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Re: Please help me pray SOS Mom

"Heavenly Father, I bring Cherry's Mother to You today, understanding and believing that You have all power to heal her completely, either thru a miracle or by using the knowledge that You have given the medical field. First I pray for peace for everyone involved, a calm that comes only from You, Hope that comes from believing Your Word. I know You watch over Your Word to perform it and have elevated it above Your Own Name.Your Word is Your will, so it is Your will to heal, and to bring recovery. In the end of it all, either thru a direct miracle as I previously stated, or thru the knowledge of the medical field. We ask for that healing to come forth. Touch this Mother and let her find favor with this heart Doctor, put her at ease and give her hope and a will to fight for recovery. Strengthen her physical body and encourage her mind. Give the Doctors the very directions, wisdom and knowledge with which way to begin treatment. Bring her to recovery in Jesus Name. Touch Cherry and the rest of their family--again with Your Presence of Peace and encourage them also. Thank You for the closeness of this Mother, daughter relationship and for the years that they have enjoyed it, bless them with more years with a betterment. I praise and thank You again, Father for what You are doing, and will continue doing as Your perfect plan is manifested! So be it in Jesus Name!"----------in His service, Jean

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