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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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Cold what will it do?

Hey it is 38 and cold suppose to snow here now I wonder will this just be a temporary set back or will it end the season suppose to be cold like this for the rest of the week and part of the week.... rats!
Thanks for the drying tips I dried some , flash fried and froze some , gave some to my unfortunate friends and traded some for a haircut! which is awesome... since I quit my job... bartering for a haircut who would have


State: Missouri SW

Re: Cold what will it do?

hello there with all my morels if you cut them in half and roll them in a little flour then put them on cookie sheets in freezer till hard,then put them in frezzer bags,that works best and it keeps their flavor well.That away they don't stick together and they're ready to take out and throw them in a pan.Good luck finding more shrooms.I found a bunch everyday for 5 days, then i got skunked on this last sat.We were down north of Bolivar, MO when we was finding them.


State: tonganoxie ks