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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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Woo Hoo! Found a few!!

Hi everyone, I found these today. I know the one on the right is a false morel. The other two are only about 2 inches tall. Does anyone know how many more weeks there are left in the Evansville area to find'em? Happy Hunting! ~Brenda

State: IN

Re: Woo Hoo! Found a few!!

I'd say at least a week or two still. we need a good rain, I went tonight and found about 50 small ones like you found. nothing over 3 inches tall yet. i have pics from previous years and have found the most amount of yellows and whites from april 20th to may3. I have been told that Harmonie park would be a good place. take off on a trail and start looking! I have just moved to the area, so I am looking for a couple of spots to hunt myself. Good luck and keep looking!


State: IN

Re: Re: Woo Hoo! Found a few!!

I heard that hunting them in Harmonie State Park is legal, but I've never been there. Sounds like you had a good find. The ones in the pic were the first I've found this year. Hope to find them until May 3. Thanks for the reply. Happy Hunting!