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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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it is the season. We found many by the river on Thurs. Sat. there were as many old as new in the pasture area. Creek bed, we hunt usually by the dead
tree theory we found 20 or so in our loess hill area. A little early for the hills
yet... Another week or so. Also, 3 ticks to every mushroom it seems. Be sure to use bug juice.


State: Iowa

Re: morels

HI, Iwas in iowa saturday and did not find any. was in waterloo area 7 am. to 12:30pm. lots of water ground muddy.tryed hills still nothing. worked my way home up 63 rochester found lots of trees for next weekend. southeast mn. one small gray before sun went down


State: mn.

Re: Re: morels

found 60 plus morels today-rinsed them off and have them soaking in cold salt water-is that ok-how long-now what?


State: IA

Re: Re: Re: morels

cut mushrooms in half. Fry them in butter, salt and pepper to taste. I have
been putting the mushrooms in the pan first and boiling off the extra water, then adding buter to brown on each side. Some people coat with flour, egg
etc. but best just alone. only wash just before eating. Can be stored in veg.
keeper in paper bag for a few days.


State: Iowa