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Busy Week in North St. Louis Co.

It's been a good week so far in North County St. Louis.

Monday 4-17-06 St. Louis County Missouri River Bottoms flats..started with a small mess about 20ish med to large, mostly yellow a few greys.

Tuesday 4-18-06 went fishing and floating, river low, banks dry in Steeleville, Mo. 5 hours on the river very peaceful, relaxing and full of nature + spoting an adult Bald Eagle. WOW! A nice rain overnight, however,we need more!

Wednesday 4-19-06 St. Louis County Missouri River Bottoms are Hot. Started picking at 9:30 am. stopped at 1:30 pm. Had to pick up kids or we would still be there. On this day we searched hills and slopes facing the sun. An incredible amount. A few big ones but an obscene amount of ittie bittie one biters! YUM!

Today 4-20-06 Went back to spot from Monday. MO River bottoms flats. The rain really helped. We found an incredible amount, plus the sizes were thumb size up to fist size. Holy Cow. The heads are yellow, grey, fresh and beautiful.
Still need more rain!

Friday 4-21-06 Going out in the morning 8:00 AM.
got some other spots to search.
Anyone interested in hooking up? Let's go!
Drop an e-mail.
Uncle Jeff


State: MO

Re: Busy Week in North St. Louis Co.

Just got back. 12 noon.
Hooked up with a buddy and had a successful morning.
Some BIG, a few nice mediums and a nice hand full of ittie bitties(yum!).
All yellow & grey.
Buddy had first find of the year and walked out with a good mess. Very excited.
Uncle Jeff.


State: MO