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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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145 found

hunting in all the old places finding nothing. the places along the river bottoms are built up with sand. going up the ridges anthe tops found 142 greys an 3 hogs in a placei had not thought to look before I REALLY hate woking this time of year HAPPY HUNTING TO ALL I think there are more ticks than last year

State: mo.

Re: 145 found

awseome! i found 1 more beefsteak and 4 small greys today. yewah gotta go get some more!!!

State: ks/mo

Re: 145 found

found 3dz black in central indiana-woods looks great we need rain-watch out for the ticks-spray, spray, spray-this from a Lyme victim


State: IN

Re: Re: 145 found

I went out and all i got Was a tick for the first time, Is there a spray for ticks?


State: illinois