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they're here!

Ok, residing in lee county, but found north in next county today, 57 blk/grey mix on slopes near top where sun dapples through new vegetation and tree buds, with my not so perfect vision. strange weather it's been warm weeks ago, lots of precip, then freezing. all vegetation looks proper for a banner year, but mother nature still needs to cooperate, and the elusive morels are on their own schedule, as we all know. good luck all you shroomers, please keep posting so all can know the progression of the movement. please list your county, it is a curteousy to all.


State: Illinois

Re: they're here!

Here in Tazewell County nothing confirmed yet. Report of 2" grays in Fulton County Saturday the 26th are unconfirmed. The start is really slow due to the strange weather, but I'll be very surprised if it isn't in full swing by this weekend.


State: Illinois (Central)