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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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My First Time

I have always heard that Morals were the tastiest morsels of the mushrooms, but had never tased one or never really knew where or how to hunt. Just the other day I was in the yard (we have a one acre lot in an older subdivision with a few trees).

Well I was just standing in the yard and I looked down. I couldn't believe what I thought I saw! I yelled to my hubby, "You gotta come see this!" He walked over, probably thinking I found a dead bird or something else yucky for him to pick up, but I pointed and said, "Look, is that wat I think it is?" He got a big grin on his face and couldn't believe it. I knew there were good morels and bad (false) morels so I checked the internet just to be sure. It turned out to be a grey or yellow (I'm not sure which), anyway I had never tasted one before so I picked it, cleaned it and fried it up. (Mind you, this is the same person who caught two little bluegill fish, filleted and cooked them and enjoyed 4 nice little bite size fillets just out of the water). So it didn't suprise my hubby that I would cook up just this one little 2 inch morel. Oh My Gosh!! The taste was wonderful!! My tastebuds were in heaven and I was sorry that I had to share my find. Well back in the yard I stood in the same spot and saw another one! Then another! In all I found about a dozen, from 1 to 2 inches. I left them for a few days hoping they would grow a little. I ended up picking them last night and ate them up (and yes, I shared).

I have liver here for 15 years and have never seen them before. Is this unusual? They were just growing out in the yard, not around treee stumps or anything. I can't imagine that if they were here before that I wouldn't have seen them. I left a few untouched so as they might continue the circle of life, and am hoping they will come back next year. Any ideas or comments?

Now that I have had a little taste of heaven, I am going to really go on the hunt and expand my searchs beyond my back door. I have officially caught the morel mushroom bug and can hardly wait to find some more.


State: Indiana

Re: My First Time

My sister in Ohio used to have them come up every year in her yard,around the same spot.


State: Indianapolis,IN