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My Allaire/Dallaire Genealogy Forum
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Dallaire Family Tree

This is a great site! My father Gregory Raymond Dallaire went to the Isle of Orleans this past July on a tour. He met two of the Dallaire's still living on the family farm and saw the monument to the family. We are having a Dallaire family reunion in San Diego, CA the weekend of July 7th, 2006. It would be wonderful to share some info. Here is where I lose track of the family...

Gregory Raymond Dallaire (my dad)
Raymond George Dallaire (my grandfather)
George Louis Dallaire (my great grandfather)
Louis Henri Dallaire (my great, great grandfather)

Not sure who comes after this but my guess is that his first name is "Henri". They came from Quebec through Minnesota or the Dakotas. Both sides of my family are from South Dakota and have all migrated West to warmer climates. Any info you have would be wonderful to share with the family in July. There will be 40 of us!! Thanks!

City, Prov. or State Seattle, WA USA

Re: Dallaire Family Tree

Hello Seth,

I would need the maiden names of your Grand-Mother, Great Grand-Mother, etc in order to cross reference any information for you. Once I have these names I will most likely be able to verify your genealogy lineage.

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Re: Re: Dallaire Family Tree

My Grand-mother's maiden name was Virginia Bauer (married to Raymond George Dallaire). My great Grand-mother's maiden name Myrtle Hynes (married to George Louis Dallaire). My great, great grandfather was named Louis Jean Dallaire...not Louis Henri as I mentioned in my earlier mail. According to his prayer card from his funeral he died on 3/16/1914 in Minneapolis, MN and was "aged 49 yrs, 6 months". No mention of a wife's name. thanks for the help!

City, Prov. or State Seattle, WA USA

Re: Re: Re: Dallaire Family Tree

Hello Seth,

I'm sorry to inform you that I had no luck in researching your Allaire/Dallaire genealogy lineage.

There is no reference to a Virginia Bauer (married to Raymond George Dallaire) or Myrtle Hynes (married to George Louis Dallaire) in the marriage index records from the book... "Les Familles Allaire et Dallaire" by Violette Allaire (Québec 1962).

Perhaps they were missed during the research of the descendants of Charles or Jean Allaire of Poitou, France. Are you sure your family came from the Quebec area? Are you sure of the correct spellings of the surnames of Bauer & Hynes? I will try to look under alternative spellings for these surnames.

It may also be possible that your family maybe descendants of some other Allaire/Dallaire's branch which originally landed in the States. The following web site may be of some assistance to you if this is the case...

The Allaires of La Rochelle, France & Westchester County, New York

Good luck with your search.

Phil Dallaire
Tecumseh, ON


My Allaire/Dallaire Family Genealogy web site...

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Dallaire Family Tree

Thanks for checking. The spellings of the maiden names is correct. They must have been missed when the marriage index was compiled in 1962. They may have been from another lineage of Dallaire's that landed in the States, but my guess is that they are from Quebec as some of the funeral prayer cards, etc refer to Canada and QC.

Any other recommendations on where to search besides that website? It didnt turn anything up. Thanks!

City, Prov. or State Seattle, WA

Re: Re: Re: Re: Dallaire Family Tree

Hi Phil,
I found some more information about my family...and hope it may unlock some info that you might have based on your research. I really appreciate the help!!!

Louis J Dallaire - Born abt 1865 in Quebec, CA
Died 16 March 1914 in Minnesota, USA

His wife's name was Sarah Dallaire. Her maiden name was Boucher. It was listed in US Census records as "Bushey" or "Buschie". probably a phonetic spelling by the census taker. It was actually Boucher. Her birthplace was listed as New York, with both her parents being born in "French CA".

Does any of this information track backwards based on your research? Thanks again for helping me out!!
Seth Dallaire

City, Prov. or State Chicago, IL