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Mothers day in Central Mn.

Found about 80-90 small greys after it rained last night. Picked 20 and left the rest to grow up a little. FINALLY!!!!!

State: Minnesota

Re: Mothers day in Central Mn.

Hi, I was wondering where you people find the greys at? All we ever find is the yellows. Don't get me wrong but my husband thinks that the greys have more flavor. Is there a certain type of trees or any particulair place (under something) that you find them? Please give advice and not your location, unless you want to HA HA. Thanks


State: IA

Re: Re: Mothers day in Central Mn.

The greys and the yellows are the same mushrooms. They usually start out grey, and turn more yellow as they grow. I have seen some smaller yellow ones, and some bigger grey ones, but some morels just grow faster and bigger than others.
I'm no expert, but this is what I've read, and it seems to be true.

State: WI