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Re: Prayer for my sister's exams

Thanks to all who has read and prayed for my sister. She is saved and I know she is praying hard... I know sometimes God's timing is not the same as our ''wished'' timing. But like we all know behind every cloud there is a ray of light. I am just praying that God will give her some rays of light.
1) That she passes all her courses & be able to graduate next summer. I have not been able to attend my graduation ceremony so it means a lot to be to be for my sister. So I pray that God guides her in all her courses and exams
2) She had a broken heart recently & it is slowly healing. I pray God will heal it completely and send the One he wants Tracy to spend her lifetime with
3) That she just has a bright future ahead of her.

It does means a lot to me knowing that my sister is in your prayers...

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