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My Allaire/Dallaire Genealogy Forum
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Hello family......

Greetings to family from all over.
I am happy to find this site as maybe I can find even more information out about my family and even lend more to the tree.

I have a book that dates back to the beginning of the basic tree listed on the site but has even more in it. Problem is that I can not read it as it was written in French-Canadian and I just don't know French.

There are more Dallaire's in Michigan. A few to say the least.

My grandfather designed the Dallaire Sportster with his brother, Frank Dallaire, that seems to be a fairly popular RC plane for enthusiasts.

I would like to hear back from other memebers of the family.

City, Prov. or State Garden City, Michigan

Re: Hello family......

Hello Theodore Dallaire,

If you are referring to the French publication "Les Familles Allaire et Dallaire" (Québec 1962) by Violette Allaire, you will find that I most of the important parts of it translated to English on my web site at...

Also I'm very interested in learning more about your Grandfather's "Dallaire Sportster" which he designed with his brother, Frank Dallaire. Any info or details you could send me would be appreciated.


Phil Dallaire

City, Prov. or State Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada