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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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LaSalle/Bureau County

We hit the motherload yesterday!!! My boyfriend and I went out 2 days ago and got about 2 dozen, mostly greys but yesterday we got about 4-5 pounds!! The funny thing is: he wanted to go crappie fishing and I made him take me because it is on the land he works at and I have no access without him. He has been doing this for years but since I found your website last year I have been waiting for my time!! Both days, he wnated to go home before we found the shrooms, too. Ha!


State: IL

Re: LaSalle/Bureau County

Way to go Stephanie! Thanks for the report. We are heading out again this weekend and I am hoping for some 5-6" yellows this time. The batch of greys we ate last night were excellent!!


State: Central Illinois