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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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Frozen Morels Found

I went out today found 8 blacks,3 grays,about 4" each, But they were frozen!Reckon this cold snap will keep the yellow ones from coming up?


State: Laurel, Indiana

Re: Frozen Morels Found

we can hope not-I've been hunting for 40 yrs and never seen this happen- 30's and snow yes-not 15-20 degrees-will have to wait and see. I know I'll still try when the weather turns.


State: in

Re: Re: Frozen Morels Found

Me too! I just think it is a temporary setback. It would have been an early season and now it is on time!


State: Illinois (Central)

Re: Re: Re: Frozen Morels Found

Agree (expected early but no) need warmer weather this week! Ground is holding moisture well. I think the ones that haven't tried to come up yet may still do good. Hopefully we'll find plenty in a week and 2 and 3... Good luck. I'm going to look this weekend and will report back

State: Central IN

Re: Re: Re: Re: Frozen Morels Found

when I think back, the average best is always the 15-25th-yep-I think we'll be okay esp elms/poplars


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