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My Allaire/Dallaire Genealogy Forum
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Lost Allaires

Hello, I have found some census's and am now looking for any info on grandpa's brothers and sisters(probably still in quebec) Joseph Allaire (apr.1865 L'annonciation),Dieuxgene(sept23,1863),Mathias(may19,1867)Honore(1872),Amazaline(jan1874) and Fredeline(jan1874, i believe she died as a child?)
Dieuxgene had 3 children Louis,Emile & Eugene, Mathias married Bernadette Montel and has Roseanna,Jeanne,Arthur,Jean and Honore, Amazaline married a Fortier and had Fred and Blanche, her husband died and she moved in with Grandma Marceline(her mother who was also a Fortier by birth?) Any info or links to the living would be wonderful. Also am looking for any info on my Grandmother's sister, Albertine Allaire. Pierre(married Marie Anne Oulette she had a dress shop in Montreal and had married a Carrier upon returning to Montreal after Pierre died in 1918) had 4 daughter,1 son. Marguerite(my grandma married Primeau all still sask) RoseAnna (married to a Verrault-family still in sask) Rose "Albertine"(moved back to quebec after father died) and Juliette(died young) Adelaid (died child). If anyone knows anything about Albertine and her children would be extremely helpful. Also by my calculations Honore(Augustine)was 1st cousin to Alexandre(Francois Xavier)making my great grandpa Pierre a cousin to Louis Thomas,making Phillip Charles my grandma's level.

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Re: Lost Allaires

Hello, I just posted a little info today. My grandfather was Joseph Allaire, I forget the exact date he was born, sometime in the late 1800's. I think his middle name was Louis. He wife's name was Anna, and she had two sisters, Georgianna and Marie Louise.

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