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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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rain here in tonganoxie- KS

welll we got alot of rain last night and its still raining here in ks. can't wait to get out. i went yesterday and found one big yellow. the day before i found 3 old dried up ones.does anyone else hunt here in ks?


State: ks-tonganoxie area

Re: KS 'Shroom Hunters

yes, we love to hunt in halstead ks!!! have an awsome spot just a few miles from home. have not had any luck this year. too hot & dry? am hoping rains last night & this morning will help. happy hunting!


State: ks

Re: Re: KS 'Shroom Hunters

Ive been an avid shroomer for about 6 years. I found a few decent spots near my hometown of Newton but havent found any yet. I think more moisture is needed. Please respond directly to me if you have any luck in your area and I will do the same.


State: Kansas