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My Allaire/Dallaire Genealogy Forum
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My name is Coleen and I was woundering if you might have any information on Francois Allaire son Joseph Dallaire who was born: 8 Apr 1763 and died: 1850!
I need information on Joseph's family, his children and grand-children and so on. The reason why I am asking you this is, I have found that there is a Louis Dallaire born: 19 Apr 1886 died: 12 Aug 1920 that had came to Louisiana in St. Charles Parish, and married a woman by the name of Marguerite! Don't know what her last name was. But anyway they had the following children:
Living Detillier F
Odete Detillier F Lockport, Louisiana, USA
Living Detillier M
Living Detillier F
Living Detillier F
Marie Dallaire F Lockport, Louisiana, USA
Whitney Detillier M 22 Oct 1908 in Lockport,
Louisiana, USA
Herman Detillier M 15 Aug 1915 in Lockport,
Louisiana, USA
Loyde Detillier M 1941 in Lockport, Louisiana, USA
Alfred Detillier M 22 Oct 1910 in Lockport,
Louisiana, USA.
Now Alfred Detillier is my Grandfather! He lived hear in Paradis, Louisiana until 4 Nov 1966 when he died!!
If you can help me with any information on his father and so on it would really be a big help to me! Please let me know anything that you may have or come up with.
Many Thanks,

City, Prov. or State Paradis, St. Charles Parish, Louisiana