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My Allaire/Dallaire Genealogy Forum
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Indian ancestry in our Dallaire line

My grandmother, Diana Dallaire (married Philippe Laforest) is the daughter of Napoleon Dallaire & Eva Pelchat. My line goes as follows:
Napoleon was the son of Edouard Allaire & Philomene_Olympe Audet
Edouard was the son of Romain Allaire & Esther Denis-Lapierre
Romain was the son of Pierre & Angelique Lacroix
Pierre was the son of Pierre & Nathalie Chabot
Pierre was the son of Pierre & Marthe Thibeault
Pierre was the son of Joseph & Madeleine Bidet
Joseph was the son of Charles & Catherine Fiebvre

I do not have access to Violette Allaire's book but I did manage to complete some of the earlier genealogy.The numbers I have been searching for are 690C, 356C, 186C, 95C. I am particularly interested in Indian ancestry. Also I have a few pictures of my great grandfather Napoleon, with his pet bear if anyone is interested.

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