coronavirus app as self-isolating workers cause severe labor shortage leading to empty shelves at grocery stores
The U.K. government has dialed down the National Health Service (NHS) COVID-19 app to avoid a labor shortage caused by self-isolating essential workers.

CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated
About three-fourths of people infected in a Massachusetts Covid-19 outbreak were fully vaccinated against the coronavirus with four of them ending up in the hospital, according to new data published Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Mandatory Covid Vaccines for kids in school
Mandatory Covid Vaccines for kids in school are being pushed by Government. They want kids to be vaccinated with the Covid Vaccine death jab via “emergency use authorization.”

Report: Fauci Oversaw Dangerous, Torturous Experiments On Dogs
In addition to overseeing funding of gain of function coronavirus experiments in Wuhan, and then lying about it, it has now emerged that Dr Fauci was in charge of funding horrid experimental research on dogs, including purposefully infecting the animals with parasites known to be contagious to humans.

As The New World Order Begins To Turn Against The Unvaccinated, Can COVID Internment Camps Really Be Far Behind?
In July of 2020, on the CDC website, there appeared an article entitled ‘Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings’, outlining a dystopian future where holding facilities, or COVID camps for the infected, would play out.


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Dixie Fire becomes largest single wildfire in California history
The Dixie Fire burning in two Northern California counties is now the largest single wildfire in recorded state history, exploding in size overnight as drought-stricken lands continue to fuel the flames.

OPINION: The CDC’s Eviction Moratorium Is Textbook Communism
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extended the federal government’s eviction moratorium this week — a move that will allow renters to continue squatting on their landlord’s property.

The Argentine River That Carries Soybeans to World Is Drying Up
Snaking its way through thousands of miles of South American rainforest and pampas and past sprawling soybean and corn farms, the Parana River is the main thoroughfare for Argentine commerce. Some 80% of the country’s crop exports flow through its muddy waters en route to the Atlantic Ocean.

Severe drought and heat turns arid area in Kazakhstan into grave for horses
Images of dead horses show the severity of a drought plaguing an area in Kazakhstan. Animals in the country’s Mangistau peninsula have been left without food or water, as unusually high temperatures persist, according to the Reuters news agency.

Desperate Survivors Looking for Loved Ones After Flood in Zhengzhou
Survivors of Zhengzhou’s floods are eager to hear from their missing relatives, while some hold out hope they’ll find them stranded somewhere alive. Others say they have accepted that their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers will probably never make it back.

Biden’s Back in Afghanistan: US Deploys Bombers and Gunships to Fight Advancing Taliban Terrorists; Embassy Urges Americans to Leave Country “Immediately”
Shortly after announcing the departure of US troops from Afghanistan, Biden has deployed B-52 bombers and AC-130 Spectre gunships in a desperate attempt to slow the advances of Taliban terrorists who have taken over half of the country.

IDF Forced To Respond To Rocket Attacks By Both Hamas And Hezbollah On The Same Day Launching Blistering Strike On Targets In Gaza Strip
Israel right now is dealing with rocket attacks and incendiary balloon launchings coming from Hezbollah and Hamas respectively. Hamas is always attacking Israel, but this is the first major attack from Hezbollah since 2006, launching about 19 rockets against the Jews. Fortunately, Israel has had lots of practice dealing with multi-front attacks before.

Audio From Migrant Shelter Reveals Minors are Being Raped by Staff, Weeks After Biden Ended Background Checks for Caregivers
Audio From Migrant Shelter Reveals Minors are Being Raped by Staff, Weeks After Biden Ended Background Checks for Caregivers

Covid is a global propaganda operation
Dr Piers Robinson is an expert on communication, media and world politics, focusing on conflict and war and especially the role of propaganda.

The cryptocurrency surveillance provision buried in the infrastructure bill is a disaster for digital privacy
The forthcoming Senate draft of Biden’s infrastructure bill—a 2,000+ page bill designed to update the United States’ roads, highways, and digital infrastructure—contains a poorly crafted provision that could create new surveillance requirements for many within the blockchain ecosystem. This could include developers and others who do not control digital assets on behalf of users.

The cryptocurrency surveillance provision buried in the infrastructure bill is a disaster for digital privacy
The forthcoming Senate draft of Biden’s infrastructure bill—a 2,000+ page bill designed to update the United States’ roads, highways, and digital infrastructure—contains a poorly crafted provision that could create new surveillance requirements for many within the blockchain ecosystem. This could include developers and others who do not control digital assets on behalf of users.

Texas to impose $1,000 fine on businesses requiring people to wear face masks
…Abbot’s July 29 order said: “No governmental entity — including a county, city, school district and public health authority — and no government official may require any person to wear a face covering, or to mandate that another person wear a face covering.” Any government entity or official who attempts to impose mask mandates will be subjected to a fine of up to $1,000, the order continued.

Cuba dumping COVID-19 vaccine victims in mass graves
Independent news outlets working to share news from the communist nation of Cuba have reported that mass graves are being dug to dump Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine victims.

Church corruption: Bishop cancels traditional priest, ignores priest caught in gay hookup
..Callahan has stripped a pastor of his priestly faculties because of his outspoken defense of the Catholic faith against the depravity from the left. Meanwhile, another high-ranking cleric embroiled in a gay sex scandal has no such restrictions despite his broken vow and public disgrace.


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Blackouts related to severe weather are increasing in the US
In the last six years, blackouts due to extreme weather more than doubled, according to a new study — and the number of blackouts in the Pacific Northwest this summer serve as a prime example.

‘Victory for Palestine is near,’ Iran’s new president tells terror chiefs
Freshly inaugurated Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi hosted the leaders of various terror groups, including Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad during his first day in office Friday, assuring Iran’s continued support for groups seeking the destruction of Israel.

Italy and Spain are next: brutal heatwave with near +46 °C will be baking southern Europe as a massive heat dome parks over the Mediterranean as we head into mid-August
parts of Europe are now forecast to be baked with yet another intense heatwave this summer. A massive heat dome is expected to lock in the weather pattern across the southern parts of the continent, centered over the Mediterranean. This will result in excessive scorching heat, with the highest temperatures expected across Italy, Malta and Greece through mid-week then intensifying over Spain and Portugal for the weekend.

‘We didn’t expect a monster like this’: Dixie Fire grows to single largest in Calif. history
Fueled by strong winds and bone-dry vegetation, the Dixie Fire grew to become the largest single wildfire in state history. Residents of the scenic forestlands of Northern California are facing a weekend of fear as it threatens to reduce thousands of homes to ashes. “We knew we didn’t get enough rainfall and fires could happen, but we didn’t expect a monster like this,” Studebaker said Saturday.

Japan ups the ante against China, plans to deploy nukes near Taiwan next year
In a move that is expected to challenge China’s dominance in the South China Sea, Japan has reportedly planned to deploy missile units next year on an island that is merely 300 kilometres off the coast of Taiwan. The move is aimed at countering Beijing’s increasing naval presence in an area that carries a history of military disputes, reported Japanese media, adding that the nukes will also help defend against a potential Chinese attack.

Ron DeSantis Is Defending Freedom By ‘Getting In The Way’ Of COVID Authoritarians
There is simply no evidence anywhere in the world that restricting the individual rights of citizens, segregating the unvaccinated from the vaccinated, and forcing people to wear masks all day would have any benefit whatsoever when it comes to stopping a virus. Virtually every “public health” command and edict has come up empty, and these severely damaging policies have made matters worse across the board.

University Spends $50,000 Removing “Racist” Boulder From Campus
Apparently a ‘racist’ boulder was making students at the University of Wisconsin’s Madison campus feel uncomfortable to the point that the school actually spent some $50,000 removing it. The story is so utterly absurd that we wish we could claim satire, but as Fox News writes, “Chamberlin Rock, which rests atop Observatory Hill, is named after a 19th Century geologist and former university president, Thomas Crowder Chamberlin, whose work centered on glacial deposits, according to a bio on the university’s website.”

Hezbollah Humiliated in Lebanon
What happened after the shooting was something of a miracle. The terror squad that attacked Israel was discovered by Lebanese residents and arrested in a Druze village in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah hoped that Israel’s response to their missiles would hit the Druze areas and thus Hezbollah would be seen to be protecting them. But the Hezbollah squad that fired on Israel was discovered, severely attacked, and its members humiliated as the entire incident was documented on social media.

‘US is going to fight this war!’ Expert warns America will defend Taiwan from China attack
A PANEL of Asian foreign policy experts have suggested a conflict involving the military ‘is likely’ during the next five to 10 years over Taiwan as China’s army believes it can defend a response from Australia and the US.

Blaze ravages Evia island ‘like a horror movie’ on sixth day of Greek fires
Thousands of people have fled their homes on the Greek island of Evia as wildfires burned uncontrolled for a sixth day on Sunday, and ferries were on standby for more evacuations after taking many to safety by sea. The blaze on Evia, Greece’s second-biggest island, quickly burgeoned into several fronts, ripping through thousands of hectares (acres) of pristine forest across its northern part, and forcing the evacuation of dozens of villages.

SHOCK VIDEO: NYPD Probes Woman’s Execution-Style Killing By Another Woman
A Brooklyn woman was gunned down by another woman who got out of a car and shot her in the back of the head, police said. Surveillance video of the shooting Wednesday night released by police shows a woman in black leggings get out of a double-parked white sedan and casually shoot Delia Johnson in the head as she chats with a group of people by a stoop in the Crown Heights neighborhood.

Gaza resort bombed for holding mixed-gender concert
Bianco Resort, one of the Gaza Strip’s most luxurious seaside tourist sites, was attacked last Thursday with an explosive device. The attack came after the resort was accused by Muslim extremists of holding a mixed-gender concert. No one was hurt, but a wall surrounding the resort was damaged.

Visiting Israel, Bahraini official says ‘Iran’s footprints in every regional flashpoint’
A de facto coalition has been formed between Sunni Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia and Israel to counter Iran’s growing interference and violence through proxies in Yemen, Lebanon and Syria. The Abraham Accords, which are a series of normalization deals between Israel and four Arab countries brokered by the Trump administration, have helped cement this unofficial alliance, especially as the new administration in Washington continues to engage Iran on a new nuclear deal that could see major provisions from 2015 restored.

REPORT: the small print in big tech community guidelines targets faith-based users for censorship
A new report from the Napa Legal Institute revealed that hidden in the small print of the community guidelines and user agreements are details that are used by tech companies and social media platforms to censor and remove religious organizations for “hateful conduct” that is actually an expression of beliefs that do not conform to liberal values.

Scientific American Mag: “Belief in Creation is a form of white supremacy”
And Hashem created man in His image, in the image of Hashem He created him; male and female He created them. Genesis 1:27 Last month, Scientific American,s the oldest continuously published monthly magazine in the United States, published an editorial by Allison Hopper titled “Denial of Evolution Is a Form of White Supremacy.”

Lebanon’s Maronite patriarch calls on army to confront Hezbollah
Lebanon’s Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros al-Rahi called on Sunday for the Lebanese army to take control of the southern part of the country…
“We call upon the Lebanese army…to take control of the entire lands of the south, to…implement Resolution 1701, and to prevent the launching of missiles from Lebanese territory, not for the sake of Israel’s safety, but rather for the safety of Lebanon,” said al-Rahi during Sunday Mass…

Covid in Sydney: Communities feel under siege as troops deployed
“If the objective was to frighten the hell out of the community, I can guarantee you they have done that.” Dai Le, a local councillor in Sydney, is speaking angrily about the deployment of 300 military personnel to the city’s streets this week. Her constituency, Fairfield, is one of eight areas in Sydney considered the epicentre of Australia’s biggest Covid outbreak in a year.

Bennett: Lebanon responsible for all rocket fire from its territory
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Sunday that Israel views the Lebanese government responsible for rocket fire launched from its territory, whether the Hezbollah terror group fired the weapons or not. “The country of Lebanon and the army of Lebanon have to take responsibility for what happens in its backyard,” Bennett told the weekly cabinet meeting, days after two waves of rocket strikes from Lebanon hit open areas in the north.

Advances in artificial rainfall hold big promise for water-scarce Arab region
Drone technology has more applications than most people imagine, including manipulating the weather. In the UAE, scientists are planning to deploy unmanned aerial vehicles to penetrate clouds and generate rainfall using electrical charges — a process that builds on the success of “cloud seeding.”

Wildfires rampage in Greek forests, cut large island in half
Three large wildfires churned across Greece on Saturday, with one threatening whole towns and cutting a line across Evia, the country’s second-largest island, isolating its northern part. Others engulfed forested mountainsides and skirted ancient sites, leaving behind a trail of destruction that one official described as “a biblical catastrophe.”

‘Massive melting event’ sinks billions of tons of ice amid heat wave
Scientists are raising alarms that ice has vanished from the Greenland ice sheet in a dramatic melting event in recent weeks. So much so that the liquid released could cover the entire state of Florida with 2 inches of water.

California College Students Contest Vaccination Mandates To Return To Campus
“Whatever happened to ‘my body, my choice’?”

Series of pyroclastic flows at Merapi, heavy ashfall blankets nearby communities, Indonesia
At least 7 pyroclastic flows descended down the slopes of Merapi volcano, Indonesia starting at 21:58 UTC on August 7, 2021, with ash rising up to 3.6 km (12 000 feet) above sea level. No casualties were reported. The Aviation Color Code remained at Orange.

Covid Outbreak Hits Carnival Cruise Despite Every Guest and Staff Member Being ‘Vaccinated’
Somewhere near Cozumel in the Caribbean Sea, there’s a cruise ship that had zero unvaccinated people aboard but that still suffered an outbreak of Covid-19. This goes against the narrative that the reason for “breakthrough cases” is due to too many unvaccinated people mingling with those who have taken the experimental injections.

Canada Adds Bell’s Palsy Warning To Pfizer COVID Vaccine
Health Canada, the department of the Government of Canada responsible for national health policy has added Bell’s Palsy as a warning to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine labels.

China Will Dump 2 Billion Doses of Low-Quality Vaccines on the World
Chinese dictator Xi Jinping announced Thursday that the Communist Party will “strive to provide” the world access to 2 billion Chinese-made coronavirus vaccine doses, particularly targeting vulnerable countries.

25% of Pregnancies in England, Wales End in Abortion
A quarter of all pregnancies in England and Wales end in abortion, according to updated data released Thursday from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Republican Representative Filing Articles Of Impeachment Against Joe Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas
A Republican representative says he is filing articles of impeachment against the Secretary of Homeland Security for the way the department has handled the border.

“Fully vaccinated” Gibraltar sees 2,500 percent increase in “covid” cases, prompting new lockdowns
New “cases” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are said to be spiking in the nation of Gibraltar, despite a 99 percent “vaccine” compliance rate.

BOMBSHELL: HHS documents admit the CDC has never isolated any “covid-19 virus” … PCR tests nothing but instrument NOISE … the global HOAX is rapidly unraveling
Last year when covid skeptics were saying “there’s no such thing as a covid virus,” I strongly disagreed. As a published food scientist, laboratory owner and inventor of two published patents based on mass spectrometry analysis, I was aware that SARS-CoV-2 had been genomically sequenced. Surely, I mistakenly thought, it had been isolated, purified and determined to be the cause of covid-19 sickness.

Antifa Terrorists Violently Attack Christian Families *With Young Children* Gathered to Pray on Portland Waterfront – Police Were Called, But Didn’t Respond (VIDEO)
Antifa terrorists violently attacked a Christian prayer group gathered on the waterfront in Downtown Portland on Saturday. Antifa used weapons and pepper-spray to attack the Christians.

Defense Secretary Austin to announce mandatory coronavirus vaccinations across the military
Fox News confirmed that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is set to announce mandatory Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination for all military personnel. The mandate applied to the 1.3 million active-duty service members, the report added. Austin’s announcement followed President Joe Biden’s call to all federal employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Swedish professor: People will need FIVE vaccine doses for immunity, and if you don’t submit, you’ll no longer qualify as “fully vaccinated”
Many individuals worldwide have completed their Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination schedule. They have touted their “fully vaccinated” status after getting two doses of COVID-19 vaccines, with some joining the category after getting single-dose vaccines. However, a professor said that COVID-19 vaccines may not be enough to provide immunity – and recommended as many as five vaccine doses.

Teacher’s Union Suing a Mother for Repeated Attempts to Know What Her Kindergartener is Learning
On Monday, Nicole Solas, a Rhode Island mom whose daughter will be going into kindergarten, was sued by chapters of the National Education Association (NEA) for submitting multiple requests to find out what her daughter was learning when it comes to lesson plans on concepts such as transgenderism and Critical Race Theory (CRT).

From Shots to Clots: Science Shows COVID Vaccines Cause Blood Clots
Americans who have taken COVID vaccine shots and those who have refused to capitulate to the coercion and propaganda are ill-informed about blood clots. This article provides summaries of key recently published research on two types of observed blood clots – microscopic and relatively large size – that merit serious attention and concern.

Covid Booster Shots Coming “Soon” Fauci Tells CNN
“We need to look at them in a different light. We would certainly be boosting those people before we boost the general population that’s been vaccinated, and we should be doing that reasonably soon.”


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Welcome to 1938: First, they came for the unvaccinated
This is 1938. I’m a Jew. I now understand just a little of what it felt like to be a Jew in 1938. No, it’s not the Holocaust. Nothing can be compared to the Holocaust. Ever. But 1938 was not the Holocaust. It was the pre-Holocaust. It was the time before the nightmare, when the foundation was being laid to destroy the freedom, free speech, businesses and lives of millions of Jews. Everything happening today to the American people … to the U.S. Constitution … to freedom … and particularly to unvaccinated Americans reminds me of 1938. This is only the beginning. It gets much worse from here. Lockdowns are a match with the Warsaw Ghetto.

U.S. House candidate: ‘We should be allowed to shoot’ anyone who doesn’t take COVID seriously enough
We should be allowed to shoot anyone who makes practical arguments regarding COVID-19, according to one 2022 California congressional candidate. The candidate is Steve Cox, an independent running to represent California’s 39th Congressional District. Heart disease, cancer, accidents, stroke, chronic lower respiratory disease and Alzheimer’s disease all killed more people in June than COVID did. But those who wish to point out that fact deserve to be shot, according to Cox.

The Clock Is Ticking – Countdown To Conflict Between Israel And Iran
The clock has been ticking for a long time, and now Israel is telling us that Iran is “only around 10 weeks away from acquiring weapons-grade materials necessary for a nuclear weapon”. The Israelis have always been very clear about the fact that they will never, ever allow the Iranians to get to that point, and so that would appear to leave only 10 weeks remaining to avert a major war in the Middle East.

“It’s A Biblical Catastrophe” – Are The Cataclysmic Fires All Over The World A Preview Of What Is Coming?
Have you noticed that apocalyptic wildfires have been erupting all over the globe this summer? Of course every year there are wildfires, and that has been true all throughout human history. But what we are witnessing this year has truly been unprecedented. In just the past couple of weeks, we have seen historic fires in the United States, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Lebanon and Russia. Hundreds of colossal fires are currently raging around the planet as you read this article, and we are only about halfway through the summer at this point. Authorities are warning that more gigantic fires are surely coming during the second half, because much of North America and Europe is dry as a bone right now.

NY sheriff ready to arrest NY governor cuomo! says sheriff’s will not be intimidated, it’s sheriff job to arrest cuomo
“This is obviously a very high-profile investigation,” Sheriff Craig Apple said at a news conference. “There’s a lot of information out there. We have a lot of fact-finding to do, we have a lot of interviews to do. We’re going to conduct a very comprehensive investigation, as my investigators and my staff always do, and when the data and the facts are compiled, we’ll make a decision at that point.” The sheriff said Cuomo could potentially face a misdemeanor charge, or “possibly a couple,” if the investigation were to lead to that.

Leftist Democrats target Jerusalem
Seven members of Congress try to revoke tax-exempt donations to US charities supporting Jews in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem. The Democratic Party left won’t relent in their anti-Israel bigotry.

Toronto protesters call for violence against Jews
B’nai Brith Canada condemns ongoing failure by authorities to prevent hateful rallies targeting Israeli Jews in downtown Toronto.

Is the ADL a Greater Threat to Liberty than the Extremists it Targets?
The Anti-Defamation League is using its standing as an authority on hate to try to shut down speech they deem to be unworthy of protection. The group, which has transitioned from being the apolitical defender of the Jewish community to a partisan outfit allied to the “progressive” movement,

Levite sings ‘Song of Ascents” on the Stairs leading to Holy of Holies
Echoing his ancestors from 2,000 years ago, a Levite musician ascended to the Temple Mount and in the face of Muslim opposition, sang the Song of Ascents in the same spot his ancestors sang the same verses in the service of the Temple. On Saturday night, the month of Elul began. Elul marks a period of austerity and increased devotions focused on repentance in preparation for the Jewish holy days of Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur that occur in the beginning of the following month, Tishrei.

Antifa Mob Attacks Christians during Prayer Event in Portland
“Antifa just rolled in like an angry mob, started throwing flash bombs at everybody, macing everybody … rotten eggs. They threw a flash bomb into a group of kids that were out there from four months old to like 10.”

Black former cop slams ‘destructive’ media narrative on police brutality
A black former police officer is encouraging Christians to examine the facts regarding police shootings of black men instead of blindly believing the prevailing narrative put forth by the mainstream media, Hollywood and politicians.

Thousands forced to evacuate as massive wildfire spreads through Greek island of Evia
A massive wildfire burning in the northern part of the island of Evia, Greece since August 3, 2021, has forced more than 2 500 people to evacuate their homes.

Intense and long-lasting heatwave expected over Europe
A massive heat dome over the Mediterranean Sea is set to bring another long-lasting, intense heatwave across parts of southern Europe this week. High temperatures are expected to spread into central Europe and continue through August 22.

CDC flip-flops AGAIN, now admits “fully vaccinated” people are spreading COVID-19
Back in March, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declared that it was impossible for people who have been “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) to spread it to others. As of July 27, however, the CDC has flip-flopped by deciding that Fauci Flu shot recipients are, in fact, actively spreading disease.

American Academy of Pediatrics demands that all children be masked forever, regardless of vaccination status
The genocidal freaks who run the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have announced that their new twisted desire is to see all children two years of age and older be permanently muzzled with face masks, even if they have already been injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

China’s Delta Outbreak Worsens As Goldman, Bank Of America Cut Growth Forecasts
“Considering the long distance still to herd immunity, we continue to expect a slow recovery in consumption activities.” -BofA.

International travelers need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 “for evermore,” warns top UK secretary
A leading government minister in the United Kingdom has warned that people will need to be fully vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) to travel internationally “for evermore.”

THE SCAMDEMIC NEVER ENDS: Fauci says another variant of COVID “worse that Delta” has surfaced with endless lockdowns and restrictions sure to follow
Do you remember when we are all told that the government just wanted “two weeks to slow the spread” of the COVID-19 virus? That seems so long ago, though it wasn’t.

UN Secretary General António Guterres Declares A ‘CODE RED’ Global Climate Change Emergency Saying The ‘Alarm Bells Are Deafening’
Today the UN ‘sounded the alarm’, and like Jack Nicholson’s character in ‘A Few Good Men’, they have ‘issued the Code Red’ on Climate Change, saying that the damage that has been done cannot be undone for maybe another thousand years. Maybe. But the good news is that the Carbon Tax will help hold off the inevitable. Welcome to the Unintentional Climate Comedy Hour where the joke is always…on you! Did I say ‘unintentional’? How funny.

Pentagon Pulls Trigger: Will Order All Troops To Get COVID Vaccine By Sept.15
Some already talking class-action lawsuits based on experimental “emergency-use” nature of jab…

The 2020 Election Was Stolen by Soros and the CHICOMS by Controlling Key County and State Officials Across America
This is the first another series of articles on the Maricopa County election audit. As I continue with my coverage of the fluid events in Arizona, the number of Arizona elected individuals who have sold out Arizona and the rest of the nation, has grown to epidemic proportions. I now strongly suspect that some of the officials of Arizona’s Yavapai and Mohave Counties are compromised in much the same manner as are the growing list of Arizona and Maricopa County elected officials.

Live Q&A: Apple Begins Scanning Photos From All iPhones; US Warns of China’s Growing Nuke Arsenal
Apple will begin scanning photos from all iPhones in an effort it says is to combat child abuse. And in other news, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently warned about the rapid growth of China’s nuclear weapons arsenal.

“He Takes Care Of The Little Girls” – Leon Black’s Ex-Mistress Shares Explosive New Details About “Best Friend” Jeffrey Epstein
“You have to understand that [Jeffrey and Leon] are sex addicts…You have to let them do whatever they want with you…”

Iran’s Raisi, Macron discuss resumption of nuclear talks
“In any negotiation, the rights of the Iranian nation should be secured and guaranteed,” Raisi says, criticizing the US for abandoning the accord and reimposing crushing sanctions under former President Donald Trump.

Senators reach bipartisan deal on cryptocurrency amendment
Republican Sens. Pat Toomey (Pa.) and Cynthia Lummis (Wyo.) said an amendment to the infrastructure bill that would redefine who falls subject to cryptocurrency regulation requirements will be brought for a unanimous consent vote on Monday afternoon after a group of bipartisan senators and the Treasury Department came to an agreement.

Hundreds of Philippine hospitals near full capacity as virus cases surge
Nearly a fifth of hospitals in the Philippines are close to full capacity as a surge in COVID-19 infections, driven by the highly contagious Delta variant of the virus, spreads across the Southeast Asian country, the health ministry said on Monday.


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Second Federal Court Blocks Biden Mandate Forcing Doctors to Perform Trans Surgeries
A federal court has blocked President Joe Biden’s mandate that would require doctors to perform transgender surgeries against their consciences. Judge Reed O’Connor of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Wichita Falls Division, granted “a permanent injunction” to the Christian plaintiffs “to be exempt from the government’s requirement to perform abortions and gender-transition procedures.” The ruling permanently enjoins Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra “from interpreting or enforcing” the law “in a manner that would require them to perform or provide insurance coverage for gender-transition procedures or abortions,

Guinea confirms West Africa’s first case of deadly Marburg virus
For the first time ever, Marburg virus disease has been confirmed in West Africa. The case was reported by health authorities in Guinea’s southern Gueckedou prefecture where the country’s latest Ebola outbreak was declared over less than two months ago. Guinea is currently dealing with a third wave of the covid-19 cases. Marburg belongs to the same family as the Ebola virus.

Ayelet Shaked: ‘This is a plague and in plagues, people die’
Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked (Yamina) on Tuesday evening said that Israelis must accept that people will die of coronavirus. In an interview with Channel 13 News, she emphasized that the government has made a decision “to live alongside coronavirus.” “That means also knowing how to accept severely ill patients and people who die, because this is a plague – and in a plague, people die.”

New York Governor Cuomo resigns after sexual harassment findings
Andrew Cuomo resigned on Tuesday following an inquiry that found he sexually harassed 11 women, mounting legal pressure and demands for his departure by President Joe Biden and others, a startling downfall for a man once seen as a possible US presidential contender.

‘Mintifada’ and ‘Chunky Haniyeh’: Left-wing Jewish lobby’s support for Ben & Jerry’s attracts sarcasm
Critics of J Street’s support for the ice-cream maker were more acerbic with their suggestions, proposing flavors such as “Mintifada,” “Chocolate Hamas Delight,” “Everything but the Jews,” and “Chunky Haniyeh,” the latter in reference to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.

Massive forest fire ravages Greek island of Euboea
Firefighters and residents battled into the night Monday for a seventh day against a massive fire on Greece’s second-largest island as the nation endured what the prime minister described as “a natural disaster of unprecedented proportions.”

Lebanese president shields Christian leader who urged Hezbollah to stop rocket fire
Following a cross-border salvo between Israel and Hezbollah, Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rai was sharply critical of Hezbollah on Sunday, saying no group should decide on war and peace and urging the army to halt rocket fire from the south.

Russia, China hold joint military exercise for first time: A precursor to Gog-Magog War, says rabbi
On Monday, China and Russia held joint military exercises and for the first time, they were hosted on Chinese soil. The five-day event will be held in the city of Qingtongxia, in China’s northern Ningxia *** Autonomous Region. Following the development, the connection to the war of Gog and Magog is now being made by rabbis with one who interprets the prophet Ezekiel to foresee the War of Gog and Magog being launched by Russia.

Iranian ship mysteriously blows up in Syrian port
According to reports, the explosion caused the ship to catch fire and several crewmen were injured. This explosion comes in the wake of an Israeli-owned ship that was attacked by Iran off the coast of Oman in late July. Israel is weighing several means to retaliate against Iran after its strike on an oil tanker that was operated by an Israeli-owned company.

North Korea threatens US with new preemptive strike weapons – probably nukes
On Tuesday, North Korea threatened to increase its “deterrent of absolute capacity” and build up its arsenal of “preemptive strike” capabilities in response to new joint military training between the U.S. and South Korea.

Chicago cops turn their backs on Mayor Lightfoot at hospital with critically wounded cop
Over two dozen Chicago cops turned their backs to Mayor Lori Lightfoot during her visit to the hospital late Saturday where one officer remains in critical condition after being shot in the head over the weekend. Chicago Police Officer Ella French, 29, was shot dead during a traffic stop around 9 p.m. Saturday. Her partner was shot several times in the head and shoulder, but survived and remains in critical condition at the University of Chicago Medical Center. When Mayor Lightfoot visited the hospital hours after the deadly incident, roughly 30 officers turned their backs to her, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Gunfire raged across the city over the weekend with 78 people shot, 11 of which were fatal. Between Friday evening and midnight Sunday, the Chicago Police Department reported 54 shootings.

Grid emergency declared in New Zealand, cities plunge into darkness as polar blast brings nationwide all-time power demand
Power supply demand in New Zealand reached a nationwide all-time high on Monday, August 9, 2021, after a rapidly deepening low-pressure system moved east across central parts of the country, bringing heavy snow, severe gale southerlies, and frigid temperatures.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Planting The First Church Of The Metaverse
Virtual idols are the future of false religion. With 3 billion users and zero sense of sacred boundaries, Facebook is poised to lead this revolution.

Shock Video Shows French Police Stopping Citizens And Demanding To See Their COVID Vaccine Passports Before Allowing Them To Eat Or Drink
On July 12th, Emmanuel Macron issued his edict that COVID vaccines would now be made mandatory in France, and that anyone who was not vaccinated would not be allowed access to restaurants, gyms and other public venues. So terrified were the French citizens that over 7 million of them have rushed to get vaccinated. Now the French police freely roam the cafes and marketplaces, demanding to see people’s COVID vaccination passports. Welcome to 1933 Germany, you will show us your papers.

RED ALERT: Covid internment camps announced in America; Tennessee governor signs EO authorizing National Guard to carry out covid medical kidnappings
The vast majority of (oblivious) Americans have dismissed all this as a “conspiracy theory,” and now they’re shocked and frightened by the realization that covid internment camps are being actively deployed across America.

Judge Blocks Mandate Requiring Doctors to Perform Gender Reassignment Surgery
A federal court in Texas has issued a ruling that gives doctors the freedom to opt out of abortions and gender-transition procedures that go against their religious beliefs and consciences.

Hospitals around the world now being filled with “fully vaccinated” sick patients as injections rapidly spread new “variants”
New reports out of Australia and Israel suggest that upwards of 95 percent of all new hospital admissions around the world are sick patients who got “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Three quarters of new COVID cases are in vaccinated people—CDC study
Once more, dear reader, I put on my hazmat suit and enter the fake world where SARS-Cov2 exists, the Delta Variant exists, the test is meaningful, the case numbers are real, and the vaccine makes sense. These are all lies, as I’ve been proving for the past year, but even within the fake world of those lies, the experts can’t keep their stories straight; they contradict themselves, they expose their own fabrications, and they try to cover up those exposures with new pathetic fabrications. Here we go:

RED ALERT: Democrats want to drop people from Medicare and Medicaid unless they agree to be injected with the experimental, deadly vaccine
Roughly half the country is just saying no to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination,” and the Biden regime is really upset about it.

The Atlantic calls for all unvaccinated people to be added to federal no-fly list, just like terrorists
Jeffrey Goldberg, the editor-in-chief of the left-wing rag The Atlantic, wants everyone who refuses to be injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) to be placed on the federal government’s “no-fly list” as if they were terrorists.

Fake Vaccination Cards For Sale On The Rise
Fake Vaccination Cards are exploding onto the scene by people refusing to get the jab of doom (it’s killing people.) “As a segment of the population tries to avoid the new measures, the darknet reacts to the real market and thus demand gives birth to offers,” said Dmitry Galov, a researcher at cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, referring to the Fake Vaccination Cards.

Did Fauci knowingly fast-track approval of drug with deadly COVID-like side effects?
Anthony Fauci must have known that the experimental drug remdesivir had been shelved in 2018 because of its high death rate and serious side-effects when he fast-tracked it as the “standard of care” treatment for COVID-19 early in the pandemic, according to reports cited by a Texas chiropractor.

University of Pittsburgh caught harvesting LIVE baby body parts prior to abortions; organ harvesting experiments funded by Fauci and the NIH
The latest information drop from Judicial Watch has revealed that the University of Pittsburgh, thanks to funding from Tony Fauci, has been harvesting body parts from live babies just prior to aborting them.

Schoolchildren Lured To Vaccination Events With Creepy Voicemails, Free Backpacks
Globalists are attempting to lure children to vaccination events with aggressive phone targeting and promises of gifts including free backpacks and school supplies. These tactics could further aggravate a fed-up populace and spark even more resistance to the globalist vaccine agenda as protesters in the United States and Europe agitate against Coronavirus tyranny.

FEMA Concentration Camps Coming?
FEMA Concentration Camps for the unvaccinated (and even vaccinated) may be coming. The camps are already built and are called “Green Zones.” They are currently empty and waiting to be populated.


Re: Rapture Ready News - August 2021

"Fair Use for Information and Discussion Purposes"

Lawmaker sees Isaiah’s prophecy happening after ex-Intelligence official approves of Muslim Mossad chief
In a rather shocking revelation, the former deputy director of the Mossad and director-general of the Ministry of Intelligence Services and the Ministry of Strategic Affairs Ram Ben Barak, said that he “doesn’t see any problem with the deputy director of the Mossad being a Muslim-Arab.” In response, Knesset Member Itamar Ben Gvir, (Jewish Power) wrote on his Facebook profile: “When I hear these horrible and despicable statements made by Ram Ben Barak, I understand what the prophet Isaiah meant when he said ‘Your rulers are rogues’.” Your rulers are rogues And cronies of thieves, Every one avid for presents And greedy for gifts; They do not judge the case of the orphan, And the widow’s cause never reaches them. (Isaiah 1:23)

Russia arrests hypersonics research facility head on suspicion of treason
Russia has detained the head of a research facility that specializes in hypersonic technology in Moscow on suspicion of state treason, the TASS news agency cited a source as saying on Thursday. Russia’s Federal Security Service will ask a court to hold him in custody for two months, the report said. It named him as Alexander Kuranov, whose profile on the Hypersonic Systems Research Facility’s site says he is a specialist in hypersonic technology.

Did archaeologists find the Trojan Horse?
Archaeologists who claimed they had unearthed remnants of the legendary Trojan Horse in Turkey have now found significant evidence that further supports their claim, according to an article by the Greek Reporter. Turkish archaeologists excavating the site of the city of Troy on the hills of Hisarlik have discovered a large wooden structure that they believe are the remains of the Trojan Horse. These excavations include dozens of fir planks and beams up to 15 meters (49 feet) long, assembled in a strange form. The wooden structure was found inside the walls of the ancient city of Troy.

Epstein: They Knew Everything And Did Nothing
we’ve learned from the Epstein saga that the DOJ, which serves the broader interests of the US government, can’t be trusted. Epstein “was known in the intelligence world as a ‘hyper-fixer,’ somebody who can go between different cultures and networks.” And it’s easy to imagine Epstein being a “hyper-fixer” in the 1990s-2000s, given his ties to influential political and corporate figures. Think Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Leslie Wexner (of Victoria Secret’s fame), to name a few.

This is the stupidest thing you’ll read all day – and it’s from Oregon
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown quietly signed into law on July 14 a bill that allows high school students to graduate without proving they are proficient in reading, writing or arithmetic. According to the Oregonian, the governor has repeatedly denied a request for comment on the new law and why she supports ending proficiency requirements.

Russia suspected of faking US warship locations on GPS
Between August 2020 and July 2021, dozens of instances were identified in which the locations of U.S. and NATO warships appear to have been spoofed close to Russia and in other provocative positions, according to a new analysis – and Russia is a suspected culprit. The analysis released July 29 was conducted by the non-profit SkyTruth and Global Fishing Watch and it compared GPS-based automatic identification system (AIS) tracking locations of warships to their actual positions as seen in satellite imagery. The study found 100 naval vessels with suspected false AIS tracks identified between August 27, 2020 and July 15, 2021.

Magnitude 6.9 earthquake strikes Mindanao, Philippines
An earthquake of magnitude 6.9 struck about 92 km east-southeast of Mati, Philippines, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) said on Thursday.

Chinese court upholds death sentence for Canadian national
A Chinese court on Tuesday upheld a death sentence handed to Canadian national Robert Schellenberg for drug offenses amid an ongoing extradition hearing for Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou that resulted in warnings of “consequences” from Beijing.

Tracking Tropical Depression Fred: See spaghetti models, path and storm activity for Florida
Tropical Depression Fred is reached tropical storm status late Tuesday night, the National Hurricane Center reports. It weakened to a tropical depression Wednesday night.

Huge Worship Rally in Portland a Day after Antifa Attack: ‘We Didn’t Back Down!’
Following a shocking attack by antifa on Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski and others attending a prayer gathering he was holding in Portland, on Saturday, the Northwest city once again saw a meeting between darkness and light. But this time, worshippers of Jesus “didn’t back down” as Let Us Worship movement leader, Sean Feucht proclaimed. Some 5,000 people or more showed up to worship the Lord in the very place where antifa members had terrorized the Canadian pastor’s group the night before,

Texas House Speaker Signs Arrest Warrants for 52 Absent Democrats
House Speaker Dade Phelan on Tuesday signed arrest warrants for the 52 state House Democrats who absented themselves from legislative business in order to block Republican-led election reforms, according to The Dallas Morning News. Hours prior to the vote, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that the Republicans were within their rights to force their colleagues to return.

Very strong M7.1 earthquake hits near the coast of Mindanao, small tsunami observed, Philippines
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.1 hit near the coast of Mindanao, Philippines at 17:46 UTC on August 11, 2021. The agency is reporting a depth of 65.6 km (40.7 miles). EMSC is reporting M7.1 at a depth of 58 km (36 miles). GFZ M7.0 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).

Dixie Fire destroys 893 structures, threatens 16 000 more, California
The massive Dixi Fire burning in Northern California since July 13, 2021, has destroyed 893 structures, damaged another 61 and threatens 16 000 more.

More than 460 000 customers without power as severe thunderstorms hit Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois, U.S.
Severe thunderstorms rolled through parts of the U.S. Midwest on Tuesday night, August 10, 2021, into Wednesday, leaving more than 460 000 customers without power in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

More than 40 feared buried under rubble after major landslide in Himachal Pradesh, India
A major landslide took place on the Reckong Peo-Shimla Highway in Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh, India at around 07:15 UTC (12:45 LT) on August 11, 2021.

95% of severe patients in Israeli hospitals are vaccinated, warns doctor
Israel has become one of the most tyrannical nations, forcing vaccination on its citizens. As of July 4th, more than 78 percent of Israelis eligible for COVID-19 vaccination were inoculated.

BOMBSHELL: Covid does NOT exist as a novel, isolated virus … proven in COURT by courageous Canadian
One courageous Canadian man’s court case lays the foundation, and it sets the winning precedent, for all cases where people are harassed, fined or arrested for supposedly violating Covid “safety” rules and regulations, at any level.

DHS Uses Small Texas Airport to Disperse Illegal Immigrants Released from Detention
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is quietly using a small regional airport in central Texas to disperse large groups of illegal immigrants throughout the U.S. after releasing them from detention facilities in other parts of the state, city and federal sources confirm.

ARIZONA: Republican Blocking Contempt Charges For Maricopa County Took Photo With Alleged Child Predator Navarrete
Anti-Trump Arizona Senator Paul Boyer, who is currently blocking contempt charges for Maricopa County, has been repeatedly photographed with alleged child predator Tony Navarrete, who resigned as State Senator on Tuesday.

Biden’s Pentagon taking massive risk by ordering ALL military personnel to get experimental COVID-19 vaccine
Democrats have long known that the very last bastion of pro-American culture is the U.S. military, and since the Biden regime has taken over, the effort has been to fundamentally transform our patriotic fighting force into a ‘woke’ force of pansies who couldn’t fight their way out of a paper sack but whose rank-and-file members can recite critical race theory dictates verbatim.

Shocking executive order signed by Tennessee’s GOP governor authorizes quarantines, involuntary internment for COVID enforced by National Guard
Up to now during the COVID-19 pandemic, most Republican governors opted to protect the rights and individual freedoms of their citizens and against imposing top-down lockdowns and mandates that robbed people of liberties and their ability to decide for themselves, as Americans, what their own best courses of action would be in terms of self-isolation, getting a vaccine, socially distancing, or wearing a mask.

CDC announces covid internment camps for every US city; will separate families by force, claims to meet MINIMUM “humanitarian” standards
Last Friday, the Governor of Tennessee signed an executive order authorizing the National Guard to medically kidnap unvaccinated people at gunpoint and forcibly take them to covid “involuntary internment” camps across the state.

Los Angeles City Council Votes 13-0 To Create A Vaccine Passport Zone That Will Ban The Unvaccinated From Bars, Restaurants, Concerts And Movies
I know there are many who read our articles who do not hold to our hypothesis that Emmanuel Macron is the biblical man of sin, and that’s fine.

Watch Out: China Cannot Feed Itself ..China’s leader, Xi Jinping, recently made such an admission. Last August, he announced what became known as the “clean your plate” campaign to end what he called a “shocking and distressing” waste of food. Just about everyone saw this effort, to get the Chinese people to eat less, as a warning of food shortages to come.

Cuomo Quits Over Cuomosexuality, Gets Away With Cuomocide
..Instead of a real investigation of his crimes, Cuomo goes down as just another in a legion of Democrats, in the state and across the nation, who couldn’t keep their pants on.

McAfee’s Dead Man’s Switch – The Big Drop
McAfee’s Dead Man’s Switch – Is the ‘Big Drop’ Incoming? “There are no political solutions to a spiritual problem”, Mr. Hez says.

Minneapolis Democrat Official Says BLM Lighting Police Station on Fire Was ‘Pure Righteousness’
A high level Democrat party official in Minneapolis has called Black Lives Matter terrorists lighting a police station on fire an “act of pure righteousness.”

They’re Destroying the Evidence: Lindell Symposium Reveals Voting Machine Companies Are Wiping Voting Machines Clean in Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Michigan as We Previously Reported (VIDEO)
As The Gateway Pundit previously reported — Back in July the election firm ‘Election Source’ notified officials throughout the state of Michigan that they will discreetly break the law by eliminating election data from voting machines on the 15th.

CDC Quietly Adjusts Florida’s Covid-19 Numbers After State’s Health Department Blasts Them For Combining Multiple Days of Data Into One
The CDC quietly adjusted Florida’s Covid-19 numbers after the state’s health department blasted them for combining multiple days of data into one. The CDC with help from fake news media outlets on Monday reported there was a ‘record’ number of Covid cases in Florida on Sunday.

In Heartbreaking Yet Terrifying Video, A Confused ‘President’ Joe Biden Unable To Respond To Secret Service Directions And Wanders Into The Bushes
Joe Biden made a deal with the Devil after prostituting himself in Washington for nearly half a century, his soul in exchange for the ultimate power – president of the United States of America. Yesterday, Joe Biden was seemingly unable to follow the simply instruction of his Secret Service detail to walk into the door to the White House, instead wandering nonsensically over the lawn and into the bushes, as his guards exchanged “what tha…???” looks with each other.

Did the Chicoms help steal the 2020 election and continue to cover it up with the help of American corporations and politicians?
The CHICOMS are taking over America at the grassroots level. It is no longer a case of Senator McConnell’s wife, who is CHICOM national whose parents run the major ports for the CCP, who is compromised.

The “Epsilon” Variant Kill Shot to be Released On the American People In September-Exclusive Federal LEO Insider Report
There is a new variant that is going to be released upon the American people, but in name only. There is no Delta variant, and there is no Epsilon variant. However, this Epsilon variant will be the so-called kill shot that insiders have been warning about. Many of you are no doubt wondering, how can there be a kill shot for a “fake variant? Simple, both the Delta variant and soon to be ballyhooed Epsilon variant are/will be used to cover up Covid-19 vaccine death and injury.


Re: Rapture Ready News - August 2021

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Extreme heat may have produced a new all-time high temperature record in Europe
A heat wave that has been building much of this week throughout the Mediterranean allowed temperatures in Siracusa, located on the island of Sicily, Italy, to reach 119.8 degrees Fahrenheit (48.8 degrees Celsius) on Wednesday. The World Meteorological Organization announced on Thursday that it would be investigating the validity of this temperature report. If verified, it would become the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe.

Tropical storm watches issued for parts of Florida as Fred nears the US
Fred emerged from Hispaniola as a poorly organized tropical depression on Thursday morning. But, AccuWeather meteorologists say the system could eventually regain tropical-storm force — or even hurricane force — as it churns up the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Fred will threaten to make two U.S. landfalls, both of which could occur in Florida.

Turkey’s Erdogan says he may receive Taliban leader for talks
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that he might receive the leader of the militant Taliban group to discuss the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan. Mr Erdogan said he discussed ways with the leadership of Qatar on Wednesday on how to stop the advance of the Taliban and how they could be steered towards peace with the Afghanistan government.

French researchers develop a prototype for an artificial neuron
A team of researchers from CNRS and the Ecole Normale Supérieure in France develop the first prototype for an artificial neuron, according to a study published in Science (1). As in the brain, their system uses ions to carry information, and it relies on a thin layer of water transporting ions within long graphene incisions.

Globe-spanning wargame puts new naval concepts to the test
“I’ve never seen anything like this. Thirty-five years I have not seen anything of this scope and scale. It is really outstanding. And this technology allows us to do things at a level where we haven’t in the past,” said Vice Adm. James Kilby, the deputy commander of U.S. Fleet Forces Command. Kilby’s command is one of several hosting LSE 21, a 14-day wargame that seeks to hone the Navy and Marine Corps’ ability to synchronize multiple fleets and to assess their newest warfighting concepts.

Taiwan Scrambles Fighter Jets After Six Chinese Warplanes Enter Its Air Defense Identification Zone
Six Chinese military aircraft, including fighter jets, entered Taiwan’s southwestern air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Thursday, amid unconfirmed reports that a French frigate was spotted near Taiwan’s west coast. According to a report from Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND), the Chinese aircraft involved included one Y-8 electric warfare aircraft, one Y-8 electronic signals intelligence aircraft, and four J-16 multi-role fighters.

40% Of Bused-In Migrants Covid-Positive — While Biden Admin Using Texas Airport To Disperse Illegals Throughout U.S.
The city of Laredo, Texas has stopped accepting migrants who have been bused in from elsewhere after two local government officials confirmed that 40% of them have tested positive for Covid-19, according to the Washington Examiner.

Here We Go Again… WHO Announces The “Marburg Virus”
If you’ve been wondering what the next phase of this public health insanity is going to look like, your wait is over. Introducing… the MARBURG VIRUS. Earlier this week, as police fanned out across the streets of Paris going table-to-table in cafes to check people’s Covid papers, and as the Australian military deployed to the streets of Sydney to enforce extended lockdowns, the World Health Organization announced a brand new outbreak of the “Marburg Virus” in West Africa. Marburg comes from the same virus family as Ebola. And, while Covid-1984 has a roughly 1.7% fatality rate according to CDC data, the limited data from the past 20 years of Marburg cases shows a fatality rate of 85%.

Tearful Virginia Teacher Resigns At School Board Meeting, Denounces “Highly Politicized Agendas”
A Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) teacher in Virginia resigned in front of the school board Tuesday, saying that she refused to “be a cog in a machine” that forces her to transmit their “highly politicized agendas” to children. “Within the last year, I was told, in one of my so-called equity trainings, that white, Christian, able-bodied females currently have the power in our schools and that ‘this has to change,’”

Interview With Iran’s Most Wanted Zionist
Secretly, without government security, support, money, or recognition, a Persian Jew is slowly, bit by bit, undermining Iran’s murderous regime
Amrani told Israel Today that hundreds of Iranians around the country, including protesters, contact Radio Ran on his social media platforms and call him on his personal telephone to let his people know, in the Persian language, what’s really happening. “Protestors call us live from the streets and we give them a stage to tell the world what is really happening and to speak out against the regime’s antisemitism and lies.”

CONFIRMED: Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard Birthday Bash a Super Spreader Event
Obama shrugged off the concerns of scientific experts by throwing himself a massive 60th birthday party at his $17.5 million estate on Martha’s Vineyard this past weekend. As usual, the scientific experts were correct: The star-studded affair was a confirmed “super spreader” event, putting countless lives at risk and further cementing Obama’s reputation as a narcissistic war criminal.

Texas Supreme Court halts order protecting fleeing Democratic lawmakers from arrest
Roughly 25 Texas lawmakers have remained in Washington, D.C., but Democrats who returned to Texas are now under threat of arrest if they do not willingly return to the state legislature to establish a quorum.

Toward next-generation brain-computer interface systems
a team of researchers has taken a key step toward a new concept for a future BCI system — one that employs a coordinated network of independent, wireless microscale neural sensors, each about the size of a grain of salt, to record and stimulate brain activity. The sensors, dubbed “neurograins,” independently record the electrical pulses made by firing neurons and send the signals wirelessly to a central hub, which coordinates and processes the signals.

WHO calls for halting COVID-19 vaccine boosters in favor of unvaccinated
The World Health Organization is calling for a halt on COVID-19 vaccine boosters until at least the end of September, its head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday, as the gap between vaccinations in wealthy and poor countries widens. “I understand the concern of all governments to protect their people from the Delta variant. But we cannot accept countries that have already used most of the global supply of vaccines using even more of it,” Tedros added.

Israel forming axis of moderate countries against Iran, Lapid says
Foreign Minister Yair Lapid on Thursday said that Israel was forming an axis of moderate Middle Eastern countries to oppose the religious extremism of Iran and its proxies in the region.

Israel seeks to coordinate ‘plan b’ with US on Iran
Bennett told CIA Director that the US and Israel should start working on a joint strategy in case Iran elects not to return to 2015 nuclear deal.

Israeli research shows US drug can stop progress of COVID-19
Orally available antiviral drug candidate Molnupiravir has the potential to prevent hospitalization if it is given to mild or moderate patients.

IDF shot down Hezbollah drone on Lebanon border
On Wednesday evening, IDF forces identified and shot down a drone crossing from Lebanon into Israel, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit revealed on Thursday. The drone was under surveillance throughout the event, the IDF said, and was identified as belonging to the terrorist organization Hezbollah.

Are the Vienna negotiations doomed to fail?
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s rise to power fuels speculations that the nuclear talks will falter.

Extremely heavy rain over parts of southwestern Japan
A stationary front near the Tsushima Strait is dropping extremely heavy rains on parts of western Japan on August 12, 2021, forcing authorities to issue warnings and evacuation orders.

Destructive wildfires leave at least 65 dead in northern Algeria
Algerian authorities are reporting at least 65 lives were lost in wildfires raging through the mountainous region in the country’s north over the past couple of days. ​As many as 50 fires broke out in a short period of time and spread rapidly due to high winds, very hot temperatures, and tinder-dry conditions.

Attorney Thomas Renz Drops BOMBS! Hospital Administrators Killing For Cash, Threatening Docs}
EXCLUSIVE! “They get more money when they’re on Remdesivir, they get more money when they’re on the ventilator, and so they let them lay there and die and you can’t watch”.

Tech giant Amazon gets $10 billion taxpayer-funded contract to help NSA spy on American citizens
Tech giant Amazon has received $10 billion in a taxpayer-funded federal contract to help the blatantly unconstitutional National Security Agency (NSA) illegally spy on American citizens.

TREASON – US military waging biological warfare against its own troops via mandatory injections of spike protein bioweapons
Under the control of anti-American, anti-human globalists, the Pentagon is now waging biological warfare against the nearly two million active duty soldiers that currently serve in the defense of the United States of America.

U.S. Pentagon Unveils New Tech To “Predict” Future
The US Northern Command (NORTHCOM) has been conducting Global Information Dominance Experiments involving compiling massive amounts of data gathered by satellite, undersea censors and cyberwarfare.

Star Of Internet Series Hit ‘The Chosen’ Makes Pilgrimage To Rome To Pay Obeisance To Pope Francis At Meeting Inside The Serpent Head Building
I have received a lot of messages and emails from Christians gushing over hit internet series ‘The Chosen’, and telling me how much I should watch it. I did look into it, and what did I find? I found out that is a production from joint cooperation between Mormons in Utah and the Roman Catholic Church in Rome.

More than 800 unaccompanied kids stopped at southern border
US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) stopped a whopping 834 unaccompanied minors at the US-Mexico border Wednesday, the most since the Biden administration began releasing a daily tally of apprehensions of children earlier this year.

Atlanta School Caught Separating Black and White Kids, Parents Outraged
A “woke” school in Atlanta, Georgia has been caught separating black and white children into segregated classrooms, prompting outrage from furious parents.

Texas Restaurants Back Down After Government Informs Them Vaccine Requirements Are Illegal
The state of Texas put businesses on notice Thursday, reminding them that asking for proof of a Covid vaccination is illegal in the state.

As The COVID Delta Variant Rages Across America And Around The World, Where Are All The Charismatic Healing Lines And Their Anointed Apostles?
People like Paula White, Benny Hinn, Rod Parsley, Kenneth Copeland and dozens of others have made untold millions convincing people that they have the apostolic gifts of miraculous healing. Yet strangely, as COVID rages, every single one of them is now silent.

The Demon-Infused Fascists Of ANTIFA Ruthlessly Attack A Public Christian Prayer Gathering In Portland, Howling At The Name Of Jesus Christ
Nothing funnier than a group like ANTIFA, fascist to the core, going around spouting nonsense about being “anti-fascist”, you have to be imbecilic to believe that even for a second. But there is nothing funny about violently attacking Christians holding a prayer and preaching service, destroying their equipment and spraying them in the face with chemicals.

Dr. Mikovits: SARS-CoV-2 is actually a lab-made monkey cell virus, readily deployed through the flu, MMR and polio vaccine supply
Dr. Judy Mikovits was recently interviewed on Brighteon Conversations, and she did not hold back unveiling the real causes of transfection behind SARS-CoV-2 and the scientific fraud that was used to promote a pandemic and suppress people’s immune systems

CDC announces covid internment camps for every US city; will separate families by force, claims to meet MINIMUM “humanitarian” standards
Last Friday, the Governor of Tennessee signed an executive order authorizing the National Guard to medically kidnap unvaccinated people at gunpoint and forcibly take them to covid “involuntary internment” camps across the state.

Bombshell: FDA knew all along there would be many COVID cases among the fully vaccinated—and buried that knowledge
First of all, I have to re-emphasize a point I’ve made many times: SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist. I’ve been proving that for over a year. BUT I don’t stop there. I temporarily enter the official world where people assume the virus does exist, and I reveal many internal contradictions and lies and cover-ups within that world. Some readers, who possess sub-standard literacy, believe I’m contradicting MYSELF. They think I’m saying the virus doesn’t exist and does exist. Wrong.


Re: Rapture Ready News - August 2021

"Fair Use for Information and Discussion Purposes"

Severe thunderstorms cause historic power outage across Michigan, U.S. – more than 900 000 homes without power
Two rounds of severe thunderstorms hit Michigan from Tuesday to Thursday, August 10 to 12, 2021. Strong winds and heavy rains brought by the storm decimated the power supply network, leaving more than 900 000 homes and businesses without power.

Medistorm Falchion forms in the Black Sea, bringing heavy rains and floods
A low pressure area that formed over the north-central Black Sea on August 11 has been classified as Medistorm Falchion on August 12, 2021, by the Mediterranean Cyclone Centre. Falchion was moving slowly to the NE on August 12 and was expected to strengthen and make landfall near Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Krai, Russia by the evening of August 13.

Concentration Camps For The UnVaccinated
Concentration Camps may be coming for the unvaccinated in order to “protect you” from the “virus.” The government has not only been looking for volunteers to round up the unvaccinated, but they are training them for the job.

UN Ignores Israeli Demand for Condemnation of Hezbollah Rocket Attacks
The Islamist terrorist group Hezbollah is running Lebanon on behalf of its patron, the Iranian regime. The Deputy Attorney General of the puppet Lebanese Government released four Hezbollah terrorists who were responsible for recently shooting rockets into Israel. On August 6th, Hezbollah had fired from within civilian areas a barrage of 19 rockets into northern Israel. This attack came only two days after the terrorist organization had fired 3 rockets at Israel.

CDC caught fabricating Florida covid numbers to push mass hysteria
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is lying once again about the alleged number of new Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “cases” in the state of Florida.

Dr. Richard Fleming warns that Fauci, NIH have already developed the NEXT bioweapon to be released with HIV-like capabilities that suppress human immunity
In a new Brighteon Conversation, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, got the chance to sit down and talk with Dr. Richard Fleming about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). And what Fleming had to say about this whole thing is truly eye-opening, including what may be coming next in the plandemic saga.

University of Pittsburgh’s aborted baby body parts racket including racial quotas for “minority” babies
The University of Pittsburgh (Pitt)has been exposed as a baby butcher mill, complete with racial quotas that require a certain number of “minority” babies to be executed for their lucrative vital organs and other body parts.

BREAKING: CDC creating secret national database of households with unvaccinated children… hear the recording… plan to medically KIDNAP all unvaxxed kids?
The corrupt CDC, which has outlined a plan to set up covid internment camps in every US city, is secretly building a database of US households that have unvaccinated children present. Disguised as a national immunization “survey,” the CDC is collaborating with NORC at the University of Chicago to place phone calls to households across America, asking whether any children aged six months to 17 years old are in the home, and querying about their vaccination status.

Children Born During COVID Pandemic Appear to Have Lower IQs, Stunted Neurodevelopment
A study has found that children born during the COVID pandemic have “significantly reduced verbal, motor, and overall cognitive performance compared to children born pre-pandemic.”

How Many Have Died From COVID Vaccines?
..In just four months, the COVID-19 vaccines have killed more people than all available vaccines combined from mid-1997 until the end of 2013 — a period of 15.5 years

California Gov. Newsom orders teacher vaccinations
California school employees must be vaccinated against COVID-19 or submit to a weekly test proving they are not infected with the coronavirus under an order announced Wednesday by Gov. Gavin Newsom that positions the state as among the most aggressive in the nation with mandates aimed at keeping campuses safe.

BOMBSHELL: CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s husband took millions in “grant” money for pharmaceutical endeavors
Rochelle Walensky, Joe Biden’s pick for head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is a criminal. So is her husband, who we now know has been taking taxpayer money in the form of government “grants” for his pharmaceutical company.

The Globalists Have Rehearsed, for Years, Using Your Children As Bait to Lure You to Your Final Disposition
I have uncovered government documents that clearly demonstrate the government’s planned complicity to create concentration camps in order to send elderly and people with health issues to these concentration camps for final distribution. The CSS fully plans to distribute the uncontestable proof that the worst days of Nazi Germany are upon us. The planned assault upon Americans will begin with our children and the globalists have been rehearsing for almost a decade for the time period we have now entered.


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Rhode Island Teachers’ Union Sues Mother For Daring To Ask To See Her Kindergartener’s Curriculum
“My initial take is that this smells collusive. South Kingstown doesn’t want to produce records and the union is helping them out.”

Violent M7.2 earthquake hits Haiti, causing widespread damage and leaving hundreds dead, injured and missing
A violent earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.2 hit Haiti at 12:29 UTC on August 14, 2021. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

Very strong mag. 6.9 earthquake – Gulf of Alaska, 111 mi east of Sandpoint, Aleutians East, Alaska, USA, on Saturday, 14 Aug 2021 3:57 am
This quake was likely an aftershock of the 8.2 quake Chignik Earthquake, Gulf of Alaska, 29 July 2021 06:15 GMT, which had occurred 2 weeks earlier.

Last Major City in Northern Afghanistan Falls to Taliban While Joe Biden Vacations at Camp David by Rebecca Downs
The last major city in northern Afghanistan fell to the Taliban on Saturday night, marking the complete loss of the country’s north to the Taliban as the insurgents appear on the verge of a full military takeover.

We’ve Never Seen Vaccine Injuries on This Scale — Why Are Regulatory Agencies Hiding COVID Vaccine Safety Signals?
A few months before the first COVID-19 vaccines received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in late 2020, a global vaccine safety expert cautioned the rushed circumstances made it essential to “get [safety monitoring] right” by “intensively” and “robustly” scrutinizing adverse events following the experimental rollout.

China ‘Ready’ To Recognize Taliban If Afghan Government Ousted
US empire humiliated & in retreat, apparently.

Depopulation Agenda Exposed 12 Years Ago
The Depopulation Agenda by the government (the Deep State) was exposed by Dr. Rima 12 years before Covid started. World depopulation has been planned by governments for years, which is led by The Deep State.

Afghanistan Crisis: US Returning 3,000 Combat Troops to Kabul, 1,000 to Qatar, 3,500-4,000 to Kuwait
In what the Pentagon will not describe as a combat mission, roughly 3,000 Marines and soldiers will deploy to Kabul’s international airport in the next 24-48 hours with a “narrowly-focused” mission of safeguarding the withdrawal of all but a “core” of U.S. diplomatic personnel in the coming weeks.

France fines Monsanto for illegal data collection
The French Data Protection Agency (CNIL) recently fined agrochemical firm Monsanto for illegally collecting data on more than 200 public figures, journalists and activists. The CNIL imposed the 400,000 euro (US$473,000) fine on Monsanto for failing to inform the individuals involved of their inclusion in the company’s lobbying file. The report said that Monsanto compiled data on influential people with the aim of swaying public opinion in favor of its controversial Roundup herbicide.

State medical boards threaten to revoke licenses from doctors who question covid “vaccines”
The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) is threatening to suspend or revoke the medical license of any physician who dares to tell the truth about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” being unsafe and ineffective.

Apple now scanning iPhones without permission to supposedly look for child pornography
Under the guise of “protecting children” – a classic excuse – tech giant Apple has decided to scan everyone’s iPhones without their permission to allegedly search for images of child abuse.

Welcome to 1938: First, they came for the unvaccinated
…This is 1938. I’m a Jew. I now understand just a little of what it felt like to be a Jew in 1938. No, it’s not the Holocaust. Nothing can be compared to the Holocaust. Ever. But 1938 was not the Holocaust. It was the pre-Holocaust. It was the time before the nightmare, when the foundation was being laid to destroy the freedom, free speech, businesses and lives of millions of Jews.

Taliban Seen Flying Captured Military Helicopters Over Afghanistan
Watch: rare moment ‘jihadi air force’ goes operational.

Statement on virus isolation (SOVI). “SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated or purified”
…As a result, no confirmation of the virus’ existence can be found. The logical, common sense, and scientific consequences of this fact are:1-the structure and composition of something not shown to exist can’t be known, including 2-the presence, structure, and function of any hypothetical spike or other proteins;3-the genetic sequence of something that has never been found can’t be known; “variants” of something that hasn’t been shown to exist can’t be known; it’s impossible to demonstrate that SARS-CoV-2 causes a disease called Covid-19.

As Homeland Security Issues Terror Threat Over People Who Refuse COVID Vaccine, US Army Advertising For ‘Internment/Resettlement Specialists’
No need to feel paranoid, the US Army is merely looking for people to work as Internment/Resettlement Specialists, people who can be trained to confine people in a military setting. Pays really good too, up to $130,000.00 per year to round up people and hold them in internment camps.


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How the Taliban conquest of Afghanistan could be a Messianic omen
According to Jewish literature, the ten lost tribes of Israel were hidden beyond the mythical Sambatyon River in order to hide them and separate them from mankind. According to Jewish legend, the river has the unique quality of not flowing on the Sabbath. They will remain hidden until the final battle for Mount Zion, at which time they will come to help Israel in the battle. This is hinted at in the book of Isaiah:

EU on brink of collapse as even ex-French PM admitted ‘Things could fall apart in months’
Talk of the EU splitting up has grown since the UK left the Union last year, with several member states lined up as potential nations to emulate Brexit. This year post-Brexit Britain’s swift COVID-19 vaccine rollout has been compared to the sluggish distribution of jabs in the EU. The pandemic has further exposed Brussels’ bureaucracy, as well as the fault lines that exist between some member states.

Arctic Sea Ice News and analysis
The rate of Arctic sea ice loss was somewhat slow through much of July, lowering prospects for a new record low minimum extent in September. The month as a whole was marked by widespread low pressure over most of the Arctic Ocean, which was much more extensive than recorded for June.

COVID: 90% of patients treated with new Israeli drug discharged in 5 days
Some 93% of 90 coronavirus serious patients treated in several Greek hospitals with a new drug developed by a team at Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center as part of the Phase II trial of the treatment were discharged in five days or fewer. “The main goal of this study was to verify that the drug is safe,” Prof. Nadir Arber said. “To this day we have not registered any significant side effect in any patient from both groups.”

Palestinians’ burn effigy of Star of David with Swastika inside
In the ‘Palestinian’ village of Beyta in Samaria, Arabs held a ceremony burning a lifesize Star of David with a Nazi Swastika inside of it. The ceremony took place next to the recently-established Jewish village of Evyatar. In the video, local Arabs can be seen holding torches while surrounding the effigy and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar!”

Head of education for Arabs in Israel assassinated
Israeli Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton’s Arab affairs adviser was gunned down in his car on Sunday outside his home in the Galilee village of Rameh. Sahar Ismail, 50, a member of the Druze community, also served as an adviser to New Hope leader Gideon Sa’ar, currently Israel’s justice minister.

Jerusalem in awe of ‘Apocalyptic’ smoke cloud lingering over Temple Mount
A massive brush-fire in the Shoresh forest has engulfed the entire area in a suffocating cloud of smoke. The ‘apocalyptic’ blaze has reached Jerusalem creating a type of mushroom cloud over the Temple Mount.

What Hezbollah learned this month
The likelihood that Hezbollah will start a major war against Israel increased significantly in the wake of its Aug. 6 missile attack. Hezbollah attacked Israel with 20 missiles because the outcome of Hamas’s offensive against the Jewish state in May convinced Iran’s foreign legion in Lebanon that it would only gain from aggression.

Iranian opposition group behind cyberattack on Iranian railroads
The group in question is known as Indra, named after the god of war in Hindu mythology. “We have seen many cyberattacks connected with what are believed to be professional intelligence or military units,” Itay Cohen, a senior researcher at Check Point, told The New York Times. “But here, it seems to be something else entirely.”

Assessment: Arson caused massive forest fire in Jerusalem hills
Fire fighters are still battling a massive blaze in a forest near the town of Beit Meir, not far from Jerusalem. Fire fighters from across the country as well as the Home Front Command have been deployed in an effort to bring it under control. The blaze is visible from far and wide, including from many parts of Jerusalem. Several main traffic arteries including Highway One were closed during the afternoon

Haiti earthquake death toll rises to nearly 1,300; Christian aid groups provide relief
Nearly 1,300 people have been found dead after Saturday morning’s magnitude 7.2 earthquake toppled and damaged buildings, including churches, in southwestern Haiti. At least 5,700 have been injured with thousands more displaced. Christian groups say they’re estimating damages and the needs to provide immediate humanitarian assistance.

Sydney lockdown fines increased to $3,700, stay-at-home orders extended
Residents of Sydney and its home state of New South Wales will now face fines of up to $3,700 for violating coronavirus stay-at-home orders, which were extended Saturday following a record number of daily COVID-19 infections in the area.

Afghanistan Has Fallen As China Is Moving to Threaten US Middle East Oil Supplies and the Liar-In-Chief Continues to Deny the Truth
I was preparing for publishing another article on the CDC’s planned implementation of concentration camps under the guise of Covid mitigation, when I received confirmation of a story from an American GI that Afghanistan, despite assurances from the lying Biden administration, has fallen. Not only has Afghanistan fallen, Communist Chinese troops are everywhere in Afghanistan. In fact, Chinese troops engaged American forces, alongside their Taliban alies as a base was in the process of being abandoned.

Eviction Moratorium: A Postmortem On Private Property
The Founding Fathers did not include a universal pandemic exception in the Constitution… If eviction moratoriums are deemed a lawful intervention, why shouldn’t the seizing of private property be used to quell future “crises”?

Coming Soon to Kabul: Women Beaten with Sticks, Shot in the Head in Stadium Executions (VIDEO)
Back in 1999 before the 9-11 attacks on the United States, the Taliban executed a woman cowering beneath a pale blue all-enveloping burqa, in the first public execution of a woman since the terrorist organization took control of Kabul.

Top 10 BIGGEST LIES about Covid-19
Covid is a group of symptoms, not a disease, according to one of the world’s leading virus experts, Dr. Judy Mikovitz. When you test “positive” for Covid, you’re really just testing positive for common colds, flu viruses and pathogens from previous vaccines. When most people run a high fever, their body is actually fighting off bacteria from the Covid masks they wear all day and the pathogens that were injected with the Covid inoculations.

Mandatory COVID vaccines at Tyson Foods leads to walkout of some workers amid food supply crisis and rising resistance to medical tyranny
The Marxists behind the regime and the deep state were working their ‘magic’ to turn our country into a socialist gulag with them in charge little by little, like the proverbial frog in the frying pan.

Yes, prices for food are rising steady as inflation in the Biden era starts to run rampant: Here’s how we know
Americans didn’t hear much about inflation during the previous administration because prices for food and commodities weren’t out of sync with rising wages that all demographics enjoyed under President Donald Trump’s kick-butt economy.

Widespread panic buying now taking place in the UK amid the spread of new COVID variant; better stock up while you can in the U.S.
COVID seems to be the viral gift that keeps on giving, as the world is now dealing with a second wave of illnesses stemming from a variant of the original strain called Delta.

Feds declare anti-vaxxers are “terrorists,” unveil 90-day plan to wage false flag violence and blame it on “anti-lockdown extremists”
Just as we repeatedly warned would happen, the corrupt, criminally-run federal government has just declared war against the American people. In a widely-circulated Homeland Security warning, the federal government declared that anyone who opposes vaccines, masks, social distancing or lockdowns poses a “potential terror threat” to society at large. Dubbed a “National Terrorism Alert” by CIA-run NBC News, the warning also insists that anyone who thinks there was fraud in the 2020 election might also be a terrorist.

Former CIA Officer: “The Most Infamous & Devastating Press Conference Ever Held By An American President”
Reporter: Is a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan now inevitable?

Biden Admin Ordered All American Flags Destroyed at US Embassy in Kabul
The Biden administration ordered the U.S. Embassy in Kabul to destroy all American flags before they depart.

As ‘President’ Biden Cowers At Camp David, The United States Military Under His Order Suffering Humiliating And Crushing Defeat In Afghanistan
President Trump had a deal all worked out and in place to ensure that the United States military could withdraw from Afghanistan with strength and dignity, and all Joe Biden had to do was simply abide by the conditions already set in place. Had he done that, it would have been a huge win for the Biden administration, and they would have been credited for successful withdraw instead of Trump. It was a no-brainer. Then Joe did some ‘thinking’, and everything changed

Pope Francis Tells Followers At Assumption Of Mary Feast That ‘Humility Is The Way To Heaven’ Urging Catholics To ‘Pray To Mary’ Shrine
After the amazing Sunday Service the Lord gave us this morning, it pains me, it truly does, to have to go from that to this, rebuking the pope for telling his followers lies about how to get to Heaven. But Heaven and Hell, after having arrived at one or the other, are forever, and we will do everything we can to correct false teaching here and now, so it won’t come back to bite you later.

Afghan president flees country as Taliban seize Kabul, take control; US attempts evacuations
Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani fled the country Sunday for Tajikistan as the Taliban moved further into Kabul, a senior Afghan Interior Ministry official said.


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PRIDE COMES BEFORE THE FALL: US Embassy in Kabul Was Celebrating Pride Month as Taliban Launched Final Campaign to Retake Country
As the Taliban launched their final campaign to retake the country the Biden Administration and General Milley were celebrating Pride Month in Kabul. That’s important.

Grace approaching Dominican Republic and Haiti, heavy rainfall expected
Tropical Depression “Grace” is approaching the southern coast of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, rising the threat of flash flooding and mudslides across Hispaniola today.

Military veterans discover sinister ‘child sex trafficking camp’ with ‘underground jail for kids’, ‘rape tree’ and name ‘Maddie’ etched into branch
AN alleged child sex trafficking camp with a sinister underground bunker, a so-called “rape tree” and the name “Maddie” written on a branch has been discovered by US veterans on patrol. The abandoned camp, just outside of Tucson in Arizona, was uncovered by an ex-armed forces group which helps homeless veterans.

Biden Sends 3,000 Troops, Offers Taliban Bribes, As Afghanistan Disaster Looms
…Biden has been reduced to bribing the Taliban with foreign aid in exchange for a promise not to attack the United States embassy in Kabul. The proposal to fund terrorists is criminally treasonous and since the ranks of the Taliban include any number of Jihadis, and their old Al Qaeda allies have a presence in Afghanistan, that’s setting up our diplomats to be killed.

What exactly is causing illness worldwide if SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated, purified and shown to cause any human disease, let alone a pandemic?
As the phrase “COVID-19” is permanently tattooed into our brains, epidemiologists still haven’t found a natural animal reservoir for the origination of SARS-CoV-2. Even more astounding, no virologists has isolated and purified this novel coronavirus nor proven it replicates in a human cell line! So, what is SARS-CoV-2 and what does the ubiquitous term, COVID-19 represent? What is actually causing infections and deaths worldwide? Why are human rights under assault? What are the real reasons for severe illness, and where is this suffering coming from?

U.S. border has collapsed completely as Biden regime now busing COVID-infected migrants all across U.S.
It should be completely obvious by now that whoever is running the Biden regime is out to destroy what is left of our American experiment in self-government, based on reports this week about the worsening situation along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Western supply chain collapse eminent as China closes massive shipping facility, claiming COVID “case”
Regular readers are aware of all the ways Western Marxists have used and abused the COVID-19 pandemic to increase their power, but now the virus is set to cause a major disruption all on its own.

Israel Issues Call For International Aid To Combat Massive Fire That Is Raging Right Now Around Capital City Of Jerusalem, Origin As Yet Unknown
Israel performed mass evacuations of Jerusalem area residents today, getting thousands of people out of the path of the largest fire in Israel since the Carmel blaze in 2010 that killed 44 people. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but with all the events with the Taliban seizing control in Afghanistan, can anyone help but wonder if this fire might be connected to that? One thing’s for sure, watching Biden ‘handle’ Afghanistan can only be empowering and encouraging terrorists across the Middle East.

America is a FAILED STATE… God’s wrath being unleashed to take down a nation of sin… Prepare yourself to walk through the valley of the shadow of death
As the world watched in dismay, the fall of Kabul painted a vivid picture of the crumbling of the United States of America. The US military, hell bent on going “woke” with transgenderism and gays in the military, is utterly unable to protect its own personnel overseas, and has been impotent in protecting the US southern border from a relentless invasion of illegals that are pouring into the country.

How Long Do the Vaccinated Have to Live? (Dr. Mylo Canderian is of the opinion that 95% of the world’s population are “Useless Eaters” who need to be euthanized as quickly as possible.)
…Graphene Oxide is an oxygen sponge which deprives the body of necessary oxygen and causes many complications, including but not limited to anaphylactic shock, toxic blood clotting, fatal lung paralysis, mitochondrial cancer, and endothelial cancer.”
Dr. Mylo Canderian’s viewpoint is much the same as Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and the Big Pharma CEO’s: LET THEM ALL DIE!

Minnesota Parents Refuse Lockdowns And Mask Mandates
Dozens of Minnesota parents refuse lockdowns and have voiced their opposition to Democrat Governor Tim Walz’s latest mask mandates for school children in Minnesota.

AMERICA LAST: Biden Pentagon Says That Americans Trapped Will *Not* Get ‘Priority Treatment’ As Afghanistan Falls Into The Hands Of Taliban
Just imagine that you are an American worker in Afghanistan who has just watched the Taliban march in and take the entire nation including Kabul in less than 7 days. Imagine your feelings of shock and horror as you watch the American military desperately trying to airlift frightened people to safety in all the noise and confusion. Now imagine that your government just announced that Americans still trapped in Afghanistan will receive no ‘special treatment’ or ‘prioritization’ to be taken out. Could it get any worse? Just wait.

Former Pfizer Employee Turned Whistleblower Confirms Poison in COVID Vaccine
Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, came forward with indisputable documentation that should be shared with the ENTIRE WORLD! The inoculation being referred to as ‘COVID Vaccines’ is a poisonous death sentence, and nobody should subject themselves to the shots.

Widespread panic buying now taking place in the UK amid the spread of new COVID variant; better stock up while you can in the U.S.
COVID seems to be the viral gift that keeps on giving, as the world is now dealing with a second wave of illnesses stemming from a variant of the original strain called Delta.


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Israel signs deal with Jordan for agricultural imports during sabbatical year
Israel and Jordan signed a deal on Tuesday to prioritize agricultural imports from the Jewish state’s eastern neighbor during the upcoming shmita (sabbath year) that starts in September. Shmita is mandated by the Torah and is observed in Judaism. Israeli farmers must leave their land fallow and cease all agricultural activity for the year in order to be certified kosher.

Three volcanoes are erupting at the same time in Alaska
Along a remote, roughly 800-mile stretch of Alaska’s Aleutian island chain, three volcanoes are erupting at the same time, with at least two spewing low levels of ash and steam. The simultaneous eruptions have been going on for more than a week but do not currently pose a threat to nearby communities and have not disrupted any air travel so far,

Chinese state media chief calls for war with US over troop numbers in Taiwan
Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of the Chinese state-run Global Times, tweeted a call for war after Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) mistakenly tweeted that there are 30,000 U.S. troops currently stationed in Taiwan.

Carafano: Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Speech Proves He Will Be President Chaos
Before … Joe Biden addressed the nation on the crisis in Afghanistan, someone should have reminded him of the adage “When you are in a deep hole, stop digging.” Because on top of his strategic failures in Afghanistan, he has now made a massive political misjudgment. By denying responsibility, Biden solidly made his decision-making the issue. He will have to live with the tsunami of inquiry that will follow. Now that Biden has put himself in the cross-hairs, he doesn’t have a lot of options. He can’t easily shift responsibility and fire people or have them resign. Anyone he tries to throw under the bus might well turn and point out the obvious — it was the president’s call to run away,

Grace To Strengthen Into Hurricane As Storm Eyes Landfall Near Cancun
National Hurricane Center (NHC) expects Tropical Storm Grace to strengthen into a hurricane over the northwest Caribbean and possibly make landfall over the Yucatan Peninsula later on Thursday. Earlier this month, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) upgraded the number of named storms to 21 from its prior forecast of 15 in May. NOAA expects at least ten hurricanes and up to five major ones with winds above 100 mph.

Biden To Increase Food Stamp Benefits By 25%, The Largest Hike In The Program’s History
Having solved domestic problems like inflation and foreign problems like the complete and total collapse of Afghanistan in minutes after the U.S. withdrew from the country, President Biden is now focused on offering the largest long-term increase in food stamp benefits in the program’s history. The program adds “billions of dollars in costs” to the government, Bloomberg noted in a writeup this weekend. But, in Biden’s defense, what are dollars anymore, after all?

‘Deny and accuse somebody else’: FBI instructed informant in Michigan governor ‘kidnap’ plot to slander another man, report says
A text from an FBI agent instructed an informant in the alleged militia plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to delete messages and shift blame onto another man, casting further doubt on the already doubtful case. “Be sure to delete these,” the agent – allegedly Impola – tells ‘Dan,’ and later instructs him to deflect accusations of being an FBI informant. “Best thing to do is deny and accuse somebody else,” the agent texted, naming a man who wasn’t charged in the plot.

World Earthquake Report for August 2021
Summary: 1 quake 8.0+, 3 quakes 7.0+, 8 quakes 6.0+, 202 quakes 5.0+, 714 quakes 4.0+, 2223 quakes 3.0+, 4941 quakes 2.0+ (8092 total)

Well-preserved skeleton sheds light on culture in ancient Pompeii
The body of the man, believed to be in his 60s, was found in a tomb which dated to the final decades of Pompeii, before it was destroyed by the Vesuvius volcano in 79 AD. A commemorative inscription named the man as Marcus Venerius Secundio and made a reference to theatre performances at Pompeii in Greek …

Christian Lebanese party: Prepare for conflict to bring down Lebanon gov’t
Lebanon’s Christian Kataeb Party called on Monday to prepare for a field confrontation to bring down the Lebanese government “by all available means,” after at least 27 people were killed in a fuel tank explosion in Akkar in northern Lebanon. The party, which played an important role in the Lebanese Civil War, called on Lebanese President Michel Aoun and the entire Lebanese parliament to resign and called on the United Nations Security council to hold an emergency meeting on the situation in Lebanon.

The last Jew in Afghanistan is staying – report
Afghanistan’s last remaining Jew, Zabulon Simantov, has decided to remain in Afghanistan despite the Taliban’s takeover, according to a tweet by Israeli journalist Zvika Klein who cited WION. However, he has recently stated in a report to WION, “I will not leave my home. If I had left, there would have been no one to maintain the synagogue.”

Israel reportedly targets southern Syria, explosions heard near border
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition war monitor, said the missiles struck areas where Iran-backed fighters are based.

Harps built for Third Temple destroyed in major Jerusalem forest fire
Everything seemed on track to bring harps into the world for their unique music to be played in the Temple until Sunday when Arab terrorists set the blaze that became a massive forest fire surrounding Jerusalem. In addition to the 5,000 acres of forest, the workshop of Micah Harari in which he had painstakingly created unique handmade harps for more than three decades burned to the ground, destroying his tools and many harps that stood waiting for the Temple.

Afghan body found in US C-17 landing gear, reports say
An Afghan’s body was reportedly found in the landing gear of a U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III transport aircraft on Monday after transporting Afghan citizens from Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. After leaving Kabul, the C-17’s landing gear was malfunctioning, prompting the crew to declare an emergency. Upon landing at another airport, human remains were discovered in the wheel well, three people close to the situation told The Washington Post on Tuesday. Two sources close to the situation who spoke with Politico also gave the same account.

Biden facing withering criticism from Democrats and Republicans over his surrender of Afghanistan and speech to the nation
Joe Biden is bringing bipartisanship back to Washington. But not in a way he intended. Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress are suddenly unified this week in their furious reactions to the president’s surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban terrorists, and the speech to the nation that Biden gave on Monday. Biden is facing withering criticism from leaders in both parties, as well as from prominent journalists in the mainstream media,

Violent M7.2 earthquake in Haiti claims 1 419 lives, leaves 6 900 injured and 84 585 homes damaged or destroyed
1 419 people have been killed and more than 6 900 others injured after a violent M7.2 earthquake1 struck Haiti at 12:29 UTC on August 14, 2021, the Haitian Civil Protection Agency (DPC) said at 22:17 UTC on August 16.

Storm surge, heavy rains and high winds hit Florida as Tropical Storm “Fred” makes landfall, U.S.
Tropical Storm “Fred” — the 6th named storm of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season — made landfall at 19:15 UTC (15:15 LT) on August 16, 2021, near Cape San Blas, Florida, U.S. The storm peaked at 100 km/h (65 mph) just one hour before and maintained that strength until landfall.

Severe floods hit Germany again, destructive tornado in Lower Saxony
A new round of heavy rains hit Germany and Austria on August 16 and 17, 2021, causing severe floods and landslides and spawning at least one destructive tornado.

WTH!? OUTRAGEOUS… — BREAKING NEWS! Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Reveals: ‘Taliban Can Stay On Platform, As Long As They Don’t Get Too Violent’
On Tuesday, Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey said in a statement that the Taliban will be allowed to stay on its social media platform, as long as they don’t get too violent. The company explains it will “proactively enforce our rules” however stopped short of saying it would blacklist the Taliban.

Who Could Have Guessed it? Obama’s “Taliban Five” Were Instrumental in the Overthrow of Afghanistan
Obama gave $5 billion and the ‘Taliban 5’ for deserter Bowe Burgdahl. These terrorists were instrumental in the overthrow of Afghanistan the New York Post reports:

The CDC is the new Big Tobacco, except they’re pushing mass death in a needle, via Covid vaccines, with thousands of doctors “endorsing” it all
Remember the “War on Big Tobacco?” That started in the 1960s, just 30 years after doctors and scientists discovered and knew that smoking causes lung cancer. Smoking kills about 500,000 Americans per year, and that’s about 1,300 deaths per day caused by those dreaded “cancer sticks.”

100 million T-Mobile, Sprint customers hacked: SSNs, home addresses stolen
A massive data breach has occurred at T-Mobile and Sprint, exposing the private data of at least 100 million customers to hackers who are now trying to sell it on the black market in exchange for Bitcoin.

Highly vaccinated Oregon deploys National Guard troops to hospitals as post-vaccine “Delta” variant hospitalizations explode
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is sending National Guard troops to hospitals all across the Beaver State to deal with an explosion of new cases of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “Delta” variant.

Head of WHO origin investigation team admits communist China ordered them what to write in report
The head of the World Health Organization’s origin investigation into COVID-19 has admitted that China basically ordered his team on what to write in their report and allowed them to mention the lab leak theory, but only on the condition that they didn’t recommend following it up.

Joe Biden Has Just Gifted The Taliban In Afghanistan With More Military Weaponry And Ammunition Than Any Other Terrorist Group In The World
And just like that, the rag-tag, cave-dwelling Taliban army has just become the most-well equipped Islamic terror group that exists anywhere in the Middle East that’s not Iran. The gift that Joe Biden gave them by just pulling out with no plan of any kind in place to prevent something like this, is the gift that just keeps on giving. Can you just imagine the type of damage the Taliban is now capable of inflicting? Or the thousands of women and young ladies in Afghanistan now that will become slaves of the Taliban?

New Zealand Thrown Into National Lockdown Over 1 Assumed Delta Case
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern put the country under national lockdown after authorities detected a single case of the CCP virus, likely the Delta variant, in the city of Auckland.

BOMBSHELL: DARPA was secretly developing the mRNA vaccine years ago through Moderna, and they seek permanent control over your body and bloodline
Prior to the worldwide lockdowns in 2020, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) were surreptitiously working on a new mRNA vaccine platform using a new biotech company called Moderna. Their strategic planning began in 2013, when DARPA funds were used by Moderna to invent methods for inducing a short-lived immune response through administration of mRNA vaccines.

Breaking: China Dispatches Warships, ASW Aircraft and Fighter Jets off Coast of Taiwan Following Fall of Afghanistan
The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on Tuesday launched joint live-fire assault drills in multiple locations off the coast of Taiwan. This is just what Jack Posobiec and The War Room said would happen next.

Starting Today In New York City, You Will Need Mark Of The Beast Prototype ‘The Key To NYC’ To Be Allowed Access To Anything, Anywhere At Any Time
The Key To NYC is not the Mark of the Beast, but it is an excellent Mark of the Beast prototype, and today New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio rolled it out with all the pomp and circumstance that would have made Adolf Hitler so very proud.


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Texas Supreme Court just ruled that mask mandates are ILLEGAL statewide
Mask mandates have been ruled illegal in Texas, but that is not stopping some defiant public school districts from mandating them anyway.

Second wave of a global “shipping nightmare” now taking shape – expect SHORTAGES of everything
For weeks we’ve been warning about a coronavirus-induced supply chain disruption that was only going to get worse before it gets better.

California farms face collapse as unprecedented droughts sizzle crops
The extreme drought situation in California continues to worsen as farms throughout the state, which provide much of the food consumed by Americans, lay waste without water.

Breaking: British Para Troops Are Running Vehicle Patrols Through Center of Kabul to Extract Trapped UK Citizens — While Biden Abandons Trapped Americans
An Afghan woman pleads with US troops to allow her inside the airport grounds to flee the Taliban. The US Embassy in Afghanistan under the direction of Joe Biden on Wednesday sent out a second security alert to stranded Americans in Kabul: “THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT CANNOT ENSURE SAFE PASSAGE TO THE HAMID KARZAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.” You are on your own.

Strong M6.8 earthquake hits near the coast of Vanuatu, hazardous tsunami waves possible
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.8 hit near the coast of Vanuatu at 10:10 UTC on August 18, 2021. The agency is reporting a depth of 91 km (56 miles. EMSC is reporting M6.8 at a depth of 100 km (62 miles).

HEALTH CARE COLLAPSE warning: Vaccine spike protein will unleash widespread neurological damage that overwhelms world’s medical systems
Imagine living in a world where every hospital is overrun with vaccine-injured patients of all ages, suffering from extreme neurological damage that places previously able-bodied people in the category of requiring constant medical assistance to survive. Imagine so many people dying from covid spike protein injections (“vaccines”) that entire apartment buildings are abandoned and condemned even with the spike protein-infested dead bodies inside because no one is willing to remove the dangerous bodies.

Dr. Joel Hirschhorn: Vaccine Deaths Pile Up Without Media Coverage
Switch mental gears and stop thinking about the pandemic. Think about the endless news stories you have seen and heard on all mainstream media that headline stories with a large number of deaths. The deaths may result from large scale criminal acts like mass shootings or all kinds of natural disasters. Big media makes big news when a dozen or more people get killed, or when hundreds die in floods or hurricanes. Rarely are thousands dead, but when that happens, usually in other countries, that is really big news. And it happened for the 9/11 attack when about 3,000 people died in the US.

If Trump Were President, Would One Democrat in America Be Vaccinated?
This is madness. Forced vaccination with an experimental “for emergency use only” shot has precipitated death or injury for over 500,000 Americans. Is this really happening? Are you sure this isn’t 1938 Nazi Germany, or a communist country that provides no civil or human rights to its citizens? Because this can’t be America.

Vax-entration Camps? Australian Government Builds “Mandatory Quarantine Facilities”, Officials Say Jab Is “Golden Ticket to Freedom”
In late 2019, before the China-virus was known to the world, very few – if any – people could have even imagined that a civilized western nation would be building facilities that government thugs would be forcing citizens into against their will.

China vows to ‘crush’ any US troops on Taiwan ‘by force’ after Biden abandoned Afghanistan
China today threatened to ‘crush’ any US troops stationed on Taiwan as it conducts live fire drills in the South China Sea after Joe Biden abandoned Afghanistan.

BABYLON SPEAKS: Pope Francis Creates Commercial Calling All Roman Catholics To Join The ‘Universal Vaccination Program’ As ‘Act Of Love’
Pope Francis is now appearing in a new commercial aimed at Spanish-speaking countries, urging Roman Catholics everywhere to submit to the ‘respective authorities’ in an act of ‘universal love’ and agree to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. For you students of Bible prophecy, does this tantalizing little prophetic appetizer remind you of anything? You get 3 guesses, and the first two don’t count. 3 guesses, 3 sixes, take your pick you’ll wind up at the same place.

Pilots File Suit Against United, Seek VAXX Restraining Order, Halt to Mandate
Attorney Kenneth W. Ferguson has e-filed a petition in the Southern District of Florida, asking a judge to order a temporary restraining order which would prevent the airline from mandating its 68,000 employees to be inoculated with the jabs proven to be dangerous, and potentially deadly.

Business partner of Chinese Communist Party owns American elections company
Unisyn is just one of many companies in Vincent Tan’s vast business empire, but it should trouble national security and election officials. An election systems company based in the United States, is compromised by foreign control and influence..When considering the idea of rigged elections, it is not reassuring that a lottery and casino equipment company is manufacturing voting machines, since casino machines are designed to ensure that “the house” always wins.

Nolte: Biden’s presidency collapsed with Afghanistan
1-Joe Biden Lost Entire Country in a Single Day After 20 years, thousands of American lives, and trillions of dollars, Afghanistan collapsed in a single day. Think about the extent of that failure. All those years, all that treasure, all those precious lives, and in one day, it’s all over.

Denmark abolishes all Corona measures
Danish parliament recently decided in Copenhagen that all Corona measures should be ended from October 1. There will therefore no longer be a mask requirement and the test regime will be abolished. The Danes will then no longer have to provide evidence of whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated, or whether they have tested positive or negative.


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35 missing after remnants of Tropical Storm “Fred” hit North Carolina, U.S.
Heavy rains brought by remnants of Tropical Storm “Fred” triggered floods and mudslides in North Carolina after the storm made landfall near Cape San Blas, Florida1 on August 16, 2021. Fred then moved through parts of Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina while weakening.

Record rainfall hits burn scar areas in Flagstaff, Arizona
Coconino County officials, Arizona are reporting a 200- to 500-year rainfall event hit Museum Fire Burn Scar in Flagstaff, Arizona on August 17, 2021.

Hurricane “Grace” to make landfall over Yucatan Peninsula, strong winds and dangerous storm surge expected
Hurricane “Grace” is approaching eastern Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, and is expected to make landfall during the next 6 hours, move across the Yucatan Peninsula today, and move over the southwest Gulf of Mexico late tonight through Friday, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecaster Stewart noted at 09:00 UTC on Thursday, August 19, 2021.1

They Knew: Leaked State Department Memo Warned Of Afghanistan Collapse
“The classified cable represents the clearest evidence yet that the administration had been warned by its own officials on the ground…”

Two men develop pus-filled bumps on their faces after getting Moderna vaccine
Two California men developed swelling, crusting and pus-filled bumps on their faces after being injected with the Moderna vaccine. Researchers say the vaccines caused an overreaction of the immune system in the men, both of whom already had high levels of neutrophils. The reports were published in JAMA Dermatology, where the researchers detailed the cases of the patients, who visited the University of California hospital.

How Biden just turned over hundreds of billions of dollars worth of expensive military gear to the Taliban
For most of the past two decades, American taxpayers didn’t just support our military men and women deployed to Afghanistan, they also supported — to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars — the building and training of the Afghan National Army.

USDA says “megadrought” threatens American corn, soybean yields, worsening food shortages
A recent crop tour conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has found that conditions are worsening for the nation’s corn and soybean crops. Excessive heat combined with dry weather has taken a major toll on these two industrial staple crops, which are expected to have massively lower yields amid ongoing “megadrought” conditions across much of the United States.

COVID-19 insanity: Jacinda Ardern locks down entire country of New Zealand over ONE “case” of covid… by this standard, the people will never taste freedom again
A single “case” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) – meaning one person tested “positive” with a fraudulent PCR test – has sent the entire country of New Zealand into a total lockdown.

Twitter Suspends Accounts of Elected Afghan Officials — Keeps Up the Taliban Terrorist Accounts
Twitter has suspended the accounts of elected Afghanistan government officials. At the same time Twitter announced they will keep up the Taliban regime accounts.

FEMA documents describe large-scale rural isolation and quarantine operations; how to recruit obedient Americans to help ROUND UP dissenters
In order to keep everyone “safe” against the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is hoping to round up the “unvaccinated” and imprison them in concentration camps.

Bomb Threat in Washington D.C. – Library of Congress
There is a bomb threat in Washington D.C. at the Library of Congress around noon today, August 19, 2021, Eastern Time. Police on the scene do not know any information other than a man in a black pickup truck was holding what looked to be a detonator. Multiple police vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, a bomb vehicle, snipers and a donut truck were dispatched to the scene. You read that right; there was a donut truck dispatched to the Bomb Threat in Washington D.C.

Australia runs mass child sacrifice Luciferian vaccine ritual targeting 24,000 children (WARNING: GRAPHIC)
New South Wales Minister for Health and Medical Research Brad Hazzard announced this week that 24,000 children would be targeted in a mass vaccination campaign under police guard, with no parents allowed inside the Qudos Bank Arena where the mass vaccinations would take place. (We have the video of him making this announcement in the podcast below.)

America Right Now Is Being Run By A ‘Ghost Government’ And Is Visibly Collapsing Under The Judgment Of God For Our National Rejection Of Him
What should have happened in Afghanistan: The world should have watched an orderly drawdown by America, with everyone who wanted to leave the country given the opportunity to do so, and their passage secured against all foes by the mightiest military on earth.

World’s super-rich investing in luxurious “billionaire bunkers”
The world’s richest people are investing their money in purchasing property to escape the coming collapse. They have invested in property that is either deep enough underground or on an island separated from the rest of society. These super-rich people believe the only way to deal with the coming collapse is to ride it out in style in their luxurious shelters.

Medical Technocrats Eye Denial Of Medical Treatment To The Unvaccinated
It is inconceivable that tyranny could consume the world in such a short period, but Big Pharma intends to inject every human on earth with its experimental gene therapy serum. You can die from the shot or you can die after being refused medical treatment. All for the “greater good”.

Hasidic Leaders from Israel: The People of Israel Are Taking Part in a Genocidal Experiment – Why Would We Vaccinate With a Poison Death Shot?
Zelenko (Trump’s Doctor) Tells Israel They Genocided the Jews & Just Sacrificed Their Kids to Moloch. He speaks about HCQ and Ivermectin which is NOT available in Israel.

British Man In Singapore Given 6 Weeks In Prison For Not Wearing Face Mask, Psychiatric Assessment
…argued against efficacy of face masks during court appearance…


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Hurricane “Grace” strengthening on its way toward mainland Mexico
Hurricane “Grace” is strengthening on its way toward mainland Mexico. A Hurricane Warning is in effect for the coast of mainland Mexico from north of Cabo Rojo to Barra del Tordo. Landfall is expected within the warning area this evening or tonight, August 21, 2021 — preparations to protect life and property should be rushed to competition.

Severe floods hit Gävle after two months’ worth of rain overnight, Sweden
Record-breaking rain hit the Swedish city of Gävle in Gästrikland Region on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 17 and 18, 2021, leaving hundreds of homes and vehicles flooded and prompting authorities to close schools and issue stay-at-home warnings.

215,000 join fifth week of protests against France’s COVID-19 vaccine passport mandate, which now blocks access to grocery stores
Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets across France for the fifth straight week to demonstrate against the government’s coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine passport mandate.

Taliban seized billions worth of US weapons in Afghanistan… was it all staged on purpose?
The Taliban now has its hands on billions of dollars worth of U.S. weaponry following the quick collapse of Afghan security forces trained to use the military equipment.

Washington makes COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for employment in schools, targeting all teachers and staffers
Washington is now rolling out what may be the strictest school vaccine mandate in the United States. The new measure requires all teachers and school staff to be fully vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) by Oct. 18 as a condition for employment.

Coronavirus cases spike in highly vaccinated Israel but drop in unvaccinated Palestine
The Middle Eastern states of Israel and Palestine show contrasting figures in both vaccination rates and case counts amid the ongoing pandemic. Israel recently saw a massive spike in Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases despite three-fifths of its population being vaccinated. Meanwhile, Palestine saw its COVID-19 cases drop even though more than 90 percent of its population remains unvaccinated.

Australian politician develops Bell’s palsy, “droopy eye” on live television while taking covid vaccine
Just as a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” needle was being plunged into his arm while on live television, New South Wales (Australia) Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello developed Bell’s palsy, complete with a visibly “droopy eye.”

UW Medicine DENIES life-saving heart transplant to patient because he won’t take heart-damaging COVID vaccines
After a year and half of refusing efficacious treatment to COVID patients, the University of Washington Medical Center refuses to perform life-saving operations if the patient is not vaccinated with COVID spike proteins. UW Medicine is currently denying a 64-year-old patient a life-saving heart transplant because he won’t take the experimental vaccine protocol. He has been waiting for this transplant for the past two and half years.

Australia going full Soviet over COVID-19: Govt. officials now encouraging citizens to rat out neighbors who are having friendly conversations
As we’ve been reporting, Western leaders are proving that deep down, they are really tyrants just like the authoritarian regimes they claim to oppose, as we are increasingly seeing in the age of COVID-19.

US Troops Carried Out Operation to Rescue 169 Americans in Kabul
American troops left the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, this week and rescued 169 Americans, officials said Friday. The operation took place on Wednesday or Thursday, President Joe Biden said while answering questions at the White House.

Nurses and hospital workers – considered heroes during vaccine-less COVID pandemic – now being fired by healthcare Nazis over refusal to get the jab As the Biden regime and Democrat drones around the country continue to implement COVID-19 vaccination mandates, more and more Americans are rising up and saying ‘no,’ and that includes health care professionals like highly skilled, highly experienced nurses.

CDC panicking over covid vaccine failure, pushes third “booster” shot even as public grows wise to the scam
The federal government is pitching a fit over the latest data showing that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are failing big time.

Did The People Who Actually Run Our Government Use Joe Biden’s Mental Condition As A Cover To Intentionally Surrender Afghanistan To The Taliban?
You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Biden White House. Afghanistan intentionally surrendered to the Taliban using Biden’s dementia? Let’s see

Gavin Newsom Cheating In Recall Election With Votes Visible Through Envelope
Gavin Newsom is cheating in the California recall election… ‘Votes are visible through the envelope’.

MSNBC becomes Taliban propaganda network as reporter applauds ‘peaceful’ military takeover of Afghanistan
Now that nearly two decades’ worth of American military might, money and manpower have effectively been squandered in just days because of President Joe Biden’s sudden withdrawal from Afghanistan, the media is desperate to cover for him.

Joe Biden: Wanted for Dereliction of Duty, Treason and Election Fraud! Who Will Carry Out the Rule of Law?
I recently texted a present Federal LEO who has been in country as a contractor and a service man. I told him, I was receiving information from known sources that AMERICAN contractors trapped behind enemy lines, were using their Sat phones to beg for help and rescue and that these pleas were being ignored by the Biden administration. I asked this well-informed person and he said he was aware of the situation. He responded with a one-word answer “Yes”!


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LA Times Dubs CA Recall Frontrunner Larry Elder “The Black Face Of White Supremacy”
“You’ve got to be real scared and desperate to play the race card against the brother from South Central,” Elder responded.

Henri expected to strengthen into a hurricane today, make landfall in Long Island or southern New England
Tropical Storm “Henri” is expected to become a hurricane on Saturday, August 21, 2021, and make landfall in Long Island or southern New England late Saturday night or on Sunday (LT), August 22.

Texas Military Base Prepping for 10,000 Afghans
A Texas military base is preparing to accommodate up to 10,000 Afghans, according to officials. Fort Bliss, a U.S. Army installation headquartered in El Paso, is already housing thousands of illegal aliens.

We know where you live” – Angry Americans sick and tired Of COVID tyranny face off as MO Attorney General slams mandates as ‘dystopian biomedical security state’
Chatter across the Internet in comment sections, social media or any forum that allows public interactions, indicates that people are feeling the tensions that make it seem like everything is going to just blow up or setting the scene for a “super event.”

Chemical Manufacturer Loses Certification After Michigan Town Nearly Poisons Water Supply With Mislabeled Acid
The state of Michigan informed all municipal water treatment plants on Aug. 11 that one chemical manufacturer’s certification has been revoked after this town nearly added sulfuric acid to its drinking water system due to the manufacturer’s labeling error.

A “Special Place” Is Being Prepared for Whites, Christians and Trump Supporters
We aren’t asking the right questions. For example, why aren’t the Afghans being relocated to America being taken to one of 800 known FEMA camps? The answer is very simple. Is it because the American people would be out of striking distance? Maybe it’s because the honored guests in these facilities are going to be Christians. Specificially, they will be White, Christian and preferrably male, although White, female and children Christians will quite nicely. Don’t forget about all vax resisters who double as White-supremacist Trump supporters.

Is Biden Working with the CHICOMS to Secure Release of 15,000 American Contractors? Or, Are We Witnessing the Beginning of World War III?
By the time some of you read this message, Biden will have addressed the nation in his 1pm address to the nation. This should be a resignation conference. Biden is so incapacitated, I am certain that he cannot fully care for himself and is likely wearing Depends and requires basic assistance just to make it through the day.

SATAN’S PUPPET: Pope Francis calls getting the abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccine “an act of love”
Pope Francis recently endorsed the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines without even mentioning that they are abortion-tainted, experimental and can cause deadly side effects. He called getting the vaccine “an act of love.”

UN Report Says Taliban Is Going Door-to-Door to Find Wanted People
…As NBC News writes, a new intelligence report submitted to the United Nations claims the Taliban is actively hunting for people who worked with the U.S. forces in the region or anyone involved with the prior Afghanistan government. Additionally, the Taliban have allegedly started screening names at checkpoints in Kabul.

FBI finds ZERO evidence that Trump, allies “incited” the Jan. 6 breach on U.S. Capitol
For months Americans with an IQ above mid-double-digits knew that neither President Donald Trump nor any of his allies including Roger Stone and Alex Jones worked to “incite” the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol Building, but according to a report this week, that is now an official finding of the FBI.

BEYOND STUPID: Australia orders citizens to keep masks on while drinking alcohol outdoors
The far-left Australian capital of Melbourne has decided that in order to keep its residents “safe” against the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), everyone will now be required to wear a mask while drinking alcohol outside.

JOE BIDEN’S WATERLOO: Hope For Stranded Americans Begins To Fade With Kabul Airport Gates Now Closed Taliban Confiscating US Passports
As the sun set on Afghanistan tonight, the hopes for the many thousands of Americans stranded there by Biden’s surrender order sank a little lower as well. A situation that started bad and quickly progressed to awful is about to reach horror movie status. I wonder how the world will react to seeing American hostages on the nightly news, held there by weapons paid for by the United States and given to their captors?

Startup’s bug idea – to put cricket tortillas and chips on the menu
There are no gargantuan mastiffs or shepherds on quad bikes watching over the hundreds of thousands of newborn animals that tumble and crawl around an unlikely farm among the wind turbines, motorways and patchwork fields of this corner of Castilla-La Mancha, in central Spain.

Switzerland puts geoengineering governance on UN agenda
Switzerland wants the world to talk about if and how to use untested technology that tampers with nature to slow climate change – and will ask the UN’s environment arm to take the lead.

Australia Covid Lockdowns – War Against The People
The Australia Covid lockdowns aren’t about a virus, they’re war against the people of Australia; Covid lockdowns make this clear.

NYC Restaurateurs: It’s Not Our Job To Enforce Vaccine Mandates
“My question is, why aren’t they doing this at Home Depot, why aren’t they doing this at CVS, Why aren’t they doing this at Stop & Shop? Why are they picking on the only place that people can congregate and have the lowest infection rate?”


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‘Gates of Hell’ crater has burned in remote desert for 50 years
For 50 years, the “Gates of Hell,” formally known as the Darvaza gas crater, has illuminated the skies of the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan, yet it remains a mystery to most. George Kourounis, who traveled to the center of the fiery pit, told AccuWeather that the Gates of Hell “is one of the most interesting places on Earth.”

The 7.1 magnitude earthquake occurred near the South Sandwich Islands
Earthquake with magnitude 7.1 occurred in the region of the South Sandwich Islands. The epicenter was located at a depth of 14 km.

What If Everyone Actually Had To Work To Get Paid?
In the 27 states that have ended the extra $300 a week in federal unemployment benefits, paid on top of the regular state unemployment insurance, people are returning to work at a much faster rate than in states where the extra $300 a week are still being paid: this was further confirmed today by the unemployment insurance (UI) data from the Labor Department.

Russian Military Hails Syria’s Successful Intercepts Of 22 Of 24 Missiles In Latest Israeli Attack
Rear Adm. Vadim Kulit, head of the Russian military’s Reconciliation Center in Syria, further detailed that Syrian anti-air defenses successfully shot down a total of 22 out of 24 of the inbound missiles launched by the Israeli warplanes.

‘Does The President Not Know What’s Going On?’: Blinken Directly Contradicts Biden When Pressed By Chris Wallace
Secretary of State Antony Blinken directly contradicted statements made by President Joe Biden just two days earlier in a “Fox News Sunday” interview with Chris Wallace.

At least 14 dead, dozens missing in Tennessee, North Carolina flooding
Seventeen inches of rain fell in a day in one Tennessee town. — Some residents were reportedly trapped in their homes with water up to their necks. — Dozens of people are missing. At least 14 people were dead and dozens more remained missing Sunday after record-shattering downpours triggered flooding across parts of rural Tennessee and North Carolina.

Pentagon orders US airlines to help evacuate Americans, Afghans
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered on Sunday the activation of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet to assist with the evacuation of U.S. citizens and personnel, Special Immigrant Visa Applicants and other at-risk individuals from Afghanistan, according to a statement by Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby emailed to American Military News. In the first stage, the Defense Department is requesting three aircraft each from American Airlines, Atlas Air, Delta Airlines, and Omni Air, as well as two from Hawaiian Airlines and four Boeing 777s from United Airlines, totaling 18 aircrafts.

Iran Goes on the Offensive as the U.S. Retreats From Afghanistan and Elsewhere
The factor underlying the Mideast violence earlier this summer seems clear: Iran is trying to assert power across several fronts. It is wielding a variety of assets, proxies and franchises against the full range of enemies it perceives in the region.

Taliban going door-to-door executing Christians
Frontier Alliance International, a global Christian missionary organization, released a statement last week stating that the Taliban in Afghanistan is going door-to-door, searching for Christians and executing them. The Taliban has a hit list of known Christians they are targeting to pursue and kill.

New Study: A majority of Americans now believe in evolution
Thus said Hashem, your Redeemer, Who formed you in the womb: It is I, Hashem, who made everything, Who alone stretched out the heavens And unaided spread out the earth; A new study published by the University of Michigan in the journal Public Understanding of Science reported that after many years of public opinion being evenly divided, the majority of Americans now claim to support the theory of evolution.

Liberman: New haredi draft law is a ‘vision of the end of days’
The temporary lowering of the draft exemption age is aimed at encouraging some yeshiva students to join the job market, giving them a three-year period during which they will be able to pursue a career without being drafted.

Afghan evacuees arrive in the US; Biden says numbers may rise to 65,000
The first groups of Afghan evacuees arrived at Dulles International Airport Saturday, one week after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

The New Censors: Polls Shows Almost Half Of Americans Favor Government Censoring “Misinformation”
Free speech advocates are facing a generational shift…

Florida gives school districts 48 hours to reverse mask mandates or lose funding – ABC News
Two Florida school districts that defied state rules and imposed mask mandates for students have been given 48 hours to reverse course or lose state funding equal to the salaries of their school board members.

Italian student, 22, who tattooed Covid certificate barcode on ARM becomes TikTok star after scanning into McDonald’s
A STUDENT in Italy has become an unexpected TikTok sensation after tattooing the barcode of his Covid certificate on his arm.

Stranded Afghans Delete Social Media As Taliban Seizes US Surveillance Equipment
…privacy advocates are raising the concern that the U.S. data program possibly inherited by the Taliban could lead to blowback threatening civil liberties in America.

Germany’s Largest Amusement Park Segregates Vaxx’d From Unvaxx’d With Colored Wristbands
Germany’s Robert Koch Institute, a government agency and research institute responsible for disease control and prevention, declared this week that the fourth wave of coronavirus infections has begun.

Israel has one of the world’s highest daily COVID-19 infection rates, despite high vaccine uptake
..Nearly one in every 150 people in Israel today has the virus. An average of nearly 7,500 people are infected per day – double the infection rate of two weeks ago.

Russian Military Hails Syria’s Successful Intercepts Of 22 Of 24 Missiles In Latest Israeli Attack
Russia recently indicated new ‘red lines’ suggesting it will step up active support in assisting Syria toward repelling the raids…

Shock: European Union Reports 1.5 Million Vaccine Injuries, 15,472 Deaths
..So as high as these numbers are, they do NOT reflect all of Europe. The actual number in Europe who are reported dead or injured due to COVID-19 shots would be much higher than what we are reporting here. The EudraVigilance database reports that through June 19, 2021 there are 15,472 deaths and 1,509,266 injuries reported following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots:

Nurses and hospital workers – considered heroes during vaccine-less COVID pandemic – now being fired by healthcare Nazis over refusal to get the jab
As the Biden regime and Democrat drones around the country continue to implement COVID-19 vaccination mandates, more and more Americans are rising up and saying ‘no,’ and that includes health care professionals like highly skilled, highly experienced nurses.

PERMANENT TYRANNY: Scottish government wants emergency COVID-19 powers to become permanent
The Scottish government has made public a set of proposals to make some coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency powers permanent, including the ability to impose a lockdown.

At Least 22 Dead, 50 Missing After Deadliest Flood Event Ever In Middle Tennessee
“We have lost a lot of roads, both rural and major highways… In my 28 years, it’s the worst I’ve ever seen it.”

Holocaust survivor: We should be ‘more than nervous’ about COVID-19 measures
Holocaust survivor and medical activist Vera Sharav said recently on a podcast that we should be feeling “more than nervous” about the current state of public health measures, including lockdowns, forced vaccinations, and testing.

Grocery prices skyrocket 31 percent in one year as lockdowns, drought and money printing unleash food inflation
Food prices in July were up 31 percent from the same month in 2020, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. This rise is fueled by supply chain disruption and extreme weather conditions.

CDC misleads public, fails to mention that “mild” Myocarditis Has Lifelong Consequences
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the new mRNA COVID shot available under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) can cause a variety of adverse effects, including myocarditis, a type of heart inflammation. The CDC also claims these cases are typically mild.

For the Greater Good…
“Several years ago while working in Germany I visited the Dachau Concentration Camp. I will tell you if you ever get the opportunity to do so, I highly recommend it. Not because it is a tourist attraction, but because it is about our history – a history we never want to repeat. I will also tell you, it is one of the most gut-wrenching, soul-piercing, things I have ever experienced. You can feel the death in this place and as you walk the grounds and there are images, newspaper archives, clothing, as well as smells you will never forget.

As Biden Continues Obama’s Plan to Close Gitmo, Hundreds of Former Detainees Have Returned to Terrorism and are Killing Americans Again
Thanks to Biden-Obama, hundreds of the worlds most evil terrorists have been released from US custody and are now free to pursue their murderous revenge against the west.

Jovan Pulitzer Reveals It’s Not the ‘Watermarks’ on the Ballots – It’s Better
Jovan Pulitzer surprised us all once again and likely scared the hell out of any election fraudsters in the process. In a video he released Wednesday on Twitter, Jovan explained that identifying markings are in fact on the ballots and are exactly what they were looking for during the audit! He explained it wasn’t bamboo paper as audit detractors claimed, and it wasn’t secret “watermarks” either.

How Did The Taliban Know That The Joe Biden Afghan Surrender Was Coming?
They knew. The Taliban knew that the newly-elected Joe Biden regime would pull out all the stops in Afghanistan leaving the entire country and anyone left there at their heartless mercy. How is it possible that the Taliban knew about the human catastrophe before the 10,000 to 45,000 Americans in Afghanistan knew?

Chinese authorities paying citizens to spy on neighbors, report ‘illegal’ Christian activities China’s communist regime has ordered citizens in the country’s northeastern region to spy on Christians and report any “illegal religious activities,” including preaching and religious house gatherings.


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Gold Byzantine coin depicting crucifixion discovered near Tel Aviv
An archaeological dig in Ramat HaSharon, a suburb of Tel Aviv, uncovered some remarkable finds including a wine press with an ornate mosaic floor and a Byzantine gold coin depicting the crucifixion of Jesus.

4-star U.S. general compares flag-flying Americans to Taliban
A former CIA chief who was in power at the end of the administration of George W. Bush into the early part of Barack Obama’s is likening a bunch of patriotic Americans flying Old Glory to the Taliban. it was Michael Hayden who repeated on social media an image that “explicitly compared supporters of President Donald Trump to the Taliban.”

US F-15 Jet Shot Down Iranian Drone After Getting ‘Too Close’ To US Bases In Syria
US Army Colonel Wayne Marotto said, “Coalition aircraft successfully engaged and defeated a UAS through air-to-air engagement in the vicinity of Mission Support Site Green Village,” while a Fox News journalist separately alleged it was an Iranian UAV based on US defense sources.

Rare Breed Triggers Fires Back At ATF, Says “Will Not Comply” ​​​​​​​
RBT immediately responded to the ATF’s cease and desist that they disagreed with their “claim” and “wouldn’t be complying with their demand,” adding that his attorney had filed a lawsuit in the Middle District of Florida.

Biden Increasing Afghan Inflow to U.S. Before All Americans Are Evacuated
Biden’s administration has already started increasing the number of Afghans that will be resettled across the United States before all American citizens have been evacuated from Afghanistan.

Emboldened Iran To Hold War Drills With Russia and China
Iran is set to hold a series of war drills with Russia and China, as the hardline regime celebrates the United States’ bungled evacuation in Afghanistan and boosts its enrichment of nuclear weapons-grade uranium to historically high levels. Iranian and Russian leaders announced on Monday that their countries, along with China, will hold joint maritime war exercises in the Persian Gulf later this year or early in 2022,

Evasive Pentagon spox humiliated by relentless reporter on Afghanistan
A reporter named David bluntly asked Kirby about the number, saying, “John, were you being deliberately vague when you said the number of Americans was several thousand or was it because you weren’t sure of the number? If you need to check the number, I mean that’s the most important number, the number of Americans. So, if it’s just a matter of checking the number can you do that and give it to us? Or if you are being deliberately vague, tell me why you’re being deliberately vague?” “I think I’m just going to leave it at several thousand. right now, David,” Kirby tersely answered.

Bennett to tell Biden: Iran’s advanced enrichment makes nuclear deal worthless
There is no value in returning to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in light of advances in Iran’s nuclear program, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett plans to tell US President Joe Biden in their meeting at the White House on Thursday.

Saudi Arabia, Russia sign military cooperation agreement
Saudi deputy minister of defense Khalid bin Salman said on Twitter on Tuesday that the kingdom and Russia signed an agreement aimed at developing areas of joint military cooperation between the two countries.

IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza in response to incendiary balloons
The IDF struck targets in the Gaza Strip late Monday night and into Tuesday morning after 10 fires were sparked by incendiary balloons launched into Israel from Gaza, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed.

Musk unveils new AI robot to ‘replace humans’: An End-of-Days sign?
Hashem formed man from the dust of the earth. He blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being. Genesis. Elon Musk announced at Tesla’s Artificial Intelligence day event last Thursday that his company will produce a Tesla Bot” humanoid robot prototype code-named Optimus next year. The bipedal robot will stand five feet eight inches tall, weigh in at 125 pounds, be able to lift 150 pounds and carry 45 pounds, and move as fast as 5 miles per hour. It is designed to be general-purpose, replacing humans at tasks that are repetitive or dangerous. Musk has previously described the possibility of artificial intelligence as the single biggest threat to the existence of humanity.

August snowfall in Utah
Snowbird Resort, located in Little Cottonwood Canyon, posted photos Thursday morning of snowfall – especially rare for August – as a result of a cold front passing through Utah this week.

Large-scale wildfires devastate Bolivian forest protected area
More than 280,000 hectares of Bolivian forest have been devastated by wildfires in an area inhabited by an isolated indigenous community near the Brazilian border, authorities said.

A huge number of supermassive black holes roam the Universe
Supermassive black holes are usually located more or less stationary in the centers of galaxies. But not all of these amazing cosmic objects stay in place; some of them fly around galaxies like space travelers. We call such black holes “wanderers,” and they are largely theoretical because they are difficult (but not impossible) to observe and therefore quantify. But a new set of simulations has allowed a group of scientists to figure out how many wanderers there must be and where they are–which, in turn, may help us detect them in the universe.

Why Is The National Guard Hiring Internment/Resettlement Specialists?
The National Guard is hiring Internment/Resettlement Specialists. Let that sink in. (Editors note: the National Guard has now removed the job listing. )ob position listings for such **WERE available in the following locations: Lancaster, California Washington DC Denver, Colorado Edinburgh, Indiana Monticello, Minnesota Parkville, Maryland Asheville, North Carolina Auburn, New York Sioux Falls, South Dakota Rapid City, South Dakota **Either the National Guard very quickly filled those positions, or someone is attempting to hide something. The links now all state: ZERO JOBS FOUND.

Incendiary balloon launches continue after IDF strikes on Gaza
IDF fighter jets had struck a weapons production site in Khan Younis, a terrorist tunnel in Jabaliya and a rocket-launching platform in the Shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza City, which was located in a civilian area near a school, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit has confirmed.

UN rights boss says has reports of Taliban executions, millions fearful
The top UN human rights official Michelle Bachelet said on Tuesday that she had received credible reports of serious violations committed by the Taliban in Afghanistan, including summary executions of civilians and restrictions on women and on protests against their rule.

Biden urges businesses to require vaccines for employees, promotes masking children
President Joe Biden spoke on Monday after the FDA announced that the Pfizer vaccine has been officially approved after a “thorough, independent, scientific review.” To those who haven’t been vaccinated because it hasn’t been approved, the “moment you have been waiting for is here,” he said, and the time to get vaccinated is now.

Mar Menor: Tonnes of dead fish wash up on Spanish lagoon’s shores
Tonnes of dead fish have washed up on the shores of a large saltwater lagoon in south-east Spain in recent days after a mass die-off that has shocked local residents and environmentalists. The local government has blamed recent hot weather for the deaths of the fish in the Mar Menor, south of Murcia.

Fire at Mexican offshore oil platform kills five
At least five people have been killed and six injured in a fire at an offshore oil platform owned by Mexico’s state-run company Pemex. Rescue workers are still searching for two people who are missing. The fire also caused work to be halted at 125 oil wells for which the platform provides gas and electricity.

Bennett seeks U.S. ‘reset’ in first White House visit
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett heads to Washington Tuesday for talks with U.S. President Joe Biden, seeking to “reset” relations with Israel’s closest ally and reach common ground on arch-foe Iran. In his first state visit since taking office in June, Bennett will meet Biden on Thursday and attempt to mend ties with America’s top Democrat…

Shallow M6.1 earthquake hits Kuril Islands, Russia
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.1 hit the Kuril Islands, Russia at 05:37 UTC on August 24, 2021. The agency is reporting and depth of 38 km (23.6 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.1 at a depth of 30 km (18.6 miles). The epicenter was located 233 km (138 miles) SSW of Severo-Kurils and 518 km (321 miles) SSW of Vilyuchinsk, Russia.

Quantifying The “Staggering Costs” Of US Military Equipment Left Behind In Afghanistan
Not helping transparency, the Biden Administration is now hiding key audits on Afghan military equipment…

Catastrophic flooding hits Tennessee after record rainfall, leaving at least 22 people dead and dozens missing
Several waves of slow-moving storms dumped record-breaking rains over parts of Middle Tennessee on Saturday, August 21, 2021, resulting in catastrophic flooding in which at least 22 people lost their lives and dozens remain missing. The worst impacted counties include Dickson, Hickman, Houston, and Humphreys.

In Macron’s France, Supermarkets Have Now Hired Bouncers To Prevent The Unvaccinated From Buying Food, Water And Medical Supplies
And just like that, the whole world has gone crazy. In Emmanuel Macron’s France, a little more than 6-weeks after he demanded that all French citizens receive the COVID vaccine or face unemployment, supermarkets have begun hiring bouncers to prevent the unvaccinated from buying food, water and medicine. If you ever wondered what the Mark of the Beast would look like when implemented, we are starting to see it here in the Church Age.

Biden’s Failure With The Taliban In Afghanistan Has Emboldened Iran To Hold War Games With Russia And China As It Enriches Weapons Grade Uranium
In 2020, Iran held war games with Russia and China, and told the world that “America’s days of Middle East dominance are over”, which at the time was a pretty big claim to make. President Trump had control of most situations in the region. But in 2021, under pretend president Joe Biden, the idea of a sissified US military that no longer strikes fear in the hearts of terrorists like the Taliban has pretty much become a working reality. America is leaderless and drifting, and our enemies know it. Iran certainly does.

S.F. moves to suspend police, fire and sheriff’s employees who refuse to report vaccination status
San Francisco is moving to suspend 20 employees in the police, fire and sheriff’s departments who refused to disclose whether they are vaccinated against the coronavirus, demonstrating how seriously officials are taking the city’s vaccine mandate for its employees.

“The hospital type mask are made out of graphene oxide, Is what causes symptoms similar to a virus, enough graphene oxide, can kill someone. Shots also have graphene oxide, in them. This whole thing is a self Perpetuating, cycle of death, Josef Mengele, and Hitler would be proud”

Tens of Thousands of Canadians Rise Up to Reject the ‘Great Reset’ – Media Blackout
Tens of thousands of Canadians have risen up to reject the “Great Reset” by demanding their freedom and an end to government-imposed restrictions.

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy says people have no right to spread “misinformation”
US authorities seem to be doubling down on their policy of enlisting the help of Big Tech and traditional media in suppressing what they see as medical misinformation being spread by users of social networks and accounts run by these privately-owned corporate giants.

ANALYSIS: FDA vaccine authorization accelerated to unleash medical MARTIAL LAW as cover for collapse of the Biden regime
The insane, fraudulent rushing of the Pfizer vaccine into “full approval” status by the FDA — just announced today — was ordered by the collapsing Biden regime. The purpose of this accelerated approval is to allow Biden’s puppet masters to roll out medical martial law as a means to control the population and suppress the massive uprising that will soon commence against the illegitimate Biden regime.

FDA Approves Covid Vaccine – More Deaths coming
FDA approves the covid vaccine MONTHS before the expected 2023 approval date. Although the FDA said months ago they would NEVER approve this covid “vaccine”, that all changed today, August 23, 2021.

Joe Biden Doesn’t Bat For Team America
A devastating video quickly went viral from an interview Biden gave just last month where he snidely told a reporter who asked if during the Afghan withdrawal, we would see a repeat of the famous image of an American helicopter lifting off from the room of the American embassy in Saigon during the collapse of South Vietnam.

The FDA Has Just Approved The Pfizer COVID Vaccine And Already People Are Calling For It To Become Mandatory
The US Food and Drug Administration on Monday granted full approval to the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine for people age 16 and older. This is the first coronavirus vaccine approved by the FDA, and is expected to open the door to more vaccine mandates.

Afghanistan Could NOT Happen by Accident
There is no way the military forgot to bring Americans home, or just decided to give the Taliban all our weapons, or to allow them to have all the biometric data to identify all who helped US.

Grace rapidly intensified into a major hurricane before making landfall in Mexico
Hurricane “Grace” rapidly intensified before making landfall south of Tuxpan, Mexico at 06:00 UTC on August 21, 2021, with maximum sustained winds of 205 km/h (125 mph), just below Category 4 on the Saffir Simpson hurricane wind scale.

Australian Truck Drivers Vow To Block Every Major Highway In Radical Anti-Lockdown Strike
As Australians take to the streets to protest the country’s lockdown measures – most recently clashing with police over the weekend, Aussie truck drivers are planning to shut down every major highway across the country and have advised people to ‘stock up on groceries.’


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Cooling Planet?
Three reasons why global surface temperatures will probably see continued cooling over the coming year: La Nina, Soot and haze of smoke from Forest Fires, Sunspot Activity

Vietnam deploys troops to enforce COVID lockdown in largest …
Ho Chi Minh City epicentre of Delta-driven outbreak Authorities tighten lockdown in city, no going out even for food * Vietnam deploys military to help with food distribution * Just 1.8% of people in Vietnam fully-vaccinated against COVID-19 (Updates with new cases and deaths, and aids from China and Poland)

Guess Which State is the First to Ban Vaccine Requirements for Employees
…Who passed this law to protect employees from becoming Big Pharma lab rats to keep their jobs? The great state of Montana. Montana took this initiative to protect employees from corporate vaccine mandates.

California school district removes COVID-19 test blood drawn language after parents pressure
…The original form read: “I authorize this COVID-19 testing unit to conduct collection and testing for COVID-19 through a saliva collection, nasopharyngeal swab, anterior nares swab or blood draw, as ordered by an authorized medical provider or public health official.”

US Investigates Moderna Jab After Data Show 2.5x Higher Risk Of Heart Inflammation
The Internet’s social-media censors have been extremely vigilant at suppressing every tidbit of COVID vaccine “misinformation” that comes their way. So, as readers might imagine, drawing attention to publicly released data about the rare (but sometimes deadly) side effects associated with both mRNA and adenovirus-vector jabs has been…a challenge.

Colombian officials accidentally reveal details on Big Pharma’s immunity for adverse reactions to COVID vaccines
Officials in Colombia accidentally published contracts from both Pfizer/BioNTech and AstraZeneca, detailing the multimillion-dollar deals and indemnification agreements struck between the South American nation and the pharmaceutical giants to import around 25 million combined doses of their COVID-19 vaccines.

Sad, Sad Day For U.S. As ‘President’ Biden Bows To Taliban Demands, Will Leave Thousands Of Americans Stranded In Afghanistan After August 31
If you were waiting and wondering if dementia patient and pretend president Joe Biden was going to do the right thing in Afghanistan, and work to make sure all Americans are evacuated, you can stop wondering, he’s made his decision. Joe Biden has bowed to the demands of the Taliban, and will allow thousands of Americans to now become their hostages and slaves as soon as the August 31 deadline passes. Yes, it’s really that bad, Biden is really making America take a dive. But there’s a reason.

155,000 Hospitalized for Vaccine Effects… And Why Our Government Is Hiding This Fact
In Patrick Henry’s June 4, 1788, speech, “A Wrong Step Now and the Republic Will Be Lost Forever,” he pleaded for less power to the federal government and the preservation of states’ and individual rights as a condition for ratification of the Constitution.

In Just 8 Months, Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Have Unleashed A Wave Of Global Human Suffering And Misery That’s Nearly Impossible To Fathom
Just the other day, a video of vice president Kamala Harris laughing hysterically when asked about the Americans stranded in Kabul sent shock waves around the world for its bizarre insensitivity

Overnight Nancy Pelosi Changes House Rules in Order to Ram Through $3.5 Trillion Green New Deal and Forever Change America into Failed Marxist State
Elections have consequences. Stolen elections have major consequences. Late Monday night Nancy Pelosi changed House rules to ram through the $3.5 trillion green new deal insanity that will forever change America into another failed Marxist state.

Oxford University study finds fully vaccinated Healthcare workers carry 251 times viral load compared to the unvaccinated proving the Covid-19 jabs make you worse
A groundbreaking preprint paper by the prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group, published Aug. 10 in The Lancet, includes alarming findings devastating to the COVID vaccine rollout.

Gates Foundation Partnered With ‘Socialist’ Internet Group Running China’s COVID-19 Propaganda Operation.
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is partnered with a self-described “socialist” internet foundation run by the branch of the Chinese Communist Party spearheading its digital campaign to censor factual narratives and push fraudulent information about COVID-19.

Antarctica has cooled – not warmed up – over the last 40 years
As a whole, the Antarctic has cooled by about 2 degrees Celsius in the same 40-year period (1979 to 2018) that carbon dioxide rose from 337 to 410 parts per million – meaning that the world is actually getting colder, not hotter.

Actress Sally Kirkland After Moderna Vaccine: In My 79 Years, I’ve Never Experienced This Level of Pain
Sally Kirkland has been acting since she was 17, and has appeared in more than 250 movies. But she didn’t sign up for the role she’s playing now — an advocate for not getting the COVID vaccine. In the most recent episode of “The People’s Testaments,” Kirkland told Polly Tommey, “Like I know my own name, I would advise you not to do the vaccine.”

Swiss Police Reject the ‘Great Reset’: ‘We Work for the People, Not the Elite’
A group representing Swiss police officers wrote a letter to the Swiss Federation of Police Officers (FSFP) declaring that cops work for the people and not the global elite.

Australian Council SHOT SHELTER DOGS Dead Instead of Allowing Volunteers to Collect Them, Because… Covid
A government probe has been launched after officials in New South Wales, Australia, shot and killed shelter dogs that were due to be rescued by volunteers – allegedly in an effort to prevent the volunteers spreading Covid-19.

Breaking: FDA gives its full approval to COVID vaccines; no public hearing; no transparency; no open review of vaccine data
…Amidst a tsunami of reports of vaccine injuries and deaths from around the world, the FDA is proving it is an agency that will certify maiming and killing without hesitation

Georgia Prohibits Local Officials From Ordering COVID-19 Vaccine, Mask Mandates
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp on Thursday signed an executive order that prohibits local governments from ordering businesses to adopt mask or COVID-19 vaccine mandates, saying the measure is necessary to “protect” private businesses.

Empty Shelf Store Photos From ANP Readers Show America Falling Apart
We first want to thank everybody who has sent in photographs of empty store shelves as seen within this story. Susan Duclos will be doing a follow-up to this story this coming week as well, so if while you’re out and about doing your shopping and you run into empty store shelves in your own areas, please send them over to ANP at tips@allnewspipeline.com and we’ll feature them in that story.

Our Entire Civilization Could Be Overthrown In Hours
Nuclear HEMP attack is part of the military doctrines, plans and exercises of Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran for a revolutionary new way of warfare against military forces and civilian critical infrastructures by cyber, sabotage, and HEMP.


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‘God help you, America!’ Fears for future of US as Joe Biden’s presidency in doubt
THE healthy long-term future of the US has been brought into serious question by Express.co.uk readers, with concerns hanging over the presidency of Joe Biden following a backlash over his handling of the crisis in Afghanistan. Now Express.co.uk readers have lashed out at the US President, warning Americans have already lost trust in him – just eight months after he was elected over predecessor Donald Trump. They have also raised serious doubts over the ability of Vice President Kamala Harris to replace him. “And don’t forget, if Harris moves up to POTUS, that harridan Pelosi becomes VP. “God help America.”

New York’s New Governor Just Threw Cuomo Under The Bus – Admits To 12,000 More COVID Deaths
Now, instead of 43,400 deaths, New York now recognizes 55,400 as the number of people who have died of Covid-19 in the state based on death certificates submitted to the CDC. Cuomo notoriously ordered his aides to conceal nursing home deaths, which state Attorney General Letitia James found were undercounted by as much as 50%, according to a January report.

Early COVID Patient Samples From Wuhan Had Genetically Modified Virus Similar To Canadian Lab’s: Report
Samples from early Wuhan COVID-19 patients show the presence of genetically modified Henipah virus, an American scientist has found. Henipah was one of the two types of viruses sent to China by Chinese-born scientists from a Canadian laboratory at the center of a controversy over the firing of the scientists and collaboration with Chinese military researchers. It is not clear whether the virus found in the Chinese samples is related to the virus samples sent by the Canadian lab, which were shipped in late March 2019. The finding was confirmed for The Epoch Times by another qualified scientist. What they found, he says, are the results of what could likely be contamination from different experiments in the lab making their way into the samples, as well as evidence of Henipah virus.

Tucker Carlson Warns “Elitist Authoritarians” Are Intent On Making Us All “Shut Up And Obey”
Fox News host Tucker Carlson issued a stark warning Tuesday, emphasising that “we’re seeing now what happens when countries tolerate authoritarians, even for a moment” as people worldwide are being told to submit to increasingly draconian “rules” in the wake of the pandemic.
“We now have two groups of Americans, not a broad middle. The favored and the unfavored. The saved and the ****ed. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated. That’s how the architects of all this see the country.”

Tropics Heat Up As New Storm Likely To Form In Caribbean With Sights On US Gulf Coast
NHC Miami is closely watching Disturbance 1 over the eastern Caribbean Sea, which could form into a tropical depression by the late weekend as it enters the Gulf of Mexico. Forecasts show formation chances over the next 48 hours is 40%, but over the next five days, the figure is 80%.

California Caldor Fire Threatening Iconic Lake Tahoe and Surrounding Area
The fire, which broke out on Aug. 14, has now burned more than 126,000 acres, or some 197 square miles in El Dorado County and was 11 percent contained as of Wednesday, according to Cal Fire officials. “We have all efforts in place to keep it out of the basin, but we do need to also be aware that that is a possibility based on the way the fires have been burning and the concerns that we have been living in all of these other fires and their growth,”

Israeli rabbis ask pope to clarify remarks on Jewish law
Israel’s top Jewish religious authorities have told the Vatican they are concerned about comments that Pope Francis made about their books of sacred law and have asked for a clarification. “The law (Torah) however does not give life. “It does not offer the fulfillment of the promise because it is not capable of being able to fulfill it … Those who seek life need to look to the promise and to its fulfillment in Christ.”

Uranium cubes tested to see if they are from the Nazi era
During World War II, Nazi Germany and the US were racing to create nuclear weapons. The Nazis had multiple teams working on the project – Werner Heisenberg’s group in Berlin and Kurt Diebner’s in Gottow. The scientists created cubes of uranium that they hoped would unleash a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction … .

Bennett to Americans: We want stability, but not two states
Israel will not negotiate with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas while Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is in office, a diplomatic source said on Wednesday. Bennett is in Washington for a series of high-level meetings, culminating with one in the White House with US President Joe Biden, in which he plans to focus on the Iranian threat.

Anti-Taliban forces massing in Panjshir Valley, Russia says
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Thursday that a Taliban resistance is forming in Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley led by vice president Amrullah Saleh and Ahmad Massoud, the son of a famed anti-Taliban fighter.

IDF Arabic spokesman urges Gazans not to heed Hamas calls for border riots
Tweeting a photo of two young children, dressed in military garb with war paint on their faces and mock assault rifles in their hands, Adraee wrote in Arabic: “A picture I’d like to share with you of kids at the [recent] ‘peaceful’ demonstration … Isn’t it forbidden to educate them to take up arms? Gaza residents! Today, Hamas is again inviting you to risk your lives. Don’t get close to the fence and don’t use tools of violence and terrorism.”

‘Terrorist’ MK dies suddenly
Not everyone was so distraught over the Arab MK’s death. Herzl Hajaj, the father of Lieutenant Shir Hajaj who was murdered in a ramming attack in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood in Jerusalem in 2017, has publicly accused Arab members of the Ra’am party of supporting terrorism.

IDF prepared for war in Gaza, Hamas bears responsibility for what happens
IDF Chief of Staff Lt. General Aviv Kochavi said that the progress of the Iranian nuclear program has led the IDF to accelerate its operational plans, and the recently approved defense budget reflects this. “The IDF is working systematically and in various ways to reduce Iran’s influence in the Middle East,” Kochavi said.

Wildfires Near Russia’s Nuclear Research Center Spark State of Emergency
Russian authorities have declared an interregional state of emergency as tough-to-contain forest fires threaten the country’s top-secret nuclear weapons research center, Interfax reported Tuesday, citing the emergencies ministry. Wildfires have raged in the Nizhny Novgorod region and the neighboring republic of Mordovia, both roughly 500 kilometers east of Moscow, since early August.

Israel makes additional Gaza gestures ahead of Bennett-Biden meeting
Israel…made additional humanitarian gestures to Gaza ahead of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s first meeting…with US President Joe Biden. “Following a security assessment and approved by the political echelon, it has been decided to expand the entry of goods and equipment for international civilian projects in the Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom Crossing,”…

Israel is accelerating operational plans to take action against Iran – IDF chief Kohavi
Israel’s military is accelerating its operational plans against Iran due to the progress of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kohavi has warned. “The progress of the Iranian nuclear program has led the IDF to accelerate its operational plans and the recently approved defense budget is earmarked for that,” he said.

Western Wall plaza to be split into capsules for slichot
The Western Wall plaza will be split into a number of capsules starting on Thursday in order to follow Health Ministry coronavirus guidelines, as thousands of worshippers plan to visit the site for the slichot prayers leading up to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Worshippers are required to wear masks at the site and are asked to listen to instructions by ushers.

Gantz: Iran is two months away from nuclear bomb
Tehran is two months away from nuclear weapons capacity, warned Defense Minister Benny Gantz as he called for the international community to create a new prevention plan that did not involve reviving the 2015 Iran deal. “Iran is only two months away from acquiring the materials necessary for a nuclear weapon,” Gantz told a gathering of 60 ambassadors in Tel Aviv.

Afghanistan: Terror attack warning issued for Kabul airport
A number of nations say there is a high threat of a terrorist attack at Kabul airport and have warned their citizens not to travel there. Australia, the US and UK have issued alerts to their citizens. Those already outside the airport are advised to leave the area immediately. More than 82,000 people have been airlifted from Kabul, which fell to the Taliban 10 days ago.

Venezuela searches for landslide survivors as more rains fall
Rescue workers are searching for more than a dozen people who are missing after landslides tore through towns in Venezuela’s western Mérida state. With 10 more days of rain forecast, rescuers are racing to reach those feared buried before new mudslides are triggered. Twenty people are confirmed to have died and emergency workers have still to reach some of the worst-hit areas.

Arab League, OIC call for Algeria-Morocco dialogue amid spat
The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the Arab League and Saudi Arabia have called for “dialogue” to resolve the diplomatic dispute between Algeria and Morocco. Algeria on Tuesday said it had cut diplomatic relations with Morocco because of “hostile actions”, following months of resurgent tensions between the North African rivals.

Enormous asteroid double the size of the Empire State Building to enter Earth’s orbit
An enormous asteroid roughly twice the size of the Empire State Building is currently hurtling towards Earth’s orbit. NASA has been tracking this latest space rock, called 2010 RJ53, since September 2010. This comes days after it was announced that a slightly smaller asteroid will enter our atmosphere on Sunday. It spans roughly 2540ft (774m) and should fly past us on September 9.

In Massive Propaganda Onslaught, Media Ignores The Real “Catastrophe” Of Afghanistan
Many in Washington knew the Afghanistan war was not going well and would end in disaster. They did nothing…

More than 8 000 homes destroyed as severe floods and landslides hit Venezuela
Heavy rain has been affecting Venezuela over the past few days, causing severe floods and landslides and resulting in casualties and damage. Government officials confirmed 15 fatalities and 6 people missing on August 25.

Two Successive Regime Changes Will Be Used To Maintain The Coup Perpetrated By The Left Against The People Of The United States
..This article will reveal that the so-called “Big Steal” will be exposed. However, no legal entity will touch the results of any audit. The Maricopa County audit is already sabotaged by leadership. However, something new and devastating is under way. The biggest power shift in this country’s history is happening as I write these words. The Democrats are going through a fake political purge in order to maintain the ability to fix elections, but to keep challenge of rigging elections at a doable level. The unpopularity of Biden and Harris is too much to overcome and major change actions are underway.

EXCLUSIVE: Entire Air Force Base Has 2 Days To Get Pfizer Vaccine Despite Base Having Zero Shots On Hand
National File received an email our source says came from a United States Air Force Master Sergeant that instructs an entire military base on the West Coast to receive the Pfizer vaccine by Friday, just two days from the date the email was sent, despite having zero Pfizer vaccine doses on hand at the base.

New Zealand Extends Nationwide Lockdown as Criticism Over Strategy Mounts
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern extended the country’s national COVID-19 lockdown on Aug. 23, saying the current outbreak hasn’t peaked and more certainty about the Delta variant of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus is needed.

Over 32,000 People DEAD in Brazil Following COVID-19 Vaccines According to Official Media Report
A Health Impact News reader from Brazil has alerted us to official media reports stating that during a 5-month period, over 32,000 people in Brazil have died following a COVID-19 injection. Currently in Brazil, the following vaccines are authorized for use: AstraZeneca/Oxford, Pfizer/BioNTech, Coronavac (also called Sinovac), J&J/Janssen, and Butanvac…Despite these high amounts of deaths following vaccination, the report states:“Vaccination is still the best way to control the disease.”

Clotting From Covid Vaccines Is Rare But Can Be ‘Devastating’
The blood-clotting syndrome affected about 1 in 50,000 people under the age of 50 who received the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca Plc and the University of Oxford, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Almost a quarter of those patients who definitely or probably had the condition died.

Nobel Laureate Warns: COVID Vaccine is Creating Variants
For more than a year, French virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier—recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)—has exposed the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines. He reveals that epidemiologists recognize but are “silent” about the phenomenon known as “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” that is currently driving the pandemic. Joining the handful of experts brave enough to speak up and share their professional knowledge, Montagnier refers to the massive vaccine campaign as an “unacceptable mistake.”

San Francisco Prepares To Suspend Cops And Firefighters Who Refuse To Disclose Vaccination Status
San Francisco is preparing to suspend nearly two-dozen employees with the police, fire, and sheriff’s departments who have refused to disclose their vaccination status, while hundreds of employees from other departments are about to be similarly put on notice, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Australia Rethinks Covid Strategy After Cases Hit Record Despite Draconian Lockdowns
Something “unexpected” is happening in Australia, which is following the “science” to a tee: despite round after round of increasingly draconian lockdowns which have also led to a growing number of violent protests across the nation…

Surrender: Antony Blinken Says U.S. Must Get Taliban Permission to Evacuate Americans
Secretary of State Antony Blinken did not deny that the U.S. must ask the Taliban for permission to get Americans out of Afghanistan during an interview over the weekend, days before President Joe Biden caved to the jihadis’ August 31 evacuation deadline.

The Pentagon On Wednesday Ordered All 1.3 Million US Troops And 800,000 Reservists To Receive The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccinations Immediately
The Pentagon is wasting no time ordering all active duty military and reservists to begin receiving the COVID-19 vaccine immediately. Makes you wish they had been this decisive and precise with planning our exit from Afghanistan which seems to have not been planned at all, and just kind of thrown together at the last minute.

Federal Judge Pulls Permits For ConocoPhillips Oil Project Due To Impact On “Climate Change And Polar Bears”
The project, called the ConocoPhillips Willow project, was backed by both the Biden and Trump administrations…


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Biden admin gave Taliban a list of American, Afghan evacuees’ names: Politico
U.S. officials in Kabul provided the Taliban with a list of names of American citizens, green card holders and Afghan allies who should be given entry into the airport in an effort to expedite evacuation, according to three U.S. and congressional officials, Politico reported on Thursday. The move sparked outrage with officials as chaos erupted in Afghanistan Thursday, with multiple suicide bombing attacks near the airport leaving at least 12 U.S. troops dead and 15 others critically injured. “Basically, they just put all those Afghans on a kill list,” one defense official said, speaking on a condition of anonymity. “It’s just appalling and shocking and makes you feel unclean.”

Ruling Class Increasingly Calls Upon The Private Sector To Make Lives Of The “Unvaccinated” Difficult
They aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they want to own us, our bodies, and our minds at this point. Gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe is just one of the tyrants calling on businesses to mandate Covid-19 vaccines after promoting efforts to make the lives of those who are unvaccinated more “difficult.” Joe Biden has already tried this play right out of the slave owner’s handbook:

Obama Tried to Warn Us: ‘Don’t Underestimate Joe’s Ability to F— Things Up’
Obama is a pathological narcissist who only cares about hanging out with celebrities and being extravagantly wealthy, regardless of the death and destruction it causes. Nevertheless, he tried to stop Joe Biden from becoming president and made an effort to warn us about his dangerous incompetence. “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to …. things up,” Obama told a fellow Democrat during the 2020 presidential primary.

‘Should never have happened!’ Donald Trump blasts Biden over ‘heinous’ terror attack
He said: “As one nation, America mourns the loss of our brave and brilliant service members in a savage and barbaric terrorist attack in Afghanistan. “These noble American warriors laid down their lives in the line of duty. They sacrifice themselves for the country they loved, racing against time to save their fellow citizens from harm’s way. “They died as American heroes and our nation will honour their memory forever. “I want to express my deepest condolences to the families of those we have lost. All Americans grieve alongside you.

Calls for Abbas to step down grow as PA leader cracks down on critics
“The continuing crackdown on public freedoms shows that the Palestinian leadership is nervous and does not want to hear about democracy and freedom of expression,” they said, as reported in The Jerusalem Post on Sunday. The statement came the day after P.A. security forces arrested dozens of Palestinian activists on Saturday. Calls for Abbas to resign have grown especially since the death in June of anti-corruption activist Nizar Banat while in the custody of Palestinian security forces.

Israeli archaeologists uncover parts of Vilnius synagogue destroyed by Nazis
The dig, organized by Israel Antiquities Authority’s Dr. Jon Seligman, announced Thursday the a six-year aimed at uncovering the remains of the Great Synagogue of Vilna and parts of the Shulhoyf, the center of the Jewish community and Torah life of Vilna, has been completed.

GOP Senators call on Biden to resign over Afghanistan
Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Thursday joined a wave of other Republicans calling on US President Joe Biden to resign. Hawley said in a statement issued by his office and quoted by The Hill that Biden “has now overseen the deadliest day for US troops in Afghanistan in over a decade, and the crisis grows worse by the hour.” “We must reject the falsehood peddled by a feckless president that this was the only option for withdrawal,” wrote Hawley.

The Israeli farmers who are giving their land a year’s rest
Starting the second week of September, Israeli organic farmer Ben Rosenberg will stop planting in the field. He will grow his veggies in raised containers inside fabric-covered hothouses until next September. According to the Bible, every seventh year in the Land of Israel is a shmita (“release”) year, when debts are canceled and fields lie fallow and ownerless. Promoting growth through most forms of plowing, planting and pruning is forbidden, as are the usual methods of reaping and harvesting.

Bennett showcases himself worshipping God before meeting Biden
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett posted on his office’s official Twitter account an image of himself donning tefillin (phylacteries) and tzitzit (fringes on a four cornered garment) in his hotel room before meeting with US President Joe Biden. Both are commanded for Jewish men in the Torah.

Macron to visit Marseille as city battles ‘explosion’ of gang-related violence
Marseille’s chief prosecutor, Dominique Laurens, told a press conference on Monday that there had been an “explosion” in gang-related murders since the middle of June. Twelve people have been killed in the last two months, according to police figures.

‘We will go after them’ US General fires warning at ISIS after 12 US troops dead in Kabul
“We’ve been clear all along that we’re going to retain the right to operate against ISIS in Afghanistan and we are working very hard to determine attribution and determine who is associated with this cowardly attack and we’re prepared to take action against them.” “The security situation in Afghanistan remains extremely volatile.

Joe Biden on brink as Boris, Merkel and Macron ‘can’t trust’ US President
WESTERN allies can “never trust” Joe Biden again following his Afghan debacle, according to a senior journalist. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, one White House insider said the Biden administration gives little more than lip-service to key allies. They said: “Having worked with a lot of these guys, they believe their own rhetoric and don’t feel that compels them to actually take firm steps.

“Outrage” After Biden Admin Provides Taliban With “Kill List” Of Americans, Afghan Allies To Evacuate
“Basically, they just put all those Afghans on a kill list. It’s just appalling and shocking and makes you feel unclean.”

OSHA drops BOMBSHELL: Employers who mandate covid vaccines may be held liable for “any adverse reaction”
The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is warning employers that they will be held liable for any adverse events resulting from mandatory Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” policies.

Thousands of homes destroyed by floods, more than 60 fatalities, Niger
Heavy rains and floods affecting Niger since the start of the rainy season in June have affected more than 100 000 people, left thousands of homes destroyed and more than 60 people dead. In addition, the country was hit by an outbreak of cholera following the floods, with additional 68 fatalities.

Australia: Queensland Premier Celebrates New COVID-19 ‘Quarantine’ Camp
The Australian government is building more “quarantine facilities” due to COVID-19. The Premier of Queensland Annastacia Palaszczuk announced that a new camp will be built at Wellcamp Airport near Toowoomba.

Lightning Strikes Outside White House Minutes Before Biden Delivers Remarks on Kabul Blasts That Killed at Least 13 US Servicemen
Lightning struck outside the White House just moments before Biden began his press conference on the Kabul blasts that killed at least 13 US servicemen. Joe Biden was 25 minutes late to his presser on Thursday after hiding all day like a coward.

A Disgraceful And Disgraced Pretend President Refuses To Take Responsibility For The Stunning Loss Of Human Life In Kabul Airport Attack Today
I was in contact with a couple of my Marine Corps buddies earlier today, one of which served 7 tours of duty in the Middle East, and they were absolutely stunned by the unfathomable non-reaction from the Biden administration. Joe Biden blamed everyone but himself for the mind-numbing military debacle the entire world watched today.

PCR tests once again proven fraudulent
Rice University in Houston is reverting back to remote learning less than two weeks into the fall semester after fraudulent PCR tests for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) generated multiple false positives.

WHO insider exposes GAVI, Bill Gates for perpetrating coronavirus plandemic
Dr. Astrid Stückelberger dropped some major bombshells during a recent interview that completely blew the lid on billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, the corrupt World Health Organization (WHO), and other nefarious elements that all conspired together to perpetrate the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic on the world.

Pfizer covid vaccine that was fraudulently “approved” by the FDA is the same one that’s FAILING in Israel, a nation now brought to the brink of a new covid CRISIS, even with an 80% vaccination rate
A major health crisis is sweeping Israel, thanks to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.” New “cases” of the Chinese Virus are soaring and the culprit, experts now admit, is the jabs.

Impeachable! Biden abandoning thousands of Americans in Afghanistan as he takes Afghani citizens out ahead of our own
Impeachment proceedings should have begun already against Joe Biden over his aiding and abetting of an invasion of illegal aliens into our country after reversing nearly all of President Donald Trump’s border enforcement policies.

Toxic epidermal necrolysis: 49-year-old New York woman develops life-threatening skin-rotting disorder one week after Pfizer mRNA injection
A 49-year-old woman is on the mend after developing a disturbing post-injection immune-mediated skin disorder.

FDA “approval” of Pfizer vaccine means emergency use authorization for all other vaccines is now REVOKED… so all doctors and hospitals still administering Moderna or J&J shots are CRIMINALS
By “approving” Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” (there is some confusion surrounding that approval), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has forever destroyed any remaining semblance of credibility.

Canada: Muslim ‘Minister for Women and Gender Equality’ refers to Taliban as ‘our brothers’
“I want to take this opportunity to speak to our brothers, the Taliban…““Our brothers?” Whose “brothers” exactly is Monsef referring to? As an elected representative, who once served as Minister for Democratic Institutions as well, Monsef is responsible for answering questions, yet she will not do so and likely could never answer honestly.

‘Walkaway Joe’ Biden Has Just Created The All-New Taliban ‘Badri 313’ Special Forces Brigade Armed To The Teeth With American Military Weaponry
Any American president is also the Commander-in-Chief of the military, and as such call the shots. When Donald Trump was president, he expanded the US military by creating the Space Force, which we told you about here. Well, Walkaway Joe Biden had a hankering to create something new militarily as well, so he created the Badri 313 Taliban Special Forces by giving the Islamic terrorists billions of dollars in weapons, machines, tanks, planes and what not.

In the Name of ‘Public Safety’ Australia Descends Into a Nightmarish Orwellian Police State
These days even man’s best friend seems to have it better than the people struggling to survive Down Under, Robert Bridge writes. The land Down Under appears to be reverting back to its original status as a penal colony as government officials, looking more like prison wardens than any servants of the people, clamp down on demonstrators weary of more Covid lockdowns.

Study: Fully Vaccinated Healthcare Workers Carry 251 Times Viral Load, Pose Threat to Unvaccinated Patients, Co-Workers
A groundbreaking preprint paper by the prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group, published Aug. 10 in The Lancet, includes alarming findings devastating to the COVID vaccine rollout. The study found vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the load of COVID-19 viruses in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated.

Biden To Abandon Americans Stranded In Afghanistan Following ISIS Bombings, Continued Threats: Source
“Almost a certainty…”


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Hezbollah looks to take over Lebanon’s energy needs
Hezbollah has increasingly become more powerful than the State of Lebanon, conducting its foreign policy, sending fighters to wage wars on behalf of Lebanon in Syria, and now looking to have a stranglehold on the country’s energy needs. In mid-August the Iranian-backed Lebanese group said it will begin to import gasoline and diesel from Iran. Two weeks since then, Hezbollah has clarified some of the details.

Baghdad conference seen as regional turning point
A unique conference in Baghdad on Saturday is supposed to bring together key regional officials and leaders, including the President of France who is in the Iraqi capital. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Jordan’s King Abdullah II have said they plan to attend. It was not clear if they had arrived in Baghdad by the morning, but Macron’s plane had flown in overnight.

Lebanon sentences four people to prison for ties with Jews or Israel
A prominent physician in Australia, Jamal Rifi from Lebanon, was sentenced in absentia to ten years in prison in Lebanon for the crime of “normalization with Israel,” VOA and Albawaba reported on Wednesday. Dr. Rifi works with Sydney’s Jewish Community on a charity program that organizes treatment for Palestinians in Israeli hospitals.

Key inflation gauge rises 3.6% from a year ago to tie biggest jump since the early 1990s
An inflation measure the Federal Reserve uses to set policy rose 3.6% in July from a year ago…the highest level in about 30 years. The core personal consumption expenditures price index…was unchanged from June, which was revised up one-tenth of a percentage point…That 3.6% reading equaled the Dow Jones estimate and appeared to be the highest level since May 1991.

TS Ida: Life-threatening heavy rains, flash flooding and mudslides expected across Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, western Cuba and Isle of Youth
Tropical Storm “Ida” formed in the Caribbean Sea at 21:20 UTC on Thursday, August 26, 2021, as the 9th named storm of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. At the time, its center was located 160 km (100 miles) WSW of Negril, Jamaica and 205 km (130 miles) SE of Grand Cayman

US Navy developing weapon that blasts target’s own voice back at them leaving them unable to speak
The US Navy is working on a non-lethal weapon that would render a person unable to communicate. The handheld Acoustic Hailing And Disruption (AHAD) system records a subject’s voice with a long-range microphone then amplifies it and plays it back on two distinct tracks, one nearly simultaneous with the original and another on a slight delay, perhaps a few hundred milliseconds.

Chinese Fluoride in Tap Water Worries Michigan Community
The discovery that a Michigan town’s drinking water treatment plant has been adding Chinese-made fluoride to its water supply for years has some of its residents upset.

Aid Group Claims Afghan Christians Are Being Turned Away at Kabul Airport
The United States, United Kingdom, and Australia are sending an urgent warning to its citizens of an imminent attack by an Islamic State affiliate against thousands gathered at entry points to Kabul’s airport

Pentagon orders all active-duty troops to submit to COVID-19 shot immediately
The Pentagon ordered all U.S. service members to submit to the COVID-19 vaccination as quickly as possible.

293 million Covid vaccine doses ordered for Canadians – enough for nearly eight shots per year for everyone
Not eight months after Covid-19 vaccines made their debut, hailed as a “miracle of science” and the “end of the pandemic,” it now looks like there will no end to the vaccines.

Los Angeles Breakthrough Infections Thirty Percent All New Covid Cases
In March 2021, when Americans first began hearing about the Delta variant of Covid-19, breakthrough infections among fully-vaccinated Angelenos accounted for just 2% of that month’s case total.

Dozens of U.S. military personnel, dead, wounded after coordinated attacks at Kabul airport; calls ring out for Biden, Harris to resign
More than a dozen U.S. military personnel were killed and dozens more wounded in well-coordinated attacks on their positions at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Thursday, leading scores of Republican lawmakers to call on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to either resign or be impeached and removed from office.

Collapse imminent? Food suppliers admit they can’t keep store shelves stocked amid supply chain disruptions, worker shortages
Our lords and masters have squeezed every ounce of tyranny they can out of the COVID-19 pandemic and now they’re exploiting it further to squeeze the remaining ‘malcontents’ in our society — mostly white, Midwestern, conservative, Trump supporters — into line by disrupting our livelihoods.

Smoking gun: Fauci states COVID PCR test has fatal flaw; confession from the “beloved” expert of experts
This article is part of my series on the COVID PCR test. These articles prove that the test is fatally flawed, gives rise to hugely inflated and false case numbers, which in turn lead to the unnecessary and brutal lockdowns. I’m hoping readers will spread this information far and wide.

Terrorists Are Terrorists No Matter What Moniker They Fall Under
Totally lost in all media reports of the ISIS-K attacks that killed at least 13 U.S. service members and dozens of Afghan civilians outside Hamid Karzai International Airport and at the nearby Baron Hotel yesterday?

CALL HIM JOE DIVIDEN: With His Head Bowed In Defeat, The American President’s Policies Are Now Creating The World’s Largest Terror State
Joe Dividen was 25 minutes late to his own press conference yesterday, responding to the attack by ISIS-K at the airport in Kabul that killed 12 US Marines, 1 Navy corpsmen, and around 170 American and Afghan civilians.

YouTube Cracks Down on Prayer: Videos Removed if People ‘Pray’ for Covid Healing in Place of Medical Treatment
Google-owned YouTube has wandered into a whole new territory of censorial practice in its attempt to limit content that contradicts the global public health community’s guidance about COVID-19.

‘Shielding’: CDC Plans Lockdowns, House Arrest, Evictions, Relocations and Concentration Camps For… Uninfected Persons
..The strange thing is that this plan by the CDC is NOT a strategy of quarantining sick people. Instead, it is a strategy to prevent uninfected people that the CDC has determined are at risk of dying from the disease from getting COVID-19.

BOMBSHELL UK data destroys entire premise for vaccine push
This is an absolute game-changer. The UK government just reported the following data, tucked away in their report on variants of concern: Less than a third of delta variant deaths are in the unvaccinated. Let me say that another way – two-thirds of Delta deaths in the UK are in the jabbed.

This Week We Watched A Leaderless America Collapse As The New World Order Prepares To Take Complete Control
Over the last 14 days, we have witnessed something truly extraordinary from an end times perspective, we have watched the utter collapse and abrogation of leadership within the halls of power of the mightiest nation on the face of the earth, America.

Unparalleled Levels of Tyranny Coming to America From Soon-to-be Released Government Policies Regard the Fate of the Unvaxed
…Homeland security cards, indicating vaccine status, are coming to America. Although it is not YET injected into your forehead or hand, it is a definitive move towards the Mark of the Beast.

France on brink of revolution as families are BLOCKED from buying food without ‘COVID passports’
The footage shows residents, some with children, being blocked from buying essential food items by security guards. The guards then begin pushing one woman away as the crowd becomes more upset. A number of police officers then begin physically assaulting the frightened shoppers.

Thirteen Service Members Killed on biden’s watch
biden vowed to complete the U.S. evacuation mission in Afghanistan after at least 13 U.S. service members and dozens of others were killed in explosions outside Kabul’s airport, promising that those responsible would “pay.” It took 13 service members to be killed before biden “vows” to do something.

EXCLUSIVE: Washington public school forces student athletes to wear ankle monitors for purposes of COVID segregation: parents
A 15-year-old girl was allegedly forced to wear an ankle tracking monitor for volleyball practice at Eatonville High School in Washington state as a condition of participating in team sports. This was required of both vaccinated and unvaccinated students.


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Ida expected to be an extremely dangerous major hurricane as it hits Louisiana, U.S.
Hurricane “Ida” is moving over the Gulf of Mexico through an area favorable for rapid intensification. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) expects it to be an extremely dangerous major hurricane when it reaches the coast of Louisiana by late Sunday, August 29, 2021, or early Monday.

Hurricane “Ida” makes landfall over the Isle of Youth, causing island-wide power outages, Cuba
Tropical Storm “Ida” strengthened into a hurricane at 17:10 UTC on Friday, August 27, 2021, just 50 km (31 miles) ESE of the Isle of Youth. Landfall took place at 18:00 UTC with maximum sustained winds of 120 km/h (75 mph) and a minimum central pressure of 987 hPa. The storm then moved over western Cuba and exited into the Gulf of Mexico.

Intense cold front affecting South Africa, warnings for disruptive snowfall and severe thunderstorms
An intense cold front associated with a steep upper-air trough is affecting parts of South Africa since Thursday, August 26, 2021. The front is spreading eastwards, bringing heavy rains, disruptive snow, and cold temperatures. A change in weather conditions is expected from Monday, August 30.

Moderately strong M4.7 solar flare erupts from geoeffective AR 2860
A moderately strong solar flare measuring M4.7 at its peak erupted from geoeffective Active Region 2860 at 06:15 UTC on August 28, 2021. The event started at 05:39 and ended at 06:23 UTC.

A Graying Italy Looks to Euthanasia to Solve Its Demographic Problems
Over 750,000 Italians have signed a petition for a public referendum on legalizing euthanasia, guaranteeing its presence in the next national elections, local media reported this week.

The All-Seeing “i”: Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy
By now you’ve probably heard that Apple plans to push a new and uniquely intrusive surveillance system out to many of the more than one billion iPhones it has sold, which all run the behemoth’s proprietary, take-it-or-leave-it software. This new offensive is tentatively slated to begin with the launch of iOS 15⁠—almost certainly in mid-September⁠—with the devices of its US user-base designated as the initial targets. We’re told that other countries will be spared, but not for long.

Completely Unnecessary: 4 Newborns Die After Being DENIED Life-Saving Heart Surgery Because It Was Unavailable; Could Not Be Transferred to Another Facility Due to Australia’s Draconian Covid Travel Restrictions
A shocking report by 9News Australia has uncovered the recent and unnecessary deaths of 4 newborns, who were left to die after being denied access to life-saving surgery, because of the country’s unbelievably restrictive COVID lockdowns.

Democrat Insurrection
Democrats and their Cabal have tainted us all. It’s time to shed the past and stand up for what God has given us…America. Elections do have consequences. A one-party democracy is no democracy at all. I have learned through the years that Democrats announce their intentions by what they accuse the opposition of doing.

Kendra has it figured out!
Indeed, Kendra figured it all out….and more! The Taliban, a terrorist gang of tens of thousands, allied with ISIS and al Q’aeda, now have America’s most advanced military gear in their hands. An air force with the most comprehensive inventory..hundreds of America’s state-of-the-art M-1117 IED-resistant vehicles, tanks, mobile artillery, missiles, munitions, and tens of thousands of very lethal automatic small arms.

Those who think they’ve seen ‘mass deaths via COVID’ haven’t seen anything yet compared to the coming carnage by poverty, famine and tyrannical democide if Americans ‘surrender’
When major plagues finally and mysteriously left a devastated country, interest in religious matters decreased because many clergymen died, and so many prayers were unanswered

Fake Christian Kanye West Sets Himself On Fire For ‘Donda’ Listening Party, Then Invites Satanic Singer Marilyn Manson To Join Him On Stage
I made lots of people mad last year when Kanye West ‘got saved’ and proceeded to hold his Sunday Service ‘church meetings’, pointing out that the whole thing was fake, he didn’t get saved and he’s not a Christian.

Breaking: US Attacks ISIS-K in Afghanistan; Embassy Warns of Threat of New Attacks at Kabul Airport
Central Command said Friday night that the U.S. had conducted a drone strike against ISIS-K in response to the Islamist terrorist group’s suicide bomber attack at the Kabul airport Thursday that killed 13 U.S. service members and about 170 Afghans. Around the same time Friday night, the U.S. Embassy in Kabul posted a new warning of a threat of another terror attack at the airport and warned and warned U.S. citizens to “immediately” leave the gates.

“Wellcamp: The Best Way To Keep You Safe” – Australian Health Officials Produce Creepy Dystopian Propaganda For New ‘Mandatory Quarantine Camps’ (Video)
The freedom-crushing restrictions that Australians have been facing have only been getting worse, day by day. Earlier this month, health officials from down-under announced their plans to build multiple “Mandatory Quarantine Facilities” where they would be able to house rule-breakers who have been ignoring lockdown orders, and keep them from leaving.

28 Aug 2021
Published on: August 28, 2021 by RRadmin7
Watch: Solar flare eruption on the sun could be headed for Earth
As if we didn’t have enough to worry about here on Earth, the sun is starting to act up. it’s still too early to tell if Tuesday’s flare-up will reach Earth. However, CME from a flare earlier in the week will likely reach Earth near Aug. 27. When CME hits the Earth, it can trigger geomagnetic storms.

Bible Prophecy Accelerating As Israel Plans For Attack On Iran Nuclear Program
the Israel Defense Forces revealed that it has accelerated its plans for a possible strike on Iran’s nuclear program. Iran’s progress toward developing nuclear weapons “has led the IDF to speed up its operational plans,” which were addressed in a recently approved defense budget, IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi told reporters Wednesday.

Hezbollah looks to take over Lebanon’s energy needs
Hezbollah has increasingly become more powerful than the State of Lebanon, conducting its foreign policy, sending fighters to wage wars on behalf of Lebanon in Syria, and now looking to have a stranglehold on the country’s energy needs. In mid-August the Iranian-backed Lebanese group said it will begin to import gasoline and diesel from Iran. Two weeks since then, Hezbollah has clarified some of the details.

Baghdad conference seen as regional turning point
A unique conference in Baghdad on Saturday is supposed to bring together key regional officials and leaders, including the President of France who is in the Iraqi capital. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Jordan’s King Abdullah II have said they plan to attend. It was not clear if they had arrived in Baghdad by the morning, but Macron’s plane had flown in overnight.

Lebanon sentences four people to prison for ties with Jews or Israel
A prominent physician in Australia, Jamal Rifi from Lebanon, was sentenced in absentia to ten years in prison in Lebanon for the crime of “normalization with Israel,” VOA and Albawaba reported on Wednesday. Dr. Rifi works with Sydney’s Jewish Community on a charity program that organizes treatment for Palestinians in Israeli hospitals.

Key inflation gauge rises 3.6% from a year ago to tie biggest jump since the early 1990s
An inflation measure the Federal Reserve uses to set policy rose 3.6% in July from a year ago…the highest level in about 30 years. The core personal consumption expenditures price index…was unchanged from June, which was revised up one-tenth of a percentage point…That 3.6% reading equaled the Dow Jones estimate and appeared to be the highest level since May 1991.

TS Ida: Life-threatening heavy rains, flash flooding and mudslides expected across Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, western Cuba and Isle of Youth
Tropical Storm “Ida” formed in the Caribbean Sea at 21:20 UTC on Thursday, August 26, 2021, as the 9th named storm of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. At the time, its center was located 160 km (100 miles) WSW of Negril, Jamaica and 205 km (130 miles) SE of Grand Cayman

US Navy developing weapon that blasts target’s own voice back at them leaving them unable to speak
The US Navy is working on a non-lethal weapon that would render a person unable to communicate. The handheld Acoustic Hailing And Disruption (AHAD) system records a subject’s voice with a long-range microphone then amplifies it and plays it back on two distinct tracks, one nearly simultaneous with the original and another on a slight delay, perhaps a few hundred milliseconds.

Chinese Fluoride in Tap Water Worries Michigan Community
The discovery that a Michigan town’s drinking water treatment plant has been adding Chinese-made fluoride to its water supply for years has some of its residents upset.

Aid Group Claims Afghan Christians Are Being Turned Away at Kabul Airport
The United States, United Kingdom, and Australia are sending an urgent warning to its citizens of an imminent attack by an Islamic State affiliate against thousands gathered at entry points to Kabul’s airport

Pentagon orders all active-duty troops to submit to COVID-19 shot immediately
The Pentagon ordered all U.S. service members to submit to the COVID-19 vaccination as quickly as possible.

293 million Covid vaccine doses ordered for Canadians – enough for nearly eight shots per year for everyone
Not eight months after Covid-19 vaccines made their debut, hailed as a “miracle of science” and the “end of the pandemic,” it now looks like there will no end to the vaccines.

Los Angeles Breakthrough Infections Thirty Percent All New Covid Cases
In March 2021, when Americans first began hearing about the Delta variant of Covid-19, breakthrough infections among fully-vaccinated Angelenos accounted for just 2% of that month’s case total.

Dozens of U.S. military personnel, dead, wounded after coordinated attacks at Kabul airport; calls ring out for Biden, Harris to resign
More than a dozen U.S. military personnel were killed and dozens more wounded in well-coordinated attacks on their positions at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Thursday, leading scores of Republican lawmakers to call on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to either resign or be impeached and removed from office.

Collapse imminent? Food suppliers admit they can’t keep store shelves stocked amid supply chain disruptions, worker shortages
Our lords and masters have squeezed every ounce of tyranny they can out of the COVID-19 pandemic and now they’re exploiting it further to squeeze the remaining ‘malcontents’ in our society — mostly white, Midwestern, conservative, Trump supporters — into line by disrupting our livelihoods.

Smoking gun: Fauci states COVID PCR test has fatal flaw; confession from the “beloved” expert of experts
This article is part of my series on the COVID PCR test. These articles prove that the test is fatally flawed, gives rise to hugely inflated and false case numbers, which in turn lead to the unnecessary and brutal lockdowns. I’m hoping readers will spread this information far and wide.

Terrorists Are Terrorists No Matter What Moniker They Fall Under
Totally lost in all media reports of the ISIS-K attacks that killed at least 13 U.S. service members and dozens of Afghan civilians outside Hamid Karzai International Airport and at the nearby Baron Hotel yesterday?

CALL HIM JOE DIVIDEN: With His Head Bowed In Defeat, The American President’s Policies Are Now Creating The World’s Largest Terror State
Joe Dividen was 25 minutes late to his own press conference yesterday, responding to the attack by ISIS-K at the airport in Kabul that killed 12 US Marines, 1 Navy corpsmen, and around 170 American and Afghan civilians.

YouTube Cracks Down on Prayer: Videos Removed if People ‘Pray’ for Covid Healing in Place of Medical Treatment
Google-owned YouTube has wandered into a whole new territory of censorial practice in its attempt to limit content that contradicts the global public health community’s guidance about COVID-19.

‘Shielding’: CDC Plans Lockdowns, House Arrest, Evictions, Relocations and Concentration Camps For… Uninfected Persons
..The strange thing is that this plan by the CDC is NOT a strategy of quarantining sick people. Instead, it is a strategy to prevent uninfected people that the CDC has determined are at risk of dying from the disease from getting COVID-19.

BOMBSHELL UK data destroys entire premise for vaccine push
This is an absolute game-changer. The UK government just reported the following data, tucked away in their report on variants of concern: Less than a third of delta variant deaths are in the unvaccinated. Let me say that another way – two-thirds of Delta deaths in the UK are in the jabbed.

This Week We Watched A Leaderless America Collapse As The New World Order Prepares To Take Complete Control
Over the last 14 days, we have witnessed something truly extraordinary from an end times perspective, we have watched the utter collapse and abrogation of leadership within the halls of power of the mightiest nation on the face of the earth, America.

Unparalleled Levels of Tyranny Coming to America From Soon-to-be Released Government Policies Regard the Fate of the Unvaxed
…Homeland security cards, indicating vaccine status, are coming to America. Although it is not YET injected into your forehead or hand, it is a definitive move towards the Mark of the Beast.

France on brink of revolution as families are BLOCKED from buying food without ‘COVID passports’
The footage shows residents, some with children, being blocked from buying essential food items by security guards. The guards then begin pushing one woman away as the crowd becomes more upset. A number of police officers then begin physically assaulting the frightened shoppers.

Thirteen Service Members Killed on biden’s watch
biden vowed to complete the U.S. evacuation mission in Afghanistan after at least 13 U.S. service members and dozens of others were killed in explosions outside Kabul’s airport, promising that those responsible would “pay.” It took 13 service members to be killed before biden “vows” to do something.

EXCLUSIVE: Washington public school forces student athletes to wear ankle monitors for purposes of COVID segregation: parents
A 15-year-old girl was allegedly forced to wear an ankle tracking monitor for volleyball practice at Eatonville High School in


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Is Hurricane Ida divine retribution for Biden’s treatment of Israel?
For thus said the lord of Hosts—He who sent me after glory—concerning the nations that have taken you as spoil: “Whoever touches you touches the pupil of his own eye. Zechariah 2:12 In February 2020, Israel365 News predicted that any attempts by a White House administration to institute an “anti-covenant” policy that divided the land of Israel would inevitably result in a natural catastrophe of historic proportions. That prediction came true this week as Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met with President Biden for the first time and as Bennett flew home, Hurricane Ida made landfall. This prediction was not the result of prescience or prophecy but is simply the latest in a historical series so compelling that it verges on absolute certainty.

Hurricane Ida slammed Gulf Coast so hard it reversed the flow of the Mississippi River
Hurricane Ida blasted ashore Sunday as one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the U.S., blowing off roofs and reversing the flow of the Mississippi River as it rushed from the Louisiana coast toward New Orleans and one of the nation’s most important industrial corridors. The Category 4 storm hit on the same date Hurricane Katrina ravaged Louisiana and Mississippi 16 years earlier, coming ashore about 45 miles west of where Category 3 Katrina first struck land.

After 2 landfalls at Category 4 strength, Ida plows inland
Only two other hurricanes have struck the state with the same force that Hurricane Ida did on Sunday as maximum sustained winds were only 7 mph shy of Category 5 storm strength.

Texas House passes election reform measure after months of delays
Passage comes roughly six months after the Senate bill was filed and after Democrats fled the state for nearly six weeks in an attempt to sabotage it. Lawmakers debated the bill for 12 hours Thursday, casting dozens of initials votes, before final passage came in a mostly partisan, 80 to 41 vote Friday.

‘Woke’ soldier calls U.S. citizens the ‘enemy’
Sky News says the US army chooses its soldiers based on how ‘Woke’ they happen to be. (watch Very disturbing).

Americans Have Traded Their Freedoms For Safety From COVID, And Now We Have Neither
Over the last year and a half, one of the largest power grabs in the history of the world has taken place as fearful citizens willingly surrendered their rights to the state for the promise of safety. But that safety never came and it never will.

China mocks ‘Daddy America’ and threatens to ‘freak out’ Taiwan as invasion fears grow
JOE BIDEN has been warned that if the US goes to war with China over Taiwan it “will be annihilated.” The latest US intervention occurred on Friday, when the USS Kidd guided missile destroyer and the USCGC Munro cutter made a transit through the Taiwan Straits.

Uniformed U.S. soldier threatens Americans’ lives if they don’t obey
An American soldier, in uniform, is on video threatening the lives of Americans if they don’t obey her. Under certain circumstances. The threat comes from Army Sgt. Cindy Bronson, who reportedly was responding to comments about martial law. That scenario periodically is raised by “woke” leftists who are intent on having the entire nation follow their personal agenda.

The West must wake up to the threat of Jihad
It’s not by accident that Bennett’s postponed meeting with Biden coincided with the deadly attack on Kabul airport, which showed how ruthless radical Islam is, having no qualms about killing the poor and downtrodden, even their own Muslims brethren.

‘Everyone knows what Biden meant by US having other options for Iran,’ official says
“As for Iran, both President Biden and ourselves are determined Iran will never be able to acquire nuclear weapons. I’m glad we agree on the objective. Our staff will work in the coming months to develop channels of cooperation. There isn’t much time. The issue is urgent and cannot be pushed off,” the Israeli leader said.

Macron to visit Kurdistan region, Iraq to show commitment to region
Erbil Citadel, the historic heart of the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, was lit up with the colors of the French flag for a historic visit by French President Emmanuel Macron to Kurdistan this weekend. It is an important visit. France has been a key supporter of the Kurds and in general supports minorities in the Middle East. Macron arrived in Baghdad on Friday night and will stay through Saturday.

Cairo Genizah paper may hold key to secrets of Qumran, Dead Sea Scrolls
A mystical religious ceremony described in several Dead Sea Scrolls and in a medieval document from the Cairo Genizah holds the key to understanding the mysteries of the archaeological site of Qumran, new research suggests.

Gantz meets Abbas in Ramallah after Bennett’s US visit
In rare move, Defense Minister Benny Gantz met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah just hours after Prime Minister Naftali Bennett returned from Washington DC. “This evening I met with PA [President] Mahmoud Abbas to discuss security-policy, civilian and economic issues,” Gantz tweeted after the late night meeting, the details of which were published just after midnight on Monday. It’s the first time in a decade that such a high level face-to-face public conversation on policy has taken place between Abbas and an Israeli official.

Iran taking advantage of lax enforcement of US sanctions to export fuel
Experts tell JNS that existing sanctions are becoming problematic, as they tend to wear down over time as workarounds are found. They also say that the current administration has been lax in enforcing them—sanctions that were put in place by the former administration.

Biden falls asleep as Bennett reveals Isaiah’s prophecy
Bennett then explained to his American counterpart how during prayer services on the Sabbath, the Jewish people read a portion of the Torah as well as its corresponding portion from the Prophets … Raise your eyes and look about: They have all gathered and come to you. Your sons shall be brought from afar, Your daughters like babes on shoulders. (Isaiah 60:4) Biden, whose head dropped and eyes closed appeared to have fallen asleep as Bennett relayed those prophetic words.

Hurricane Ida’s impact on Louisiana is ‘unprecedented,’ Cajun Navy Relief president says
She’s navigated through Hurricane Laura, Hurricane Harvey and other disasters, but Cajun Navy Relief (CNR) president Colleen Udell says that the impact of Hurricane Ida is “unprecedented.”

Hurricane Ida makes landfall in Louisiana as monster Category 4 storm: LIVE UPDATES
Hurricane Ida made landfall Sunday near Port Fourchon, Louisiana, as an “extremely dangerous” Category 4 storm packing 150 mph sustained winds. Its path will take it inland over portions of Louisiana and western Mississippi Monday and Monday night.

WHO now says your child’s presence in school counts as ‘informed consent’ for vaccination – parental presence ‘not required’
The World Health Organization, which is the medical epicenter of the depopulation lobby, now considers your child’s presence in school informed consent to vaccinate that child. Depopulation by vaccination us now fully outside the law and will sterilize, sicken and dumb down every child on earth but the children of the depop lobby members who don’t vaccinate their children.

Disturbing New Info Emerges On Apparent “Magnetic” Side Effects Happening to Some COVID Vaccinated People
Have you heard of the “Magnetic Challenge?” No, it’s not some wacky teenage TikTok challenge, it’s actually much creepier. It all started as a rumor involving a microchipping conspiracy theory that involved the COVID-19 vaccine.

‘Satan works in mysterious ways’: Newscast on Australian TV interrupted by devil-worshipping ceremony
Australian TV channel ABC has accidentally shown its viewers footage from a Satanic ritual during the middle of a routine newscast. The blunder was linked online to a current court case about teaching Satanism in schools.

The Shortages Are Global, And We Are Being Warned That They Will Intensify
The world’s network of ports, container vessels, and trucking companies that allow goods to move globally has been tangled due to the pandemic, and the cost of shipping is skyrocketing.

Scientists Question Evidence Supporting Booster Shots
The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has been granted full approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and more and more businesses and organizations are pushing for mandates for their employees to get inoculated, with a third booster shot being pushed aggressively by officials.

China Calls Global Effort to Uncover How COVID Killed 4 Million People ‘Political’
Amid its great stonewalling in regards to the origins of the coronavirus that triggered a worldwide pandemic, China has gone on the offensive to label the U.S. effort to find the source “political.”

“Megadrought” threatens crop yields in America and global grain inventories, warns USDA
Because of the megadrought affecting key states in America, the already high prices of crops like corn and wheat continue to skyrocket.

Covid-19 Australia: Brad Hazzard says all NSW health workers must be vaccinated by end of November
All healthcare staff in New South Wales will be made to get a Covid-19 jab or risk losing their jobs under new public health orders.

BBC presenter Lisa Shaw died of Covid vaccine complications, coroner finds
An award-winning BBC radio presenter died as a result of complications from the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, a coroner has concluded.

Woman Arrested At School Board Meeting After ‘Improperly’ Wearing Mask
A New York woman was arrested and detained by sheriff’s deputies at a school board meeting Wednesday night after refusing to fully cover her nose when she was wearing her mask.

General Reportedly Cancels Troop Evacuation, Demands Soldiers ‘Clean The Base For The Taliban’ Before Leaving
A viral Instagram post highlights a text message exchange in which a U.S. military servicemember states that the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit is being forced to clean a military base for the Taliban in Afghanistan. The report claims that a troop evacuation flight was cancelled by Brigadier General Farrell J. Sullivan so that Marines could sweep up trash in preparation for the Taliban takeover.

Mandatory Vaccines For IL Schools
Mandatory vaccines for IL schools are being enforced by demonic governor and criminal, Governor Pritzker.

Hurricane Ida Is Now A Category 4 As It Blasts Ashore Gulf Coast Louisiana With 150 Mile Per Hour Sustained Winds And Stronger Than Katrina
Hurricane Ida has made its way to the shoreline of Louisiana, with unbelievable fury pent up in her massive eye, with coming destruction that will be heartbreaking to watch and mind-numbing to comprehend. In a very ironic twist, it is hitting Louisiana on the exact anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem Exposes the National Association of Secretaries of State for Plotting to Halt Forensic Audits
Arizona state representative Mark Finchem is exposing the National Association of Secretaries of State for plotting in a cabal to prevent future forensic audits from taking place throughout the country.

Report Wisconsin Lost Track of 82000 Ballots in State Biden Won by 20000
Wisconsin lost track of more than 82,000 mail-in ballots cast in the state in the November 2020 elections—more than four times the margin of difference separating the two presidential candidates in the state, according to a report by the nonprofit Public Interest Legal Foundation.

Is Joe Biden’s boss the enemy of all goodness?
Darwin, evolution, atheism, global warming, gender transitioning, and the list goes on – ad infinitum. And what does it all amount to? Distraction. Nothing more than that. The very real enemy of our souls, satan, knows he has only fleeting moments remaining before his jig is entirely up.

High geothermal heat beneath West Antarctica glacier responsible for its melting
Ice losses from Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica are currently responsible for roughly four percent of the global sea-level rise. This figure could increase, since virtually no another ice stream in the Antarctic is changing as dramatically as the massive Thwaites Glacier.


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Afghanistan: A historic turning point in global Jihad against Christians, top Islam expert warns
He shall be a wild ass of a man; His hand against everyone, And everyone’s hand against him; He shall dwell alongside of all his kinsmen.” Genesis 16:12 ” Dr. Mordechai Kedar has a deep understanding of the Arab mindset. It was therefore deeply concerning when he posted a warning on his Facebook page explaining what he believed was the actual significance of the Taliban victory in Afghanistan. “August 15, 2021, the day in which Taliban resumed their rule over Afghanistan after 20 years of Western occupation, will forever be viewed and remembered in the Islamic world as the victory of Islam over Christianity, the victory of faith over heresy, and the victory of tradition over permissiveness,” Dr. Kedar wrote. “These events are pumping new blood into jihad arteries and the results will soon be seen around the world, including in Israel.”

Minnesota nurses say vaccine injuries likely underreported
Minnesota nurses say that injuries related to the coronavirus vaccine are underreported as hospital administrators discourage use of the adverse reaction reporting system. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a government-administered database that health care professionals are required to use to report adverse reactions their patients have to vaccines. However, Minnesota nurses say that negative reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine are underreported as hospitals discourage their staff from recording them. One of the nurses who spoke out said that her and her friends at other hospitals are “seeing more reactions with their patients post-vaccination than they’re seeing COVID patients.”

Why So Many Americans Reject Legal Due Process In The Age Of COVID
The policy response to the covid panic of 2020 in the United States was one of the most widespread direct attacks on fundamental human rights in decades. Overnight—and without any deliberation, debate, or checks and balances—millions of Americans were denied their basic rights to seek employment, to freely assemble, and to engage in religious practices. This was all done with no legal process other than the issuance of edicts from a tiny handful of politicians, usually executives such as state governors and city mayors.

Chase Bank Cancels General Mike Flynn’s Credit Cards
Chase Bank cancels its credit card accounts with General Flynn citing possible “reputational risk” to their company. In case there was any doubt what is happening in this country.

‘Insane Joe!’ Republican launches furious Biden attack over ‘evil’ and ‘sinister’ agenda
JOE BIDEN should be impeached for “the worst domestic agenda in the history of the United States” that risks destroying the country “at its core”, according to a Republican state representative from Florida. Anthony Sabatini, who will run for Congress as an “American First” candidate in next year’s elections, described the US President’s economic plans as “evil” and “insane” and a flagrant attempt to build socialism in the USA.

EU drops U.S. from list of COVID-safe countries for travel
European Union governments agreed on Monday to remove the United States from the EU’s safe travel list, meaning U.S. visitors and those from five other countries are likely to face tighter controls, such as COVID-19 tests and quarantines.

‘No restrictions on Western Wall without the same for Temple Mount’
Ministers Elkin and Shaked vote against restrictions at Western Wall after their demand to restrict prayers on the Temple Mount was denied. ”In previous waves, both places were excluded from the regulations and received special treatment. It makes no sense to implement coronavirus restrictions at the Western Wall and not to address in parallel what is happening on the Temple Mount,” Minister Elkin added.

Hurricane Ida Death Toll Will Go Up ‘Considerably’: Louisiana Governor
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said that the damage caused by Hurricane Ida is “catastrophic,” and the death toll would go up “considerably.” “The damage is really catastrophic,” Bel Edwards told NBC on Monday morning. “This storm packed a very powerful punch. It delivered the surge that was forecasted, the wind that was forecasted, and the rain.”

Last US forces leave Afghanistan after almost 20 years
The United States has completed the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan, US officials told Reuters on Monday, following a chaotic airlift nearly 20 years after it invaded the country in the wake of September 11, 2001, attacks on America. “There’s a lot of heartbreak associated with this departure. We did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out,” Marine General Frank McKenzie, the head of the US Central Command, told a Pentagon news briefing.

Category 4 Hurricane “Ida” hits Louisiana on Katrina’s 16th anniversary, leaves more than 1 million homes without power
Extremely dangerous Category 4 Hurricane “Ida” made landfall in Louisiana, U.S. on August 29, 2021, bringing catastrophic storm surge, maximum sustained winds of 240 km/h (150 mph), and heavy rains.

‘Catastrophic Damage’: Entire City of New Orleans Loses Power; Water and Sewage System Crippled by Hurricane Ida
New Orleans is facing catastrophic damage from Hurricane Ida Sunday. The storm has been downgraded from a Category 4 to a 3, but the winds, rain and surge have left the entire city without power due to “catastrophic transmission damage” that has also crippled the water and sewage system.

Third-Grade Lesson On Virginia State Education Website Appears To Glorify Communism
…The typo-ridden lesson plan, provided for use by any teacher in the state, is credited to five teachers, including Chesapeake Public Schools teachers Candice Anthony-Cazenave and Jamie Marquitz, and has children watch a video of someone reading the book “A Is For Activist.”

“Soothing symptoms of anxiety” with graphene oxide; it’s in millions of masks — This is not a joke; it’s real
The mainstream literature on graphene is ambiguous and far from reassuring —I’ll get to the “anti-anxiety” effects of graphene on the brain in a minute; first a review of the lung issues. On April 2, 2021, Health Canada issued an advisory, warning people not to “use face masks labelled to contain graphene or biomass graphene.”

Deadly Blood Clots Caused by COVID-19 Vaccine
As of March 16, 2021, 19 European countries plus Thailand had suspended the use of AstraZeneca’s vaccine, either in full or in part, following reports of deadly blood clots. March 2, 2021, The Defender reported U.K. data showing the AstraZeneca vaccine was responsible for 77% more adverse events and 25% more deaths than the Pfizer vaccine, which in the U.S. has been connected with a majority of death reports in the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VAERS).

Taliban Celebrates Their Stunning Victory As ‘Walkaway Joe’ Leaves Hundreds Of Americans Stranded In The Terror Nation Of Afghanistan
Let’s take a moment to reflect on what has happened in just one short week. The Taliban drove out the world’s mightiest army, armed themselves with billions of dollars of American warfighting materials, ISIS slaughtered 13 US servicemen and women and over 170 civilians. Walkaway Joe ordered drone strikes that killed 7 Afghan children, and then managed to leave nearly 250 Americans stranded in what is now the world’s largest terror nation.

Pfizer scheme to churn out ‘variant-specific’ vaccines will lead to more variants, experts warn
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told Fox News the company has a system in place to turn around a variant-specific jab within 95 days in the likelihood a vaccine-resistant COVID strain emerges, but experts warn that strategy will backfire.

Pentagon Announces “War Is Over” in Afghanistan — Final Planes Have Left the Country – Hundreds if Not Thousands of Americans Left Stranded
The Pentagon on Monday announced “War Is Over” in Afghanistan. The final US planes have left the country in defeat. The Biden Administration left the country in the hands of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS-K and Al-Qanni terrorists.

Largest US Food Distributor Having Trouble Keeping Shelves Stocked; Price Shock Imminent
One of the defining features of the early phases of the covid pandemic, when public fear was rampant and when few wanted to take chances that supply chains would remain viable, is that for a brief period US supermarkets resembled those of the USSR circa the late 1980s: many items were in short supply, and some – notably toilet paper, clorox, and perishables such as milk – were out of stock for weeks.

West Virginia Sees 25% Increase in Deaths of Fully Vaccinated
West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice shared alarming news in his COVID-19 press briefing on August 23, 2021. And while the small state’s local news is barely a blip on the radar of larger networks, the contents should alarm vaccine advocates everywhere.

In Shocking Move, The Vaccinated In Israel Will Become Unvaccinated And Lose Their Green Pass If They Refuse To Begin Receiving COVID Booster Shots
In Israel, the fully vaccinated who refuse the COVID-19 booster shots will immediately become the unvaccinated and their Mark of the Beast prototype Green Passport then revoked. Earlier today we did a program on the Mark of the Beast system that has now come online, and today’s article on Israel turning the vaccinated into the unvaccinated really proves our point.

MSNBC: Pro-Lifers Are Like Suicide Bombers
Civil rights attorney Jill Collen Jefferson appeared on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation,” claiming people who support pro-life are like suicide bombers.

The Biden Effect: Just In – North Korea Reportedly Restarts Activities at Yongbyon Nuclear Reactor; Site Has Been Shut Down Since 2018 When Trump Showed Strength
At this point, it looks like Biden’s incompetency will eventually drag every major country into a global catastrophe.. and at the rate it’s going now, we won’t even have to wait until the end of the year – Biden has single-handedly enabled the destabilization of the global hierarchy, creating a mad dash to the top.

The Real Pandemic
Covid-19 Origins – Using Global Fear to Manipulate the Masses

Two Top Virologists’ Frightening Warnings About COVID Injections: Ignored by Government and Big Media
When two great minds come to similar conclusions about the current global push to vaccinate everyone with the COVID experimental vaccines, we should pay close attention. Both highly experienced scientists have a totally negative view of the vaccination effort.

Canadian Imam Calls for West to Submit to Taliban: Jews & Christians Are ‘Our Enemies’
A top Canadian imam is calling on his followers to support the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, declaring that Christians and Jews are “our enemies.”

Harvard Elects ‘Progressive’ Atheist as Head ‘Chaplain’
Harvard University has unanimously elected a progressive atheist as president of its chaplains’ organization. 44-year-old Greg Epstein, who was raised as Jewish, will start his new role as president of Harvard.

As The World Becomes An End Times Freak Show, The Mark Of The Beast System Is Now Online And Operational
It doesn’t matter where you look, look anywhere, look everywhere, and what do you see? You see what used to be our global way of life crumbling, and in its place a new system is coming online. The New World Order? Yes, absolutely, but it’s more than that. What we are watching in the installation of the Mark of the Beast system to control all humanity by a single entity.