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Need a little help!

I'm thinking about taking a road trip to Richland Center WI. My grandfather is always talking about how he and some buddys used to go up there 25 years ago and he keeps telling me I'm young and should go while I can. I wouldn't know anyone or the area at all. When he went he met a guy in the tavern who was kind enough to help him out. I tried to explain to him I didn't think that was something that would happen very often. So I decided to ask you all if you know anything about the area or would be kind enough to help out a hoosier. I realize I'm asking a lot but I have to try. Thanks.

State: IN

Re: Need a little help!

when you planning this trip?

Email: bdriffel

State: in

Re: Re: Need a little help!

I was thinking the week of 5/15. Just spend a couple days up there. Not so sure now.

State: IN