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Welcome to God's Work Prayer Forum. You can post a prayer request here and have members and visitors pray and intercede on your behalf. I pray this service will be a blessing to your life. You can also send prayer requests to ( Prayers@godswork.org )

God's Work Prayer Requests
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EnterpriseResource Planning, known as ERP, should be the backbone of any modern business.
Primarilyused by companies to monitor, store and interpret data from multiple business
activities, a small business ERP can benefit by streamlining supplychain management, integrate with accounts payable, or ease the processes of an
entire manufacturing organization. In other words, the right choice of the ERP
vendor can encompass applications across all aspects of your business - in one
powerful solution. 
Essentially,your ERP modules will give you a full overview via tools such as

    [*]Invoicing[/*] [*]Supply chain[/*] [*]Sales[/*] [*]Inventory control[/*] [*]Development[/*]
However,one size fits all approach doesn’t always suffice when it comes to choosing
your new sap partner. With system requirements differing across business andindustries, we’ve compiled a list of the 6 best ERP systemsfor small businesses, from manufacturing to eCommerce, from cloud-based to
 Solve your specific ERP small business needs 
Do morewith less – and fuel rapid growth – with an enterprise resource planning system
for small business and midsize companies. Integrate all your data and use
automation and intelligent technologies to break new ground.
Madespecifically with consumer goods manufacturers, importers and distributors in
mind, Softengine offers a fully integrated system with out-of-the-box features
and a wide range of the most popular ERP modules. This comprehensive solution
provides functionality including retailer compliance, electronic data
interchange, forecasting, importing, logistics, warehouse management, demand planning,
financials, manufacturing, import management, transportation, business
intelligence and mobile sales - everything you need to improve efficiency and
acquire real-time business insights for a manufacturer.
We havedesigned to improve processes at every step of the manufacturing process from
production to delivery by streamlining operations and reducing costs. Sap Business One is mobile compatible, which allows remote access to thesoftware through a mobile-optimized site or the Android or iOS applications.
 SAP offers a variety of services and support for yourbusiness needs 
SAP Help Portal 
Finddocumentation on product onboarding, implementation, and extensibility, while
exploring Learning Journeys and accessing support resources, for SAP HANA and
our databases.
 Services and support offerings from SAP 
Receiveguidance, best practices, and expertise from industry experts, consultants, and
support engineers to jump-start SAP solutions and drive ROI.
SAP training and certification 
Achieveyour strategic goals by gaining the small business accounting software and experience with training courses that areavailable at select SAP offices, your own location, and online.
 SAP Developer Center 
Makethe most of your SAP solutions by following step-by-step guides, referring to
documentation and how-to-videos, and subscribing to our monthly newsletter.
 TheSoftengine Advantage 
SAP isthe fastest growing subsidiary of SAP SE, the world's leading provider of
business software solutions. Becoming SAP Business One Partner gives you a significant advantage when transitioning yourcompany into an SAP Business “Best Run Business”. We bring a team of certified
and award-winning professionals, using a proven methodology, to guide and help
you through that transition with minimal disruption to your business
 Project Deployment 
TheSoftengine Safe ImplementationProcess (SIP) is thedeployment roadmap. This blueprint outlines every step required to safely
deploy your new system with minimal disruption to your business. It includes:
    [*]Staff training[/*] [*]Data Migration[/*] [*]Acceptance Testing[/*] [*]On-Site “Go-Live” Support[/*] [*]Project review after “Go-Live”[/*]

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