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Past Reunion posts

I moved all of the past reunion posts here:

September, 2008

From Beth-- Hello Stephanie and everyone! I think a combined reunion would be great. Our numbers have been down which makes it really tough to rent a room and have food/drinks at an affordable cost per person. So, the more the merrier (especially in bringing the cost down!) If anyone knows how to contact the other classes let us know. Also, if someone has an idea of a great place where we could hold the reunion - let us know that too.

One more thing -- let us know exactly what you want. It seems like we have a much bigger turnout for the Friday night casual event than we do for the Saturday night dress up. Give us some feed back and let us know what you want to have for our 35th reunion. Be sure to check the classmates list and if you see someone we don't have contact info on - let's try to find them!

I was just thinking about our reunion the other day and was really looking forward to seeing Bill Steed since I hadn't seen him in about a year -- after going to his visitation yesterday it makes me really appreciate how many of us stay in touch through this website and by attending the reunions.

June, 2008

From Stephanie:

Hi everyone. Just a thought about our reunion next year. I was in town visiting at the end of May & had a discussion with my brother, Jim Brown, and brother-in-law, Gary Brown. Gary remarked about the fact that when we were in school, the classes of 72, 73, & 74 all hung around together and how that was specific only to those years of classes. I hadn't thought of it before, but had to agree with him. We DID all hang around together, some of us even married people within those classes. Anyway, Beth, when you guys start planning the reunion for next year, IF you decide to combine again, I vote for combining us with the class(es) above us at TAFT rather than the class from Garfield. Jim and Gary hadn't heard a thing about a reunion for them this year. So, maybe there isn't one & they'd like to join us next year. Just a thought. Love to all, Steph

From Chris Jones: Steph, I agree That would be a BLAST!

From Craig Kigar: he idea of combining reunions is interesting. My inclination would be to go with 73, 74, & 75 classes instead of 72. Nothing wrong with the class of '72, we just spent one year at Taft with them while we spent 2 yrs with the class of '75, yet there is nothing saying we couldn't do both.