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Sorry to hear about Dennis..

Hi all..I was sorry to hear about the passing of Dennis..it seems we've lost more than our share.. It's funny, thinking about Dennis and seeing the article from the Journal about Wilson Jr. High being demolished, hearing from long lost friends..(Terry, Melanie),It's all somewhat melancholy but I do have a lot of fond memories from those simpler days. I guess we didn't know how lucky we were.. Crisp autumn evenings and football games, Saturday nights at the "Y".. hanging out with Paul Williams and Smitty..I could go on, but you get my drift..after all these years I still get a fuzzy feeling when I think about those days..(or it could just be a flashback of some sort..)Regardless of the reason, It's nice to be back in Cincinnati, it feels like I'm home again when I look at the webpage and see that people are staying in touch. Thanks for keeping it going!