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Re: God, please heal our Sherry

Praise the Lord! Thank you for sharing. Thank you for your prayer of protection. I got a holy anger while reading and realizing that these demonic attacks are happening to many, many Christians that are to the point of not knowing how to fight it anymore (I am one right now too) but the only think I remember learning years ago and applying time and time again in these overwhelming attacks to make us stop what the Lord has called each one to do is to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord - God is our banner of protection and we overcome the enemy attacks by the word of our testimony (we are not quitting!) and the Blood of the Lamb. God also gave us power-of-attorney to use the Name of Jesus to decree and declare on earth things that are in heaven such as His hedge of protection that the enemy cannot breach and cannot destroy. His angels take care of us so we do not fall down and get injured on the fall. Amen. Be encouraged! Be just praising Him out loud if that is all we can do - Amen.

Re: God, please heal our Sherry

"Father, I bring Sherry before Your throne in Jesus Name, knowing that Your eye has been upon her all the days of her life, You have never left her alone nor been unconcerned about each thing that has come her way down thru the years. You know her cares, concerns, stress, fatigue and limitations. In Isaa.40:29 Your Word tells us:"HE giveth power to the the faint and to them that have no might He increaseth strength." And in Pr.10:29, it is written: "The way of the Lord is strenght to the upright." This tells us, Father, as we go Your Way and if we litterally are seemingly about to faint with the cares of this life, that You give the power needed and You increase our strength! How overshadowing You are to Your children. I ask that You shower Sherry with all of this, open and close doors in the natural that are necessary for her to rise above what she faces. Superintend a period of rest for her--Father, I recall a time in my life when it seemed like I could hardly get thru the day because the demands upon my time seemed to be endless--and You spoke to me thru a servant of Yours and told me that You were going to give me a period of rest--I could not see how that would be possible, but You did. I recall how You did it--and it amazed me. You are no respector of persons, do this for Sherry--infact I believe You will, for You had to bring that back to my remembrance--it has been so long ago and You do nothing without a purpose. Meet ALL her needs and those of her households, let all things work together for her good. So be it in Jesus Name!!"- I give You praise and honor and glory for it right now!!!"-------------------in His love and service, Jean

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