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first of the season

Well it finally happened!!! I found the first morel of my hunting season!! 4 of us went out on Sunday, and Ron spotted a very small brown, and not more than 10 inches away I found a small grey!! My first grey ever!! I usually find the blacks and the browns, still waiting on the yellow find! I don't know how to post pictures on this site, but on was posted on in the OHIO photos!! I can't wain til the end of this week cuz they will be poppin!!!

State: OH

Re: first of the season

You go girl !

What part of the Buckeye state are you in?

Good Luck!


State: Ohio

Re: Re: first of the season

Thanks!! I'm in North east ohio, just about 20 miles out of youngstown. Kinda bummed out tho. We were supposed to get some rain yesterday and today, but NOTHING!!! I actually got permission to hunt on some private property that is known morel producing! They haven't let or hunted this property in years, so I'm hoping to hit it BIG. I'll post future finds. Good luck to you this season, and hey, where are you from?

State: ne ohio

Re: Re: Re: first of the season

I'm in north-central Ohio, about 5 miles north of Upper Sandusky. My earliest date ever in over 30 years of hunting has been April 13th. Just tiny greys but it's enough to get the smell on your hands! LOL

I usually hunt about 40 miles south of my home, but the rising prices of fuel tends to keep me closer to home now.

I'd have to think the moisture in the ground and the 2 very warm nights we had earlier this week would make the greys pop.

I live for this time of year, and soon there will be humongus fungus amongus!


State: Ohio

Re: Re: Re: Re: first of the season

30 years? Wow! I'm impressed!! This is just my third season. I started late! I know what you mean about living for this time of year. Some of my friends just don't get it!!!lol If I ever found enough to share with them, they'd get it. My finds have been small. 25 in one spot, and may be 10 more the rest of the season. I'm still learning! I was lucky enough to get permission to humt some private property so, I hope it yields.

State: OH