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Goodbye Wilson Jr. High :(

My brother sent me this:

Here's an article about the demolition of good ole Wilson Jr. High you might want to send out to the class. Hamilton is building 8 new elementary schools to replace the 14 we've always had. 4 of them are open and the other 4 will be open next year. No more Lincoln, Fillmore, Cleveland, Hayes, Adams etc. Now they have names like Bridgeport, Highland, Brookwood, Linden and Riverview. Wilson is also part of the strategy- it's being torn down & replaced over the next two years. 7th graders will go to Adams for those two years and the 8th graders will go to Lincoln. They built a 9th grade Freshman School a couple years ago.


Re: Goodbye Wilson Jr. High :(

Hi Chris, hope everything is okay with you! I was meeting my sister in Hamilton and saw Wilson being torn down. It was really sad. It seems like everything in Hamilton should stay the same! Take care. Gaile