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WI & MN ready

Hi everyone. I just found this website today! I was hoping someone could give me an idea when the Morels may be ready (estimate/approximation) in WI and/or MN.

When I was a wee thing, an entire group of my parents' friends used to travel from SE Iowa to MN on a mushroom hunting excursion and I miss those trips, so I'd like to surprise them with one this spring!

I now live in Chicago and needless to say, there aren't many Morels growing on urban landscape here!

Thanks for your help!



State: Illinois

Re: WI & MN ready

last week or so of april and early may that would be for southern Minnesota I am from central Iowa and usually make my way north to Okoboji area which is just a stone throw from the border


State: Ames Iowa

Re: Re: WI & MN ready

I'm from central Iowa as well. The end of April is a good time to start looking in Southern Wisconsin and Minnesota.

I grew up in Ames, and have hunted these parts for years. Chances are we know each other. Shoot me an email if you'd like.


State: Iowa

Re: WI & MN ready

I'm in the southwest suburbs of the Twin Cities and I always start looking at the end of April, but usually start "finding" around mid-May - so after this weekends rain we should be in good shape for getting some good finds. I also do some hunting in Northwestern Wisconsin and usually start seeing them up there around end of May...can't wait! Good luck to you! Plan that event for about 2 weeks from now!

State: MN