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this is my year

The weather is looking right. Mid 70's day 50's at night and showers all next week. Vacation April 2-6
I have a grand total of 5 yellows for 4 years hunting, so I'm pretty stoked about this season. Good luck to me and you!


State: Se IN

Re: this is my year

Good luck to you, where exactly are you located? I am in the south west part of indiana, but I know people from all around who I could probably get some tips for you. I went out yesterday and found that the greenery is up in the woods now and the trees are starting to bud so it shouldn't be too long for us. Keep posting and I will answer back!


State: Indiana

Re: Re: this is my year

I'm around Lawrenceburg, about 20 miles west of Cincinnati,OH Trees are just budding, but no greenery on the floor realy yet, but the weather is great! I have some dead elms on my property I just bought, they're on an eastern slope. I'm gonna have to explore more places this year. Versailles St Park gets filled with people looking.
Any tips would be great!


State: SE IN