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Lack of reports

Is there any reason that Ohio and Michigan reports are nearly non existent this season? Is there another morel web page that hunters are posting on? Thanks.

State: Ohio

Re: Lack of reports

I found michigan and other state reports at It seems this year isnt as good for morel hunting.

State: Michigan

Re: Re: Lack of reports

try Lots of posts of finds in all counties
in ohio. I live in ohio, columbiana county, and I have found 37 total this season. Still looking!!! Other people I know have found well over 200, but htese people don't work and can spend all day looking. I'd like to know if the season is over up here. I haven't been out since last sunday, and I'm fiendin' for a skillet full!! Good Luck!!


State: ohio

Re: Re: Re: Lack of reports


Re: Lack of reports

Hello hunters, This is my 1st post, I live in lower eastern Mi. I've been checking the last couple of weeks, and until last friday i've been skunked! but I found 6 big whites on thur. and 37 on fri. and a couple on sat. that the bugs already had gotten to.

I hope the rest of you are doing well, and that our season here in lower Mi. still has some time!

Good Luck all!
Daddyosis (Michael)


State: Mi