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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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oh boy i got 2 lol

got first two blacks of the season. yesterday northern indiana more rain on the way and a little luck with the heat an BINGO gl everone any one going to michigan?



Re: oh boy i got 2 lol

I have searched till blue in the face. Found an excellent spot, forest full of very mature Poplars and I'm the only one who hunts there. Nothing yet. Plenty wet, but need more heat I think. In South east
In west of Cincinnati,Oh. Is there still a chance for me?


State: IN

Re: Re: oh boy i got 2 lol

loads of hope for ya ..... keep lookin ... the season is just gettin into full swing from what i have seen ... ya will still find blacks, half-frees, greys, yellows, and thick - footeds this season .... if i were you id concentrate around dead or dying trees ..... mainly poplars as ya said aslong with elms and ash trees ... im 30 min west of cincy .... gettin ready to head out in about 30 min to hunt for those lil treats .... e-mail me if ya like and talk about morels .... or better yet ... if you have yahoo add me to ya buddy's list ... canis_lupus692002 .... good luck yall and take care


State: IN