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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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Are there any in Wisconsin yet?

Email: lsbk@maqs,net

State: WI

Re: morels

I have heard some reports of mushrooms being found in the south western part of the state. Around Madison, where I live I have yet to find any. Hope to find some this weekend.


State: WIsconsin

Re: Re: morels

I live south of Madison about 20 miles. Found about 100 greys yesterday highest part of the hill. Real dry they were!
Warm weather and rain today should spring em up.

Happy Hunting


State: Wisconsin

Re: Re: Re: morels

I went out Wedesday and didn't find a one yet. THis cold front probally is helping either. Any luck down your way?. I stopped in at a local fruit market where they sell morels. I was told there that aren't up yet either. We may have a very late mushroom popping.


State: WIsconsin