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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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Central Illinois Greys!

It took an hour of searching, but today we found 3 very small (2") grey Morels.
It's very dry still, but rain is possible tomorrow and we need it badly!
Next week should begin the season with some moisture.
(Pekin Area)


State: Central Illinois

Re: Central Illinois Greys!

john went out today and found 30 big greys,and 2 yellows, need rain, and watch out for ticks

State: central illinois

Re: Re: Central Illinois Greys!

springfield area john, we are coming up your way for the festival in magnolia, and to do some hunting! nothing on any hills but south facing ones yet

State: central illinois

Re: Central Illinois Greys!

we found a few greys (2 lbs)
(mason city area)

State: central il

Re: Central Illinois Greys!

I live in the Yates City area. That's about 25 miles NW of Peoria. My daughter and I have bagged 5 pounds of grays since last saturday. My daughter found a gray that was 6" tall. I've never seen such large grays. Out of the 5 pounds only 12 were Yellows.

State: IL