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Tournament changes

Good Luck

Tournament changes
At, you can always find a tournament to suit your game. There are tournaments happening 24/7, so you'll never have to wait long to join the action.

Of course, there's always room for improvement! That's why we've taken advantage of our new software release to upgrade our tournaments. We think these changes will make playing in our tournaments more exciting – we hope you agree!

Here's what's new:
Blind structures
We have completely redone all of the blind structures for our tournaments, including Sit & Gos, Multi-Table and Shootout tournaments.

In addition, all No-Limit Tournament structures will now include antes.

Starting chips
Starting chips have been increased and vary depending on the type of tournament in which you're playing. Check the chart below:

Tournament type Number of starting chips
Sit & Gos (1-Table and Multi-Table) 2,000
Multi-Table Tournaments 3,000
Tournament Events ($500K, $750K, etc.) 5,000

The number of starting chips will vary for special tournaments (or at PartyGaming's discretion).

1-Table Sit & Go levels

These will now use a time-based structure for betting rounds instead of a hand-based structure. Also, levels will automatically increase after 10 minutes.

Tournament buy-ins and entry fees
We've combined the tournament buy-in and entry fee into a single amount. The entry fee will be removed from the listed amount.

Entry fees will vary between tournaments and will be posted on either the buy-in screen or in the Lobby. >> View entry fee guidelines

Tournament Payouts
We have revamped the tournament payouts for all multi-table tournaments.We will now pay more players than before

Good Luck


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