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Howdy yall

I lost my mom back several months ago. I really wanted to come to the reunion, but with the times the way they are,(I had quit my job in dec to take care of her) It was a large undertaking.

I want to thank Lana Field Compton for being my friend. We got together thru this website. Found this site by googling my own name, lol.

Anyway, to all my old friends, you look great and were just as beautiful as we always were. Please excuse typos as I spilled coffee on my keyboard the other day and some keys do not work.

If you ever come to Charlotte NC hit me up. If not, well I think of many of you often.

Many of you I wonder what is up. BEAT THE DEVIL, It ****** him off.

Take care


Re: Howdy yall

Tom, Great to see you out here and looking down at the turf and not up at it. Sorry that you couldn't make it to the reunion!
I hope that you come back to the site frequently!
Make sure you check out the HJH photos