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Education and academic papers?

What is meant by education by scientists? The dictionary of social science terms emphasizes: "Education is the process and result of assimilation of systematized knowledge, skills and abilities." Education ensures the transfer from generation to generation of spiritual wealth accumulated by people, knowledge about nature and society, about man. People are learning to work, to learn new things. The word "education" often acts as a synonym for the word "enlightenment".

How do people get involved in education? First of all, with the help of classes in various educational institutions, mainly at school. Although much is achieved through independent studies — self-education, work on finding information and understanding it.

The content of education is always determined by the requirements and conditions of the development of society. What kind of citizen is needed by the country, such qualities in it need to be formed in the process of training and upbringing, which together constitute education. Therefore, in each country, an educational policy is formed and implemented that answers the questions: "Who to teach?", "What to teach?", "How to teach?"

But whatever this policy may be, it is important to remember that any changes in the education system should not lead to the rejection of the positive that exists in education. A computer should not completely replace a book or a visit to the theater, and encouraging individuality, taking into account the personal interests and characteristics of each student should not be understood as a complete rejection of interaction in a team, from a sense of camaraderie and cooperation.

What are the tasks of modern Russian education? What kind of person should be educated today? Let's answer briefly. Today, a person is required, firstly, to be a good specialist in his profession, secondly, to constantly update his knowledge, thirdly, to be ready to change the scope of his activity, and fourthly, to have the skills to successfully interact with people around him.


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Re: Education and academic papers?

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Re: Education and academic papers?

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Re: Education and academic papers?

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Re: Education and academic papers?

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Re: Education and academic papers?

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