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Gettin the itch really bad For the past 2 years I have been using seven dust on my shoes especially the tops and my socks.Used sprays with permanone in it. I heard you can also use spay for bed bugs said it worked even if washed anyone know for sure if it works?Any thing to wart off those horrible buffalo natts? That was the only thing that kept me outta the woods last year.HAPPY SHROOMIN TO ALL!!


State: Illinios (central)

Re: shroomin

In Missouri , ticks sometimes get really bad . I use
Rhinoskin underwear. Actually it is a material (thin) just like pantyhose. This comes as a top , bottom , gloves and head cover. Ticks , mosquitos , ect cannot penetrate this. The only drawback is you have a certain funny feminine feeling " bwahahha! " wearing it even though it is underwear and not exposed.


State: mo