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Healing when sick: No, it won’t happen just because I say it, but saying it...

SUBJECT: Healing when we are sick: no, it won’t happen just because I say it, but saying it is involved in causing it to happen… Thank you for reading my message…

Greetings to you,

I want to share today with you what is helping me. If you are ahead of me in applying God’s faith principles I rejoice with you. If you are at my level of faith then what I share here could help you to as is helping me.

I found encouragement in a booklet I receive in the mail to help on my ‘fight of faith’ against ‘life’s challenges’ of symptoms in my body and negative thoughts in my mind – mostly fear of what I see with my eyes, of course knowing that God created my body to heal.

The mono-cellular animals and others that do not have a mind that thinks do so automatically but we know so much that our thinking stops the natural body process of self-healing, therefore God knowing that let us know that His Word is our medicine when we apply it to our symptoms and circumstances.

The booklet is: “God’s Creative Power for Healing” by Charles Capps

In it {with my own thoughts added} are some excerpts for your consideration:

Medical science tell us there are many incurable diseases such as some forms of cancer, arthritis, heart disease and AIDS, jus to name a few. The book present a supernatural help to all people with incurable diseases. God’s Word is supernatural. Mixing faith with God’s Word by speaking it out of your mouth is a means of applying God’s medicine {His Word}.

The purpose of this book is to reveal principles from God’s Word and instruct you in how to cooperate with and apply these principles to obtain healing. Many today are seeking healing but yet they talk sickness and suffering until they establish that image in themselves {our own minds and thoughts}. Their thoughts and words produce a vivid blueprint and they live within the bounds and limitations of that blueprint.

The booklet challenges us to put our fears aside and learn how to make that blueprint of sickness in our fearful minds to line up with the Word of God for healthy living.

The challenge is to call ourselves well when we are sick to call into reality what you don’t have yet. If you put this into practice and make it a way of life, then your body will respond to your faith demands that are based on the authority of God’s Holy Word.

No, it won’t happen just because you say it, but saying it is involved in causing it to happen. Saying it is the way you plant the seed for what you need. The spoken Word of God imparts spirit life into your physical body (John 6:63), for His Word is incorruptible seed, and it produces after its kind.

I challenge you to visit and request this booklet from Charles Capps and apply it to your situation in spite of your fears. You apply the Word of God daily as recommended with the same faith and diligence that you are following the doctor’s directions and taking the medicine and other guidelines prescribed.

Here is link to “God’s Creative Power for Healing” by Charles Capps at Christian Books online:
God's creative power for healing

You could also buy at your local Christian bookstore.

Just wanted to share with you something that is helping to increase my own faith and believe God for physical health.


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"In this new life one's nationality, race, education, social position is unimportant; such things mean nothing. Whether a person has Christ is what matters, and He is equally available to all" - Col.3:11

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"... for in Christ Jesus neither doing religious things or not believing anything religious has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love." - Gal. 5:6

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