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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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First find

Found our first one's so far this year. 22 greys, biggest 2 1/2 to 3". All in the same spot; at the edge of a plowed field, just into the woods. Creek nearby. SO HAPPY!
Looked for a couple hours, no more found.
Next couple weekends should be great! (long as it doesn't dry up) Good luck to all

State: Central IN

Re: First find

Hey Izzy, I'm in Central IN, too. I found a few pecker heads yesterday, but expect to have more luck over the weekend. I just bought a house with a woods just past the cornfield then a creek. I've been climbing the fence and scouting back there for a month just looking around, looks good in there, and I'm expecting (hoping) to find some close to home!


State: IN-Central

Re: Re: First find

Cinda Scott, That's awesome! Let's hope for some rain. Went an hour south of Franklin today to check out the woods and was disapointed. Going to check some good woods this weekend. Good luck to you! (and me... hehe)
Where are you at? (

State: Central IN