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1 Morel Mushroom Lane Message Board
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I found two morel mushrooms in Spencer NC at approx. 4pm on April 3rd. One is about 3 inches long and the other about 4 inches (including stem). They are beautiful - I need some guidance on what to do with them. I picked them to bring to my chef instructor at Johnson & Wales University. Please advise.
Genesis Trice


State: North Carolina

Re: Morels!

Shake them all over the area you found them,even this late.Yes, go back to that spot and do this. Not next year but the year after that spot will produce more.I know yuo've probably done something already like soak or let dry. This process allows spores to drop and that will reproduce root sys. You may already know this but,I feel I must carry Larry "Tree" Lonik's life mission on. Also,2 is not enough for much except stuffing and enjoy. Stuff one w/the other w/garlig,and chosen spices,cut /chop one up/sautee withe spices and butter and stuff other w/this and bake.


State: mo