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My Allaire/Dallaire Genealogy Forum
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Missing Link!! RE: Alexis Dallaire and Julie McLeod

I am trying to find a connection between: Alexis Dallair (b,1820) who married Julie McLeod in 1842, the daughter of Peter McLeod I, and their granddaughter, Clara Dallaire. What I am having trouble with is finding a connection between Alexis/Julie Dallaire's son Pierre Dallaire, who was told to a cousin of mine in Chicoutimi, Quebec by a relative, that Pierre had a daughter whose name was Clara Dallaire, I can find no primary information or documents to substantiate this information. Clara Dallaire was my great-grandmother and was married to Basil Henry Scott, my great-grandfather. Clara had a son, Henry B. Scott, my grandfather. Alexis' father was Etienne Damase Dallaire and his father was Joseph-M Dallaire, whose Father was Francois Allaire, etc.
What I can't find is documentation that Clara is the daughter of Pierre and Marguerite (Simard) Dallaire. Clear as mud?? I would appreciate if anybody can shine a light on this so I can complete my family tree.
Janet Stephenson

City, Prov. or State Kokomo, Indiana USA