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Welcome to God's Work Prayer Forum. You can post a prayer request here and have members and visitors pray and intercede on your behalf. I pray this service will be a blessing to your life. You can also send prayer requests to ( Prayers@godswork.org )

God's Work Prayer Requests
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Needing a Prayer!!!

I was raised in church and KNOW the power of God/The Lord Jesus Christ. I left the church when I was about 15 yrs old. I've lived my life as one big "party" ever since and now at 53 yrs old I find myself really concerned for myself as well as all of my friends. My immediately family have all passed and I'm all alone as far as that's concerned. However, I know I'm not alone because I know God loves me no matter what. Not that He's going to automatically take me to heaven because He loves me but, I just know that He Loves HIS creation. So, I NEED (for myself as well as for HIM) to get back to HIM/JESUS. Not just for myself or my friends/fiance but so he can use me to hopefully help someone else find HIM. That's the main purpose of life is to help others find TRUE Love/Peace/Joy. That can only be fully accomplished when you are living with the TRUE CREATOR in your life and serving him to your fullest. Please just say a prayer for me that God will intervene through Jesus Christ or just on his own (one and the same) and help me because I REALLY have a big heart towards people. I REALLY WANT to get back to where I came from. I pray that God/Jesus Blesses each and every one that reads this as well as your family too. AMEN!

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