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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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Weird Year

Although I've picked over 500 morels this spring, it has been a very unusal year. Have been getting yellows for 2 weeks now, still a few fresh grays, and a very limited number of half-frees.
We need more rain in Delaware and Wyandot Co. for the giant yellows. Picked around 20 this morning in Delaware Co. but they were few and far between. Seems like a lot of traditional spots aren't producing either. The way the ground cover and decidious foliage is missing, I think we may picking into June in Ohio this year.

State: Ohio

Re: Weird Year

I agree, we had a late hard freeze that lasted awhile here in Mid Mi.

Umbrella plant and triliums are stunted or non existant.

Maybe it will normal out.......

State: mi