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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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Morel in Volcano, Hawaii


I continue to be jealous of those who are finding morel by the bushel basket, but our we just had another morel pop up in my wife's garden. This is the third [total over two years] that we've had show up on our property.

If anyone has recipies for tiny amounts of morel, please let us know. Someday, we may have two pop up at the same time.



State: Hawaii

Re: Morel in Volcano, Hawaii

Hi Steve. Man! Thats really something. I wouldnt have guessed that there would be morels in Hawaii. Has any other people there found more in bigger amounts? My wife & I envey you and your wife being able to live there in Hawaii. We have always wished we could afford to go there for just a visit. But will never beable to. Were both disabled here. me with a rare bone disease. And Christine with recovering lymphoma cancer. For which we thank god every day for her being cured as of now. But we were both told it could possibly return again someday. But then maybe not. So we take just one day as it comes and be thankful. We live here in mushroom country. We live in Michigan where theres lots and lots of morels in the spring time. We go up north where our daughter lives. They get them there by the bushels. Anyway. Hope more of them come up in your wifes garden. One never know do they ha ha. Take care & God Bless....Billy & Christine


State: Michigan