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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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First morel of the season!

Hello everyone,

It's hard to believe I found my first morel of the season! The second earliest I have ever found one in the past ten years. Looks like the season will be a week earlier than normal. Southwest Wisconsin hunters expect to be picking by the 23rd of April! Season will peak around May 1st. That is if the weather pattern stays fairly normal. The morel I found was small (still white in color) found on a south facing slope here in south west Wisconsin. With the last few weeks of warmer than normal temperatures followed by a warm rain I knew they would be sprouting in the areas first warmed by the sun. The morel is the size of the tip of a pen. Good Luck to everyone!

Master J


State: Wisconsin

Re: First morel of the season!

I figured you'd get on the board pretty quick. We are still searching, but we did finally get a little rain this morning. The ground here is still a bit cool, but one more warm day/night combo is going to do it!


State: Central Illinois