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Update: On Saturday, September 5th, 2020, the founder, administrator, and head moderator of this forum, Valerie S., went Home to be with the Lord.  Her obituary can be found on https://memorials.demarcofuneralhomes.com/valerie-skrzyniak/4321619/index.php.

This posting is dedicated to the forever memory and honor of Valerie, who was the founder of, and the inspiration for, this Web site.  The Web site will continue to operate in Valerie's remembrance, as requested by her family.  God bless!

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1 Thessalonians 4:15-18

   For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.  For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:  Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord.  Wherefore comfort one another with these words.     

​​​​​​​2 Timothy 4:7-8
For I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing

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Rapture Ready News - July 2021

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Leaked Emails Expose Executive Board Of National Psychologist Org Hatred Of ‘Narcissistic,’ ‘Paranoid,’ ‘Delusional’ Untreatable Conservative Americans
The nation’s top psychologists, entrusted with executive decisions on the treatment of mental health, are exposed in private email exchanges obtained by The Gateway Pundit pathologizing all conservatives as mentally ill and untreatable.

Severe storms bring giant hail, floods and damaging winds to Germany, Switzerland and France
Severe storms, including hail, heavy rain, and gale-force winds hit parts of Germany Switzerland, and France on Monday and Tuesday, June 28 and 29, 2021, triggering widespread flooding and damage.

Death toll rising amid a historic heat wave in British Columbia, Canada
More than 230 deaths have been reported in British Columbia, Canada from Friday, June 25 to Monday afternoon, June 28, 2021, amid a historic heat wave in the Pacific Northwest. The number is nearly double the expected amount and is predicted to further increase as data continues to be updated. While the extreme heat wave has likely peaked, dangerous temperatures are still forecast across the region through the end of this week. A noticeable drop in temperatures is expected on July 7 and 8.

Political correctness and indoctrination in American universities no different from BRAINWASHING in North Korea, says defector
A North Korean defector is worried for the future of the United States after experiencing life at Columbia University. She said that the focus on political correctness and indoctrination was very similar to the brainwashing in North Korea.

Watch: Proof of Biden’s Open Human Trafficking, Child Smuggling Operation
Alex Jones and his team expose Biden’s human trafficking and child smuggling operation from America’s southern border in Texas.

Hater Mongers At Washington Post Says You Must Feel A ‘Deep Shame’ For Being White And Gives Steps On How To Overcome Your ‘White Racial Identity’
There is a movement underway to, not erase racism, but to deeply entrench racism and racist policies across America, and it is being promoted by garbage news outlets like Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post, quite possible one of the worst news organizations ever to exist. The new talking point is that white people are incapable of not being racist because, well, they’re white, and the ‘white racial identity’ must be expunged like so much cancerous tissue. But you don’t have to take my word for it, we have a video that shows you all this, and much more, from the mouths of the white-hating Liberals who want to get rid of all white people.

Whole Foods to roll out Mark of the Beast biometric palm scanning payment technology across its U.S. stores
The first “Amazon Fresh” grocery store equipped with “Just Walk Out” technology has opened, allowing customers to purchase groceries without having to wait in a long checkout line.

Starting August 20th, Abu Dhabi Will Be Closing Nearly All Public Areas To People Who Have Not Been Vaccinated With The COVID-19 Vaccine
What’s happening now in Abu Dhabi is happening in cities, towns and states around the world, the forced segregation of those people who refuse to receive the experimental COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. From Bruce Springsteen on Broadway and all the way to the Middle East, non-vaxxers are feeling the heat for not having the Mark…umm, I mean, the vaccine, when the go out in public. Pardon my Freudian slip. If you think of the Mark of the Beast like a bicycle, the ‘training wheels’ that teach you how to ride is the vaccine.

WHO scrubs its own website, quietly removing recommendation that children should not be vaccinated against covid
The World Health Organization (WHO) quietly removed guidance on its website advising against children’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations. The global health body redacted its recommendation which says children should not be inoculated because “there is not yet enough evidence” to justify it. While the earlier version made no mention of a particular vaccine, the most recent revision explicitly promoted the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA shot for children.

Covid supply chain issues now hitting fast-food chains as shortages in foods and packaging both worsen
A new survey by Reuters has found that at least nine popular fast-food chains are experiencing supply issues due to supply bottlenecks and other problems linked to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic.

Exorcisms Are Back—And More Political Than Ever
As a nurses’ strike stretched into its 107th day on Tuesday, people gathered in a Worcester, Massachusetts, hospital to perform an unusual operation. Waving a banner and sprinkling holy water from a balcony, the assembled activists conducted an exorcism.

Report: Nearly 70 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago
Nearly 70 people were shot during another violent weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago.


Re: Rapture Ready News - July 2021

"Fair Use for Information and Discussion Purposes"

Philippine Volcano Belches Dark Plume, Villagers Evacuated
A small volcano near the Philippine capital belched a dark plume of steam and ash into the sky in a brief explosion Thursday, prompting officials to start evacuating thousands of villagers from high-risk areas. Government experts said magmatic materials came into contact with water in the main crater of Taal Volcano in Batangas province, setting off the steam-driven blast with no accompanying volcanic earthquake. They said it’s unclear if the volcanic unrest could lead to a full-blown eruption.

Arizona Ballot-Harvesting Ban Is Legal, Supreme Court Rules in High-Stakes Electoral Integrity Case
Arizona’s ban on ballot-harvesting and out-of-precinct voting doesn’t violate the federal Voting Rights Act, the Supreme Court ruled 6–3 in a closely watched case with implications for future elections.

US & Japan Conduct Rare ‘Secret’ War Games Simulating China-Taiwan Conflict Response
The Financial Times is reporting this week that Washington and Tokyo held “top-secret tabletop war games and joint exercises in the South China and East China seas” – though of course they now appear not-so-secret. The planning of the games reportedly started during the final year of the Trump administration. What’s more is that the covert war games represent Japan becoming increasingly bold in shedding its fears of provoking Beijing, with FT underscoring it’s now creating an “integrated war plan for Taiwan”…

Iconic American Magazine Fails To Disclose CCP Funding in Latest Print Edition
The magazine’s June 21-28 double issue included an insert from China Daily, a media outlet controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. Disclosures on the insert label it as an advertisement from China Daily in Beijing and note that additional “information is on file with the DOJ, Washington DC.” Chinese government funding for China Daily is not mentioned. Time magazine failed to disclose Chinese government funding for content published in its most recent print edition.

Former Harvey Weinstein Adviser Defends Kamala Harris From Charges of Staff Abuse
Evidence continues to mount in support of the Washington Free Beacon‘s assessment that Vice President Kamala Harris will never become president by winning an election. According to a THE POLITICO report published Wednesday, the VP’s office is a woefully mismanaged hellhole of abuse and recrimination. “It’s not a healthy environment and people often feel mistreated. It’s not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like s—t.”

Israel’s president tells UN chief: Your bias won’t bring peace
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin met with U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday at the U.N. headquarters in New York as part of his farewell tour of the United States. During the meeting, Rivlin addressed anti-Israel bias in the U.N. and called for it to end. “Our region, the Middle East, needs trust between people. Peace between Israel and the Palestinians will never ever be achieved by anti-Israeli resolutions or investigation committees,” Rivlin told Guterres according to a news release.

ICE Agents, Sheriffs Sue Biden Admin Over ‘Unlawful’ Deportation Policy
A group of sheriffs and active Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers have filed suit against the Biden administration for its “unlawful and unconstitutional” requirements regarding the arrest and deportation of illegal aliens. The plaintiffs are seeking an injunction to a Feb. 18 memorandum that they say “commands ICE officers to violate the specific terms of federal immigration law.”

COVID-19 infections are rare and mild after vaccination
New research is showing that although some vaccinated people are still contracting COVID-19, they generally experience milder disease for a shorter period of time with a low viral load. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, offers some of the first robust data tracking the severity of “breakthrough infections.”

‘2021 will be the year of Israel-Gulf business ties’
ECI is mandated to reinforce the country’s economic diversification programs, as well as to support its export and international trade and investment activities. It already signed one deal with Israel and Falcioni said it has already identified key sectors for future business.

U.S. and Iran show no move to put nuclear deal back on track
The United Nations, European Union and many Security Council members urged the United States and Iran on Wednesday to quickly put the 2015 nuclear deal aimed at reining in Tehran’s nuclear program back on track, but neither side showed any sign of movement toward an agreement.

Israel and the UAE have chosen peace and prosperity
In a joint piece, the foreign ministers of Israel and UAE share their aspirations for a strong relationship and bilateral cooperation in a wide swathe of fields that will benefit of the people of both nations, everyone in the Middle East and even beyond

IDF attacks Hamas weapons manufacturing site in Gaza
IDF fighter jets attacked a Hamas terrorist weapons manufacturing site in Gaza overnight Thursday. The attacked components were used by Hamas for research and development of weapons. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that “the attack was carried out in response to the firing of incendiary balloons into Israeli territory.

US adds Turkey to list of countries implicated in use of child soldiers
The United States on Thursday added Turkey to a list of countries that are implicated in the use of child soldiers over the past year, placing a NATO ally for the first time in such a list, in a move that is likely to further complicate the already fraught ties between Ankara and Washington.

J&J says its single-shot COVID vaccine shows strong activity against Delta
Johnson & Johnson said late Thursday that its single-shot COVID-19 vaccine generated strong, persistent activity against the Delta variant, and other highly prevalent variants. Data showed that the durability of the immune response lasted through at least eight months, the company said.

Tropical Storm Elsa could become 1st Atlantic hurricane of 2021
forecasters continued to keep a close eye on Tropical Storm Elsa after it was named the fifth storm of the Atlantic hurricane season early Thursday morning. The storm is likely to strengthen into the first hurricane of 2021 in the Atlantic and is predicted to approach the United States next week after it unleashes heavy rain, strong winds and stirs up dangerous seas in the Caribbean islands starting on Friday.

IDF on alert in the South after latest round of Hamas clashes
A month and a half after Operation Guardian of the Walls, the border between Israel and Gaza is quiet but tense. The stores and roads are open once again, and bomb shelters in the South are no longer where residents spend the majority of the day. Schools and day camps are also once again taking children to southern Israel for excursions.

US adds Turkey to list of countries implicated in use of child soldiers
The United States on Thursday added Turkey to a list of countries that are implicated in the use of child soldiers over the past year, placing a NATO ally for the first time in such a list, in a move that is likely to further complicate the already fraught ties between Ankara and Washington.

Queen Victoria statue torn down at protest over indigenous deaths
A prominent statue of Queen Victoria has been torn down by protesters in Canada as anger grows over the deaths of indigenous children at residential schools. The protesters cheered as the statue at the legislature in Manitoba’s capital Winnipeg was toppled on Thursday. A smaller statue of UK monarch Queen Elizabeth II was also upended nearby.

Incendiary balloons again spark fires in Gaza border area
Incendiary balloons launched from the Gaza Strip sparked four minor fires near the border region, Fire and Rescue Services said on Thursday, in the latest spate of attacks since a fragile ceasefire came into effect following last month’s 11-day conflict between Israel and Palestinian terrorist groups.

US wins backing for global minimum corporate tax rate
Officials from 130 countries and jurisdictions have thrown their support behind the United States’ proposal to require a minimum global tax for corporations starting at 15 percent, a key step in curbing corporate tax avoidance and a major victory for the administration of US President Joe Biden.

Turkey women protest withdrawal from gender protection treaty
Turkey officially withdrew on Thursday from the Istanbul Convention, an international treaty to prevent gender-based violence, as activists pledged to continue to fight as more women than ever before are demanding their rights are protected. Protests took place around the country and were planned again over the weekend as an appeal against the withdrawal from opposition parties was rejected by the Council of State on Tuesday.

New filtering app Canopy uses groundbreaking technology to block porn, sexting
In an interview with The Christian Post, Canopy CEO Sean Clifford discusses the new groundbreaking service that is blocking and filtering pornography, graphic content and even sexting — all in real-time.

CNN Celebrates Chinese Communist Party’s 100th Anniversary, Gushes Over Xi Jinping
This is CNN. CNN (Communist News Network) celebrated the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year anniversary on Thursday.

Lawsuit: Immigrant kids are suicidal, eating rotten food in secretive detention facilities
A case filed Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California shines a light on the crowded, unsanitary, and unsafe conditions that minors are currently facing in immigration detention facilities. Faced with record-high numbers of people crossing the Southwest border, the Biden administration has scrambled to build temporary facilities to house migrant children. Over 14,000 unaccompanied minors are now in the care of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Tropical Storm “Elsa” – Warnings issued for Barbados, Martinique, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Tropical Storm “Elsa” formed at 09:00 UTC on July 1, as the fifth named storm of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. The system is expected to pass near or over portions of the Windward Islands or the southern Leeward Islands on Friday, July 2, move into the eastern Caribbean Sea late Friday and Friday night, and move near the southern coast of Hispaniola on Saturday, July 3.

Phreatomagmatic eruption at Taal volcano, Alert Level raised to 3, Philippines
A phreatomagmatic eruption took place at Taal volcano, Philippines at 07:16 UTC (15:16 LT) on July 1, 2021, generating a short-lived dark plume up to 1 km (3 300 feet). Anomalously high volcanic SO2 gas emission preceded the eruption, averaging 14 241 tonnes/day and 13 287 tonnes/day on June 28 and July 1, respectively. A marked increase in volcanic gas upwelling also began on June 28, generating plumes that rose some 3 km (9 840 feet) above Taal Volcano Island.

DNI report says military pilots recorded 11 “near misses” with UFOs
A government report said military pilots recorded a total of 11 instances where their planes nearly hit unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The June 25 report was drafted by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), in partnership with the Department of Defense‘s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force. It found that pilots reported 11 “near misses” with UFOs since 2004.

26 Doctors in Indonesia died because of coronavirus: 10 received Sinovac vaccines, says medical association
According to the Indonesian Medical Association (IMA), about 10 of the 26 doctors in Indonesia who died from coronavirus (COVID-19) this June received both doses of the vaccine developed by China’s Sinovac Biotech Ltd.

New report stuns the world: The vast majority of those now dying with covid are people who were VACCINATED against it
Public Health England just released a new report showing that at least 62 percent of all deaths associated with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are occurring in people who were already “vaccinated.”

DEPOPULATION ALERT: Shocking new study reveals covid vaccine TERMINATES 4 out of 5 pregnancies via “spontaneous abortions”
A shocking new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that when pregnant women are given covid vaccinations during their first or second trimesters, they suffer an 82% spontaneous abortion rate, killing 4 out of 5 unborn babies.

VAX FAIL: Latest “covid” outbreak in Israel occurred mostly in “fully vaccinated”
The Israeli government is claiming that the majority of people who are testing “positive” for the new Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “Delta” variant were already vaccinated.

Clandestine Surveillance Of Americans By Unaccountable And Secretive Government Agencies Has Become ‘Business As Usual’ In Our Crumbling Society
Remember back after 9/11 when they passed the Patriot Act which was nothing more than a systematic dismantling of the rights and freedoms of the average, everyday American citizen? Remember how up in arms everyone was about the massive violation of personal privacies? Sprinkle in a few recessions and foreign wars, and guess what? People forgot about the Patriot Act, the average college student in America has never even heard of it. But all those things we who were awake were so afraid absolutely have come to pass, and a whole lot more than that.

Vaccinated employees test POSITIVE: Disney’s first test cruise delayed because of “inconsistent” coronavirus tests
Disney Cruise Line’s first test cruise is delayed until July due to conflicting coronavirus (COVID-19) test results among staff.

California Begs For More Electricity As Shift To Renewable Power Leaves State In The Dark
It’s time to admit that California’s “green” push has been a complete disaster, and is about to leave millions of people in the dark during hot, sweaty days, leading to countless deaths.

Boy Scouts lost 2 million members since lifting ban on gay youth; now mired in sex abuse claims
Eight years after lifting a ban on homosexual youth when it boasted more than 2.7 million members, the Boy Scouts of America now has just 762,000 members as it continues to grapple with some 82,000 sexual abuse claims from former Scouts court records show.


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Putin’s ‘City-Killer’: Russia Launches World’s Largest Nuclear-Armed Submarine
Carries AI-Guided nuclear-tipped underwater drones touted as able to hit coastal targets 6,000 miles away…

Hurricane “Elsa” heading toward Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, and Florida
Tropical Storm “Elsa” strengthened into a hurricane at 12:30 UTC on July 2, 2021, 65 km (40 miles) W of Barbados, making it the first hurricane of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. Elsa is the farthest east that a hurricane has formed this early in the calendar year in the tropical Atlantic since 1933 and currently the strongest July hurricane in the eastern Caribbean since Emily in 2005.

Lytton village wiped out by wildfires amid record-breaking heat wave, Canada
The Canadian village of Lytton, which set an all-time national heat record this week, has been engulfed by fast-moving wildfires, officials said Thursday, July 1, 2021. Mayor Jan Polderman said the whole place is on fire, adding that two people were reported dead. Around 486 sudden deaths were reported across the province of British Columbia amid a record-breaking heat wave, with the toll expected to continue rising.

Army preparing for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines by September, report says
The U.S. Army has reportedly told its commands to prepare to administer mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations to its entire force by as early as Sept. 1, in anticipation of full approval for the vaccines by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Locked down under: Nearly 12 million Australians forced to stay at home to comply with yet more covid hysteria
Nearly 12 million Australians in Greater Sydney, Southeast Queensland, Perth, Darwin and Alice Springs were forced to stay at home as the more contagious Delta variant found its way to Australia.

Be Safe: Don’t Visit Your Dying Parent. Don’t Leave Your House. Don’t Get Married. Don’t Have Children…
As many observers have noted, staying safe has become a religion. “Safetyism,” as it is sometimes called, like all religions, places what it values — in this case, being safe — above other values. Safetyism explains the willingness of Americans to give up their most cherished values — including liberty — in the name of safety for the last year and a half.

The Far-Left Climate Change Fascists At Time Magazine Now Say Your Home Air Conditioning Systems Must Be Sacrificed In Order To Save The Planet
How far will the Climate Change fascists go? All the way. If you let them, they will reduce you to living a box made by a 3-D modeler, wearing only recycled clothing, eating ‘meat’ grown in a laboratory, with no individuals owning personal transportation. Not only that, your 3-D box will not be allowed to have air conditioning. That’s the dystopian future that Time Magazine envisions for you and your loved ones. To paraphrase Charlton Heston, you’ll have to come pry it out of my “cold, dead hands.” Ice cold, that is.

China is stealing your DNA with home ancestry kits
At-home DNA testing kits have become all the rage as people seek to identify their ancestry. The only problem is that many of these companies are Chinese fronts that collect people’s genetic blueprints and use them for unknown purposes.

One Of The Greatest Issues Of Our Day Is Allowing Transgenders To Legally Identify As Something They’re Clearly Not
On the front lines of the end times, which is a war, there are dozens of smaller battles taking place that all have significant importance attached to them. I think that one of the most important of these battles has to do with the transgender movement to force society to give legal recognition to people who are clearly not what they claim to be. The spiritual ramifications of this lead you all the way to the ‘strong delusion’ that God releases after the Rapture of the Church takes place.

Government Leaders Throwing Gasoline On An Already Burning Conflagration On Residential School Scandal?
The Anti-God Squad is alive and kicking in an otherwise reputedly polite and benevolent Canada. Chief activists in the Anti-God Squad hold down seats in the Canadian government. After century-long well-documented mistreatment of its own aboriginal people, the Liberal Government and some provincial leaders are now waging a full-blown propaganda war against Christians.

BREAKING: Facebook Pushing Users to Identify ‘Extremists’ – Mirroring Evil Fascists in Germany Decades Ago
Facebook is now asking Americans to let them know if anyone they know is an ‘extremist’ – Why are they mirroring the tactics of Nazi Germany? What the hell is this?

Critical race theory is just anti-white racism
…CRT is anti-white, but always with unnecessary qualifiers. “Critical race theory is explicitly anti-white,” he replied to Revolver News’ Darren Beattie on the topic. “But it is also anti-Asian, anti-rational, and anti-democratic. I think it is much deeper problem—’anti-whiteness’ is merely one element.”

Pennsylvania Democrats To Propose Bullet Tax And Encoded Rounds To Track Ammo Owners
“It is time for us to keep track of these lethal weapons and ensure that we have the tools necessary to convict individuals who use their firearms for unlawful purposes,”


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Crenshaw: Troops Wore ID with Race, Social Class in Diversity Training
Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) this week revealed several instances where service members were forced to classify themselves by race and socio-economic status during diversity and inclusion training.

Radio Host Says ‘Burn the Churches’ as Fires Reported Across Canada
A Canadian radio personality called for the burning of churches, as news outlets have reported more Catholic and Anglican churches being burned in parts of the country, primarily on First Nations reserves.

Dominican Republic Evacuates Residents as Storm Elsa Takes Aim
Elsa’s winds weakened slightly on Saturday as the Caribbean storm churned toward Haiti and the Dominican Republic, where residents threatened by severe floods were being evacuated.

Major X1.5 solar flare erupts — the first X-class flare of Solar Cycle 25
A major solar flare measuring X1.5 at its peak erupted on the Sun’s NW limb — most likely from the newly-formed Active Region 2838 — on July 3, 2021, producing R3 – Strong radio blackout. The event started at 14:18, peaked at 14:29, and ended at 14:34 UTC. This is the first X-class solar flare of Solar Cycle 25 and the first since September 2017.

Massive mudslide hits Atami after 2 days of record-breaking rain, Japan
At least 20 people are missing and two were found in a state of cardiac arrest after a large-scale mudslide hit Atami, a seaside resort town in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan at around 10:30 LT on July 3, 2021. Atami is about 100 km (62 miles) SW of Tokyo.

CBP officers seize $1.4 million in drugs at Laredo Port of Entry over two-day period
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized over $1 million in drugs at the Laredo Port of Entry in Texas over a two-day period at the end of June. Officers captured $1.4 million in alleged cocaine, methamphetamine, and fentanyl in four drug busts Monday and Tuesday, according to a Friday press release.

Canadian Government To Extend “Pride Month” To The Whole Summer
Yes, really. A post on the official government ‘Canadian heritage’ website reveals the change, meaning that LGBT events and narratives will be promoted every year from June until the end of September. “In Canada, local Pride events span over the course of several months,” states the website.

Philippines warns of Taal volcano eruption, calls on people to evacuate
Philippine authorities increased the alert level on Taal volcano, located south of Manila, after it showed signs of volcanic activity on June 1. Its alert level was raised from level 2 to level 3 on a five-level scale due to “magmatic unrest,” according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS). Because of this, the agency warned of potential eruptions and urged people in nearby areas to evacuate.

New Government In Jerusalem Confirms The Abraham Accords For Israel As The US Senate Passes Israel Relations Normalization Act
When Joe Biden was installed as the pretend president of the United States back in January, many people wrote to me saying that this would likely spell the end of the Abraham Accords, and even more so should Benjamin Netanyahu be removed from office in Israel, which he was in June. But knowing from reading my King James Bible that the Abraham Accords were the direct link to the Daniel 9:27 covenant that Antichrist will confirm after the Pretribulation Rapture of the Church takes place, I confidently told them not to worry, the Abraham Accords are here to stay.

GRID DOWN: Electric supply shortages may strike communities across the US, warns NERC
The North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC) 2021 Summer Reliability Assessment shows that parts of the U.S. are at elevated or high risk for potential electricity emergencies this summer. According to NERC’s assessment, electric supply shortages may occur in the western parts of the country, Texas, New England and parts of the Midwest.

Mao Lives: January 6 defendant required to confess her “sins” for leniency
You can bet that when violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters are brought to trial, a quite rare occurrence, they won’t be asked to renounce their beliefs in exchange for leniency. But not so for the first January 6 trespasser to be sentenced, even though she’s a grandmother guilty only of entering the Capitol and peacefully strolling about for a few minutes. So much for equality under the law.

EXODUS: 40% of residents plan to leave San Francisco as crime rises; 76% call for more police
San Francisco used to be a picturesque tourist destination and great place to live, but all that has changed dramatically in recent years as crime and homelessness rise, prompting residents to flee the city in droves. Homeless encampments and human feces on the streets are quickly replacing the Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars as the dominant images that people associate with the city.

Facebook Testing User Prompts Leading People To Turn In Their Friends Who Are ‘Becoming Extremist’ And Posting ‘Harmful Content’ Like Bible Verses
As of May 2021, Facebook reported that it had 2,850,000,000 users of its social media platform, roughly one-third of the entire world’s population, that’s a lot of people. Every day, billions of people “check in” to let everyone know what they’re doing, where they’re going, and who they are interacting with. All of this activity recorded, sorted, harvested and sold to the highest bidder, pushing the valuation of Facebook to now over one trillion dollars. What are they doing with all that money? Remaking the world in their own image.

The Fourth of July Isn’t Just Another Party – IT IS A REMINDER
..The above, scant bits of the unfolding nightmare of 2021 America are only just a few of the hellish travesties we are walking into since our nation’s grand Declaration of Independence 245 years ago. The only true God, our Creator and Lord, so perfectly warned us about minds that can be hardened to the point of total spiritual death. He said in Isaiah chapter 5 verse 20 …“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”


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Gantz: Israel ready to provide assistance to Lebanon amid economic crisis
Defense Minister Benny Gantz offered to assist Lebanon…as Israel’s neighbor continues to suffer from a worsening economic crisis. “As an Israeli, as a Jew and as a human being, my heart aches seeing…people going hungry on the streets of Lebanon,” wrote Gantz… “Israel has offered assistance to Lebanon in the past and even today we are ready to act…so that it will once again flourish and emerge from its state of crisis.”

Is Iran preparing a new series of attacks on US, Israel with proxies?
Iran’s media gave major headlines to claims of attacks on US forces in Syria on July 4. The date was symbolic. It was Independence Day in the US. What better day for Iran to claim it had struck at a US base in Syria. However, it turns out the rumors of the rocket attacks were likely false, and the US-led Coalition denied any incident happened in Syria.

Foreign Media Skewer Joe Biden As ‘Barely Cogent,’ ‘Bizarre’
While the U.S. media frequently look the other way at President Joe Biden’s verbal and intellectual foibles, foreign media have questioned the president’s mental acuity. Australian reporters have lamented that “the leader of the free world” is “struggling,” “barely cogent,” and a “human corpse” who has sunken deep into “cognitive decline.”

Deadly Cyprus wildfire under full control, say authorities
Authorities in Cyprus say a deadly wildfire has been brought “under full control”. The blaze, described by an official as the worst in the country’s history, burned an area of around 55 sq km (21 sq miles). Four people died, while a 67-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of starting the fires.

Egypt opens Mediterranean naval base
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has opened a strategic naval base on the Mediterranean Sea to “secure shipping lines”, the presidency said. “It is the latest Egyptian military base on the Mediterranean, and will be focused on securing the country’s northern and western front,” the Egyptian presidency said in a statement on Saturday.

Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant back online – official
Iran’s only nuclear power plant has been brought back online, its manager said early Monday, after two weeks off-grid amid conflicting reports over an apparent regular maintenance operation. The “technical fault” that shut down the Bushehr plant and its 1,000-megawatt reactor on Iran’s southern coast “was fixed,” allowing the plant to resume power generation and be reconnected…

The Top 10 Reasons That It Does Not Feel Like the 4th of July
..The second kind of victory is the one in which the individual finds Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. If enough Americans embraced this path to victory, we would also win back our nation. However, given the circumstances and the moral temperature of the country, I strongly recommend that you focus on your relationship with Jesus Christ. Enjoy the fireworks America and realize it won’t be long until the real fireworks begin!

The Bay Area Has Become An Absolute Paradise For Violent Criminals
As California goes, so goes the nation… All around us we can see evidence of America’s decline, and the clock is ticking.

Tropical Storm Elsa Latest Forecast Track Strength
One day after becoming the first hurricane of the 2021 Atlantic season, Elsa weakened back into a tropical storm Saturday as it zeroed in on western Haiti. Conditions in these areas were already deteriorating due to the storm’s strong winds, heavy rain and inundating storm surge.

Royal Caribbean requiring travel insurance for unvaccinated Florida passengers
Royal Caribbean International will require unvaccinated passengers aged 12 and up departing from Florida to show proof of travel insurance that covers COVID-19-related expenses.

Iran restarts Bushehr nuclear power plant after overhaul
Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant has resumed operations after being shut down two weeks ago for an overhaul, Iranian state broadcaster IRIB reported on Saturday.

Massive DATA BREACH exposes personal data of 700 million users of Microsoft-owned LinkedIn
For the second time this year, Microsoft-owned social networking and employment service LinkedIn has experienced a data breach.

NETFLIX & the Obamas’ gay-ification of American culture
…The Obamas’ influence on NETFLIX’s board has subjected America’s children, night-after-night, to sweating adults engaged in same-sex acts; wives, moms and sisters intimate with the same sex, and men wearing floral print dresses not reminiscent of Monty Python.

SICKENING: The Satanic Temple Buys Billboard Space Across America Posting Disgusting ABORTION Messages
The Satanic Temple is weaponizing the first amendment and putting up disgusting signs across the nation.

82 arrested in Mo. human trafficking investigation
A human trafficking investigation out of Missouri has led to the arrest of 82 people with 31 victims rescued in what officials have called a “massive multi-agency operation.” According to the Department of Homeland Security, the 10-day operation took place in three different cities across Missouri and concluded earlier this week. Of the 31 people rescued, 17 were adults and 14 were missing children. The youngest victim was only four years old.

Democrats Want US to Fund Global Abortion
This year’s annual foreign aid spending bill would make it easier for countries around the world to carry out abortions. If passed, the bill would use U.S. dollars to fund abortion programs in other countries—even in countries where abortions are forced on people. Republicans made three attempts to remove this from the bill, but all of them failed.

Lawsuit: Illinois School District Forced Students on ‘Privilege Walks,’ Compared ‘Whiteness’ to the Devil
A lawsuit filed against an Illinois school district Tuesday alleges that the district violated anti-discrimination laws while teaching “anti-racist” course work.

The “Deprogramming” Begins: Public Defender Representing January 6th Defendants “Re-Educates” Them
“I think that education is a very powerful tool… So I gave them book lists and shows that they should watch…”

Iranian authorities deny early release for Christian convert imprisoned for reading the Bible
An Iranian convert to Christianity who has served over one-third of a 10-year prison sentence for reading the Bible and allegedly taking part in missionary activities was told that his plea for early release has been denied.

Canadian Pastor Tim Stephens released from jail: ‘I’m thankful for God’
A Canadian pastor who was arrested for holding an outdoor worship service after authorities ordered his church building to be closed has been released from jail and expressed gratitude to God for sustaining his congregation.

Kremlin says ‘provocations’ like UK warship episode demand tough response
A British warship’s entry into what Moscow considers Russian territorial waters near Crimea last month is the kind of provocation that demands a tough response, the Kremlin said on Sunday.


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Fire breaks out at Tehran military facility
The facility is located not far from the centrifuge factory that was damaged in a drone attack last month. A mysterious fire broke out on Monday evening at a military facility in western Tehran, not far from the centrifuge factory that was damaged in a drone attack last month. The military facility is located in an industrial area west of Iran’s capital. The cause of the fire is unknown. Firefighters were called to the scene.

Israeli doctors develop ‘pig-human’ hybrid organ for transplant
A team of Israeli researchers have developed a hybrid organ – an organ from a pig with “human” blood vessels – that they believe could help alleviate the shortage of transplant organs.

Nasrallah: There are no people in Israel, only settlers and occupiers
“There are no people in the Israeli entity, they are all occupiers and settlers,” said Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah during a speech on Monday afternoon. The speech was delivered at the opening of a conference titled “Palestine is Victorious,” convened in Lebanon in order to renew media discourse and manage the conflict with Israel.

‘New Iran nuclear deal must be secured before window of opportunity closes’
French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed there is “a window of opportunity” now for talks aimed at reviving the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, the French presidency said.

Chemical abortions in Minnesota reach all-time high amid pandemic
2020 marked the lowest number of abortions performed in Minnesota since 1974, but the prevalence of chemical abortions reached an all-time high, according to a new report from the Minnesota Department of Health.

Mysterious ancient shark teeth discovered near King David’s palace
Lead researcher Dr. Thomas Tuetken made a remarkable announcement at the Goldschmidt Conference; a trove of 29 teeth had been found at a 2900-year-old site in the City of David in Jerusalem.

Sun erupts with biggest solar flare in 4 years in early Fourth of July fireworks
The sun erupted with a surprise solar flare on Saturday (July 3), the largest since 2017, in an early explosion of cosmic fireworks ahead of the Fourth of July. The solar flare occurred from a sunspot called AR2838 at 10:29 a.m. EDT (1429 GMT) on Saturday and registered as a powerful X1-class sun event, according to the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) tracking the sun’s weather. It caused a brief radio blackout on Earth, X-class solar flares are the strongest kind of eruptions on the sun.

Belarusian president: Whole world ‘bows’ to Jews due to Holocaust
Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko claimed that the “whole world bows” to the Jews due to the Holocaust…”Jews were able to make the world remember [the Holocaust], and the whole world bows to them, being afraid of saying one wrong word to them,” said Lukashenko. “On our part, we, being tolerant and kind, did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings and let the things down to the point when they have have started to hurt us.”

ISIS targets electricity lines in Iraq to spread mayhem
Iraqi security forces have a new problem to deal with, as ISIS terrorists have been attacking electric power lines, usually the kind that travel long distances on large pylons. ISIS has attacked dozens in recent weeks. Now Iraq says that it ambushed some of the terrorists near the city of Hit. It has succeeded in thwarting attacks in Diyala province.

Two attacks, less than 12 hours apart, target US forces in Iraq
A day after rumors of an attack on US forces in Syria by pro-Iran militias, the militias made good on their threats with two rounds of attacks on the US in Iraq. During the afternoon, rockets targeted Al-Asad base and by the evening, drones were reported to have targeted an area near the US embassy.

Chinese state media publishes ‘three-stage’ plan for invading neighboring Taiwan
The Chinese state-controlled magazine “Naval and Merchant Ships” published an article detailing a three-stage plan to invade Taiwan, involving ballistic missiles, fighter jet attacks, and amphibious landings on Taiwan’s beaches. Tensions continue to flare in the region, as Chinese fighters have been breaching Taiwanese airspace almost daily for months now.

Conservative Slovenian Prime Minister: ‘We Are Not a Colony’ of the EU
Tiny Slovenia took charge of the world’s largest trading bloc this week, and immediately shone a harsh spotlight on one of the European Union’s most vexing problems: How to accommodate increasingly vocal member countries with very different visions of Europe’s future. Already, nationalist governments in Hungary and Poland are worrying their more establishment mainstream partners in the 27-nation EU.

Egypt angry as it says Ethiopia has resumed filling GERD
Egypt has said it received an official notice from Ethiopia that it had started the next phase of filling a controversial huge dam on the Nile River’s main tributary…In a statement…the Egyptian irrigation ministry expressed its “firm rejection of this unilateral measure” and said the move was “a violation of international laws and norms that regulate projects built on the shared basins of international rivers”.

Hundreds of Unmarked Graves Found At Another Former School For Indigenous Children
Leaders of Indigenous groups in Canada said Thursday investigators have found hundreds of unmarked graves at the site of a former residential school for Indigenous children, a discovery that follows last month’s report of 215 bodies found at another school.

Black Dems & NPR Trashed The Declaration Of Independence Yesterday
“…the Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal. Equal to what? What men? Only white men?…They weren’t thinking about us then, but we’re thinking about us now!”

Large explosive eruption at Ignatiy Stone Bank mud volcano in Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan
A large explosive eruption took place at Azerbaijani Ignatiy Stone Bank mud volcano in the Caspian Sea, about 10 km (6.2 miles) from the Umid gas field and 30 km (18 miles) from the coast, at around 17:45 UTC (21:45 LT) on Sunday, July 4, 2021. This region has extensive offshore oil and gas fields, and a high concentration of mud volcanoes.

Big Tech Titans Aiming To Weaponize Your Sleep With Something Terrifyingly Called ‘Targeted Dream Incubation’
Ever hear of something called ‘targeted dream incubation’? You should. “TDI-advertising is not some fun gimmick, but a slippery slope with real consequences,” the letter warned. “The potential for misuse of these technologies is as ominous as it is obvious.” Over the past decade research has shown that people’s dreams can be more targeted, and that humans can be highly susceptible to thoughts or ideas introduced while they sleep.

We don’t need Trump to save America, just Jesus
In this episode of A Stonewall’s Perspective, Alex talks about the fact that many Christians have fallen into idolatry. Many Christians happen to worship either America, or Donald Trump, or both. It is a dangerous thing that is going on in Christian society today.

UFO expert: Extraterrestrial contact will happen soon and from water rather than air
Unidentified flying object (UFO) expert Gary Heseltine believes that contact preparations with extraterrestrials should involve wetsuits and submarines.

Dental hygienist shares laundry list of horrifying side effects from Pfizer coronavirus vaccine: Convulsions, seizures and more
A dental hygienist shared the different side effects she experienced after getting vaccinated with the Pfizer/BioNTech Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. Webb City, Missouri resident Kristi Dobbs received the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine in January 2021 – and has suffered from multiple severe side effects since then. These serious side effects included convulsions, nighttime seizures, and tremors that undermined her job.

DEATH TO ALL: Vaccine industry now tweaking spike proteins to target minks, cats, dogs, and other pets
The vaccine industry and its gain-of-function, virus engineering infrastructure is not content with forcing spike protein experiments on every man, woman and child. The vaccine industry and its vast network of propagandists are now targeting animals – minks, cats, dogs and other pets.

Japan defense official warns that China is planning a “Pearl Harbor” strike on America, and it will likely target the power infrastructure
As American Military News now reports, Japanese State Defense Minister Yasuhide Nakayama is now issuing a public warning that China and Russia are gearing up for a surprise attack on America.

Mom Says Naked Transgender ‘with Beard & Penis’ Got in Hot Tub with 6-Year-Old
A mom has spoken out against the controversial Los Angeles spa, that saw violent rioting during the weekend over its transgender policy, claiming her family has suffered a disturbing experience.

1984: From San Francisco To Australia, Local And National Governments Around The World Begin Mandating COVID-19 Vaccinations To Keep Your Job
You know that tremendous feeling of freedom you are experiencing this Fourth of July long holiday weekend? You should write it down in your diary because it’s going to vanish away like so much powdery snow melting in the afternoon sun. Lockdowns may have run their course, the COVID-19 virus may have run its course, but the COVID-19 vaccine? Umm, nope, that’s here to stay, and the summertime Top 100 hit that’s speeding up the charts with a bullet is a little something called ‘No jab, No Job’. Catchy little tune, that.

Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Approves Plan to Promote Hate-Based Critical Race Theory in All 50 States and 14,000 School Districts
..In the US today, thanks to the work of the Obama regime, federal employees are forced to attend critical race theory sessions and workshops to focus on “white privilege” and “microaggressions.”

‘Wikipedia Is More One-Sided Than Ever’ Writes Disaffected Co-Founder Larry Sanger
Wrecking intellectual autonomy, to make the world safe for the socialist utopia.


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Tropical Storm “Elsa” – Hurricane Watch issued for parts of Florida, U.S.
Tropical Storm “Elsa” is re-strengthening after moving over Cuba toward Florida, U.S. The system will pass near the Florida Keys this morning LT, July 6, and move near or over portions of the west coast of Florida later today and continuing into Wednesday, July 7, 2021.

PCA takes first vote on banning ordination of openly gay men
The Presbyterian Church in America has voted to change a rule in its governing document that would disqualify all gay men from serving in its ministry.

Storm Elsa Batters Cuba as It Heads Toward Florida Keys
After battering Cuba with a dangerous storm surge, mudslides and “flooding rains,” Tropical Storm Elsa gained slightly in intensity on Monday as it headed north toward the Florida Keys, the US National Hurricane Center reported.

WHO says your child’s attendance at school counts as implied-consent for vaccination…
While information that is central to informed-consent is being censored on a global scale, the World Health Organization races forward with getting your children jabbed with experimental gene therapy.

Illegal Migrant Girl Reveals ‘Heartbreaking Conditions’ at Detention Center for Children
An immigration organization criticized the “heartbreaking conditions” at a detention center for illegal migrant children at Fort Bliss, Texas, in a statement provided to the Daily Caller News Foundation on Thursday.

KNOCK, KNOCK: Joe Biden Said Today He Will Be Sending Government Officials Door-To-Door To ‘Convince People’ To Take The COVID-19 Experimental Jab
Ronald Reagan nailed it long ago when he aptly said that the most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Here in 2021, an announcement by Joe Biden brings that statement to chilling new heights of fear and dread. Starting tomorrow, the Biden administration will be sending out ‘government officials’ to the homes of unvaccinated Americans to pressure them into receiving …ummm, wait, I mean receiving the COVID-19 vaccine jab.

UPDATE: MORE Images of Police Officer Firing Flash Bombs at Peaceful Trump Supporters Including Seniors, Women and Children on Jan. 6
From the video you can see the protesters are NOT on the Capitol steps and were behind barriers.There were children, veterans and seniors in the crowd.

Identity of Ashli Babbitt Killer Confirmed — Careless Capitol Police Lieutenant Is Being Protected by Democrats, Pelosi and Deep State FBI
Ashli Babbitt‘s husband Aaron Babbitt and Attorney Terrell Roberts joined Tucker Carlson in mid-June to discuss the continued challenges they have had getting any information on her death or the identity of her government-employed killer.

Children are being “gassed” with carbon dioxide due to mask mandates, warns medical journal
Forcing schoolchildren to “mask up” in order to get an education is a form of toxic chemical “gassing” that is resulting in many of them developing serious health problems – including physical, mental and emotional illness.

OBEY OR ELSE: French government wants all adults aged 24-59 to be forcibly vaccinated for covid
An alleged “fourth wave” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “covid variant” is the government’s latest excuse to try to force people to get injected with DNA-modifying “vaccines.”

Spain proposes “national security law” to allow government seizure of private property during any declared health “crisis”
The central government of Spain is calling for a new “security law” that would force citizens to “temporarily” give up their rights and property in the event of another public health “crisis” like the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

New York City Continues Meltdown From a Blowtorch of Violence
The wave of violence sweeping through Democrat controlled cities shows no signs of diminishing. The woke politics of the left is sowed seeds of chaos that is now sprouting into rampant, unchecked violence. Here’s the latest tally for New York City and Chicago:

Brace yourself: Retailers are going to be short of everything this fall as COVID-related supply chain disruptions get worse
Shutting down the world economy has had a far greater impact on global commerce than most people could have ever imagined, and the really bad news is, things are only going to get worse — a lot worse — before they get better.

The Radical Democrats Are Not Just Content to Ban All Free Speech, They Have Granted Themselves Permission to Murder Those Who Oppose Their Unconstitutional Policies
On July 5, 2021, dishonored FBI official, McCabe, appeared on CNN and labeled Philly protesters as “white supremacists”. Allegations of racism always leveled against those who have the courage to stated that the 2020 election was stolen. The Federal government, under Biden, are going much further.

Chicago’s Bloody 4th of July Weekend: 92 Shot, 16 Fatally, 6 Children Among Injured
Meanwhile in the Democrat hell hole of Chicago… 92 people were shot, 16 fatally in a bloody 4th of July weekend in Chicago.

New Report Details Activists Working to Push LGBTQ Agendas in Children’s Programming
A new wide-ranging Entertainment Insider report is shedding light on the increase in LGBTQ characters and themes in children’s programming.


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US slams punitive razing of family home of Tapuach junction terrorist
The United States slammed the IDF razing of the West Bank family home of Muntasir Shalabi, who is accused of killing Yehuda Guetta, 19, in a drive by shooting at the Tapuach junction in the beginning of May. “The home of an entire family should not be demolished for the actions of one individual,” the US Embassy spokesperson in Jerusalem said on Thursday.

Lavish Second Temple period building found by Western Wall in Jerusalem
A grandiose building dating back to the Second Temple period has been unearthed adjacent to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Western Wall Heritage Foundation announced on Thursday. The structure contained two imposing rooms which might have been used to welcome important dignitaries visiting the city and the Temple.

Facebook warns JAMA study on children’s COVID masks ‘false news,’ sharers will be punished
Facebook is warning users against sharing a study that found dangerously high carbon-dioxide intake in masked schoolchildren, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics. “Pages and websites that repeatedly publish or share false news will see their overall distribution reduced and be restricted in other ways,” the warning says…

The growing Gulf rivalry that’s pushing up oil prices
A bitter public rift between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia over oil production quotas this week caused talks between the world’s biggest oil-producing nations to be abandoned and left energy markets in limbo, pushing oil prices to a six-year high…The problem began last week, when the UAE rejected a proposal by Opec+ leaders Saudi Arabia and Russia to extend output curbs for another eight months.

Iran says concern over its enriched uranium metal process ‘unnecessary’
Iran’s decision to produce uranium metal enriched to 20% purity is solely for peaceful purposes, an Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday, adding that Tehran will reverse its nuclear steps as soon as U.S. sanctions are lifted. “Contrary to the claims of the United States and the European powers… this measure is solely for peaceful purposes and it is for use at Tehran Research Reactor,”…

Nigeria: Parents cry out to God for safe return of 140 students, staff abducted from Christian school
Parents of the more than 140 students abducted from a Christian boarding school in Nigeria have been holding vigil outside the school, crying out to God and praying for the safe return of their children and staff.

Surprise!? Womens’ Rights Group Urge Newsom To End Prison Transgender-Mixing After Numerous Attacks, Rapes
“One woman went in there with two naked men showering who still had penises,”

Tropical Storm “Elsa” about to make landfall over north Florida Gulf coast, U.S.
Tropical Storm “Elsa” is approaching the northern Florida Gulf coast at a speed of 22 km/h (14 mph) with maximum sustained winds of 100 km/h (65 mph), as of 12:00 UTC (08:00 EDT) on July 7, 2021. On the forecast track, Elsa will make landfall along the north Florida Gulf coast by late this morning or this afternoon (LT). The storm should then move across the southeastern and mid-Atlantic United States through Thursday, July 8.

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Admits “We’ll Corrupt Your Kids”
A cringe video posted by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus last week warns Americans, “We’ll convert your children.”

New Zealand Health Minister: Gov’t Will Be “Chasing Out” Unvaccinated People
New Zealand’s COVID-19 Response Minister warned that the government soon will begin “chasing out” people who still haven’t gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.

Mass vaccination sites all over the country are SHUTTING DOWN as demand for experimental vaccines plummets
The United States’ rapid mobilization to vaccinate all Americans against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) has failed. Many mass vaccination sites all over the country are shutting down.

Woman left unable to speak after receiving second dose of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine
A 43-year-old woman in the U.K. was left unable to speak after getting the second dose of the AstraZeneca Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. Artist Sofia Gomes believes that the vaccine caused her to suffer a “severe allergic reaction” after getting the vaccine on May 19. Prior to the second dose, she experienced leg pain and a high fever after her first AstraZeneca vaccine dose last March.

Researchers find “underwater Stonehenge” beneath Lake Michigan
The prehistoric monument Stonehenge is still largely mysterious to archaeologists and historians, and now it looks like the U.S. has a stone-based mystery of its own to solve.

New battery technology to take electric VTOL vehicles off the ground
A team of researchers has looked into a new kind of battery to power electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles. According to the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) researchers, batteries for eVTOL vehicles have special requirements. Given these requirements, the scientists say the batteries will be built with these specific specifications in mind.

IRS denies tax exemption to Texas religious group because prayer supports the Republican party
An Internal Revenue Service (IRS) official denied tax-exempt status to a Texas religious group that encouraged church members to pray for state and national leaders, because it apparently benefited the private interests of the Republican Party.

Doctors Diagnose 17-Year-Old Student With A Heart Condition After Receiving The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine That Began Starving His Cells Of Oxygen
Imagine you are the parent of a high school teenager, perfectly healthy and not at risk for the coronavirus to any high degree. Your teenager’s school says he must receiving the COVID-19 vaccine or he will not be allowed to enter and attend class. So you take your son down to receive his Pfizer COVID-19 jab, only to find that a week later he now has a heart condition that if doesn’t get immediate medical attention will likely die. The kicker is this kid already had COVID and beat it easily, but the Pfizer shot nearly killed him.

Fleet Of 10 UFOS Spotted Flying In Formation Over The International Space Station Captured On NASA Live Stream Over The Atlantic Ocean
Two weeks ago, the long-awaited report by the Pentagon on 144 instances of UFOs, or as they say Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, concludes that 143 of the cases looked at defied any sort of earthly explanation. They could not be connected to any military or technology program to any government of any nation on the face of the Earth. In short, the Pentagon has just admitted that UFOs existing outside of human technology do in fact exist. And boy, do they ever.

Police departments across the nation struggling to replace lost officers
Some of the nation’s biggest police departments are experiencing concerning drops in officer numbers, and a big factor behind this sad situation is the anti-police activism seen in the wake of the George Floyd incident.

Nancy Pelosi Directs Capitol Hill Security Police Units to Regional Offices in California and Florida, Future Locations Coming
In a remarkable display of how committed the Democrat party is to utilizing the narrative of domestic extremism for their own benefit, Nancy Pelosi is placing satellite field offices for the DC Capitol Police in key regions around the country. When we consider the FBI has field offices all over the country, you might ask: why does the Capitol Hill police need to expand beyond Washington DC?

‘Cash For Junkies’ – California Dems Want To Pay Meth Addicts To Seek Treatment
‘Here, take this money – just promise us you won’t spend it on more drugs’.


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US citizens among suspects arrested in Haitian president’s assassination
Two men believed to be Haitian Americans have been arrested in connection with the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, a senior Haitian official reportedly said.

CONFIRMED: Feds Were Embedded In 1/6 Crowd Alongside Militia Members
Court documents pertaining to the indictment of a man named Fi Doung over alleged crimes relating to the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 reveal that DC Metropolitan Police had at least one undercover federal employee embedded within the pro-Trump crowd ahead of and during the civil unrest at the Capitol.

UPDATE: 6,985 Dead from COVID Vaccine Across the US and 411,911 Adverse Reactions Reported – Now a Top 50 Cause of Death in the Country
There are now 6,985 reported deaths from the COVID-19 vaccinations across the United States this year. The number of deaths linked to vaccines this year has absolutely skyrocketed. According to the CDC’s own data, in 2021 n the first 3 months, the VAERS website recorded over 1,750 deaths due to vaccines in the US. That number is now at 6,985.

1-month-old baby among 130 shot in Chicago this week as DHS & FBI stay focused on ‘white extremists’
On Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security under Alejandro Mayorkas leaked yet another “internal bulletin” fearmongering about how “white extremists” may be planning to carry out mass shootings in the run up to July 4th.

Soon, FEMA squads and U.S. soldiers will be coming to your door to vaccinate you at gunpoint (or drag you away to a covid death camp)
The scenario I’ve been warning about for years is finally here. It’s now confirmed by the White House that FEMA goon squads will be going “door-to-door” across America to coerce unvaccinated people into taking deadly bioweapons spike protein kill shots.

Racial justice top social issue among InterVarsity Christian students: poll
The issue of racial justice topped social concerns for members of the prominent religious student group InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, according to a recent survey. Racial justice was ranked higher than the social concerns of “reducing abortion” and “religious tolerance/freedom.”

Supermarkets stocking up on food in anticipation of supply chain disruptions, price inflation
Supermarkets all over the country are stocking up on many of their food items in anticipation of a surge in food prices. Many supermarket executives are warning that the upcoming inflation might lead to some of the highest price increases in recent memory.

Convicted Murderer Wins Election To Office In DC From Behind Bars
Caston, 44, has been imprisoned for 26 years after a jury convicted him of first-degree murder in the Aug. 14, 1994, ambush slaying of Rafiq Washington, 18…

Canada is turning into a “COVID Police State,” warns constitutional lawyer
Canadian constitutional lawyer and president of the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms John Carpay is warning the public that Canada is at risk of becoming a totalitarian COVID police state.

Biden Does Not Need A Domestic “Terrorism” Agenda Unless He Is About To Violate American Rights
…it’s totalitarianism is disguised as “humanitarianism”. In other words, they are essentially arguing that they must make war on the people in order to protect the people from themselves…

DO MORE EVIL: Google turns Android phones into vaccine passports
Android phones can now save and display coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination cards, essentially making them a digital vaccine passport.

Analysts say China building up to 100 missile silos in northwestern desert
A number of analysts said China has started building more than 100 new missile silos in the northwestern province of Gansu. Satellite images revealed construction work being done at identical sites across square miles of desert near the city of Yumen. The new missile silos would symbolize China’s renewed pivot toward expanding its nuclear capabilities.

As Democrats Push To Defund The Police, Violent Crime In Cities Run By Democrats Like New York And Chicago Is Literally Off The Charts
Last month, in an attempt to shift the crime wave blame onto Republicans, the Biden Administration falsely accused the GOP of “defunding the police. Both Biden advisor Cedric Richmond and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had made accusations, with Richmond claiming “[Republicans] defunded the police,” and Psaki insisting the GOP has pushed to defund the police by not voting for Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan — also known as the COVID-19 Stimulus Package.

4 suspects killed, 2 arrested in assassination of Haitian president as faithful and political react
Four suspects in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse were killed during a gun battle with police and two others were arrested local authorities said Wednesday as the faithful and political continue to react to his death.

Global death toll surpasses 4 million; delta variant dominant strain in the US
The global death toll from COVID-19 eclipsed 4 million Wednesday as the crisis increasingly becomes a race between the vaccine and highly contagious variants. The tally of lives lost over the past year and a half, as compiled from official sources by Johns Hopkins University, is about equal to the number of people killed in battle in all of the world’s wars since 1982, according to estimates from the Peace Research Institute Oslo.


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Oman FM: We will not be third Gulf state to normalize ties with Israel
Oman will not be the third country to normalize ties with Israel, Oman’s Foreign Minister Sayyid Badr bin Hamad al-Busaidi told the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper on Saturday. “Oman believes in the principle of achieving a just, comprehensive and lasting peace on the basis of the two-state solution,” said Busaidi, after he was asked about a call with Foreign Minister Yair Lapid.

Large explosion in Tehran near state TV, radio headquarters
A large explosion has been heard in Iran’s capital, according to the Iranian Fars News agency. Tehran’s fire department head said that they “have not received any reports regarding an explosion,” Fars said, although they reportedly clarified that fire and rescue teams had been sent to the area in the northern part of the city.

Hackers breach Iran rail network, disrupt service
Train services in Iran were delayed by apparent cyberattacks on Friday, with hackers posting the phone number of the country’s supreme leader as the number to call for information… Trains were delayed or canceled as ticket offices, the national railway’s website and cargo services were disrupted, with “unprecedented chaos at railway stations across the country,” the state broadcaster IRIB reported.

It’s official: Jordan is now allies with Iran – opinion
On 27 June 2021, Jordan’s King Abdullah II met with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Baghdad. All three announced an agreement to cooperate on transporting Iraqi oil through pipelines from Iraq to Jordan to Egypt, from where it will be exported to Europe through the Mediterranean. This agreement is King Abdullah’s “coming out of the closest” with Iran.

Biden vows US action over Russian cyber-attacks
President Joe Biden has told President Vladimir Putin the US will take “any necessary action” to stop cyber-attacks from Russia, the White House says. A reporter asked Mr Biden after the hour-long phone call if Russia would face consequences, and he said: “Yes.” But Moscow denied US claims they had contacted the Russians repeatedly about the cyber-attacks in the past month.

Haiti requests foreign troops after president’s assassination
Haiti has asked for foreign troops to be sent to the country to protect key infrastructure after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. The request was sent by the government to the US and the UN, but the US says it has no plans to offer military assistance “at this time”. Haitian police earlier said a group of 28 foreign mercenaries killed the president on Wednesday.

Lebanon struck by power cut as major plants shut down
Lebanon’s two main power plants were switched off on Friday, plunging much of the country into a near-total blackout. The shutdown – caused by the two plants running out of fuel – worsens a crisis that has seen people receive just two hours of electricity a day. A lack of foreign currency has made it hard to pay overseas energy suppliers.

Texas lawmakers to consider sweeping voting restrictions
Texas lawmakers will consider new voting restrictions on Saturday as part of a special legislative session called by Republican Governor Greg Abbott after Democrats blocked earlier versions of the legislation in a dramatic walkout…limiting early voting hours, adding new identification requirements to mail-in voting and empowering partisan poll watchers.

Oil climbs as US dollar falls amid OPEC+ supply stalemate
Oil prices rose as a weaker dollar and strong U.S. fuel demand during the country’s peak summer driving season boosted the commodity after a week of volatile trading. Futures advanced as much as 2.4% on Friday, gaining in tandem with other commodities. The dollar weakened, boosting the appeal of commodities priced in the currency.

Israeli settlements amount to ‘war crime’: UN expert
A top UN rights expert has called for Israeli settlements to be classified as war crimes, urging the international community to demand accountability for a practice it has long deemed illegal…Michael Lynk, the United Nations special rapporteur on the rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, said the settlements constitute a “violation of the absolute prohibition against settler implantation”.

2021 Antelope Valley M6.0 earthquake, California, U.S.
A shallow M6.0 earthquake struck Little Antelope Valley, California, near the Nevada border at 22:49 UTC on July 8, 2021 (15:49 LT). This is the largest earthquake to hit California since the July 2019 Ridgecrest earthquake. The epicenter was located about 32 km (20 miles) SW of Smith Valley, Nevada, and 32 km SE of Markleeville, California. About 270 000 people live within 100 km (62 miles).

NYC flooding: Videos show people wade through waist-deep water in subway station as rainfall flooded city
Some New York City roadways and at least one subway station temporarily became bodies of water on Thursday, after a deluge of rainfall flooded traffic lanes and station platforms.

Student body president faces impeachment for saying gays and lesbians must be ‘born again’
The University of North Alabama’s student government is threatening to remove its new president for saying gays and lesbians must be “born again.”

In many cities in America, the criminals are starting to gain firm control of the streets
Every week the horrendous crime wave that is sweeping across America seems to get even worse. In some of our largest cities, looting, murder and violence are becoming a way of life, and authorities seem powerless to do anything about it. Is this what we can expect life in the United States to look like moving forward?

Half of all covid “variant” deaths occurring in people who were already vaccinated
Aged members of the old Soviet Union’s ruling class have got to be envious of the way in which China has managed to infiltrate every level of the U.S. government, for Beijing’s efforts have proven so successful even a former KGB agent like Russian President Vladimir Putin has to marvel at it every once in a while.

Wait, what? Supreme Court justices, federal judges hobnob with ChiComs at top Beijing spy college
Aged members of the old Soviet Union’s ruling class have got to be envious of the way in which China has managed to infiltrate every level of the U.S. government, for Beijing’s efforts have proven so successful even a former KGB agent like Russian President Vladimir Putin has to marvel at it every once in a while.

Record-breaking heat, drought prompt Manitoba to declare state of agricultural emergency
Parts of Canada are currently experiencing the hottest temperatures ever on record, resulting in severe drought conditions that threaten to destroy local agriculture.

Americans are resisting Biden’s door-to-door COVID vaccine “brownshirts” program
As you probably know, Resident Joe Biden of the White House nursing home is embracing the tactics of the 1930s fascists by pushing for door-to-door “vaccination” campaigns for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). And many Americans are having none of it.

Shock As It’s Discovered That 30 School Districts In 15 Different States Are Teaching From Racist ‘Not My Idea’ Book That ‘Whiteness’ Is From The Devil
Investigative Journalist and avid CRT opponent Chris Rufo has identified over 30 school districts across 15 different states that are teaching the radical ‘anti-whiteness’ book, “Not My Idea” by Anastasia Higginbotham.

CDC Targets Unvaccinated Children in New Guidance For Students Returning to School in the Fall
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday issued new guidance for student returning to school this fall. The CDC said only fully vaccinated children do not need to wear masks in classrooms:

5 Reasons to stockpile food now
Inflation in the United States has jumped to the highest rate since 2008 as the country rebounds strongly from the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, many economists believe the current rise in inflation is not transitory because of evidence of structural changes in supply at a time when demand for all products is robust. Put simply, inflation is here to stay.

Who Or What Are the Powers Behind the Biden Administration?
In the past several days, I have received unsolicited communications regard the alien presence (eg alien or fallen angels). The first communication is from known source with whom I have had multiple communications. He refuses to come on my show, presumably for self-preservation purposes. The second communication is first communication from an unknown origin. I cannot vouch for the authenticity as I can the first source. However, there are enough accurate references in the second communication to take it seriously.

The Final Battle for the Control of America Has Commenced
The Democrats, their Deep State puppeters and the globalists are in a state of panic. Soccer moms who oppose Critical Race Theory being taught in the schools are awakening a previously sleeping America to the anti-American dangers of our time. Democrats are flocking to my media sites wth a bad case of Biden’s buyers remorse! The Democrats are understandably in a panic!

The Reasons Why You Do Not Speak to Biden’s Vaccine Gestapo When They Come to Your Door
Severe tyranny has come to America. Soon, the new version of the American Gestapo will coming to your door and they have disguised and very bad intentions. Twelve years ago, I got a glimpse of what was coming by an illegal home raid in Nashville,TN.

New Evidence Indicates Enough Illegal Votes In Georgia To Tip 2020
New evidence indicates that more than 10,300 illegal votes were cast in Georgia in the November 2020 general election — a number that will continue to rise over the next several months, potentially exceeding the 12,670 votes that separated Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Leftist Group Drapes “God Bless Abortions” Over 65 Foot Christ of Ozarks Statue – Plan on Selling T-Shirts with Same Message
A far left activist group draped a “God bless abortions” sign over the 65-foot tall Christ of the Ozarks Statue in Eureka, Arkansas this week. The group is so proud of their stunt that they are selling T-shirts to commemorate the event.

As Pfizer Develops Third Shot, Prepare Yourself For Yearly Mandatory COVID Vaccinations As Gov’t Bears Down Hard
Did you really think that our government was going to spend trillions of dollars, printed out of thin air though they may be, on COVID policies and procedures and then allow you to decide if you wanted to receive the vaccine or not? What an absurd notion!

Judge Denies CDC’s Appeal to Keep COVID-19 Cruise Restrictions: This is About ‘Misuse of Governmental Power’
A federal judge rejected the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) request to keep COVID-19 restrictions on cruise ships departing from Florida after July 18, writing the health agency cannot show a reason why it can exercise such power.


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IDF remains on alert on its border with Syria
Despite the quiet of Israel’s northern border, the IDF remains alert and ready for any violation of sovereignty by the Syrian army and Hezbollah. The IDF has struck several Syrian outposts in the Golan Heights since May, all of them built in the demilitarized zone. According to Lt.-Col. Idan Nir, commander of the 71rst Armored Battalion…“they wanted to test us and built it to see what we would do.

Iran and Russia express concern over US leaving Afghanistan
In a bizarre irony and twist of fate it appears Russia and Iran are concerned about the US leaving Afghanistan and the rapid rise of the Taliban in parts of the country. If Afghanistan collapses it appears that the Taliban could end up in Kabul and perhaps sign some kind of deal with Turkey, Qatar, Pakistan and other countries that could see their interests served in a Taliban-led Afghanistan.

US heatwave: Wildfires rage in western states as temperatures soar
Wildfires are raging in the west of the United States as the region is hit by a heatwave that has brought record temperatures to several areas. Communities have been told to evacuate as firefighters struggle to battle the blazes in the extreme conditions. Two firefighters in Arizona died when their aircraft crashed while responding to a wildfire.

Shell lands near coalition base in eastern Syria: monitor
A mortar shell landed in a gas field in eastern Syria housing coalition forces, a war monitor reported on Sunday. It fell in the Conoco gas field in Deir Ezzor province, near a base of the US-led coalition battling Daesh group remnants, said the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The war monitor said a blast was heard in the area but there were no immediate reports of casualties.

Like in ‘Postapocalyptic Movies’: Heat Wave Killed Marine Wildlife en Masse
Dead mussels and clams coated rocks in the Pacific Northwest, their shells gaping open as if they had been boiled. Sea stars were baked to death. Sockeye salmon swam sluggishly in an overheated Washington river, prompting wildlife officials to truck them to cooler areas.

Western States Face Possible All-Time Heat Records This Weekend
Over 30 million people are under heat alerts across western states as temperatures are forecast to soar well into the triple digits this weekend.

“Baseball-sized” hail slams Nebraska
Massive chunks of ice crashed into Alliance, Nebraska, on July 9, during a severe thunderstorm watch.

Extremely heavy rains hit Kyushu, JMA issues year’s first Level 5 torrential rain alert, Japan
The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has issued its highest level rain alert for parts of Kyushu, southwestern Japan on Saturday, July 10, 2021, leading local authorities to instruct hundreds of thousands to take immediate safety measures. Reports of river flooding and landslides are coming in. There are no reports of injuries or casualties at the time of press.

At least 51 people dead as monsoon rains trigger floods and landslides in Nepal
At least 51 people have died in Nepal while 29 others have been reported missing since the beginning of the monsoon season in June 2021, according to the Health Ministry. From June 1 to July 8, heavy rains have triggered a total of 135 landslides that accounted for much of the fatalities, while flash floods claimed the lives of many others, including children.

2021 Antelope Valley M6.0 earthquake, California, U.S.
A shallow M6.0 earthquake struck Little Antelope Valley, California, near the Nevada border at 22:49 UTC on July 8, 2021 (15:49 LT). This is the largest earthquake to hit California since the July 2019 Ridgecrest earthquake.

PLAGUE: Brood X cicadas are now emerging in the Mid-Atlantic
Billions, if not trillions, of cicadas have emerged from below the ground in the Mid-Atlantic, a plague of biblical proportions that occurs only once every 17 years. In fact, there are so many cicadas that they appear on weather radars in Loudoun County, Virginia, as rain.

UK Health Service Releases Pro-Vax TikTok Song Featuring Lesbian Kiss
Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is pushing a short pro-vaccine music video featuring a lesbian kiss on social media in order to encourage young people to get inoculated, under the hashtag #getyourshot.

Biden nominates first openly-gay woman to serve as US ambassador
..Wong was appointed by former President Clinton to serve on the Board of Directors at the Asian Development Bank, where she represented the U.S. as the alternate executive director. Former President Obama later appointed her to serve as vice president for the administration and finance and chief financial officer at the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

Post-COVID vaccine deaths are not being autopsied – why?
Dr. Jane Orient, M.D., the executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), wants to know why the medical system is refusing to perform autopsies on the bodies of people who died not long after getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

USCIRF demands Biden admin. hold India accountable for priest’s death
The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has urged the Biden administration to “hold the Indian government accountable” for the death of 84-year-old Jesuit priest and human rights defender, Fr. Stan Swamy.

Surgeon who operated on young Italian vaccine victim: ‘You have never seen anything like this’
Camilla Canepa was operated on by Gianluigi Zona, director of the neurosurgical and neuro-traumatological clinic of the San Martino hospital: “I had never seen a brain that was affected by such an extensive and severe thrombosis.”

Members of the military plan to RESIGN if coronavirus vaccines are mandated
Several members of the military have informed Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky that they are planning to resign if the government mandates Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines for the armed forces.

Donald Trump Said The COVID-19 Vaccine That’s Killed 6,000 People So Far Should Be Called The ‘Trumpcine’ Because He Was The Force Behind It
In a speech given on April 10, 2021 at a closed door donor gathering at Mar-a-Lago for the Republican National Convention, former president Donald Trump said that the COVID-19 coronavirus should be called the ‘Trumpcine’ because he was the driving force behind its creation. When you consider that strong adverse reactions to the experimental vaccine are nearly one million, and that deaths are passing 6,000 souls, it’s quite a dubious achievement to be the one who brought these vaccines into existence.

Number of Deaths Reported After COVID Vaccines Jumps by More Than 2,000 in 1 Week, According to VAERS
Data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) included 9,049 reports of deaths, across all age groups, following COVID vaccines — an increase of more than 2,000 compared with the previous week. The data comes directly from reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

China: Fragile Giant
…it’s too late. Demographic disasters take thirty years or more to create and they can take thirty years or more to cure…Xi could quickly lose what the Chinese call, ‘The Mandate of Heaven’…


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Iran will not remain silent for long
The cyberattacks on Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guard-run transit system are an open act of war designed to make the Iranians vulnerable, but Tehran has already proven that it is very much capable of retaliating; how it chooses to do so remains to be see … , the cyberattacks that Iran’s Transportation Ministry reported over the weekend were not only an open act of war meant to damage the IRGC’s military and economic infrastructure, but also a symbolic act against the regime in Tehran.

Iran and Russia express concern over US leaving Afghanistan
In a bizarre irony and twist of fate it appears Russia and Iran are concerned about the US leaving Afghanistan and the rapid rise of the Taliban in parts of the country. If Afghanistan collapses it appears that the Taliban could end up in Kabul and perhaps sign some kind of deal with Turkey, Qatar, Pakistan and other countries that could see their interests served in a Taliban-led Afghanistan. “The US exit from Afghanistan is a headache for Moscow which fears spiraling fighting may push refugees into its Central Asian backyard,

Palestinian party expels minister who refused to resign over critic death
The Palestinian Authority Minister of Labor, Nasri Abu Jaish, has been expelled from his party, the Palestinian People’s Party, after he refused to quit in protest of the death of anti-corruption activist Nizar Banat.

Catch The Bright, Newly-Discovered Neowise Comet Streaking In The Sky Above Idaho This Week
On July 3, Comet NEOWISE passed the point where it would be closest to the sun, just about 26.7 million miles away from the sun itself. Now it continues moving away from the sun and will begin to fade, but don’t worry. That fade should be slow since it is now coming toward Earth. In fact, the Comet NEOWISE has surprised many observers with just how bright it appears.

Monsoonal storms to light up Southwest
Following days of unseasonably hot conditions and dry weather, a more widespread portion of the parched Southwest can look forward to an uptick in thunderstorm activity this week. While an increase in precipitation will be welcome in any portion of the drought-ridden Southwest, other hazards may leave a sour taste in residents’ mouths.

Deadly Elsa completes trek from Caribbean to Canada
Elsa was no fairytale. The first hurricane of the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season left a trail of destruction across the Caribbean, killing three people as it swept through with breakneck speed. The storm then made its way to Cuba, where it caused mudslides, and Florida, where it made landfall in Taylor County as a Tropical Storm on Wednesday, July 7.

Bootleg Fire in Southern Oregon doubles in size again, growing to nearly 144,000 acres
For the third time, the Bootleg Fire in Klamath County doubled in size. It went from 76,897 acres Saturday, to 143,607 acres on Sunday. The fire is burning in the Fremont-Winema National Forest and on private land. “The fire behavior we are seeing on the Bootleg Fire is among the most extreme you can find and firefighters are seeing conditions they have never seen before,” said Incident Commander Al Lawson.

The sight and smell of dead fish around Tampa Bay is hard to miss
High concentrations of red tide in Tampa Bay are causing massive amounts of fish kills, and experts say it’s still early in the rainy season to see fish kills at this magnitude. “It sucks for the people who do fish, the business of fishing in this area is also big and it’s taking a beating, it’s terrible man,” said James Van Dyke, who likes to fish as a hobby.

Temps forecast to approach 130 F again in Death Valley
An abundance of excessive heat watches have spilled across the Southwest as residents continue to bake under record heat. Most notably, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Death Valley, California, can break all-time records over the weekend. On Friday, the temperature at Death Valley soared to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking the previous daily record high of 129 set back in 1913 on July 9, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). On Saturday, Las Vegas soared to a high of 117

DARPA program seeks to develop camera tech that mimics the human brain
DARPA has announced the start of the Fast Event-based Neuromorphic Camera and Electronics (FENCE) program, which is designed to make computer vision cameras more efficient by mimicking how the human brain processes information. Three teams of scientists led by Raytheon, BAE Systems, and Northrop Grumman, are tasked with developing an infrared (IR) camera system that needs to process less data, operates faster, and uses less power.

IDF thwarts Gaza infiltration attempt, illegal arms shipment from Lebanon
Israeli forces arrested three Palestinians on Saturday who had been attempting to infiltrate into Israel from Gaza, according to the Israeli military. The suspects were carrying a number of knives and were interrogated at the scene. The incident comes a day after Israel thwarted a major arms smuggling attempt through its border with Lebanon. Israeli forces seized 43 handguns and a quantity of ammunition in the bust, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars,

Israel seizes cryptocurrency wallets used by Hamas
Israel’s security establishment has begun to seize cryptocurrency wallets belonging to the Hamas terror organization, according to Israeli media reports. The move comes after Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz signed an administrative order authorizing the seizures on June 30.

Israel calls on world to mobilize against Iran
Isaac Herzog, Israel’s newly appointed president, responded to congratulations from world leaders by calling on them to join in a universal effort to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. “Iran’s efforts to acquire nuclear capability constitute a threat to our security and regional stability. I know that together we can prevent its attempts,” Herzog said,

Billionaire Richard Branson reaches space in his own ship
The nearly 71-year-old Branson and five crewmates from his Virgin Galactic space-tourism company reached an altitude of about 53 miles (88 kilometers) over the New Mexico desert — enough to experience three to four minutes of weightlessness and see the curvature of the Earth — and then safely glided to a runway landing. Branson became the first person to blast off in his own spaceship, beating Bezos by nine days. He also became only the second septuagenarian to go into space. (Astronaut John Glenn flew on the shuttle at age 77 in 1998.)

MK Miri Regev: ‘Writing is on the wall’ for Temple Mount bridge collapse
Likud MK Miri Regev appealed for urgent construction work to be carried out on Mughrabi Bridge, the crossing which connects the Western Wall to the Temple Mount…in an urgent proposal she submitted to the Knesset on Sunday. The Mughrabi Bridge is a wooden structure originally built as a temporary crossing after the earthen ramp, which had previously allowed access to the Temple Mount for non-Muslim visitors, collapsed…

Six Palestinian rioters injured in clashes with Border Police in Jenin
Six Palestinians who opened fire at Israeli Border Police were shot during clashes with the security forces who were operating in the West Bank city of Jenin on Sunday night. The Border Police entered the city to arrest five Palestinians on suspicion of conducting terrorist activities. As the forces prepared to leave the city, Palestinian rioters opened fire and threw a large number of explosive charges towards them…

FBI tells Americans to monitor family members for signs of ‘extremism’ and snitch on them
The FBI has recently made posts on various social media, recommending that “family members and peers” turn people in to the FBI if they suspect them of “homegrown violent extremism”. “Family members and peers are often best positioned to witness signs of mobilization to violence. Help prevent homegrown violent extremism…report them to the #FBI. #NatSec”

Egyptian FM to Lapid: Need to resolve current stalemate between Israel, Palestinians
Foreign Minister Yair Lapid meets with his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry in Brussels for their first bilateral talks since Israel’s new government took office last month. Shoukry “stresse the need to resolve the current stalemate between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, leading to just and comprehensive peace negotiations,” the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said on Twitter…

Biden won’t send US troops to Haiti despite interim leader’s request
The Biden administration has declined the request of Haiti’s Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph for U.S. troops as the impoverished nation struggles in the social and political aftermath of the assassination of President Jouvenal Moïse. The U.S. will only send security officials to assess the situation, with agents from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security arriving in Haiti on Sunday.

Poll: Brits Hate It When Companies Preach About ‘Social Issues’
Britons would prefer that companies focus on profits rather than discuss “social issues.” The United Kingdom’s Centre for Policy Studies gave survey respondents ten possible ways that British business can be “good corporate citizens.” Only 9% of voters indicated that they want companies to “speak out on important social issues that matter in Britain today.”

“Down With Dictatorship” – Tens Of Thousands Of Cubans Take To Streets
“In several protest areas, internet service on cell phones has been cut off…”

Violent tornado hits downtown Shenxian, leaving catastrophic damage, China
A violent tornado moved directly into downtown Shenxian, China’s Shandong Province, around 13:00 UTC on July 11, 2021, causing ‘catastrophic’ damage.

Globalist Leaders at G20 Endorse Global Tax Plan, Set For Vote in US Congress; “New Rules,” “No Turning Back”
The move towards globalism is marching full steam ahead. On Saturday, finance ministers from the world’s 20 largest economies met in Venice and announced that they had agreed to a “more stable and fairer international tax architecture.” The announcement comes just a week after 130 countries agreed to a proposal for a worldwide minimum tax, which Biden has been backing since taking office.

Voter ID: Kamala Mocked After Suggesting Rural Americans Can’t Use Copy Machines
“It’s true. I just moved from a rural town and the only photocopier we had was an old Amish man named Malaki who would produce a sketch on parchment paper in exchange for three bushels of hay and two ears of corn.”

Should Biden and pro-choice Democrats receive communion? Plus: Behind the headlines on the trans athletes debate
Journalist Billy Hallowell sits down with Christian Post reporter Ryan Foley to take you behind the headlines on two key issues: the battle over pro-choice Catholics and communion and the ongoing transgender sports debate.

New Report Stuns the World: The Vast Majority of Those Now Dying with Covid are People who Were VACCINATED Against It
Public Health England just released a new report showing that at least 62 percent of all deaths associated with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are occurring in people who were already “vaccinated.”

Boy Scouts of America Reaches Largest Pedophilia Settlement in U.S. History (Just the Tip of the Pedo Iceberg)
..This is not my opinion. The U.S. Government actually admits this. Last week, the Boy Scouts of America reached the largest settlement of sex abuse claims in the history of the United States, and this may just be the tip of the iceberg so prevalent has the problem of pedophilia become in the U.S.

Government document instructs vaccine “strike force” teams how to clear buildings, violate trespass laws and flag anti-vaxxers for forced quarantines
A government document that has recently surfaced offers horrifying details on how door-to-door “strike force” vaccine enforcement teams plan to operate. Labeled, “Community Health Ambassador Outreach Door Knocking Project,” a now-public document published by the government of Lake County, Illinois, instructs “ambassadors” to:

U.S. Officials Issue Warning About What China is Preparing to Do, Ramifications for U.S.: We’re ‘Too Late’
Top U.S. officials have continued to sound the alarm in recent days about what communist China is preparing to do globally and what the ramifications from the U.S. will be, warning that war is essentially inevitable.

Leaders of the Democratic Socialists of America travel to Venezuela to meet with dictator Nicolas Maduro
Leaders of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the largest socialist political organization in the US, met with Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro on Friday. The DSA has previously endorsed Reps. Rashi­da Tlaib (D-MI.), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Cori Bush (D-MO), and Jamaal Bowman (D-NY).

Illinois Teacher Sues District, Claims “Anti-Racist” Curriculum Teaches That Whites Oppress, Violates Constitution
If teachers oppose, question, or “disengage” from the views promoted in the training, the district “blatantly calls them ‘racist,’” the lawsuit alleges…

Church of England bishops criticized for ‘lavish lifestyles’ as churches struggle
Financial data released by the Church of England, which shows that each bishop costs the denomination more than $166,000 a year excluding their stipends, is drawing criticism for the “opulence at the top” of the church.

Insect Experts Want To Rename ‘Gypsy’ Moths Over Fears Term Is Offensive
The Entomological Society of America, a not-for-profit scientific society, is looking to change the name of “gypsy moths,” noting that the term is offensive to certain people.


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Right-wing activists discuss replacing Jewish entrance to Temple Mount
Right-wing Israeli Temple Mount activist Yehudah Etzion brought a plan Tuesday to build a new passageway to replace the deteriorating Mughrahi Bridge which Jews and non-Muslims currently use to enter the Temple Mount… Etzion suggested reviving an ancient passageway under the women’s section of the Western Wall called Barclay’s Gate, located 10 meters underneath the side room in the section.

Israel wants voucher system for foreign aid to Gaza
Israel wants foreign aid to Gaza disbursed through a voucher system, as a safeguard against donations being diverted to bolster the Palestinian enclave’s Hamas rulers and their arsenal, a government minister said on Tuesday. Humanitarian agencies put the latest reconstruction costs for the impoverished Gaza Strip at $500 million following 11 days of cross-border fighting in May.

Iranian networks at risk of more cyberattacks, officials warn
A number of vulnerabilities, including a failure to implement proper security policies and a lack of timely updates, are putting Iranian networks at risk of cyberattacks, the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) reported on Monday, after a string of recent cyberattacks targeted transportation in Iran.

Texas Democrats leave state in bid to stonewall GOP voting bills
A group of nearly 60 Texas Democrats left the Lone Star State in a bid to stonewall a pair of Republican-backed voting reform bills. At least 58 legislators in the state’s House of Representatives were projected to flee Austin on Monday to paralyze the chamber until they return to the Texas Capitol, according to NBC News, which cited a source familiar with the matter.

Flash floods cause travel chaos in parts of London
Heavy rain has caused flash floods in various parts of London. Cars have been submerged as roads filled with water while train services have also been cancelled. Photos on social media showed parts of south-west London including Barnes, Raynes Park and Richmond had been affected, as had areas of north London including Golders Green and Highgate.

OPEC+ impasse risks price war as demand surges, says IEA
Stalled talks by top oil producers over releasing more supply could deteriorate into a price war just as COVID-19 vaccines are sending demand for oil surging, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said… The…agency’s concern over scarce oil supply comes less than two months after it issued a landmark report warning that investors should not fund new oil, gas or coal…if the world wants to reach net zero emissions by mid-century.

Japan warns of crisis over Taiwan, growing risks from U.S.-China rivalry
Growing military tension around Taiwan as well as economic and technological rivalry between China and the United States raises the prospect of crisis in the region as the power balance shifts in China’s favour, Japan said in its annual defence white paper. China rejected Japan’s conclusions about what it said was normal military activity, calling them irresponsible.

Lapid declares support for two-state solution before EU counterparts
Foreign Minister Yair Lapid addressed his 26 European counterparts during a speech to the EU Foreign Affairs Council, the first Israeli cabinet member to do so since Tzipi Livni in 2008. In his remarks, Lapid said it is “no secret” that he supports a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians, but he noted that the conditions are not currently in place for a peace agreement.

FDA Adds “Guillain-Barré Syndrome” Warning to Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine
The FDA on Monday announced it will be adding an advisory to Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine warning about Guillain-Barré Syndrome as a possible adverse side effect.

Shandong hit by largest tornado outbreak in more than a decade, China
Eastern China’s Shandong Province was hit by its largest tornado outbreak in more than 10 years on July 11, 2021. At least 10 tornadoes were reported, with at least 3 of them were violent. The reports are still coming in and the number of reported tornadoes is rising.

Major Escalation – Biden Allies and DNC Instructing Cell Phone Carriers to Filter and Censor Text Message Content
Buried in a Politico article about the White House and Biden Regime planning to aggressively confront anyone who attempts to counter their demands of vaccination, including direct confrontation toward any media outlet that would distribute any counter message conflicting the regime narrative, there is this little alarming notation (emphasis mine):

Students in Australia accidentally injected with Pfizer coronavirus vaccine due to undefined “error”
Early in July, 163 Year 12 students from St. Joseph’s College Hunters Hill (SJC) in Australia received the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine due to an undetermined “error.”

Israel will give a THIRD Covid shot to adults with weak immune systems and may roll out to public
Israel said on Sunday it will begin offering a third dose of Pfizer’s vaccine to adults with weak immune systems but was still weighing whether to make the booster available to the general public.

Can a generation of boys be saved from becoming ‘unproductive narcissists?’
America is in danger of raising a generation of boys who are “unproductive narcissists,” and Trail Life USA CEO Mark Hancock says his organization is prepared to step in and neutralize the threat.

DELTA DAWN: Emmanuel Macron In France Announces That He Is Making The EU Digital Certificate Covid-19 Health Pass Mandatory In All Venues
Emmanuel Macron has been a little on the quiet side lately, but don’t worry, he’s been cooking up some classic end times fare for you. Today comes the news that France will now make mandatory the EU Digital Covid Certificate, known as the ‘health pass’, in all public venues. Blink your eyes and this will be common practice throughout the entire European Union, that’s how fast everything is moving.

Pandemic-Driven Hunger Hits 15-Year High As Global Crisis Unfolds
The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2021 (SOFI 2021) report warns food insecurity and malnutrition have hit 15-year highs and are likely to worsen. Well before the COVID-19 pandemic, the world was on track to minimize hunger and malnutrition by 2030. But the virus pandemic disrupted economic flows around the globe, unleashing supply chain hell, compounded by disruptive weather, along with overstimulation by central banks and governments, helping to induce inflation, which has put the world at a critical juncture.

FDA to Add New Warning on Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine Related to Autoimmune Nerve Syndrome
The FDA will add a new warning on the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccines related to an autoimmune nerve disorder, according to the Washington Post.

UK drug regulator stealthily adds heart inflammation warning to Pfizer, Moderna vaccines
The United Kingdom’s top drug regulator has quietly added “inflammation of the heart” as a possible side effect of taking the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.

How Google And Wikipedia Brainwash You
Internet giants cover-up for Big Pharma, suppress alternative medicine and bury inconvenient facts…

Michigan now criminalizing people for questioning 2020 election outcome
Corrupt Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, with the help of Michigan State Police (MSP), is launching a crusade against people accused of making “false claims” about the 2020 election being fraudulent.

Two “fully vaccinated” cricket players collapse mid-game during international match
Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” strike again, this time at the T20 International where two “fully vaccinated” West Indies women cricketers collapsed on the field mid-game.

How to HEAL yourself and the world by embracing God’s most precious gifts
…In other words, you were granted the gift of life by the same Creator who made the stars and galaxies as well as all the laws of physics that govern cause and effect in the universe. Your existence here is, by definition, important and intelligently designed. Discard any beliefs that attempt to lead you astray from this profound principle.

Sidney Powell: CDC = Criminal Disinformation Center, Committed Criminal Action to Support Big Pharma
Sidney Powell joined Steve Bannon in the War Room to discuss the CDC’s new school guidance, says the CDC has lost all credibility. Mentions Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) incident report that just came out. Over 440,000 adverse incidents. They call it strokes, heart attacks, deaths, you name it resulting from the vaccine…

China Mega Investment Deal With Iran Blows U.S. Out of the Picture
China has just announced that it will invest 400 bn dollars in Iran over a period of 25 years in exchange for a great deal on Iran’s oil – in the latest move of absolute defiance against the U.S. and its secondary sanctions. Where’s this all heading?

Retired general reacts to US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, raises concerns for women
Army Gen. Scott Miller, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, stepped down from his post in Kabul on Monday, another sign of the military’s departure from the country after nearly 20 years.


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It’s Happening: France Vaccine Pass Required In Public Spaces From August 1st
Despite the Lies. Despite the warnings. Despite the disastrous side effects. Despite the questions. This is it: dictatorship. President Macron introduced new coronavirus measures on Monday night. Vaccine passports will also be required from August 1 for anyone wanting to go out to eat or drink at a bar, café or restaurant, or travel on planes.

Portions Of Mississippi River Nearing Record Low, May Jeopardize Barge Traffic
In another sign, the megadrought is wreaking havoc across the Western half of the US. There are multiple portions of the Mississippi River that are nearing record low water levels that may inhibit commercial or private vessels from traversing the critical waterway. The stretch of the Mississippi River at St. Paul, Minnesota, is around 3.2 feet Wednesday. That’s about six inches from the record low of 2.6 feet set in 1976.

China Mega Investment Deal With Iran Blows US Out Of The Picture
China has just announced that it will invest 400 bn dollars in Iran over a period of 25 years in exchange for a great deal on Iran’s oil – in the latest move of absolute defiance against the U.S. and its secondary sanctions. Where’s this all heading?

Hunter Biden’s Art Sales: Ethical Mess Made Worse by White House
Allow me to join the chorus of voices congratulating Hunter Biden for waking up one day recently as an accomplished and commercially successful artist, a sudden event that curiously corresponded with his father’s becoming president of the United States. This is surely a coincidence, and certainly only represents the latest shift in Hunter’s colorful career path. In his latest endeavor, he has moved from trading on his father’s name to siphon a fortune from shady foreign businessmen to trading on his father’s name to siphon a fortune from shady “art collectors” from places unknown.

US charges four with plot to kidnap New York journalist critical of Iran
US prosecutors have charged four Iranians, alleged to be intelligence operatives for Tehran, with plotting to kidnap a New York journalist who was critical of Iran, according to a Justice Department indictment unsealed on Tuesday. While the indictment did not name the target of the plot, Reuters has confirmed she is Iranian-American journalist Masih Alinejad, who has contributed to the Voice of America Persian language service and reports on human rights issues in Iran.

Report: Iranian commander urged escalation against US forces
A senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander urged Iraqi Shiite militias to step up attacks on US targets during a meeting in Baghdad last week, three militia sources and two Iraqi security sources familiar with the gathering said.

Why is PA’s Abbas helping Israel, Turkey patch things up?
As it turns out, the person who arranged the phone call between President Isaac Herzog and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan was none other than Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas. While it is not clear what motivated him, it was most likely an attempt to keep Erdogan from working with Hamas. …

Is Nasrallah Losing Control of His People?
Israel’s thwarting on Saturday of an attempt to smuggle weapons into the country from Lebanon crystallized the duality on the northern border: On one hand, the quiet and deterrence along both sides of the border; on the other, non-stop activity that could ignite the entire front at a moment’s notice.

2,000-year-old coins found in Binyamin depict Bar Kochba Revolt
An archaeological survey in the northeast of the Binyamin Region conducted by the Martin Szuz Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology at Bar-Ilan University has turned up two rare 2,000-year-old coins at two adjacent sites. One coin, discovered at Khirbet Jabaat, dates back to the Jewish revolt against the Romans and was minted in the year 67 C.E. One side of the coin bears a depiction of a grape leaf and the Hebrew inscription Herut Zion (Freedom for Zion), while the other side is imprinted with a cup and the inscription “Year Two.”

Vines growing on retaining Wall of Temple Mount spell out God’s name (Yehovah)
Sometimes, prophetic visions can appear in plain sight and still go largely unnoticed. Such was the case when a post appeared on Tik Tok showing the eastern retaining wall of the Temple Mount, an area bordered by a major thoroughfare.

In first, US court rules Syria, Iran, IRGC, banks liable for Hamas attack
In a landmark ruling, a US federal court ruled on Monday that Syria, Iran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and three Iranian banks were liable for the Hamas terror attack which killed Eitam and Naama Henkin in 2015. The District of Columbia court ruled on two suits: one filed by the parents and siblings of Eitam and one filed by the Henkins’ children and the Henkins’ estates.

Archaeologists find part of Jerusalem’s wall destroyed on Ninth of Av
A section of Jerusalem’s city wall built during the First Temple period that was mostly destroyed by the Babylonian army in 586 BCE has been uncovered by archaeologists in the City of David National Park, the Israel Antiquities Authority said on Wednesday. “By the ninth day [of the fourth month] the famine had become acute in the city; there was no food left for the common people.

UAE embassy opens in Tel Aviv, marking ‘new paradigm for peace’
The United Arab Emirates opened its embassy to Israel in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) building on Wednesday, marking a new phase in the growing relations between the countries. “This embassy is not just a hub for diplomats, but a base to continue in our new partnership,” UAE Ambassador Mohamed Al Khaja said.

PA PM: We must build confidence before Israeli-Palestinian peace talks
Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh on Tuesday told US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Israeli and Palestinian Affairs Hady Amr that the launch of a peace process with Israel should be preceded by confidence-building measures. Shtayyeh, who met with the US envoy in Ramallah, said that the Palestinians want Israel to abide by signed agreements between the two sides.

67 large wildfires burning across the United States
More than 14 000 firefighters and support personnel are battling 67 large wildfires raging across the United States. An undermined number of homes have been lost and thousands more are threatened. 67 large fires have so far burned more than 371 000 ha (917 000 acres) of land in the United States, The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) reports.

Extreme flooding hits multiple provinces of China, capital Beijing brought to standstill
Prolonged heavy rainfall affecting parts of China over the past couple of days caused extreme flooding in several provinces, including Sichuan, Hebei, Shaanxi, Henan, and Shandong. Severe thunderstorms also affected the capital Beijing, bringing the entire city to a standstill. On July 12, authorities have issued an orange alert, the 2nd highest in the country’s 4-tier weather warning system.

‘The Cuban People Will Be Free’: Congressman Introduces Resolution To Support Cuban Protests, Only Republicans Sign On
Rep. Mario Díaz-Balart (R-FL) introduced a resolution to support the Cuban people in their demands for freedom against “the brutal oppression of the Communist dictatorship in Cuba.” Díaz-Balart — a Cuban-American — asked the international community to stand behind the recent protests against the island’s regime.

New York Democrats urge ban of Chick-fil-A from state rest stops
At least three New York Democrats signed a letter voicing opposition over plans to open Chick-fil-A restaurants at rest stops throughout the state, claiming the quick-service chain has donated to discriminatory and anti-LGBT groups….calling on the New York Thruway Authority’s Executive Director Matthew Driscoll to “reexamine” a list of approved concessions for a $450 million project to update…the Thruway.

Dems Advance Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Through Committee
House Democrats are one step closer to achieving President Joe Biden’s goal of establishing taxpayer-funded abortions nationwide. A funding bill proposal released Sunday from the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies subcommittee would repeal the Hyde Amendment—a decades-long policy that prevents federal tax dollars from funding abortion.

Inflation Continues Rapid Surge in June – Rises at Fastest Pace in 13 Years
The consumer price index increased 5.4% from a year ago, the largest jump since August 2008, just before the worst of the financial crisis. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been expecting a 5% gain. Stripping out volatile food and energy prices, the core CPI rose 4.5%, the sharpest move for that measure since September 1991 and well above the estimate of 3.8%.

South Africa Zuma riots: Looting and unrest leaves 72 dead
The death toll in South Africa has risen to 72 as violence continues across the country following the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma. Crowds looting and setting alight shopping centres clashed with police in several cities on Tuesday. The BBC filmed a baby being thrown from a building in Durban that was on fire after ground-floor shops were looted.

Afghanistan: Taliban flag raised above border crossing with Pakistan
The Taliban are reported to have raised their flag above a key border post between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and claim it is now under their control. Videos being shared on social media show the white flag fluttering above the Spin Boldak crossing near Kandahar. Afghan officials have denied the post has fallen, although pictures on social media show the militants chatting to Pakistani border guards.

Lithuania votes to curb influx of migrants from Belarus
Lithuania has voted in favour of strict new migration laws amid an influx of arrivals from Belarus. Politicians backed the controversial legislation on Tuesday, allowing the mass detention of migrants and limiting their right to appeal. It comes as hundreds of migrants have illegally crossed into Lithuania from Belarus in recent weeks.


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U.S. Drug-Overdose Deaths Soared Nearly 30% in 2020, Driven by Synthetic Opioids
Drug-overdose deaths in the U.S. surged nearly 30% in 2020, the result of a deadlier supply and the destabilizing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to preliminary federal data and public health officials.

‘Wither Away and Die:’ U.S. Pacific Northwest Heat Wave Bakes Wheat, Fruit Crops | Top News
An unprecedented heat wave and ongoing drought in the U.S. Pacific Northwest is damaging white wheat coveted by Asian buyers and forcing fruit farm workers to harvest in the middle of the night to salvage crops and avoid deadly heat.

One Dead, Hundreds Evacuated in German Freak Floods
A fireman drowned and the army was deployed to help stranded residents on Wednesday after heavy rain triggered once-in-25-year floods in parts of western Germany, disrupting rail, road, and river transport in Germany’s most populous region.

Job openings in US climb to record high for third straight month
Job openings in the U.S. rose to a record high for the third straight month, highlighting the intense demand for workers in a rapidly rebounding economy.

Extreme flooding hits multiple provinces of China, capital Beijing brought to standstill
Prolonged heavy rainfall affecting parts of China over the past couple of days caused extreme flooding in several provinces, including Sichuan, Hebei, Shaanxi, Henan, and Shandong. Severe thunderstorms also affected the capital Beijing, bringing the entire city to a standstill. On July 12, authorities have issued an orange alert, the 2nd highest in the country’s 4-tier weather warning system.

Situation spiraling out of control in South Africa as supply chains collapse, unrest turns violent, claiming dozens of lives
…Authorities in South Africa said that rioting and looting continued on Tuesday, with the death toll rising to 32 as the military and police have struggled to deal with the violence across KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces.

A conspiracy to murder
“I have just spent 10 hours a day In the hospital with my son since July 2, he is now stable but essentially went into A Fib they cannot fix now because of a clot (vaccine induced I am sure) after being sick 10 days following his second Pfizer shot. It’s too much to go into now, we almost lost him. He’s 32. No history of hypertension or heart problems. Vegetarian.”

Google smart assistant records and stores your voice conversations – here’s how to delete voice history
People who own a Google Home or Google Nest device in their residences may have been unnerved by the discovery that the smart assistant is recording them. The finding was proven true in 2019 when Google admitted that it allowed its employees access to Google Assistant voice clips from customers’ devices. While the Big Tech firm changed its stance following the fiasco, many have raised concerns about this invasion of privacy.

Journal of Medical Ethics study says parents should lose custody of children for opposing transgender drugs, surgeries
Maura Priest, an assistant professor and bioethicist at Arizona State University (ASU), wants parents who refuse to go along with the transgender mutilation agenda to be forcibly separated from their children by the government.

Moderna representative ADMITS vaccine is experimental and everyone taking it is part of a clinical trial with unknown consequences
A representative from Moderna has admitted that the company’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is experimental, and everybody who takes it is part of a clinical trial.

Biden White House Planning To Begin Monitoring Your Personal Text Messages On Your Mobile Device To Make Sure They Are Not Anti-Vaccine
Joe Biden and the Democratic National Party want to monitor the messages on your mobile devices, looking for any texts you might be sending to friends that speak against the COVID-19 vaccine. And when they find them, they are going to send you pro-vaccine texts, and maybe or maybe not take you off to a vaccine ‘reeducation’ center. This is America in 2021, and it’s a total end times horror show.

ALERT: Doctor says mRNA vaccines “will kill most people” through heart failure, 62% of vaccinated people already show microscopic blood clots
The vast majority of people who are getting injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) will die within a few short years from heart failure, warns Dr. Charles Hoffe, M.D., a medical practitioner in British Columbia, Canada.

Health Ranger: Top 10 reasons to take the covid vaccine… WHAH?!
I admit that I’ve made quite an assumption this entire time in warning people about the dangers of the covid vaccines. My assumption was that people wanted to live, have healthy babies and experience life without suffering.

Covid Vaccine AGENDA for Depopulation
The Covid Vaccine agenda is in full force whether you believe it or not. The government is relentlessly pushing a “vaccine” that has killed thousands within a week of injection and nothing is being said.

Abraham Accords Continue Bearing End Time Fruit As United Arab Emirates Open Their Embassy In The Tel Aviv Stock Market Building Wednesday
With all that’s been going on with the riots in Cuba, the transgender takeover of society, and the relentless push for the governments of the world to force the entire human population to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s easy to overlook something like the ongoing end times freight train that is the Abraham Accords. In Israel today, the UAE celebrated the opening of its embassy in the same building as the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in Israel. Ahh, the distinct odor of the ‘Two State Solution’ is wafting across my screen as I write this.


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Yet another major heat wave is set to roast the western U.S. and Canada by the weekend
It’s happening. Again. For the fourth time in five weeks, a punishing heat wave is set to bake the West and adjacent western Canada. This time, the most exceptional heat is expected to focus in the central and northern Rockies, developing this weekend and peaking around Monday.

Deadly Flooding Ravages Europe Belgium Germany
Dozens were killed and many others remained missing across western and central Europe Thursday after rounds of heavy rainfall caused rivers to burst their banks, producing disastrous flooding that washed away houses and roadways. And the death toll may continue to rise as floodwaters begin to gradually recede.

Extreme rainfall causes catastrophic flooding in western Germany
At least 18 people have died and many more are still missing after exceptionally heavy rain caused massive flooding in western Germany on July 14 and 15, 2021.

UK Lockdown Year One: 5 Times More Kids Died by Suicide Than of Covid

Nearly five times as many children died of suicide during the first year of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic in the UK than died of the virus itself, research from top British universities has found.

New Batch Of Emojis Include ‘Pregnant Man’ And ‘Pregnant Person’
The emojis — which could appear on Apple’s iPhone and other technology products — are touted by the service as a mechanism to support “non-binary” people

Jesuit Priest: Pope Francis’ Hospitalization Is ‘Beginning of the End’
Jesuit Father Thomas Reese wrote Tuesday “the hospitalization of Pope Francis marks the beginning of the end of his papacy,” adding time “is running out” for the 84-year-old pope.

Australian government releases psychotic new COVID-19 terror propaganda as ‘New World Order’ is rolled out
The Australian government has released a video meant to terrorize young people into complying with COVID-19 edicts, including the mandatory experimental vaccine.

Spring wheat crop collapsing to 33-year low
As dry conditions persist across the Northern Plains, the spring wheat crop continues to collapse, with projected yields falling to 33-year-lows. The spring wheat crop makes up approximately 25 percent of total U.S. wheat production.

FOOD COLLAPSE: South African riots shut down exports of sugar cane, citrus as farms burn
The jailing of former South African president Jacob Zuma has led to widespread protests and civil unrest throughout that country, which is hitting sugar cane and citrus exports hard and creating food shortages.

Vaccine passport now MANDATORY in France, following more than a year of corporate media propagandists claiming the idea was a “conspiracy theory”
French president Emmanuel Macron just suspended the rule of law and declared an all-out war against human rights, making the vaccine passport MANDATORY in France. Starting on July 21st, the EU Digital Covid certificate will be required to gain entry into all cultural venues, cinemas, theaters and concert halls. On August 1st, the digital vaccine passport will become mandatory for all cafes, shops, restaurants, trains and planes. The people must rise.

Starting Saturday, Los Angeles Returns To 100% Mandatory Masking For All People In Indoor Public Spaces And Threatens New Lockdown
Aww, you look so sad, but be honest, did you really think this was going to just go away? Just two days after Emmanuel Macron in Paris shocked the world with mandatory vaccinations, here in California they’ve suddenly decided to force masks on people again. Coincidence? Sure it is, completely unrelated, don’t worry about it. Now, about those mandatory vaccinations.

Shock As NFL Will Mandate The Playing Of The ‘Black National Anthem’ At All Events And Will ‘Encourage All Players To Protest’ Against The United States
Up to a few years ago, I was a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, having watched since the early 1970’s, but all that changed when the ‘new NFL’ came into existence

Chicago to Respond to 911 Calls by Sending Mental Health Experts Instead of Police
Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago, a city plagued with unprecedented violent crime, will now send mental health professionals instead of police in response to some 911 calls.

South African CHAOS will come to America… farms burn, power infrastructure destroyed, rule of law in total collapse… here’s how to survive it all
This crisis has been entirely engineered by globalists, and it’s all part of the chaos that they want to see erupt all over the world. Largely due to loss of jobs, food scarcity and lockdown tyranny, the impoverished South African citizens are rising up to lash out in anger. As is often the case, they are irrationally over-reacting, now burning down the very infrastructure that might provide them with food, electricity and fuel for years to come.

Russian Submarine Stalks Aircraft Carrier in the Mediterranean, Sub Hunters Deployed
British forces recently played a cat-and-mouse game with a Russian submarine that was stalking a British aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Sea, according to a new report.

Senate Democrats Unveil Bill That Would Legalize Marijuana
Senate Democrats on Wednesday unveiled draft legislation that would legalize marijuana in the United States.

Millions Of French Citizens Rush To Take The COVID Vaccine After Ruler Emmanuel Macron Promises To Isolate And Punish The Unvaccinated
Earlier this week, our number one contender for the biblical man of sin, Emmanuel Macron, made some decidedly Antichrist-like pronouncements regarding the COVID vaccine and the refusal of millions of French citizens to agree to receive it.

Washington DC church awarded $220,000 after challenging restrictions on gatherings during pandemic
During times of great distress, such as amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people often turn to religion for comfort and peace of mind. But in America, some states have issued restrictions that ban church meetings even if participants practice social distancing.

CLAIM: CDC whistleblowers say covid vaccines have already killed 50,000 Americans
Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the most highly cited physicians on the early treatment of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), has put out an explosive new video claiming that Wuhan Flu shots have already killed more than 50,000 Americans.

Breaking here first – Proven election fraud in Georgia!
The claims are based on a VoterGA data team’s analysis of Fulton’s November 2020 mail-in ballot images in comparison with the published results of the hand count audit that was conducted on November 14th and 15th.


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Some 114,000 Western German Households Without Power After Floods
Heavy floods in western Germany had left 114,000 households without power on Friday, said a spokesperson for Westnetz, the country’s biggest power distribution grid company.

‘Like a war zone’: Stunned Germans count cost of floods
Aware that a storm was brewing, Cornelia Schloesser quickly installed a water pump in the cellar of her bakery. But “within minutes, a wave was in the house” and she lost the business her family had held for a century in Schuld, a village in flood-hit western Germany that now looks like a battlefield.

Worst European Floods in 100 Years Leave 120 Dead, 1,300 Missing
At least 120 people have died and around 1,300 people are still missing across western Europe in the wake of extreme rainfall, bursting rivers, and heavy flooding that devastated parts of Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Flagstaff declares state of emergency as Arizona hit by devastating floods
Parts of Arizona have been hit with devastating flooding, with the city of Flagstaff declaring a state of emergency after being inundated with torrents of water that turned streets into murky, fast-running streams.

Tornado Leaves Damage in Ontario Canada
Several injuries were confirmed by police after an unusual tornado tore through the city of Barrie on Thursday afternoon, leaving a trail of damage in its path.

Democrats’ Planned ‘Medicaid’ Expansion Program Would Pay for Elective Abortions
democratic senators are pushing to expand Medicaid via the upcoming $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, which they can pass on a party-line vote — and one plan getting a lot of attention would fund elective abortions.

As The New World Order Rapidly Closes In, It’s A Good Time To Remind Ourselves Of The Complete And Total Victory We Believers Have In Jesus Christ

Today on the Prophecy News Podcast, we exposed the truth behind the COVID-19 vaccine and virus, lifting the lid on a plot decades in the making by the New World Order to exert their control on this lost and dying world we live in. It was a wild ride, but also a sobering one when you think about what they have planned next with Vaccine Reeducation Centers, forced jabs, and all the rest of that end times junk that’s literally right around the corner. Before that thought could depress me, I thought about Jesus, and the guaranteed victory we have in Him. That’s when I got me to shouting.

IT WAS ALL A LIE: Congress Was Evacuated on Jan. 6 Due to Pipe Bomb Threat — Not Because of Trump Supporters Walking Halls
Peaceful Trump supporters wandering the halls of the US Capitol on Jan. 6. It was all a Big Lie. We’ve all been fed lies for months now. And Democrats and the media continue to push the lies.

Shocking New Evidence Shows That Moderna Already Had A COVID-19 Vaccine Before Outbreak In Wuhan Lab Happened
The way the story goes, COVID-19 took the world by surprise and only by exerting a global, super-human effort to create a vaccine from a zero baseline at ‘warp speed’ are we able to get ahead of the deadliest viral outbreak in human history. That is the official narrative we are compelled to believe, but as Paul Harvey famously said, now here’s the ‘rest of the story’. And the rest of that story is that the Bill Gates funded Moderna already had a COVID-19 vaccine before COVID-19.

School Board Hires BLM Leader Accused of Sexually Abusing Multiple Children
A school board has re-hired a Black Lives Matter leader, despite an ongoing investigation into allegations he sexually abused multiple children.

Woman with ‘life-altering’ injuries after COVID vaccine teams up with U.S. senators to demand answers Brianne Dressen is a preschool teacher from Utah who was injured after participating in AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine clinical trial in November 2020. She has accumulated more than $250,000 in medical bills as a result of injuries she believes were caused by the vaccine.

Moderna starts human trials of an mRNA-based flu shot
Moderna gave its mRNA-based seasonal flu vaccine to the first set of volunteers in a clinical trial, the pharmaceutical company announced today. The start of the trial marks the next stage of the company’s work on this type of vaccine technology after the overwhelming success of its COVID-19 vaccine, which was built using the same strategy.

Top doctor in Tennessee fired after calling for teen vaccinations WITHOUT parental consent
The top vaccination official in the state of Tennessee was terminated after she published a memo in support of vaccinating teenagers without parental consent. Dr. Michelle Fiscus, formerly the medical director for vaccine-preventable diseases at the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH), said she received a letter of termination and a letter of resignation. The pediatrician chose to be terminated and added that no reason was given from her ouster.

COVID-Sniffing Police K-9s In Bristol County Are First In Country
The Bristol County Sheriff’s office is adding a new tool to the department – canines trained to sniff out COVID-19. The department says its four-legged officers can sniff out the disease in a similar way the dogs detect drugs or weapons.

Is The FBI Trying To Create A New Generation Of “Hitler Youth”?
Who are these “Hitler Youth” of whom I write? If you snoozed through this history class in high school, during World War II, Adolf Hitler wanted to begin indoctrinating children into Nazi ideology at an early age. So, two groups were created: Hitler Youth for boys and for girls, The League of German Girls.


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Canadian churches torched and vandalized amid fury as more graves of Indigenous children are discovered at Catholic-run boarding schools
A First Nations community in western Canada announced the discovery of at least 160 unmarked graves close to an ex-residential school run by the Catholic church that closed in 1975.

At least 800 tons of dead sea life washed up in Tampa Bay
Hundreds of tons of dead sea life washed up along the shores of Tampa Bay due to a natural phenomenon known as a “red tide,” and now local officials calling on the state government for help in cleaning up the the massive mess.

Not a drop to drink: Water shortages in Iran cause wave of protests
Street protests broke out overnight over severe water shortages in Iran’s oil-rich southwest, according to Iranian news outlets and videos posted on social media on Friday, as the country faces its worst drought in 50 years.

Felicia maintains strength as a Category 4 hurricane as Tropical Storm Guillermo forms in Eastern Pacific
Hurricane Felicia is maintaining its power as as strong Catgory 4 system for to the east-southeast of Hawaii.

Catastrophic floods claim lives of more than 150 people, leave more than 1 000 missing, Europe
More than 150 people across Europe have been killed and more than 600 injured after record-breaking rains caused catastrophic flooding on July 14 and 15, 2021. German authorities said more than 1 000 people are still unaccounted for. The worst affected were Germany and Belgium, followed by France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

The truth about vaccines that the CDC doesn’t want you to know
On July 15, 2021, the US Surgeon General called COVID misinformation an “urgent threat.” We couldn’t agree more. But what he neglects to say is that the misinformation is coming from the CDC, FDA, and NIH. Those organizations do not want you to know how many people have been killed or permanently disabled by the COVID vaccines.

SHOT ON SIGHT: Biden’s door-to-door vaccine propagandists are now bringing vaccinators along with them
The witch hunt is on, as the federal government prepares to send out “health ambassadors” and “public health workers” into communities and neighborhoods across the United States. The Mecklenburg County Health Department in North Carolina is launching a “doses to doors” program, equipping vaccine propagandists with covid-19 shots, which can be delivered at the person’s front door.

Hate crimes against Christians becoming commonplace in Canada
Hate crimes targeting Christians are increasingly becoming normal in Canada. There have been at least 45 attacks on Christian congregations in the country since June, including 17 cases in which churches were completely burned down.

Eight Shot in Downtown Portland Mass Shooting
Portland Police – what’s left of them – report that eight people were shot overnight in a mass shooting in downtown Portland. Portland Police reported that one of the victims had life-threatening injuries. No one died in the shooting. No arrests have been made.

What’s Worse Than Catholic Churches Burning Down Across Canada?
Following the grim discovery of mass graves from Catholic-run schools for indigenous children, churches across Canada are being torched to the ground. Instead of the liberal government of Justin Trudeau harshly condemning the attacks, however, it has sent a weak and passive message to the arsonists.

NZ lecturers claim Beijing is planting spies in universities
Three lecturers at different universities in New Zealand claimed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been planting spies in their institutions. The three said that Chinese individuals have shown up to their lectures and conducted “information-gathering” activities. They even shared instances of Chinese outsiders disrupting lectures and confronting them because of the topics they discussed.

Big tech scrubs religious radio show from YouTube
YouTube removed an entire radio show from its platform this week, hosted by popular Christian author and social commentator Eric Metaxas, citing violations of their community standards.

Former Pfizer VP says mainstream media “fact checks” are “a pack of lies”
When it comes to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), there is no such thing as “asymptomatic transmission” or “variants.” These are completely made-up concepts that have no basis in reality, and yet anyone who tries to tell the truth about it is chided by the mainstream media for spreading “misinformation.”

YouTube is now censoring government meetings that it doesn’t want the public to see… is Big Tech now dictating what governments are allowed to say?
Just to show, again, how wealthy, powerful, and out of control the major social media platforms have gotten, YouTube has now assumed the right to censor — yes, censor — city council meetings if the speech Nazis who work there don’t like what’s being said.

DHS training program prepares for rural lockdowns, mass public quarantines against unvaccinated
A Department of Homeland Security training program has provided a model for the federal government to normalize mass public quarantine measures despite COVID-19 infections and deaths dropping across the United States.

Kathleen Sebelius wants you to be separated from your children if you refuse to get “vaccinated” for covid
The former head of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under Barack Hussein Obama is pushing the narrative that parents who refuse Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” should be forcibly separated from their children and denied employment.

The Next Emoji Update Will Likely Include A Transgender ‘Pregnant Man’ Despite The Fact That Only Biological Women Are Able To Give Birth
What used to be called ‘science’ back in my high school biology class is now considered ‘hate speech’ in the dark ages in which we find ourselves, the radical idea that only a biological woman is capable of conceiving a baby in her womb and becoming pregnant. Did you ever think you would live long enough to see the day where that considered ‘hate speech’? Well, you have and here you are, watching the world literally being turned into Hell while you watch.


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Another heat dome in the West producing dangerous temperatures
Record-challenging heat will continue baking the Rockies, northern Plains and Canadian Prairies through early this week. Even before the heat wave got underway, temperatures have been above average since early last week. Residents can’t catch a break from the heat after records were challenged on Saturday.

Dutch crime reporter de Vries dies after Amsterdam shooting
“Peter fought to the end, but was unable to win the battle,” the family said in a statement sent to Dutch media. While the motive for de Vries’ shooting remains unknown, the July 6 attack on an Amsterdam street had the hallmarks of the gangland hits taking place with increasing regularity in the Dutch underworld the journalist covered.

Europe flood death toll tops 160, costly rebuilding ahead
The death toll in western Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate state, home to the badly hit Ahrweiler county, rose to 98. Another 43 people were confirmed dead in neighboring North Rhine-Westphalia state. Belgium’s national crisis center said the country’s confirmed death toll rose to 27.

Protests in France continue to grow after Macron enacts new COVID-19 measures
Protesters took to the streets in France on Saturday following new COVID-19 measures that French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Macron said earlier this week that all health care workers had to be fully vaccinated by Sept. 15 or would face suspension without pay. Additionally, he said all residents had to start using a health pass showing proof they had been vaccinated, …

Report Warns The US Navy Is Too Woke For War
The report, which was prepared by Rear Admiral Mark Montgomery and Marine Lt. General Robert Schmidle and commissioned by members of Congress in response to two collisions involving Navy ships and the surrender of two seacraft to Iran, “claimed that the Navy’s surface warfare forces have systemic training and leadership issues, including a focus on diversity that overshadows basic readiness skills.” From across the U.S. Navy, officers — including captains — complained that the top brass appears to value appearances over the ability to fight wars.

Tamarack Fire explodes to 21000 acres, no containment | Evacuations, maps, updates
Gusty winds, dry fuels and low humidity has caused the Tamarack Fire to explode to 18,299 acres, according to the U.S. Forest Service on Sunday. The forest service said the fire is burning in a northerly direction with a backing towards Highway 89 south of Markleeville towards the Carson River.

As Frozen Land Burns, Siberia Fears: ‘If We Don’t Have the Forest, We Don’t Have Life’
The call for help lit up villagers’ phones at 7:42 on a muggy and painfully smoky evening on Siberia’s fast-warming permafrost expanse. “We urgently ask all men to come to the town hall at 8,” read the WhatsApp message from the mayor’s office. “The fire has reached the highway.”

5-mile long Michigan bridge closed over bomb threat; DHS on scene
Authorities closed the five-mile-long Mackinac Bridge in Michigan on Sunday due to a bomb threat. The incident has triggered a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) response, and the U.S. Coast Guard is also reportedly on scene. The official Mackinac Bridge account tweeted, “Law enforcement notified the MBA of a bomb threat on the bridge; MBA closed the bridge at 2:15 p.m. After an extensive search, nothing has been found. They are completing one more sweep and hope to re-open the bridge soon. MSP and Mackinaw City police are investigating.”

The King of Jordan’s Upcoming Visit to Washington: Implications for Jerusalem
King Abdullah will be visiting President Joe Biden at the White House on July 19. By granting the Jordanian monarch the honor of being the first Arab leader to visit the new president, the US administration is putting wind in Jordan’s sails as it seeks to fend off Saudi claims regarding custodianship of Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem.

North Korea sets stern punishments for ‘anti-socialist’ acts
North Korea is trying to reinforce its brand of socialism by punishing citizens for “anti-socialist acts,” including distorting the lyrics of revolutionary songs, and forcing party officials to spend an extra two hours a day studying political ideology, sources in the country told RFA. The list of acts and punishments, issued by the Central Party’s Propaganda and Agitation Department, is based on the relatively new Reactionary Idea and Culture Law, which authorities passed in Dec. 2020.

Zero-day bug attack: Google, Microsoft, Apple scramble updates to protect you from DevilsTongue spyware
Zero-day bug attack: Google and Microsoft have released a patch to two critical vulnerabilities in their operating systems that were exploited by a spyware that has reportedly been sold to governments by Israeli developer Candiru. In its report that was released earlier this week, Citizen Labs has said that Candiru’s spyware (called DevilsTongue by Microsoft) can infect and monitor iPhones, Android smartphones, Macs, PCs and even cloud accounts. Microsoft is calling Candiru Sourgum.

Solar storm generated by the Sun can knock out your mobile phone GPS and other applications back here on Earth
A solar storm has been brewed in the Sun and sent at eye-popping speeds towards the Earth in July, 2021, which is about 93 million miles (150 million kilometres) away. While on the whole, the Earth, and humans and other flora and fauna, are protected by our atmosphere, there are certain things that will not get any protection at all and therefore, will probably stop functioning if a very strong solar flare hits.

Israeli spyware used to target journalists and activist phones, according to research
Israeli private spy software was used to hack dozens of smartphones owned by reporters, human rights activists, executives, murdered Saudi journalists and Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancée. According to a thorough investigation According to The Washington Post and 16 other media outlets. Military-grade spyware was reportedly licensed by the Israeli spyware company NSO Group. Research has shown that hacked phones are on the list of over 50,000 numbers based in countries known to monitor people.

Blister beetle numbers rise due to drought
The blister beetles travel in swarms and prefer to congregate in blooming alfalfa fields, a problem for equine owners and producers. When the alfalfa fields are cut, the beetles are left in the hay crushed or killed. The toxin does nor decrease over time, and does not leave the beetle’s body even though the insect is now dead. According to Knodel, about 30 to 50 of blister beetles is enough to be lethal to horses.
“Cantharidin oil is released when beetles are crushed, and even dead beetles have high levels of the toxin,” Knodel said.

Minnesota enters into drought warning phase
According to information provided by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the state has now entered a drought warning phase. This is due to the fact that 52 percent of Minnesota is now experiencing severe drought, including Martin County, while four percent of the state is experiencing extreme drought.

NYPD Releases Shocking Video Of Daytime Execution-Style Killing Of Man Riding Citi Bike
At about 2:20pm on Wednesday a young black male was captured on CCTV walking up to a man on Citi Bike just outside a Brooklyn deli. The victim, identified by police as 21-year old Pierrot Simeon is seen stopping the bike to possibly speak with the suspect, but immediately after the killer brandished a gun from a fanny pack on his shoulder and shoots multiple times at point-blank range.

White House Admits To Flagging Posts To Be Censored By Facebook
The rise of corporate censors has combined with a heavily pro-Biden media to create the fear of a de facto state media that controls information due to a shared ideology rather than state coercion. That concern has been magnified by demands from Democratic leaders for increased censorship, including censoring political speech, and now word that the Biden Administration has routinely been flagging material to be censored by Facebook. The concern is obvious that this allows for a direct role of the government in a massive censorship program run by private companies.

US moves 35 fighter jets closer to China for attack drills
The U.S. Air Force is sending 25 F-22 Raptors, 10 F-15E Strike Eagles, a pair of C-130s, and approximately 800 Airmen to Guam and Tinian in a display of the force’s “strategic flexibility” that analysts say sends a message to potential adversaries like China.

COVID-19 pandemic sparks new laws banning after-hours work emails
Before the pandemic struck in 2020, a movement to help maintain a healthy work-life was building around the world. Technology was increasingly blurring the boundary between home and work. Many people now had work emails delivered directly to their phone resulting in a pressure to be contactable and responsive 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This led to calls for “right to disconnect” laws protecting employees from work encroaching into their recreational time.

On 9th of Av: Netanyahu calls on world to recall Zechariah 8:4
“Tonight we all commemorate the fast of Tisha B’Av. We remember the destruction of our temple and the tragedies that commanded our nation.” Tisha B’Av (the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av) is a fast day commemorating the destruction of both Jewish Temples in Jerusalem. Jews also refrain from wearing leather shoes and bathing. Jews also refrain from studying Torah, Netanyahu then quoted the Prophet Zechariah: …..

1,679 Jews pray on Temple Mount during Tisha B’Av
PM allows Jews to continue to visit Temple Mount; Islamic Movement and United Arab List protest: ‘Temple Mount is under Islamic ownership.’

Marlborough hit by its largest-ever recorded flood, New Zealand
New Zealand’s Marlborough, the country’s largest wine-growing region, was hit by its worst flood on record on July 17, 2021.

Operation Lockstep: The 3 Step Approach to a Permanent Lockdown Resulting In Massive Depopulation
At the onset of the Covid 19 outbreak, I received information about something called Operation Lockstep. I was told by one deep-cover-insider that this plot was developed approximately two years prior to the outbreak of Covid 19. This plot against humanity also goes by other aliases. The policies and proceedures, summarized below, are in the process of being codified into law by Congress or placed into formal existence through Executive Order.

‘Havana Syndrome’ Strikes U.S. Diplomats In Vienna
Whatever is causing Havana Syndrome, American diplomats appear to be walking around in some countries with bullseye on their backs.

New UK Study: People Who Have Been Vaccinated Make Up 47% of New COVID Cases
Data from a recently released study out of the UK, that uses data compiled from their Orwellian symptom-tracking app, shows vaccinated people account for almost half of the country’s new COVID cases.

CENSORED: CDC Records Almost 12,000 DEATHS in 7 Months Following COVID-19 Injections
The U.S. CDC released more data today in their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a U.S. Government funded database, and now admit that they have received reports of nearly 12,000 deaths during a 7-month period since the COVID-19 shots were given emergency use authorization by the FDA last December.

Beijing’s Grip Means Hong Kong Is No Longer Special
China plans to exempt companies that are going public in Hong Kong from seeking approval from its cybersecurity regulator, following its recent proposed new laws requiring vetting companies for IPOs in foreign countries.

Children should be seen as a ‘blessing’ not an ‘environmental burden,’ Jim Daly says in response to Sussexes’ award
Children should be seen as a blessing and not a burden on the environment, says Jim Daly of Focus on the Family in response to a group that awarded Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, among others, for committing to have no more than two children or none at all.

What’s Really Going On with Iran? It Doesn’t Look Like the Biden/Obama Administration is Really Interested in Peace in the Middle East
Are Biden’s officials really interested in concluding negotiations with Iran or are they just pretending to negotiate to provide cover for Iran while Iran rushes to a nuclear breakthrough?

BREAKING DISCOVERY! What COVID Injections Do To Your BLOOD! Doctor Releases Horrific Findings!
PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF! The shots being referred to as ‘vaccines’ are absolutely poisonous, and the proof is now here!

World Relief urges Congress to act on immigration reform after judge blocks DACA, declaring it illegal
A Christian humanitarian organization has denounced a recent ruling by a Texas federal judge that prohibits new applications from being filed for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, that protects some people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children from being deported.

Covid-19 Is a United Nations Exercise, Signed Off on by 196 Countries in 2005 to Usher in the New World Order
Note: this video has a long list of links which connect to the original documents upon which the video is based, and worth reading. We need to question why these truths were not publicized for people to understand what is really behind the covid-19 scare.

We Need To Talk About Midazolam: Icke
Midazolam, the end of life drug, was bought in vast qualities by Hancock and the UK government, and was used in the spring of 2020 in quantities never seen before to murder old people en masse and call it the “first wave” of “Covid.”

IT BEGINS: Conservative MI Group That Hosted America’s First Lockdown Protest Will Host Huge ‘TRUMP WON’ Rally
On April 15, 2020, members of the most powerful grassroots conservative group in Michigan, the MCC (Michigan Conservative Coalition), were fed up with MI Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s draconian, business-killing lockdowns and decided to do something about it. MI GOP Vice-Chair Meshawn Maddock and MI GOP vice-chair, MI GOP grassroots chair Marian Sheridan, along with other hard-working conservatives in their group, organized a protest that brought over 15,000 vehicles filled with MI residents from all over the state to Michigan’s Capitol.

121 Dead in South Africa, Gun-Owners and Organized Militias Save Local Communities from Complete Devastation
At least 121 people are dead in South Africa and 2556 have been arrested after a week of rioting and looting following the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma, who is accused of corruption.

Social media: Are you glorifying God or yourself?
But should we be more wary about our social media presence? Are we celebrating God-honoring things or are we boasting and promoting our own success? While we fashion perfect posts to elicit the right amount of positive feedback, are we not seeking a bit of envy in others?


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Has Iran launched a new stealth missile boat?
Iran has launched one of its new stealthy catamaran “missile corvettes” according to open-source intelligence analyzed by expert H.I. Sutton, who runs the Cover Shores website. He noted that this took place as many have been distracted by monitoring the Iranian Makran warship which is sailing close to the UK this week.

Ben & Jerry’s board wanted to boycott all of Israel
Ben & Jerry’s Independent Board of Directors wanted to boycott Israel in its entirety, but was stopped from doing so by the ice-cream makers CEO and the British based parent company Unilever. “The statement released by Ben & Jerry’s regarding its operation in Israel and the Occupied Palestine Territory does not reflect the position of the Independent Board nor was it approved by the Independent Board,” read a statement…

Abdullah seeks to revive two-state solution, bury ‘Jordan is Palestine’
Jordan is hoping that King Abdullah’s meeting with US President Joe Biden will pave the way for the kingdom to return to center stage in regional developments, particularly the Israeli-Arab conflict. Jordan is also hoping that the meeting will put an end to the talk about transforming the kingdom into a Palestinian state.

House bill allocates $40 million for federal ‘Red Flag’ gun confiscation program
The House Appropriations Committee FY22 funding bill includes $40 million for a program to pressure states into establishing “Red Flag” gun confiscation laws in an effort to support “safer communities” and expand “gun violence prevention efforts.” According to a draft of the FY22…funding bill released July 11, nearly $150 million in “Gun Violence Reduction Grants” is “aimed at reducing gun violence.”

Iraq attack: Bombing at Baghdad market kills Eid shoppers
At least 30 people have been killed and dozens more wounded in a bomb attack on a busy market in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, security sources say. The device exploded in the al-Wuhailat market, in the northern Sadr City area, as families prepared for the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha on Tuesday. It was the deadliest bombing in Baghdad in six months.

Syrian air defences ‘intercept’ Israeli attack over Aleppo
Syria’s air defences have intercepted an Israeli attack on al-Safirah area of southern Aleppo, Syrian state media reported, a location where Israel has repeatedly hit a growing Iranian presence. “At around 23:37 on Monday [20:37 GMT] … the Israeli enemy carried out an aerial attack towards southeast Aleppo, targeting positions in the al-Safirah area,” Syrian state news agency SANA cited a military source as saying.

Austria Becomes the First European Country to Ban the Muslim Brotherhood’s Activities Outright
My hat is off to the young Chancellor of Austria concerning his stand against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). This murderous Islamist group poses as peaceful and benign, but don’t let them fool you. They are well known by Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS and all Israel-hating groups across the planet.

Transgender Biological Male Cleared To Compete In Women’s Weightlifting In Tokyo Olympics
In continuing with the total farce this year’s Olympics has become…

At least 800 tons of dead sea life washed up in Tampa Bay
Hundreds of tons of dead sea life washed up along the shores of Tampa Bay due to a natural phenomenon known as a “red tide,” and now local officials calling on the state government for help in cleaning up the massive mess.

Lake Tahoe wildfire burns, forces evacuations and closures
A wildfire roaring near Lake Tahoe that forced hundreds to flee blew up to cover 30 square miles Sunday, one of more than 80 major fires raging across the hot, drought-stricken West, fire officials said.

Nissan being sued for electromagnetic radiation emitted from electric “LEAF” vehicle
A Georgia man has filed a lawsuit against Nissan accusing the automaker of “permanently damaging his health” and “destroying his family and career.

Cruise ships have found a way around Florida’s ban on vaccine passports – and it’s still bad news for unvaccinated passengers
Cruise lines have found a way around Florida’s firm vaccine passport ban, but that doesn’t mean unvaccinated passengers should expect equal treatment aboard cruises sailing out of the Sunshine State.

NFL Recommends Teams Use ‘Color Coded Wristbands’ to Identify Vaccinated Players, Employees
The NFL has sent a memo instructing all 32 teams to develop a method for identifying players, coaches, and employees who have received the coronavirus vaccine.

Huge! Whistleblower Says At Least 45k People Have Died From Experimental COVID Jab In New Lawsuit
A whistleblower in the medical industry has written a sworn testimony claiming to have proof that 45,000 Americans have died within three days of receiving their COVID-19 shot.

America and Her Allies Are Preparing to Attack China Without Biden’s Approval
Pastor Samuel Honnold and myself have been collaborating for over a week on American-led alliance that is prepared to strike at China for their ultra-aggressive moves.

China threatens to begin World War III
A video has appeared online that reportedly is circulating among Chinese Communist Party channels in which the repressive regime on the mainland there threatens to unleash a “continuous” nuclear war on the world.

Following Macron’s Lead, Boris Johnson In England Says Only People Who Are ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Will Be Allowed To Attend Large Public Events
Last Monday, French president Emmanuel Macron told his subjects that COVID vaccinations would now be mandatory for certain segments of the population, and what did we tell you would happen? We told you that all of Europe would soon follow his lead. Well, that didn’t take long.

Massachusetts First In Nation To Implement COVID K-9 Unit Which Begs The Question Can COVID Arrests For The Unvaccinated Be Far Behind?
Be honest, does the idea of canine attack dogs trained to sniff out COVID-19 fill you with a sense of safety and security, or does it signal just a touch of end times foreboding within you?

Graphene-based “neuromodulation” technology is REAL: Press release from INBRAIN Neuroelectronics describes brain controlling biocircuits using AI-powered graphene
With an increasing number of people becoming aware of graphene oxide being identified in covid vaccines, a company called INBRAIN Neuroelectronics demonstrates that graphene-based “neuromodulation” technology using AI-powered neuroelectronics is very real.

Texas AG: Democrats ‘Could Be Arrested as Soon as They Step Back on Texas Soil’
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton warned Democrats, who left the state in an apparent effort to block an election bill, could face arrest if they return to the state.

China’s New Missile Silos Spark Concerns of War Over Taiwan
China is building 120 new silos for intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) near its northwestern desert city of Yumen, indicating a significant expansion in its nuclear forces and sparking concerns of a Taiwan-related conflict between China and the United States.

Number of prescriptions for the drug midazolam doubled during height of the pandemic
The number of prescriptions for a powerful sedative that can kill the frail doubled at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, raising fears it was used to control elderly residents in stretched care homes – or even to hasten their deaths.

Clinton Protégé Congressman Serving on National Security Committees Invested In At Least SIX Chinese Communist Party-Linked Firms, Including Military Proxies.
Financial ties between the Chinese Communist Party and Gottheimer, who has represented New Jersey’s 5th congressional district since 2017, are revealed in his most recent financial disclosure form.

What Is The Realistic Probability That You Will Experience An Adverse Reaction Or Even Death From The COVID-19 Vaccine?
As of July 9, 2021, the VAERS systems reported that 10,991 deaths were due to the COVID-19 vaccine with a total of 294,801 adverse reactions reported from December 14th 2020 to July of 2021. These are the numbers in just the US alone.

Is the new “morning after pill” a Covid vaccine?
There are now three ways of ending a pregnancy: in-clinic abortion, the abortion pill, or a Covid vaccine. All China Flu vaccines are free and available without a prescription, and have now been proven in a clinical trial to kill 4 out of every 5 babies in the womb during the first two trimesters, or 20 weeks


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Massive flooding hits Zhengzhou after more than 200 mm (7.8 inches) of rain in just 1 hour, China
Extremely heavy rains hit the capital of China’s Henan Province – Zhengzhou (population 10.3 million) on Tuesday, July 20, 2021, causing massive floods. This is the third and the strongest day of heavy rainfall in the province.

Typhoon “Cempaka” to make U-turn after landfall over China’s Guangdong Province
Typhoon “Cempaka” — the 7th named storm of the 2021 Pacific typhoon season — is slowly approaching China’s Guangdong Province where it’s expected to make landfall on July 20, 2021.

SOUTH AFRICA RIOTS: A Destabilization Agenda for Global Control
Imagine fleeing, escaping South Africa in order to live in China? A video was just sent to me depicting the actual scenes and truth unfolding in South Africa … it is beyond imaginable, it is beyond comprehension, it is far, far beyond Nazi Germany. It is the unfolding of what is described as coordinated decimation of an entire country into abject uncontrolled chaos thru mass hysteria and a mob mentality.

Severe drought hits California, worsening food production outlook as crops failThe state of California, alongside much of the western U.S., is again facing severe drought. The drought hitting the Golden State has notably threatened its agriculture. With about four-fifths of California’s developed water allocated to growing crops, the drought itself is enough to raise alarm bells.

Bombshell: Arizona ballot audit has finally revealed what we suspected – enough tainted ballots to wipe out Biden’s “victory”
For months, President Donald Trump has warned that the 2020 election was rigged and thus stolen from him, and for the same period of time, Democrats who are likely in on the theft have pushed back, along with their minions in the ‘mainstream media.’

Union Pacific eastbound railway container service temporarily halted to Chicago due to “significant congestion”
According to reports, ocean carriers are backlogged due to logistics problems caused by governments imposing Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions, which in turn has caused delivery trains to get backed up on land.

Medical police state: British government to require covid vaccines everywhere, and for any job
The French are gathering in the streets, chanting “liberte!” and the British are marching, demanding the arrest of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson! European governments are rolling out vaccine passports as quickly as possible, forcing people to comply with endless medical experiments, bodily requirements, digital surveillance and tracking, and a two-tiered society that discriminates and segregates the unvaccinated.

Attorney Files Lawsuit Against CDC Based on ‘Sworn Declaration’ from Whistleblower Claiming 45,000 Deaths are Reported to VAERS – All Within 3 Days of COVID-19 Shots
Ohio-based Attorney Thomas Renz was one of several speakers this past weekend at a conference in Anaheim, California, where he announced that with the help of America’s Frontline Doctors, he was filing a federal lawsuit in Alabama based on a “sworn declaration, under threat of perjury,” from an alleged whistleblower who claims to have inside knowledge of a cover-up of reported deaths filed with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is operated by the CDC.

SUPERSPREADERS! 6 Fully-Vaccinated Texas Democrats Fly To Washington And Give COVID To Fully-Vaccinated Aide To Nancy Pelosi And WH Official
They call them the ‘Texas Fleebaggers’, the group of Democrats who fled Texas on a plane to Washington so they could not be compelled to vote on upcoming legislation that they disagreed with. Dirtbaggers, Fleebaggers, take you’re pick they’re all the same to me. But lo and behold, these Fleebaggers also did something else, they became superspreaders and not only infected themselves but now COVID has made it’s way all the way up to Nancy Pelosi. All parties involved were fully vaccinated. The outrage from the Liberal media? Zero.

At 7 universities not once is COVID detected
A clinical scientist and immunologist-virologist at a southern California laboratory says he and colleagues from 7 universities are suing the CDC for massive fraud. The reason: not one of 1500 samples of people tested “positive” could find Covid-19. ALL people were simply found to have Influenza A, and to a lesser extent Influenza B. This is consistent with the previous findings of other scientists, which we have reported on several times.

Hundreds dead and thousands homeless as flooding ravages Western Europe
Rescue crews are working around the clock to try to find survivors of extensive floods that have been causing devastation across Western Europe. The death toll so far exceeds 150 people, and rescuers believe that figure will climb as more bodies are discovered. Thousands of people have been left homeless after their homes were destroyed or deemed at risk, and officials are already concerned about the long-term economic effects that the lost homes and businesses will have so soon after COVID-19-related upheaval.

VAX NAZIS: Instead of yellow badges the Nazis made the Jews wear, the Jewish State of Israel is brandishing its own citizens with vaccine “Happy Badges”
Nearly six million Jews died in the Holocaust, and over a million in the chemical gas chambers, so you’d think the Jewish State of Israel would know better than to force-vaccinate all of their citizens with toxic, lab-concocted vaccines made by tyrannical pharma goons who love genocide delivered under the guise of inoculation. The new, yellow proof-of-vaccine “Happy Badges” are like wearing a ribbon celebrating your own suicide.


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1 killed, 10 injured in explosion at Gaza City market
An explosion was reported at the Al-Zawiya market in Gaza City in the Gaza Strip on Thursday morning, killing one person and injuring 10 others, according to Palestinian media. The injured were transferred to Shifa Hospital in the coastal enclave. The Palestinian killed in the incident was identified by Palestinian reports as Atta Saqallah.

IDF arrests two suspects who infiltrated into Israel from Lebanon
IDF soldiers arrested two suspects in northern Israel Thursday morning after they were spotted crossing the border from Lebanon into Israel overnight, the military said in a statement. The two were reportedly migrant workers and were questioned at the site where they were arrested. During about five hours of searches, IDF soldiers isolated the area where the two suspects until the suspects were caught.

160 French olim arrive in Israel on special flight
A group of 160 French Jews who made aliyah to Israel arrived on Wednesday at Ben-Gurion Airport on a special flight from Paris organized by The Jewish Agency for Israel and the Aliyah and Integration Ministry. The new immigrants were accompanied on the flight by Aliyah and Integration Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata, who was returning from a tour of the Jewish community in France due to growing interest in aliyah in that country.

Covid: China rejects WHO plan for second phase of virus origin probe
China has rejected terms proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to further investigate the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic. WHO head Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus called on China to be more co-operative about the early stages of the outbreak, including with audits of laboratories. Zeng Yixin, deputy health minister, said it showed “disrespect for common sense and arrogance towards science”.

U.S. to delay reopening of Jerusalem consulate to Palestinians at Israel’s request
At Israel’s request, U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration will delay reopening the American consulate in Jerusalem as a de facto mission to the Palestinians until the government passes a budget, according to the Walla website. The U.S. decision follows requests from the Prime Minister’s Office and the Foreign Ministry.

Historic crop loss as severe frosts hit Brazil
Farmers across Brazil are reporting widespread crop loss due to severe frosts affecting the country over the past 3 weeks. After several destructive cold waves, another blast is expected over the weekend, July 24 and 25, followed by yet another at the end of the month.

Catastrophic floods caused by extremely heavy rains claim lives of at least 29 people in Henan, China
At least 29 people have been killed and 7 others remain missing after heavy rains affecting China’s central province of Henan since July 16 intensified on July 20, 2021. 25 of them died and 7 remain missing in Henan’s capital Zhengzhou after massive floods caused by a month’s worth of July rains in just one hour. 4 people died in severe floods that hit the city of Gongyi on the same day.

Biblical flooding devastates mainland China
Shocking new footage out of Zhengzhou, China, shows a trainload of stranded passengers waiting for help as devastating floodwaters rise within the train car.

Watch: California Shoplifters Stroll Out Of TJ Maxx With Arms Full Of Merchandise
“It’s just lawlessness…”

Canadian farmers report MASSIVE crop damage from heatwave
Canadian farmers in different provinces reported massive damage to their crops as a result of a heatwave in the country. The heatwave caused many areas to record searing temperatures in late June 2021. Aside from damaging crops, it also caused the deaths of many people and triggered wildfires across the region.

Whitehead’s ‘State Of The Nation’: Still Divided, Enslaved, & Locked Down
…when we lose sight of the true purpose of government – to protect our rights – we allow it to overstep its bounds and become a tyrant that rules by brute force.

Whistleblower: Hasbro mandating “critical race theory” for all employees, claims white kids are privileged and inherently racist
Hasbro, a popular toy manufacturer, is mandating all its employees to accept “critical race theory” and apply it throughout the company. The company’s new training manual suggests that white kids are privileged, biased and inherently racist. The material demeans “white kids” and judges them on the color of their skin, imparting racist guilt on children as young as three and four years old.

UK chief science advisor admits that 60% of people admitted to UK hospitals are “fully vaccinated”
On July 19th, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a news conference alongside Sir Patrick Vallance, Britain’s Chief Scientific Adviser. When Sir Patrick took the mic, he admitted that the “fully vaccinated” are being hospitalized en masse for covid-19 and are falling severely ill to the “delta variant.

Amazon using videos from Ring doorbell devices to create the largest civilian surveillance network in the US
..“Ring video doorbells … pose a serious threat to a free and democratic society.” This is the warning of Lauren Bridges, a doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. In an opinion piece she wrote for The Guardian, she said that around one in 10 police departments in the United States have direct access to video footage from the Ring doorbells after Amazon partnered with more than 1,800 local law enforcement agencies. These partnerships are growing at an alarming rate.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Warned That Another Lockdown Is Coming If The American People Continue To Refuse Vaccinations
Remember the old adage “my body, my choice”? Apparently that’s valid only if you want to murder your baby, for everything else, it would seem, the government has the right to tell you what you can and can not do with your body. This is what GOP Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was alluding to today when he threatened another nationwide lockdown if you refuse to be jabbed.

NEW WORLD ORDER Plan Explained by a 1930s Cartoon
The New World Order plan, designed by the freemasons from the beginning (early 1800s), is shown in this 1930s cartoon. Everything the government is doing to deceive the people is perfectly explained in this 1930s cartoon. There are NO COINCIDENCES!

UK Defies Chinese Communist Party, Deploys Warships to Disputed South China Sea
In a direct challenge to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the United Kingdom is sending warships to sail through the South China Sea and will permanently deploy ships to the disputed region.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Brand Starts War With Israel By Announcing A Boycott Of The ‘Occupied Palestinian Territory’ Igniting Huge Backlash
The Jewish founders of Ben and Jerry’s Vermont Ice Cream have decided to start a war with the nation of Israel, and siding with Hamas and the Palestinians while they do it. Is it possible for Jews to be anti-Semitic? It sure is.

Why Are Soros And Gates Buying UK COVID Testing Company?
A consortium of investors led by the Soros Economic Development Fund (SEDF) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are buying UK-based COVID testing company, Mologic, which has developed a 10-minute coronavirus test – and is best known for its deep-nostril swab test for the virus.


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Palestinian official says PA ready for direct talks with Israel
Civil Affairs Minister Hussein Al-Sheikh is one of the leading figures in the Palestinian Authority hierarchy and is one of President Mahmoud Abbas’ closest advisers. Al-Sheikh is the point person to Israel in all security matters and chairs the dialogue between the Palestinian government and the United States administration.

US tells Israel ‘refrain’ from settler building as de-facto freeze sets in
The United States publicly called on Israel to refrain from West Bank settlement construction as some settler leaders have warned that a half-year freeze on planning activity is already in place. “I think there is definitely a de facto freeze,” Efrat Council head Oded Revivi told The Jerusalem Post, noting that the facts speak for themselves.

Ethiopia Tigray crisis: New front opens as aid fears grow
A bloody eight-month battle for control of the north Ethiopian state of Tigray has spilled over into the neighbouring region of Afar in the past week. At least 20 civilians have been killed and 54,000 people have been displaced, reports say, as fears grow of a fast-developing humanitarian crisis. Several people in Afar told the BBC the rebel Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) had killed civilians.

Former UN rights boss to head probe into Israel, Hamas alleged crimes
Former United Nations human rights chief Navi Pillay will head an international commission of inquiry into alleged crimes committed during the latest conflict between Israel and the Islamist group Hamas in Gaza, the U.N.’s Human Rights Council said in a statement on Thursday. The council agreed in late May to launch the investigation with a broad mandate to probe all alleged violations…

After two decades, Israel rejoins African Union
For the first time since 2002, Israel has rejoined the African Union, regaining its observer status. Aleligne Admasu, Israeli Ambassador to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, submitted his charter as an observer to the African Union on Thursday. The African Union brings together all 55 countries of the continent.

Another round of severe flooding hits northeastern Turkey
Heavy rains have caused another round of severe flooding in northeastern Turkey on July 22, 2021. The event comes just a week after six people were killed and two others went missing in the Black Sea province of Rize. The new round hit the neighboring province of Artvin, overturning vehicles and destroying roads and homes.

Judge rejects churches’ challenge to Virginia’s LGBT antidiscrimination law
A judge has ruled against a group of churches, schools and a pro-life pregnancy center challenging a Virginia law that adds sexual orientation and gender identity to state antidiscrimination law.

Widespread floods hit central India, roads cut off as rivers overflow in Maharashtra
Heavy rains affecting central India since Wednesday, July 21, 2021, caused rivers to overflow in parts of Maharashtra, causing severe flooding. Severe flooding are also affecting neighboring Telangana, where more than 1 000 people have been evacuated.

PRONOUNS PUKED: California court strikes down law that punishes the “misgendering” of LGBT
A California appeals court ruled that a state law punishing care home workers for “misgendering” their elderly wards was unconstitutional.

Running out of water: Two US water reservoirs hit record lows in June 2021
Two large water reservoirs in the western U.S. hit record lows after a decline of more than two decades. Water levels at Lake Mead and Lake Powell, both on the 1,450-mile Colorado River, fell to their lowest in June 2021. Due to the dwindling water levels, the federal government said it plans to declare a water shortage this coming summer.

Taliban Boasts Control Over 90% Of Afghan Border Areas
Latest ‘situation maps’ show astounding territorial gains just this past month…

Private wells are running dry in Oregon, as serious drought conditions and government resource controls threaten people’s lives
A historic, multi-year drought is affecting 94 percent of the Western United States. Even the rainy Pacific Northwest is experiencing record drought conditions. According to the US Drought Monitor, Oregon has not been this dry since the late 1800s! The conditions have continued to deteriorate in July, and now dozens of private wells are running dry in Oregon. While arid weather conditions pose ongoing challenges, there is another serious government issue that is starving groundwater from rural landowners and small farmers.

Terror and abuse: Pfizer is using the corrupt AAP to push mask mandates on children until they’re all vaccinated or dead
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently announced that kids over two years of age should be “masked up” for the upcoming school year. Under the new “guidance” children (including babies in nurseries) will be forced to wear masks until all children can collectively prove they are FULLY VACCINATED with experimental spike proteins. Many parents saw this coercion coming, which is why they appealed to local school officials over the past year to drop the mask mandate in their county.

MISINFORMATION: Joe Biden At CNN Town Hall Meeting Blatantly Lied About COVID Vaccine Protections While Exhibiting Signs Of Advancing Dementia
Joe Biden and his team of geriatric cognitive handlers have made a never-ending point that they want to ‘stamp out misinformation’ on social media about the COVID vaccine, because the only reason, they say, for the current COVID vaccine ‘hesitancy’, is ‘misinformation’. So what did Biden do? He got on national television and told one, confirmed lie after another about the COVID vaccine, made claims that are not remotely true, and the main stream media stay silent and looked the other way.

Americans are avoiding ‘Biden’s shots’ as if they are ‘the plague’ itself because most Americans no longer trust the media, Congress, Biden or our medical and education systems
With these admonishments that sounded like infants whining coming at a time when the US Presidency has the confidence of only 38% of Americans, and that horrific number trouncing the confidence level that Americans have in the mainstream media of only 16%, and destroying the confidence level Americans have in Congress of only 12% according to this new Gallup poll, how can those no-longer-trusted institutions blame Fox News and other independent outlets when Americans across the political spectrum firmly agree, America’s biggest institutions are hugely failing us?!!

As Songbirds Die And COVID Ravages The Globe, A Lost And Dying World Is Waking Up To The Fact That We All Have An Unbreakable Appointment
Last year, the dystopian indie movie ‘Songbird’ was released, and we have played that frightening audio clip on the podcast multiple times. It’s a movie about a world-gone-mad during a time of a global pandemic outbreak like COVID. But in a stunning example of predictive programming, songbirds are actually dying in record numbers as the new Delta variant takes all the headline space. We are getting ready to enter our collective 17th month since all this began, with no end in sight.

SHARPIE-GATE EXPLAINED: It Now Appears Sharpies Were Provided in Certain Precincts to Disqualify Trump Votes in 2020 Election (VIDEO)
In the days immediately following the election, the sharpie-gate story was created. Democrats and the media made fun of it and called it a conspiracy theory. Now we know the entire story was valid and massive fraud may have occurred in the 2020 Election because of voters using sharpies to vote.

YouTube removes FRC interview with activist opposed to vaccinating kids without parental consent
Google-owned video-sharing service YouTube has removed a video interview between conservative evangelical activist Tony Perkins and the head of an anti-vaccine organization suing the District of Columbia over a new law allowing minors as young as 11 to consent to get vaccinated without parental consent.

PANDEMIC: As Biden Continues To Allow Illegal Immigrants To Pour Through Our Southern Border, COVID Rates Have Increased By A Whopping 900 Percent
Everywhere you turn right now, you are led to believe that without receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, you have literally a less than 50-50 chance of surviving the pandemic. The main stream media has learned a thing or two from professional fear mongers like Alex Jones, and they wield their ‘pen of terror’ in frightening fashion.

Biden Dept. of Education: It was an ‘error’ to push CRT activist handbook
The Biden administration’s Department of Education has edited its “Roadmap to Reopening Safely and Meeting all Students’ Needs,” which previously included a link to a document promoting tenets of critical race theory.


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Foreshadowing Of Wormwood – Mega Comet 62 Miles Wide Enters Our Solar System
Did you know that an absolutely gigantic comet that is at least 62 miles wide is cruising through our solar system right now? Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein is already closer to the sun than Neptune, but scientists are assuring us that it is absolutely no threat to our planet. If that is true, that is great news, because it appears that this is the biggest comet ever discovered. It is being projected that it will make its closest approach to the sun in January 2031, and after that it is expected to head on a path that will eventually take it out of our solar system. Let us hope that all of this information is accurate,

Torah Shorts: Parshat Vaetchanan: Written in Stone
May we merit to rediscover the Tablets of the Law in their housing in the Ark of the Covenant, together with the rebuilt Temple, speedily, in our days.

French Media Report President Macron’s Cellphone Was A Spyware Target
France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, is holding an emergency meeting of his defense council today about the Pegasus spyware. He’s ordering multiple investigations after reports that he and at least 15 of his ministers are among the thousands of people who may have been spied on through cellphone malware made by an Israeli company. Here’s NPR’s Eleanor Beardsley.

The silence of the federated solution
A plan to divide Israel and the West Bank into 30 autonomous cantons under the auspices of a central Israeli government – not dissimilar to the system of the United States – could provide both sides with the security and peace they lack. So why does no one like it?

Canadian Program Determines When Seniors Have 6 Months to Live; Expert Warns System Will Compel Euthanasia
The Canadian Medical Association Journal published a study that claimed that a new computer risk calculator can determine when an elderly person has six months left to live. The “Risk Evaluation for Support: Predictions for Elder-Life in the Community Tool —” or RESPECT, states that its goal is to determine the closeness of death to provide necessary end-of-life medical support. However, many are concerned that it will be used to pressure the elderly toward euthanasia

Markell: Anticipating The Antichrist
Oh, how America is preparing for the Antichrist with a Godless mindset. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times and Yahoo News is headlined, “Why America’s Record Godlessness is Good News for the Nation.” Are you serious? Does this not foreshadow the words of Luke 18:8: When Christ returns, will He find any of faith??

Biden DOJ to deploy gun trafficking strike forces in 5 major cities
On Thursday, the Biden administration announced new Department of Justice “strike forces” in five U.S. cities to combat gun trafficking. During a White House press briefing, press secretary Jen Psaki said, “Today the Department of Justice is announcing, or has announced, the launch of five gun trafficking strike forces in regions around the country, to combat the uptick in gun crimes that we’ve seen over the past 18 months.” The Associated Press reported Attorney General Merrick Garland announced gun trafficking strike forces in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Politico reported Garland is heading to his hometown of Chicago on Thursday to formally announce the strike forces.

CIA officer who hunted Bin Laden now leading new global hunt, report says
A veteran CIA officer who helped the agency track down Osama Bin Laden has reportedly been chosen to lead the agency’s investigation of what’s behind a pattern of illnesses among U.S. diplomatic and intelligence personnel that may be the result of radio frequency attacks launched by hostile actors. The CIA officer, whose identity remains concealed, is part of what agency officials said was a growing effort to determine the source of the apparent attacks, which have caused an illness that has come to be known as “Havana Syndrome.”

End of the world: Jerusalem Third Temple ‘fulfils Biblical prophecy’ of end times – claim
THE End of the world is said to follow the construction of a third Jewish Holy Temple in Jerusalem, which according to some, will be a prophetic sign of the biblical apocalypse. “The rabbis of the Sanhedrin court are calling both mayor candidates to include in their plans for this city the rebuilding of the third temple. “Folks, this is as close to Biblical prophecy – I don’t know what else to say.

Chinese incursion: Indian Army deploys Strike Corps in Ladakh [what it means]
In a significant strategic step, the Indian Army has deployed specialised elements of a Strike Corps in eastern Ladakh to check any further misadventure by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The soldiers of these specialized elements have started their reorientation training and familiarization. The move is seen as a part of the Army’s ‘rebalance’ approach in northern, western and northeastern borders. This move comes as China continues to deploy thousands of soldiers near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and continues to carry out massive military construction activities on its soil, indicating that it is gearing up for the long haul.

Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes near Panama -EMSC
An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 struck near Panama on Wednesday, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) said.

Magnitude 6.9 earthquake strikes near Panama

Mars InSight reveals first crust-to-core snapshot of Red Planet
While InSight has so far detected 733 marsquakes in its two-year mission, the new studies focused on 35 of those quakes, all registering magnitudes between 3.0 and 4.0. That means they constitute some of the most powerful Mars has to offer – although they might sound pretty minor compared to what Earth is capable of.

Simple RNA tweak boosts potato and rice yields by 50 percent
researchers have shown that manipulating RNA in plants can drastically boost the amount of food they produce, and make them more resistant to drought conditions. At its most base level, the team inserted a single gene called FTO into potato and rice plants. The resulting plants were much more efficient photosynthesizers, meaning they grew much larger and produced much higher yields – three times more produce in the lab, and 50 percent more in the field. They also grew longer root systems that helped them tolerate drought conditions better. “This is a brand new type of approach, one that could be different from GMO and CRISPR gene editing;

Typhoon “In-Fa” moving over Okinawa, landfall expected south of Shanghai, China
Typhoon “In-Fa” — the 7th named storm of the 2021 Pacific typhoon season — is slowly moving over Okinawa, southern Japan on July 23, 2021. After passing over Okinawa, In-Fa is expected to move north of Taiwan before making landfall south of Shanghai, China on July 25, with maximum sustained winds up to 140 km/h (87 mph).

Jen Psaki Refuses To Say How Many Breakthrough COVID Cases There Are In White House After Fully Vaccinated Texas Fleebaggers Superspreader
Oh, the intellectual agony of being a Democrat! Having to pretend you have the moral high ground while in reality you are a lying, cheating and conniving bottom feeder who would sell your own mother for kale salad served with sustainable cutlery. Here we have the very people who tell us we have a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” while at the same time refusing to say how many fully vaccinated White House staffers got COVID from the Texas Fleebaggers. Wait, I thought Biden said you can’t get COVID if you’re vaccinated…what??

Cyber Ninjas’ Doug Logan on Maricopa’s Missing 74,000 Ballots: ‘74,000 EV33 Forms That Did Not Have Matching EV32s’
Doug Logan, the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, has confirmed that 74,000 EV33 forms, for ballots received by Maricopa County, did not have matching EV32s, implying that they had not been sent.

Dubai Makes Artificial Rain With Drones That Shock Clouds
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) uses drones that fly into clouds and deliver an electric shock to “cajole them” into producing precipitation amid dangerous heat waves regularly surpassing triple digits.

The ‘vaccines are the answer’ narrative blown to smithereens as more and more of ‘the fully vaxxed’ are becoming ill and dying
According to the CDC’s own definition of ‘vaccine’, a vaccine is: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.

Mark of the Beast Announced by the United Nations – Exposing Satanism and Witchcraft
A UK government minister has again refused to rule out vaccine passports for pubs, while nightclub owners say a plan to impose the same rules on their venues is ‘shambolic,’ with some vowing to refuse to enforce it.

Critical rail lines across Europe closing for “months” following biblical flooding
Large swaths of Western Europe have been left decimated following torrential rains that flooded towns and cities across Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands over the past several days.

Covid vaccine: Pfizer begins trial on infants and young kids
Pfizer said it has started a clinical trial testing its Covid-19 vaccine on healthy 6-month to 11-year old children, a crucial step in obtaining federal regulatory clearance to start vaccinating young kids and controlling the pandemic.

Yale doctor calls out CDC for committing large scale medical fraud and hiding covid cases among the vaccinated
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is engaged in one of the greatest medical frauds of our time, using disparate PCR cycle thresholds to artificially inflate covid-19 cases in the unvaccinated, while hiding covid cases in the fully vaccinated. This covid-19 testing fraud continues to obfuscate the American medical response, as the original aerosolized bioweapon evades detection, as the ongoing release of that spike protein continues through the “savior” vaccines.

Report: Monsanto forced science journal to RETRACT study of Roundup dangers
Monsanto pressured a scientific journal to retract a study about its flagship herbicide Roundup. This is according to a new report that alleges that the company launched a concerted effort against the author of a study that found that rats exposed to the glyphosate-based herbicide over an extended period of time developed tumors.

PURE EVIL: Pelosi Echoes Eugenicist Margaret Sanger and Promotes Abortions for Poor Women (VIDEO)
In 2014 the Daily Caller unearthed video of American birth control activist Margaret Sanger (here called Margaret Slee, which was her second husband’s name) sternly demanded that women of the developed world have “no more babies.”

“PINGDEMIC” insanity: UK government commits nation to starvation suicide by commanding food sector workers to self-quarantine… supply chain “at risk of collapse”
After centuries of global rule, the United Kingdom is committing societal suicide by ordering millions of its workers across food, retail and medicine sectors to self-quarantine in their homes. Grocery store shelves are going bare across the nation, and industry leaders warn that the food supply chain is, “at risk of collapse.”


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Will Russia try to close Syrian airspace to further Israeli airstrikes?
Russia could be moving to pressure Israel to stop airstrikes in Syria. Reports began to surface this weekend, beginning with an article at London-based Asharq al-Awsat that cited a “well-informed” Russian source. The report was carried in Turkey and other media in the region with interest. According to these reports, Russia might even strengthen the Syrian regime’s air defenses.

Israel officially launches direct flights to Morocco
Direct flights between Israel and Morocco began Sunday, seven months after the two countries officially signed an agreement to normalize relations. El Al and Israir both launched their first flights to Marrakesh on Sunday with a ceremony marking the historic flights. Jerusalem and Rabat agreed to normalize relations last December following the Abraham Accords.

Typhoon sweeps into eastern China after flooding chaos
A major typhoon has hit China’s eastern coast just days after deadly floods devastated parts of the country. Typhoon In-Fa, known in China as Yanhua, made landfall in the city of Zhoushan at 12:30 local time (04:30 GMT), state media reported. Transport links are suspended and people have been told to stay indoors.

Wildfires spread from California to Nevada
Fire crews are battling extreme temperatures as they try to control wildfires in California and Nevada. Hundreds of people have been evacuated. Across the country, in Washington DC, the moon turned a bright orange colour due to the smoke from the fires.

Hezbollah commander, IRGC senior official killed in Israeli strikes
Israeli strikes in Syria reportedly killed a Hezbollah military commander and an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) senior official. The Kan public broadcaster reported that Hezbollah military commander Imad al-Amin was killed in western Syria. The Lebanese terror group confirmed on Telegram that al-Amin was killed “while fulfilling his duties” but did not specify when or how.

‘Justice prevailed’: Christian street preacher wins case after being fined, prosecuted for evangelizing
A court in London has ruled that a Christian street preacher who was fined and prosecuted by the police for evangelizing during lockdown did not do anything illegal.

Visualizing Asia’s Slide Into A Dangerous New Ballistic Missile Race
US-China standoff fueling missile proliferation which “will fuel suspicions, trigger arms races, increase tensions, and ultimately cause crises and even wars.”

Riding Out The Storm With The Savior Of The World
Seek the Savior living deep within your heart. Find Him, stay with Him, keep Him, pray and ride out this latest heinous storm with Him, knowing full well that the wicked are riding through time on the Devil’s coat tails

George Soros Funnels $1M to Defund the Police as Violent Crime Surges
Soros gave $1 million to Color Of Change PAC on May 14, according to records filed with the Federal Election Commission. It is the progressive billionaire’s largest political contribution of the 2021 election cycle and his first to the political action committee since 2016.

Tokyo Olympics Open In Japan With Celebrities Singing The Atheist National Anthem ‘Imagine’ Inviting People To Live In A World Without God
This is the dream of all God-rejecting Liberals everywhere, to live in a world unencumbered by the perfect, righteous and holy God who will hold them accountable, and instead invite you to ‘imagine’ a a place where there is no hope of Heaven. That place is called Hell in the Bible, and you better pray that the imagination portrayed in that song does not come true for you. So after 17 months of a global pandemic, the whole world is coming together to imagine living without God.

Former intelligence officer: Pentagon has “compelling” 23-minute video of UFOs moving in strange patterns
The U.S. Pentagon has a 23-minute video that shows UFOs moving in a very strange pattern, one intelligence insider has admitted.

CNN: Segregate Unvaccinated, Make Them Pay For Tests Every Day
“Experts” suggest getting “very aggressive” with those who choose not to get vaccinated…

Opinion: Shark Tank billionaire Mark Cuban shilling for dirty vaccine industry by bribing NFL player with Pfizer stock to promote Covid jabs
..For healthy people, the blood-clotting, heart inflaming Covid vaccines are much more of a risk of death than Covid-19 or any of its variants. That’s why it’s a criminal act to coerce people into taking them, and it’s an act of terror because those dirty vaccines are killing thousands of people and injuring hundreds of thousands, for no scientifically-backed good reason.

Taco Bell, Starbucks warn of product shortages due to “covid”
Trouble is brewing in fast-food paradise as junk chains Starbucks and Taco Bell warn customers that they are running out of food and beverages, allegedly due to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Russia staged a communist plandemic back in 1979 similar to “covid”
It was the year 1979 when a mysterious pneumonia disease started spreading throughout the Russian Urals city of Yekaterinburg, ushering in a localized medical police state much like the one that is now being birthed on a global scale via the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Forecasters Monitor Tropical Disturbance Off Florida’s Southeast Coast
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is tracking an area of disturbance off the east coast of Florida and Georgia that could develop into a tropical system within the next 48 hours.

Spike in coronavirus vaccine-related death reports caused by “a mistake,” claims CDC, as they delete thousands from their database
“The new figure means CDC has now received more reports of deaths following [COVID-19] vaccination than all other vaccines combined in the 30-year history of vaccines,” investigative journalist Alex Berenson, first to report the increased cases, said on Twitter. “We don’t know at this point why the number of death reports in the system doubled in a week. Probably the answer is not a new surge in deaths, but older deaths being added to the system. But given VAERS’s importance as a monitoring mechanism, CDC must explain quickly,” he added.

Protests Erupt In Italy After New “Health Passports” Revealed
Thousands of people flooded the streets of Turin, a city located in northern Italy, Thursday evening to protest harsh government restrictions for unvaccinated citizens, dubbed the “green pass.”

New World Order Denied By Jacob Rothschild
New World Order and the Federal Reserve were brought up to Jacob Rothschild (aka Lord Jacob Rothschild) and quickly dismissed. Jacob Rothschild was confronted on the street by Luke of “We Are Change.” Jacob Rothschild answers questions regarding New World Order not with words, but with actions and facial expressions. Words only say so much; you can tell this Rothschild is lying.


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Minnesota Woman Loses Both Legs and Both Hands Following Second Pfizer COVID-19 Shot
Jummai Nache, and her husband, Philip Nache, were born in Nigeria and came to the U.S. to settle in Minneapolis a few years ago, working with the Southern Baptists to plant churches among the African communities living in Minneapolis.

Plague discovered in 6 Colorado counties after 10-year-old dies
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says there have been laboratory-confirmed reports of plague in animals and fleas from six counties.

Inserting animal gene made potato and rice crops 50 percent bigger
Introducing animal genes into common crops has enabled scientists to massively increase their yield and make them more resistant to drought, according to a new study.

Expanding Western drought sets 122-year record: scientists
A devasting drought has spread virtually throughout the entire western U.S., setting a 122-year record, scientists say. Almost 90 percent of the the region is now considered to be in drought.

Thousands rescued and over 100 dead after monsoon downpours flood western India
Heavy monsoon downpours led to over 100 deaths in western India this week, and the weather pattern over the next few weeks could continue to keep the region at-risk of dangerous flooding and landslides.

Bodies Recovered From Tunnel That Was Submerged by Floodwaters in Central China
Bodies have been recovered after massive floods swallowed up a tunnel in a central Chinese city earlier this week, trapping hundreds of vehicles and drivers.

Deadly Typhoon Threatens Strategic Chinese Oil Hub
The In-fa typhoon, which caused devastating flooding in parts of China this week—claiming at least 33 lives—is expected to make landfall this weekend in a key area hosting some of the largest Chinese refineries and oil storage tanks.

CDC withdraws fraudulent PCR testing protocol that was used to falsify covid “positives” to push the plandemic
After more than a year of committing scientific fraud to push false “positives” via PCR testing, the CDC has announced it is withdrawing the RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel on December 31st of this year:

Freak Brazilian cold snap damages coffee crops, prices expected to climb
A serious cold snap has hit Brazil’s coffee belt, pushing temperatures below freezing in a matter of mere minutes, seriously jeopardizing next year’s crops and damaging countless coffee trees. In addition to hurting the coffee industry, it’s also a big blow for those who insist that manmade global warming is causing rising temperatures across the planet.

BIOWEAPON: New study reveals spike protein in coronavirus vaccines responsible for adverse reactions
A new study has found the main reason why Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines cause adverse reactions. The confidential study leaked online pointed to spike proteins in the vaccines as responsible for the reported serious side effects. These spike proteins from the COVID-19 vaccines also affected people who have not been inoculated yet – aside from vaccinated individuals themselves.

Report says Chinese scientist filed for a coronavirus vaccine patent BEFORE the pandemic
A report has revealed that a Chinese military scientist filed a patent for a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine prior to the March 2020 pandemic. It stated that People’s Liberation Army (PLA) scientist Yusen Zhou filed the paperwork for the vaccine in February 2020 before he mysteriously died. The report’s revelation appeared to support emerging claims that the pathogen behind COVID-19 emerged from a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Dr. David Martin: Daszak and Fauci committed acts of domestic terrorism with coordinated release of covid bioweapons
In a fascinating interview with Stew Peters of “The Stew Peters Show,” Dr. David Martin blew the lid on Tony Fauci and Peter Daszak, both of whom committed treasonous acts of domestic terrorism against the entire world with their coordinated release of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Passionate Italian Doctor: “You’ll Find out in 18 Months When People Will Die Like Flies”
An Italian doctor spoke out against the deadly Covid-19 experimental vaccines. She warned that the human DNA would be destroyed and that within 18 months they will begin dropping dead like flies. “You are being colonized by a satanic entity

BOOM! Founder of mRNA Vaccine: CDC Is UNDER-REPORTING and EDITING Adverse Effects of COVID Vaccines
…According to Dr. Malone the CDC is covering up the adverse effects of the dangerous COVID vaccines. Dr. Malone then went on to accuse megalomaniac Dr. Tony Fauci of being a liar who is purposely hiding this information from the public — for their own good.


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“Sky Has Fallen” – Chinese Farmers Reel After Floodwaters Devastate Pig Herds
A week later, after heavy rains hammered Henan province in central China, hog farmers in the pork-producing region are reeling over their herds drowning in floodwaters. There’s also a risk of the deadly pig disease African swine fever returning.

Typhoon “In-Fa” makes landfall in Zhejiang, forces 1.5 million people to evacuate, China
Typhoon “In-Fa” made landfall in the Putuo District of the city of Zhoushan, China’s eastern province of Zhejiang at 04:30 UTC on July 25, 2021. At the time of landfall, In-Fa had a maximum wind speed of 137 km/h (85 mph), according to China Meteorological Administration (CMA).

Nursing Home Killer Andrew Cuomo Says We Need To ‘Put People In A Car’ And ‘Drive Them To Get COVID Vaccine In Their Arm, That Is The Mission’
After the announcements last week by french president Emmanuel Macron on mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for French citizens, the ripple effect we predicted is now very much under way. All across Europe, nations are rolling out mandatory vaccine requirements, and here in America, corrupt Democratic governor Ander Cuomo said today that people need to be (forcibly) put in cars, driven to a medical facility, and have the needle put in their arms. Still don’t think you’re living in the end times?

Seven Fully-Vaccinated Stanford Students Test Positive for COVID-19 in a Single Week, All of Whom Are Symptomatic
At least seven fully-vaccinated students at Stanford University have tested positive for coronavirus. Officials at the elite school in California’s Bay Area reported the breakthrough infections in a letter to students on Thursday.

First Federal Agency Mandating COVID-19 Vaccine
The Department of Veterans Affairs will require its health care employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, becoming the first major federal agency to implement such a mandate.

GOT PLAYED: 124 million Democrats have taken Trump vaccines… what happens if they start dying?
In what might be one of the most devastating tactical maneuvers in the history of America, President Trump has managed to corral as many as 124 million Democrats to take “Trump vaccines” that are linked to infertility, autoimmune disorders and increasing deaths.

PayPal Partnering With Anti-Defamation League to Share Info With Law Enforcement, Determine Who Can Use Their Services
PayPal is partnering with the Anti-Defamation League to determine who can use their services.

Covid vaccines confirmed to cause Parkinson’s, dementia symptoms
Former National Institutes of Health (NIH) contract scientist and Classen Immunotherapies proprietor J. Bart Classen has published a paper warning that there is strong potential for Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) mRNA “vaccines” to trigger Parkinson’s, dementia and a variety of other prion and chronic diseases.

America’s Frontline Doctors sue HHS to revoke emergency use authorization for covid vaccines
A motion was filed on July 19 by America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) calling on the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to immediately revoke “emergency use authorization” (EUA) for Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

Royal Caribbean reverses vaccination policy, will no longer force passengers to be vaccinated for coronavirus
Last month, cruise line Royal Caribbean announced that it will no longer require passengers from the United States to be vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

‘Freedom Phone’ Meant For Trump Supporters Is Also Made By Chinese Vendor
A new smartphone is making waves among Trump supporters. This week, a 22-year-old self-described Bitcoin millionaire introduced the Freedom Phone, a $499 device meant to be completely free from “Big Tech’s” censorship and influence.

CDC to Withdraw Emergency Use Authorization for RT PCR Test Because It Cannot Distinguish Between SARS-CoV-2 and the Flu
The CDC quietly announced last week that it was withdrawing its request to the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, the assay first introduced in February 2020 for detection of SARS-CoV-2.

Why Is The CDC Quietly Abandoning The PCR Test For COVID?
As a reminder, “cycle thresholds” (Ct) are the level at which widely used polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test can detect a sample of the COVID-19 virus. The higher the number of cycles, the lower the amount of viral load in the sample; the lower the cycles, the more prevalent the virus was in the original sample.

Innova Medical Group Recalls Unauthorized SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test with Risk of False Test Results
The FDA has identified this as a Class I recall, the most serious type of recall. Use of these devices may cause serious injuries or death.

Why Did China Buy An Airstrip In Texas?
Should nations let their enemies purchase land within their own borders? You’d likely give a resounding ‘no’ to this question, correct? And yet, a former Chinese general with alleged ties to Chinese concentration camps recently bought an airstrip in Texas. And this isn’t just some random ranch in the middle of nowhere. It is 200 square miles (130,000 acres) of land between one of the most active Air Force bases in the U.S. and the border of Mexico.

Trans Individuals Sue Montana Over Proof-Of-Sex-Change Requirement To Amend Birth Certificates
Two Montanans who claim to be transgender filed a lawsuit against the state over a law that requires those wishing to change their sex on birth certificates to prove that they’ve had sex reassignment surgery.

Vaccine mandates more likely once FDA grants full approvals, health experts say
The United States could see a wave of Covid-19 vaccine mandates as soon as the Food and Drug Administration grants full approval to one or more of the shots, public health experts predicted.


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France Lashes Out At Iran – “Risks Jeopardizing” Stalled Nuclear Talks
Comes as White House mulls new sanctions to “choke off Iran’s swelling crude-oil sales to China”…

DOJ Vaccine mandates Now Legal
DOJ vaccine mandates are legal as of July 26, 2021. The Department of Justice (DOJ) determined that federal law will not prohibit public agencies and private businesses from requiring COVID vaccines under the Food and Drug Administration’s emergency use authorization With the DOJ vaccine mandates, public places, retail stores, places of business (your job) can require covid vaccines if they wish.

Tropical Storm “Nepartak” approaching Japan, landfall expected close to Sendai, Tohoku Region
Tropical Storm “Nepartak” — the 8th named storm of the 2021 Pacific typhoon season — is heading toward the eastern coast of Honshu, Japan. Landfall is expected in an area close to Sendai City, Tohoku Region around midnight UTC on July 28, 2021, with maximum sustained winds up to 85 km/h (53 mph).

Thousands of animals perish, 1 500 people evacuate as massive wildfires ravage Sardinia, Italy
1 500 people have been forced to evacuate parts of south-western Sardinia, Italy after devastating wildfires fueled by strong and hot winds rapidly spread through parts of the island over the weekend, July 24 and 25, 2021. Regional governor described the wildfires as unprecedented in Sardinia’s history.

Human-animal hybrids: Senate approves billions of dollars for their chilling creation
After a long debate, The Senate approved with 68–32 votes a budget of $250 billion to continue with the controversial creation of hybrid beings by mixing human and animal genetic material. The bill called the “Endless Frontier Act,” was introduced by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, according to Life Site on June 14.

Vaccinated people account for 75% of coronavirus infections in Singapore
Vaccinated individuals accounted for three-quarters of Singapore’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) infections in the last four weeks, putting a dent in the country’s vaccination program.

UK government unleashes food police social credit score system modeled after communist China
The allegedly “conservative” government of the United Kingdom is introducing a new communist China-style social credit score app that will allow Prime Minister Boris Johnson to police the eating habits of Brits and award those who consume the most government-approved food.

Chicago Juveniles Arrested for Carjackings Nearly Doubled in 2021
The number of juveniles arrested for carjackings during the first half of 2021 in Chicago nearly doubled compared to the same time last year, according to police arrest records obtained by The Epoch Times.

CDC Does ‘About Face’ And Now Says That Fully Vaccinated People Are Not Safe Without Wearing Masks Indoors
They want you to ‘trust the science’ but act in ways that are decidedly anti-scientific as they appear to be simply guessing their way through this pandemic. They want you to agree to be injected with an experimental vaccine that, as of this writing, remains unapproved by the FDA, and then tell you to ignore the myriad deaths and adverse reactions caused by the vaccine.

Russia Producing Two New ‘Doomsday Planes’ As Mobile Command Centers In Event Of Nuclear War
Equipped to evacuate president & top brass, who can communicate nuclear launch orders…

Most Americans don’t realize that each new day brings us a little bit closer to war
After more than a year of committing scientific fraud to push false “positives” via PCR testing, the CDC has announced it is withdrawing the RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel on December 31st of this year:

Canadian Doctor Blows Whistle on Neurological Side Effects of Moderna Vaccine in First Nations Indigenous Patients
A rural Canadian family doctor has stepped forward to blow the whistle on serious neurological adverse effects from the Moderna Messenger RNA COVID-19 vaccine he has witnessed in his First Nations indigenous patients.

Canadian doctor warns the worst is ‘yet to come’ from blood clotting damage linked to COVID-19 shots
“And so, I’m still trying to accumulate more information. But on the ones I have so far, 62 percent of them have evidence of clotting, which means that these blood clots are not rare. It means that the majority of people are getting blood clots that they have no idea that they’re even having,” said Dr. Charles Hoffe of Lytton, British Columbia, in an interview with Vancouver-based Christian broadcaster Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson last week.

BREAKING! 78 Missing Children Found in New Mexico
A multi-agency operation, led by U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and U.S. Marshals Service (USMS), results in the recovery and/or location of 78 missing minors in the past two months in the area.


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Biden: Cyberattacks Could Lead To “Real Shooting War” With A Major Power
“…it’s going to be as a consequence of a cyber breach of great consequence.”

Inside the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Secret Pedophile Database
..Aaron Kaufman’s film Crusaders—released as part of Vice TV’s “Vice Versa” nonfiction series—eviscerates the Jehovah’s Witness faith in which he was raised, giving a public platform for former members to speak out about the scourge of pedophilia within the church, and about the elders who are committed to keeping it a secret.

Deadly Floods Leave Thousands of Rohinhttps://www.thedailybeast.com/will-a-jehovahs-witnesses-church-get-away-with-making-a-teen-listen-to-recording-of-her-rapegya Refugees Homeless Again
Heavy monsoon rains have washed away sprawling Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh, turning settlements into fast-flowing rivers overnight. At least 11 people have died, officials said, and thousands are homeless once again.

US companies continue increasing prices of their products, fueling record levels of inflation
Corporations in the United States are still increasing the prices of their products, fueling inflation the likes of which the country has not seen in over a decade.

Accused cardinal in court as Vatican fraud trial opens and is adjourned
Cardinal Angelo Becciu said on Tuesday he wanted to comply with the wishes of Pope Francis as he attended the opening of a trial in which he stands accused along with nine others of financial crimes.

Russia successfully disconnects from the global internet during tests
Russia successfully disconnected from the global internet during tests in June and July, Russian business newspaper RBC Daily reported on Thursday, July 22, citing documents from the working group tasked with improving Russia’s internet security.

Emmanuel Macron Stunned Everyone With Mandatory Vaccinations, Now Tech Masters Google, Facebook And The Whole World Is Following His Lead
Ever eager to burnish his cred as the biblical ‘man of sin’, French president Emmanuel Macron made the stunning move a few weeks ago in telling his subjects that if they didn’t take the COVID vaccine, their ability to live their lives would go from difficult to impossible in the blink of an eye. The world literally held its breath watching to see how this incredibly risky move would play out. Macron rolled the dice and came up with all 7’s, or more accurately all 6’s, as nearly 4 million French rushed out to get vaxxed almost immediately. Now the rest of the world is following Macron’s lead, straight into the pit of Hell.

Britain’s new aircraft carrier is full of COVID-vaccinated sailors who are now testing positive for the virus
Proving once again that mandating people to get a COVID vaccine and obtain an electronic “passport” proving they’ve been jabbed is foolish policy, Britain’s newest capital warship, the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has more than 100 COVID-positive sailors on board though every one of them have been given the shot.

BOMBSHELL: Pfizer engineered agreements with governments saying they had to pay for the COVID-19 vaccines whether they worked or not, with NO recourse for injuries or failures
Blockbuster revelations posted to social media earlier this week make it clear, again, why fewer and fewer Americans trust Big Pharma and other medical corporations.

Over 3,000 Christians Killed in Nigeria This Year So Far – Media Silence
A jaw-dropping 3,462 Christians have been killed at the hands of Islamic militants in Nigeria this year, but the establishment media has barely reported on it.

CNN Leading the Charge In All-Out War Against The Unvaccinated With ‘No Vax, No Service’ Campaign Designed To Force You To Be Injected Against Your Will
On CNN yesterday, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo looked into the camera and said that unvaccinated people have no right to remain unvaccinated, and that if they refuse to submit them they need to be shut out of society. No restaurants, no access to the grocery store for food for their family, no access to anything. What does that remind you of? 17 months into this takeover by the New World Order, and things are only heating up. We told you this was coming, hope you’re ready for it.

Italy to require vaccine passports, recent negative COVID-19 test for participation in social activities
Italy will require people to show proof of vaccination against Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), or a recent negative COVID-19 test, before they can reenter public life and participate in many social activities.

The CDC’s Hysterical Delta Flip-Flop Might Be Its Final Undoing
The crazy, convoluted, mixed up messaging from the CDC – it’s been this way from the beginning of the pandemic until now – has taken yet another turn.

Facebook-owned apps can track and harvest your data even if you aren’t actively using them
Many smartphone apps track people’s data, including their current locations, even when they are not actively using them. Experts say one of the worst offenders is Facebook Messenger, the social media company’s dedicated messaging app.

America Is An Occupied Nation! Will An American Viet Cong Arise From the Ashes?
It is abundantly clear that the globalists are escalating their timetable to establish a New World Order and they are in a hurry to achieve this goal. The globalists found a formula that worked when they stole the 2018 Midterm Elections and then they stole the 2020 election and the Republicans did nothing. The key Maricopa County audit is compromised and all future elections will be decided by the Maxrist regime we still call the Democratic Party.

APOCALYPTIC North American drought leading to massive crop failures
Much of Western North America is experiencing one of the most catastrophic droughts in history that could lead to massive crop failures in the very near future.


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Massive M8.2 earthquake hits near the coast of Alaska, tsunami warnings issued
A massive shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M8.2 hit near the coast of Alaska at 06:15 UTC on July 29, 2021. The agency is reporting a depth of 32.2 km (20 miles). EMSC is reporting it as M8.2 at depth of 30 km (18.6 miles). This is the strongest earthquake in the world since M8.2 off the coast of Fiji on August 19, 2018.

Why Are Globalists and Governments so Desperate for 100% Vaccination Rates?
I don’t think I am the only person that has noticed it – There has been a sudden deluge of covid vaccination propaganda and vaccine passport propaganda in the past month, more so than I think we have seen since the beginning of this year

BREAKING! Firearm Confiscation Imminent, Language Changed in Legislation OVERNIGHT in Canada!
Canadians’ gun rights are being targeted, and confiscation seems imminent as bill C-71 was changed, literally overnight.

Amid Constant Flip-Flopping On Virus Transmission, Biden To Announce That All Federal Employees Must Be Injected With Experimental Vaccine
If you are doing your best to follow all the COVID recommendations coming from the Biden administration, you must be experiencing something akin to vertigo right now with all the flip-flopping they’re spewing. They started out saying that all you had to do was ‘get the shot’ and you’d be safe from COVID. As it turns out, that’s not true or even close to true.

RUH-ROH: California counties with highest vaccination rates also have highest delta infection rates
The Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “delta variant” is spreading like wildfire in areas with high “vaccine” compliance, new reports indicate.

“Fully vaccinated” medical worker had to have both legs amputated following jab-induced arterial blood clots
Just days after receiving her second Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” dose, a Minnesota medical worker developed arterial blood clots and multiple inflammatory syndrome (MIS), which led to her having to get both of her legs amputated.

Mark Zukerberg Is Positioning Facebook To Take Over Online Worship Services And His First Line Of Attack Is Partnership With Laodicean Hillsong
Just a short while ago, Facebook removed my post because it went against their Community Standards, and was something that could potentially ’cause harm’ to certain groups of people. What was in that post that was so egregious and offensive to the Facebook censors? It was Proverbs 20:1 warning against the corrupting influence of alcohol. Now Facebook wants to control the Christian worship service, and to that end, they have found the perfect first willing victim. Laodicean Hillsong.

Minnesota Woman Beheaded in Broad Daylight on Minneapolis Street After Judge Allowed Killer Out of Jail
America Thayer was found beheaded in Shakopee, Minnesota Wednesday afternoon in broad daylight. A Minnesota woman was beheaded on the street on Wednesday in a Minneapolis suburb. 42-year-old Alexis Saborit was arrested for the crime.

Video game allows player to “disinfect” cities of anti-lockdown protesters and “save lives” by blowing them up with thermite grenades
Video gamers who support the government’s fascist Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) dictates have a new opportunity to murder those who oppose lockdowns, face masks, and “vaccines” – at least digitally.

CDC confesses: Vaccines are failing, the vaxxed can be super-spreaders, demands return to mask mandates for everyone, including the vaxxed
Via the words of the CDC’s own director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the official narrative on vaccines and covid has just self-destructed. While in March of this year, Walenksy had publicly promised that vaccinated people could not spread the virus and infect others, this week she publicly stated that vaccines are failing, and that vaccinated people may now carry higher viral loads than unvaccinated people, contributing to the spread of covid.

Outdoor mask mandate for eight LGAs makes ‘it easier for police to enforce’ compliance
Premier Gladys Berejiklian says “part” of the reason masks have been mandated outdoors for the eight LGAs of concern is it “makes it easier for police to enforce” compliance.

Members of Congress BLOCKED from seeing conditions of January 6th political prisoners…
What are they hiding? DC Department of Corrections locked out members of Congress today

Netflix Mandates Vaccinations for All Actors on US Productions
Netflix has become the first major Hollywood studio to roll out companywide COVID-19 vaccine mandates for cast members and those who come in contact with them for all productions in the United States.

NYC to Offer $100 Incentive for Vaccination Starting Friday
Anyone who gets a first dose at a city-run site starting Friday July 30 will get the $100

USA Today Scrubs Passage Suggesting Vaccinated Individuals May Spread COVID With ‘Higher Levels’ Of Virus
“NBC News, citing unnamed officials aware of the decision, reported it comes after new data suggests vaccinated individuals could have higher levels of virus and infect others amid the surge of cases driven by the delta variant of the coronavirus,” the USA Today reported in a passage that was later scrubbed from an article.

White Evangelicals Resist Covid-19 Vaccine Most Among Religious Groups
More than six months into the country’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign, evangelical Christians are more resistant to getting the vaccine than other major religious groups, according to newly released data.


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Frigid polar air brings very rare snowfall, icy rains to southern Brazil
A fierce cold snap brought rare snow, icy rain, and strong winds to parts of southern Brazil on July 29 and 30, 2021. The event comes after several waves of destructive frost since mid-June.

Bombshell Report: FBI plotted to kidnap Whitmer and then blamed it on conservatives
Have the employees of America’s top law enforcement agency become the biggest criminals of them all?

Post-vaccine horror: Blood clot victims develop severe headache, pain, then shortness of breath just 6 days after J&J vaccination
When you Google search for anything health-related, you’ll find mostly lies and distortions that work against you. But the ironic part is that when the damage from certain medications or vaccinations is so bad, they have to admit it. The cover-ups lasted as long as possible, and now we see, right out in the open: It’s just the tip of the iceberg of horrific health detriment the Covid vaccines are inflicting, so get ready.

CDC now admits that everything it pushed to “cure” COVID-19 has failed, including “vaccines”
The verdict is in: Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are a bust, and so are masks, which takes us back to square one as far as the “pandemic” is concerned.

Health care workers being BRIBED to post scripted, word-for-word copycat warnings over “delta” variant
In an effort to convince more Americans that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “delta variant” is a really serious thing that we should all be afraid of, the medical-industrial complex is now bribing medical workers to tweet word-for-word “scare” stories about how emergency rooms are being overrun with Chinese Virus patients.

MEDICAL TSUNAMI: Medical industry collapse now imminent in US with mandatory blood-clotting Covid death jabs for all healthcare workers in CCP-run Blue states
Tsunamis can cause the depth of a body of water to suddenly change in elevation, like when an earthquake occurs beneath the ocean floor, causing the “sea floor” to abruptly sink or rise. As the tsunami approaches, the water is drawn away from the beach, fooling onlookers that its safe, like a huge sandbar, and this feeds the destruction and decimation caused by the massive wave that’s coming. The majority of deaths associated with tsunamis are related to drowning, and that brings us to the upcoming mass medical “tsunami” engineered using vaccines. It’s fear-based medical genocide, and the people walking right into it (getting Covid vaccines) have no clue what’s coming.

California water regulators cut off water supplies to select farmers and ranchers as WATER RATIONING accelerates
Thousands of farmers and ranchers across Sacramento and San Joaquin, California are reeling from a mega-drought that is growing more severe by the day. In the coming weeks, thousands of farmers could be cut off from California’s water supply, as state water regulators begin to RATION crucial watershed resources.

BREAKING: CDC, FDA faked “covid” testing protocol by using human cells mixed with common cold virus fragments… PCR tests are merely detecting the common cold
In a shocking revelation first reported by Dan Dicks of Press for Truth (Canada), an FDA document admits that the CDC and FDA conspired to fabricate a covid-19 testing protocol using human cells combined with common cold virus fragments because they had no physical samples of the SARS-CoV-2 “covid” virus available.

To Vaccine or Not to Vaccine?
This week, I was asked about spiritual advice concerning the covid vaccines specifically causing me to research an objection raised by Christians who claimed these vaccines are linked to aborted children. After further research, I have confirmed this to be true. Here is the fact sheet which is also verified on other government medical authority sites,

Batten Down The Hatches: Government-Issued DELTA Variant On The Way
Get ready for the coming storm when the ‘Delta Variant’ replaces Covid-19 as the deliberately-made fearful PANDEMIC. Thanks for its pre-planned coming, we know when it will hit—when the seasonal Influenza—for which there is no longer any vaccine—returns. How do we know?

CDC/FDA confess: they had no virus when they concocted the test for the virus
The CDC has issued a document that bulges with interesting and devastating admissions. The release is titled, “07/21/2021: Lab Alert: Changes to CDC RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 Testing.” It begins explosively:

America is on the verge of losing its conscience, morality and even its soul. I feel compelled to say the following before presenting some bombshell developments in the Maricopa County election audit.

Allliances Are Formed, Military Assets Have Been Positioned and the World Is Only Waiting for the Spark to Start WW III
I recently interviewed Pastor Sam Honnold regarding how the world is on the very edge of World War III. The alliances are taking shape. Men and material are being pre-positioned. What will be the spark that will set off the greatest war in human history. Sam Honnold and Dave Hodges explore this possibility in the following interview

Pentagon Considering COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Military Personnel
The Pentagon announced on Thursday that it will soon begin internal discussions about making the COVID-19 vaccine a mandatory requirement for military personnel.

South Africa Crisis: A Warning to the West of the Dangers of Critical Race Theory
Recent civil unrest in South Africa—which has claimed over 300 lives—should serve as a warning to Western nations of the dangers of socialism, wealth redistribution, and affirmative action.


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Walt Disney, Walmart Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine for US Employees, Alter Mask Policy
The Walt Disney Company and Walmart announced a new policy on Friday that will require nearly every employee working for the company in the United States to be vaccinated against the CCP virus.

Family farm banned from city farmers market over refusal to host gay weddings awaits ruling in legal battle
Following a bench trial this week a federal court in Michigan is set to rule in the case of a farm that was banned from a city-run market in East Lansing over its owners’ refusal to allow same-sex couples to hold weddings on their property.

Report: Murders Rise 16% Across Major U.S. Cities in 2021
Murder has increased 16 percent across major U.S. cities during the first half of 2021 when compared to the same period in 2020, and by 42 percent when compared to 2019, according to a Thursday update to the Council on Criminal Justice’s (CCJ) pandemic crime report.

AG Garland: ‘Unlawful’ for Texas to Stop Bussing of Illegal Aliens into U.S.
Attorney General Merrick Garland says it is “dangerous and unlawful” for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) to stop the federal government’s bussing of border crossers and illegal aliens into the interior of the United States.

Great Reset: Britons to Live Off Bug Meat by 2030 to Hit Net-Zero
Burgers made of bugs will replace beef in the British diet within a decade in order to hit the green agenda ‘net zero’ government targets, a Great Reset-style taxpayer-funded review has predicted.

Bacon may disappear in California as pig rules take effect
…At the beginning of next year, California will begin enforcing an animal welfare proposition approved overwhelmingly by voters in 2018 that requires more space for breeding pigs, egg-laying chickens and veal calves. National veal and egg producers are optimistic they can meet the new standards, but only 4% of hog operations now comply with the new rules.

6 Surreal Images Showing Rare Snowfall in Tropical Brazil
Snow has fallen in Brazil, an extremely rare event for the tropical country. Thanks to an intense cold snap, snow or freezing rain fell in at least 43 Brazilian cities on Wednesday and Thursday, according to weather service Climatempo.

Philadelphia region tornado outbreak: 8 twisters confirmed between Pennsylvania and New Jersey
The twister that hit the Bensalem/Trevose area had wind speeds up to 140 mph.

Wildfires destroy entire villages, death toll rises to 4, Turkey
Wildfires that started in southern Turkey on Wednesday and Thursday, July 28 and 29, 2021, have devastated entire villages, claimed at least 4 lives, and forced the evacuation of hotels and dozens of villages.

CDC’s Walensky Shrugs Off Idea That Illegals Are Spreading COVID At The Border, Promises “Guidelines” Someday
The contradictions are pretty amazing here…

Christian CEO fired over views on marriage wins religious discrimination case
A court in Scotland has ruled in favor of a Christian CEO who they said was unjustly fired by the country’s biggest grant-making trust because of his Christian views on marriage.

The Left Has A Pedophilia Problem, And It’s Out In The Open
Like many others, I have fond memories of my childhood. Whether I was marching in an Independence Day Parade, binge-watching the Power Rangers, or making gingerbread men for Christmas with my family, I had the chance to enjoy a childhood that preserved my innocence, an innocence that is unique to children and that, once lost, doesn’t return.

CNN just declared that unvaccinated people should be starved to death
People who refuse to get injected with a “vaccine” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) as demanded by Pedo Joe should not be allowed to enter grocery stores to buy food for their families, says Don Lemon of CNN.

Oops! FDA Accidentally Reveals List of Covid Vaccine Side Effects, Including Myocarditis, Autoimmune Disease & Death
An FDA slideshow presentation regarding Covid vaccines last year accidentally displayed a long list of possible adverse reactions to the vaccine, including myocarditis, seizures and even death.

One Lockdown From Disaster
…the economy’s not really strengthening at all. Rather, the economy and financial markets, handicapped by extreme intervention, are entirely dependent on this monetary stimulus.

China arrests 5 Christians for attending religious gathering in Malaysia where Tim Keller spoke
Communist authorities in China arrested five Christians from a house church in Shanxi Province because they attended a Christian conference in Malaysia last year where Pastors Tim Keller and D.A. Carson were speakers.