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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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upper michigan anyone?

anybody finding them good yet? whats the temp and is it wet enough? planing a trip up any info would be great thanks



Re: upper michigan anyone?

hey jason im in the u.p as of today it has not been a real good year for us, at least compared to last year. so far we have around 3000 blacks and they are winding down here where i am at. the yellows are just starting to pop up. last year we picked around 15000 blacks. good luck. the weather now is good and we have had a good couple of rains.


State: mich

I've been eating Morels for a week straight, is it possible to get tired of eating them? No way!

I've been very busy working and I finally went out on Sunday May 21 to my secret spot and found 100 very big morels> Over 5 pounds in about 15 minutes.I found them up to 9" tall!.
I had another break on Friday the 27 and found 36 more morels in the same area.


State: MN

Re: Re: upper michigan anyone?

all you people lie about what you find its your story and you stick to it


State: michigan